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Steam combination ovencookbookDGC 6000United KingdomMiele Company Ltd.Fairacres, Marcham RoadAbingdonOxon, OX14 1TWTel: 0845 365 0555Internet: for pleasure with MieleSteam combination oven cookbook DGC 6000MMS 13 0574M.-Nr. 9 590 620GB M.Nr 9802 9002



ForewordDear Reader,When families come together, it is often aroundthe dining table and so often when people enjoyeach others’ company, food is at the centre ofthe occasion.We are privileged in being able to contribute tothis by helping you enjoy your love of cooking.Every day, knowledge, curiosity, routine andthe unexpected all converge in our Miele TestKitchen.We have condensed our experience, passion andpleasure of experimenting with food into thiscookbook by creating recipes that are asimaginative as they are successful. We hopeyou will enjoy the results as much as you do thecooking.If you have any questions, comments or requests,please contact us on the telephone numbershown on the back cover of this book.Happy cooking fromThe Miele test kitchen3


ContentsForewordContentsCooking for pleasureCooking functionsOptional accessoriesWeights and measuresChartsA-Z index359101820216232BakingSwiss roll withassorted fillingsBrioche plaitPalmier biscuitsButter cakeSwiss plaitCroissantsStreusel cakeRaisin whirlsCherry cheesecaketray bakeCantuccini biscottiChocolate and vanillaspiral biscuitsGâteau du VullySwiss apple cakePoppyseed streuselApple cakeApricot streusel cakePumpkin cakeTuscan almondchocolate cakeCourgette cakeChocolate gugelhupfBaguettesFarmhouse breadFlat breadSpelt breadRye mix breadMultigrain rollsSoups and starters3639404244464849505253545657586061Herb rollsWholemeal breadPumpkin breadMixed grain breadWhite rollsWhite breadCiabattaCheese and rosemaryflat breadLight and dark twistsLight fruit loafSelection ofwholemeal rollsBagels747677788081828485868890Marinated vegetablesStuffed auberginesGreek tomatoesCourgette and goat'scheese rollsAsparagus with smokedsalmonVegetable terrineBroccoli and romanescosaladChicken soup withEierstichCream of carrot soupPumpkin soupPepper 35

ContentsMeatCasseroles & savourybakesVegetable lasagneVegetable bakeRatatouille withmeatballsGammon and cabbagecasseroleLamb casseroleCelery gratinFennel and carrot gratin112114115116118119120Vegetarian dishesVegetable rollsRye, vegetable andgoat's cheese bakePotatoes with dipsOriental vegetablecasserole124126128130Savoury treatsHam and bacon quicheSausage puffsTomato mozzarellapuffsSmoked salmon quiche6134136138140Swedish lamb hotpot146Rack of lamb148Meat loaf inpuff pastry149Braised beef150Roast beef with sautéedpotatoes152Poached fillet of beef witha medley of vegetables 153Beef with apple andhorseradish sauce154Swiss chard rolls with anoriental filling156Gammon joint withgreen pesto157Pork Wellington158Königsberg meatballs160Fillet of pork on abed of cabbage161Pork joint in amustard crust162Roast pork164Roast chicken165Chicken breasts stuffedwith mushrooms166Turkey roulades stuffedwith spinach168Moroccan chickenTurkey fillets on a bedof vegetablesChicken breasts in apepper sauce169170172

FishSide dishesFish curry with peaches 176Rolled fillets of plaice ina piquant sauce 178Rosefish with spinachand hazelnut butter 179Monkfish in amushroom sauce 180Salmon in white wine withgarden vegetables 182Salmon and leeks ina white wine sauce 183Trout stuffed withmushrooms 184Peppers stuffed withsmoked trout 186Bread dumplings Potato dumplings Vegetable ravioli Potato purée Asparagus with a choiceof sauces Asparagus sauces Carrots with glazedshallots Red cabbage and apple Desserts190192193194196197198200Apricot soufflé Seasonal fruit soufflé Cherry quark soufflé Green fruit compote Red fruit compote Orange crème caramel Chocolate browniepudding Orange rice pudding 2042062072082102112122147


Cooking for pleasureA hobby for all the sensesBoth healthy and deliciousEating has become much more than a basicnecessity with preparation and presentationbeing as important and interesting as theingredients and method of cooking.With the Miele steam combi oven, you don’thave to compromise on flavour in order to eathealthily.We no longer eat just to fill ourselves up. Eatinghas become “dining”, an expression of ourlifestyle, an enjoyment, and an experience that isdifferent every time.And because the journey is as enjoyable asthe destination, the preparation of food is animportant part of the pleasure. Some people liketo cook behind closed doors, then astound theirfriends when their creations come to the table.Others prefer to cook in company and throwopen the doors of their kitchen so their friendscan enjoy the process from the start.Food also plays an important role in furtheringinternational relations. Foreign restaurants,holidays abroad and the media have broughtus closer to other food cultures and taught usto appreciate them. Cooking with steam is atradition that dates back thousands of years. Itsroots lie in China. The Chinese belief that a dishshould satisfy all the requirements of health,colour, flavour, aroma and texture is as relevantnow as it was then.As the food is not sitting in water, the goodnessdoes not leach out, and the vitamins, mineralsand trace elements that are essential to goodhealth are almost fully retained. For example,steamed food contains up to 50% more vitaminC than traditionally cooked food.The result is delicious food that requires littleor no salt or seasoning, additional spices or fat,and which retains all of its natural goodness andflavour. The steam oven is therefore ideal forpreparing light meals or baby food, as well as forthose on low-sodium diets. Taste is not sacrificedin the interests of nutrition and calorie counting;to the contrary, your steam combi oven sweepsyou away to a world of wonderful new delights.Today’s cooks are delighted by all things new,and place high value on cooking appliances thatoffer user friendly technology. A Miele steamcombi oven is an up-to-the-minute oven that hasevery feature you could wish for.9

Cooking functionsFrom the repertoire of a connoisseurSteam cookingWith a temperature range of 30 C–225 C, theMiele steam combi oven offers a wealth ofexciting possibilities.Most dishes are cooked at 100 C. Vegetables andpotatoes, soups and stews, soufflés and pulsescan be cooked without affecting colour, shape,structure and taste. Rice cooks particularly wellby this process, remaining light and fluffy.You will be amazed just what a Miele steamcombi oven is capable of! Eggs are boiled toperfection. Chocolate can be melted at 65 Cwithout burning. Preserving jars and babybottles can be disinfected at 100 C in just15 minutes – making them as clean as theywould be by traditional boiling.Desserts such as light soufflés never fail, at 40 Cyou can make yoghurt and at 30 C prove dough.If you want to really pamper your guests, youcan offer them steamed face flannels at the endof a perfect meal.Further information on the versatility of thesteam combi oven can be found at the end ofthis book, as well as in the operating instructionsfor the oven. We wish you much enjoyment asyou experiment with your appliance.Baby food can also be safely and easily preparedin the steam oven. Cooking fish on the hob inthe usual manner is not to everyone’s taste. Thisis because the fish can become dry and tough, orfall apart on serving, which spoils the enjoyment.The Miele steam combi oven offers an idealsolution. Steaming at temperatures between75 C–100 C results in perfect fish and fish filletsand tasty seafood and shellfish – a taste ofgourmet cooking at home.Poultry, meat and sausage are also easy to cookin the Miele steam combi oven. When cookedat temperatures between 85 C and 100 C,meat has a uniform and tender consistency.Even lean poultry, which can easily dry outwith conventional cooking methods, remainsdeliciously succulent.Please note that steamed meat does not brown.If you want your meat browned, we recommendcooking it with a Combination programme,where a browning stage is included either beforeor after the steaming stage.10

Menu cookingCombination cookingIn a steam combination oven you can cook on upto three shelf levels at the same time to make upa whole meal.Every type of food has its own character.Recognising an ingredient’s qualities andbringing them to the fore is the true art of thecook.You would normally select a temperature of100 C to do this. However different the foodsare, the constant fresh supply of steam ensuresthat there is no transfer of aroma or flavour.This means that you can cook sweet and heavilyspiced foods together without the risk ofcontamination. The steam ensures an evencooking result on each level, and when the ovenis full to capacity, the steam combi oven is bothmore economical and energy efficient thancooking on the hob or in the oven.This is how to serve a complete main course hotand fresh:Start with the food that takes longest to cook.During the cooking programme, you can addother foods. If, for example, your menu consistsof fish with rice and broccoli, the rice will needto be cooked for 20 minutes, the fish for 6minutes and the broccoli for 4 minutes. Therice goes into the steam combi oven first, and iscooked for 14 minutes. The fish is then placed inthe appliance, and cooked alongside the rice for2 minutes. Finally the container with thebroccoli is added, and all 3 foods cook togetherfor another 4 minutes.With the steam combi oven, success isguaranteed, and everything is ready at the sametime! Further information about cooking timesis to be found in the tables at the back of thisbook, as well as in the operating instructions.The Miele steam combi oven has highlydeveloped electronics offering optimumfunctionality and is very easy to use. Theappliance guides you intelligently through theprogramming process to ensure fast, precisesetting of the required functions.The Miele steam combi oven cooks everythingto perfection by combining steam with functionssuch as Fan plus: delicious fresh bread with aglossy crust; al dente vegetables with all theirnatural flavours; wonderfully moist fish thatmelts in the mouth; tender, juicy meat with awell browned crust, numerous side dishes andtempting puddings.The combination of steam and fan heat is notsuitable for mixtures that contain a high levelof moisture such as choux pastry and meringue.Because these types of food need to lose theirmoisture they can only be cooked using Fan plus.When combination mode is selected, there arethree things that must be programmed into theoven: Temperature (30 C–225 C) Moisture level (20%–100%) Cooking duration (1 minute – 12 hours)With Combination cooking, up to 10 cookingstages can be combined in one cooking process.11

Cooking functionsBread is baked to perfection thanks to the steamthat is injected in the first few minutes. Thedough rises more effectively to start with beforebeing browned at a higher temperature, andthen dried at a high temperature with a lowmoisture level. This gives the bread itsattractive, glossy crust. If bread is baked withlittle or no steam, the starches do not swell asmuch, the outer surface dries out, the crustbecomes cracked and it will not stay crisp forlong. See the chapter on bread for furtherdetails.Fan plusWith Fan plus food is cooked in a flow of hot air.Fan plus ensures excellent results with notransfer of aroma or flavour, giving the oven abig advantage over the more widely availablefan-assisted oven. It is rarely necessary to preheat the oven. “Fan plus” is particularly usefulfor baking certain types of cake and soufflé, andthe flow of air around the oven ensures thatitems are very evenly cooked and browned.Cake plusA moisture level of 95% makes sweet pastryparticularly light and crumbly, so that it melts onthe tongue.Baking moist dough-based items with additionalsteam, does not allow them to dry outsufficiently, and as a result they collapse. Itemsthat have a moist topping such as pizza will notcook through properly if steam is added, and thebase will not brown properly. Use a conventionalprogramme for this type of food.Cook meat to start with at a high temperaturein order to brown the surface. Then reducethe temperature and increase the moisture tocook the meat evenly and get a tender result.If lean meat is cooked without steam, the outersurface has a tendency to dry out. Cooking withsteam overcomes this problem. Meat can also beroasted in Combination mode on the rack placedabove the baking tray to catch the juices, whichcan then be made into a gravy.12Choux pastryChoux pastry needs to rise and dry out at thesame time. This is best achieved with a smallamount of extra moisture which is why "Cakeplus" is ideal.Salt doughTypical salt dough items such as pretzels have ashiny crust and a sprinkling of crystal salt. The"Cake plus" programme guarantees the desiredresult when cooking salt dough items fromfrozen.Sponge cakesMoisture levels are controlled particularly wellin the "Cake plus" programme, resulting in verysuccessful sponge cakes.

Automatic programmesBlanchingAutomatic programmes allow you to cookrecipes quickly and easily. For some recipes youwill find an automatic programme in addition tomanual settings, so you have the option of both.Blanching helps food maintain its aroma andvitamins during freezing. Fruit and vegetablescan be blanched in 1 minute at 100 C. Afterblanching it needs to be plunged immediatelyinto ice-cold water to stop it from cooking anyfurther. It is then ready for freezing.This short exposure to heat reduces the numberof enzymes in the food which are responsible forbreaking down the aroma and vitamin contentin the food when frozen.The following are suitable for blanching:Apples, apricots, pears, peaches, cauliflower,broccoli, peas, kale, kohlrabi, asparagus,spinachNot suitable for blanching:Berries, herbs13

Special applicationsDefrostingReheatingDefrosting food in the steam combi

MMS 13_0574 M.-Nr. 9 590 620 GB M.Nr 9802 9002 United Kingdom Miele Company Ltd. Fairacres, Marcham Road Abingdon Oxon, OX14 1TW Tel: 0845 365 0555 Internet:

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