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THE GOVERNMENT OFTHE HONG KONG SPECIAL ADMINISTRATIVE REGIONTERMS OF QUOTATIONS ANDGENERAL CONDITIONS OF CONTRACTFOREWORDThis document contains the terms and generalconditions for acquisition of quotation for services for the WorkingFamily and Student Financial Assistance Agency of theGovernment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region(WFSFAA). The WFSFAA may issue addendum to these termsand conditions before the quotation closing date.Suppliers who respond to the invitation should confirmcompliance with these terms and conditions, and those issuedunder the addendum.

INTERPRETATIONIn this document and the invitation to quotation, unless the context otherwiserequires:“Contract”means the contract hereunder and reference to the termsthereof shall include the terms of quotation in PART 1hereof unless inconsistent with the context of suchreference;“Contractor”means the Supplier whose quotation is accepted;“Government”means the Government of the Hong Kong SpecialAdministrative Region of the People’s Republic of China;“GovernmentRepresentative”means the Head, Working Family and Student FinancialAssistance Agency acting for and on behalf ofGovernment or any officer authorized to act on his behalffor the purposes of the Contract;“Hong Kong”means the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region ofthe People’s Republic of China;“InspectingOfficer”means the officer appointed by the GovernmentRepresentative for the purpose of inspecting the servicesperformed in pursuance of the Contract;“Schedule”means the schedule attached to the invitation to quotation;“Services”means the work referred to in the Schedule;“QuotationClosing Date”means the latest date (Hong Kong time) by whichquotation must be lodged;“Supplier”means the firm or the organization referred to in the“Offer to be Bound” section of the invitation to quotation;

PART 1TERMS OF QUOTATION1.Invitation to QuotationSuppliers are invited for the execution of the whole (or any part) of theServices more particularly set out in the schedule subject to and in accordancewith these Terms of Quotation, the General Conditions set out in Part 2 hereofand the Terms and Service Requirements set out in the invitation to quotation.2.3.Quotation(a)The quotation relates to the execution of all (or any part) of theServices during the Contract period as specified in the Schedule.(b)The Schedule issued with the invitation to quotation must not bealtered by the Supplier. Any modification of the Scheduleconsidered necessary by the Supplier should be the subject of aseparate letter accompanying the quotation. Figures should not bealtered or erased; any alteration should be effected by strikingthrough the incorrect figures and inserting the correct figures in inkabove the original figures. All such amendments should beinitialled by the Supplier in ink.(c)Quotations are to be completed in ink or typescript. Quotationnot so submitted may not be considered.(d)Quotations may not be considered if complete information is notgiven with the quotation or if any particulars and data asked for inthe Schedule are not furnished in full. Complete informationshould accompany the quotation.Quotations to Remain Open(a)Quotations shall, unless otherwise indicated by the Supplier,remain open for 90 days after the Quotation Closing Date. IfSuppliers are unable to comply with this requirement, they mustclearly state the period for which their quotation is valid foracceptance in the space provided in the invitation to quotation. Ifbefore the expiry of the agreed validity period their offer is

withdrawn, they are advised that due notice will be taken of theiraction and this may well prejudice their future standing as aGovernment supplier.4.(b)Quotation Closing Date and TimeAll quotations must be submitted before the Quotation ClosingDate and time (Hong Kong time). Late quotations will not beconsidered. All quotations must be deposited in the quotationbox as specified in the invitation to quotation.(c)Quotation Closing Date and Time Extension in case ofRainstorm/TyphoonIn case a rainstorm black warning or typhoon signal No. 8 or aboveis valid for any duration between 9:00 a.m. (Hong Kong time) and12:00 noon (Hong Kong time), the quotation closing time will beextended to 12:00 noon (Hong Kong time) on the next working day(except Saturday)Charges(a)The charges to be quoted by Suppliers are to be shown in HongKong dollars. Such charges shall be net and where applicable,they shall include trade and cash discounts and all expensesincidental to the due and proper performance of the Contract by theContractor. The charges to be quoted by the Supplier must beshown on the Schedule provided in the invitation to quotation.(b)If, at the request of the Contractor, assistance of any Governmentstaff is provided after normal working hours (i.e. Mondays toFridays, inclusive, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 12 noon;Sundays and public holidays excluded), the Contractor will beresponsible for the overtime remuneration, subsistence allowancesand travelling expenses of such Government staff directly engagedin such assistance.(c)Prices quotedIt will be assumed, unless Suppliers clearly stipulate otherwise,that their offers will remain valid for the duration of the Contract.Therefore no request for price variation will be considered. If,

however, a Supplier wishes to submit a conditional offer whichcontains a price variation clause, he may do so, with the clearunderstanding that such an offer may prejudice the award of theContract. In any such case the basis of the price variationformula should be clearly stipulated and accepted by theGovernment in writing. The conditional offer quoted by thesupplier must only be shown on the Schedule provided in theinvitation to quotation.(d)5.Acceptance(a)The successful Supplier will receive as an indication of acceptancea fax or a letter of acceptance prior to the receipt of the duplicatecopy of the contract document with the “Memorandum ofAcceptance” part duly completed. This fax or letterofacceptance shall constitute a binding contract. Suppliers who donot receive any notification within the validity period of their offershall assume that their quotations have not been accepted.(b)6.Accuracy of Quoted PricesSuppliers should make certain the prices quoted are accuratebefore submitting their quotations. Under no circumstances willthe Government accept any request for price adjustment ongrounds that a mistake has been made in the quoted prices.Schedule of ComplianceSuppliers shall complete the ‘Schedule of Compliance’ provided inrespect of the offer. Should alternative offer(s) be included,separate ‘Schedule of Compliance’ should be completedaccordingly. Failure to complete the ‘Schedule of Compliance’will invalidate the quotation. Suppliers are requested to confirmin the ‘Schedule of Compliance’ that offers submitted comply withthe required specification in every respect. If an offer does notconform to the quotation specification, Suppliers should providefull details of their alternative offer, but the Government reservesthe right to accept or reject any such offer.Alternative Proposals and Negotiation

Alternative proposals which improve the value of the offer may besubmitted. The Government reserves the right to negotiate with any Supplierabout the terms of the offer.7.SavingThe Government Representative is not bound to accept the lowest or anyquotation and reserves the right to accept all or any part of any quotation at anytime within the period mentioned in clause 3 hereof.8.Documents of Unsuccessful SuppliersDocuments of unsuccessful Suppliers may be destroyed not less than threemonths after the date the Contract has been awarded and the agreement signed.9.New Information Relevant to Qualified StatusSuppliers should inform the Government in writing immediately of anyfactor which might affect their qualified status as an enlisted supplier with theGovernment, or as a qualified supplier for a particular service. TheGovernment reserves the right to review their qualified status in the light of anynew information relevant to their qualification.10.Latest Audited/Unaudited AccountsThe Suppliers shall upon request by the Government representatives whilsttheir quotations remain open submit the latest audited accounts or unauditedaccounts as appropriate for checking within 14 days from the date of suchrequest. Late submission will not be considered.11. Complaints About Quotation Acquisition Process or Contract AwardsThe quotation acquisition process is subject to internal monitoring toensure that contracts are awarded properly and fairly. Any Supplier who feelsthat his offer has not been fairly evaluated may write to the Head of theDepartment who will examine the complaint and refer it to the approvingauthority/relevant quotation opening team for consideration if it relates to thequotation acquisition procedures followed. The Supplier shall lodge thecomplaint before disposal of documents of unsuccessful Suppliers which shall be

within 3 months after the award of contract.12.Personal Data Provided(a)A Supplier’s personal data provided in the quotation will be usedfor quotation evaluation and contract award purposes. Ifinsufficient and inaccurate information is provided, the quotationmay not be considered.(b)A Supplier’s personal data provided in the quotation may bedisclosed to the parties responsible for quotation evaluation inother government departments and non-government organizations.(c)A Supplier has the right of access and correction with respect topersonal data as provided for in Sections 18 and 22 Principle 6 ofSchedule 1 of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. The rightof access includes the right to obtain a copy of the Supplier’spersonal data provided in the quotation.(d)Enquiries concerning the personal data collected by means of thequotation, including the making of access and corrections, shouldbe addressed to Personal Data Privacy Officer of the departmentissuing the invitation to quotation.13.Contractors' Performance MonitoringSuppliers are advised that should they be awarded the contract theirsubsequent performance will be monitored and may be taken into account whentheir future quotations are evaluated.14.Cancellation of invitation to quotationWithout prejudice to the Government’s right to cancel the invitation toquotation, where there are changes of requirement after quotation closing datefor operational or whatever reasons, the Government is not bound to accept anyconforming quotation and reserves the right to cancel the invitation to quotation.

PART 2GENERAL CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT1.Total Services and Variation(a)The Services to be performed under the Contract shall be as laiddown in the Schedule and Special Conditions (if any) and shall becarried out, as and when required, to the satisfaction of theInspecting Officer. All orders placed under the Contract shall beissued in writing and Government will not be responsible forServices performed on oral instructions issued by any personwhomsoever.(b)The Contractor shall not extend the Services beyond therequirements specified in the Schedule except as directed inwriting by the Government Representative; but the GovernmentRepresentative may, subject to the proviso hereinafter contained, atany time during the Contract period by notice in writing direct theContractor to alter, amend, omit, add to, or otherwise vary any ofthe Services and/or the Contract period, and the Contractor shallcarry out such variations, and be bound by the same conditions, sofar as are applicable, as though the said variations were stated inthe Schedule.Provided that no such variation shall, except with the consent inwriting of the Contractor, involve a net addition to or deductionfrom the Contract price of more than twenty per cent or theContract period of more than six months, unless otherwisemutually agreed by the Contractor and Government.(c)Where a variation has been made to the Contract the amount to beadded to or deducted from the Contract price in accordance withthat variation shall be determined in accordance with the ratesspecified in the Schedule so far as the same may be applicable andwhere rates are not contained in the said Schedule, or are notapplicable, such amount shall be such sum as is reasonable in thecircumstances.Due account shall be taken of any partial execution of the Serviceswhich are rendered useless by any such variation.

2.AssignmentThe Contractor shall not, without the written consent of the GovernmentRepresentative, assign or otherwise transfer the Contract, or any part share orinterest therein, and the performance of the Contract by the Contractor shall bedeemed to be personal to him.3.Quality of Services(a)The Services shall be as specified in the Schedule and shall fulfilall the conditions and terms of any drawings and specifications (ifany) supplied to the Contractor.(b)Any drawings and specifications reasonably required for theContractor’s guidance in the execution of the Contract shall beprovided by Government free of charge but shall be returned oncompletion of the Contract.4.Inspection and AcceptanceAll Services performed in pursuance of the Contract shall be subject toinspection and shall not be deemed to have been accepted unless either:5.(a)The Government Representative shall so certify; or(b)The Services are not rejected as being unsatisfactory within 21days of the date upon which they were executed.Rejections(a)Without prejudice to any statutory rights, the Inspecting Officer orthe Government Representative may reject any Services (or partthereof) which do not strictly conform to the conditions of subclause (a) of clause 3 hereof.(b)Within 24 hours of being notified in writing of the rejection of anyServices the Contractor shall be required to take the necessaryaction to rectify such rejected Services.

6.Government PropertyWhen Government property is issued to the Contractor under the Contract,the Contractor shall be responsible for the due return of all such property.Should any such property be lost or damaged from any cause whatsoever whilein the possession or control of the Contractor or his servants, workmen or agents,the Contractor shall pay for the same at total original cost plus 20%. A count ofthe articles or material in the possession of the Contractor may be made at anytime by the Government Representative and the Contractor shall render suchassistance as is necessary for this purpose.7.Government Premises/Contractor’s Premises(a)The Contractor, shall ensure that all persons engaged by him incarrying out the Contract keep to such parts of Governmentpremises as are necessary for the due discharge of the Contractor’sobligations under the Contract.(b)Where the Services are carried out on the Contractor’s premisessuch premises shall be open to inspection by the GovernmentRepresentative or Inspecting Officer at all reasonable times.(c)The safety of any craft, vessel and vehicle used by the Contractorand brought alongside or onto Government premises, piers orwharves, as the case may be, shall be the responsibility of theContractor, who shall indemnify the Government in respect of anyloss or damage to such Government premises, piers or wharves.8.Payment for ServicesPayments shall become payable within 30 days upon receipt of the invoicewhere the Services have been accepted pursuant to clause 4 of the GeneralConditions herein.9.Termination of contractDuring the contract period, the Government may at any time at its optionsuspend or terminate this contract by giving written notice with immediate effectif the Contractor: (i) is found to have provided false or incomplete information inbidding the contract; (ii) is in breach of any terms/provisions of this contract; (iii)

has persistently or flagrantly neglected its duties and obligations under thiscontract; or (iv) has failed to carry out all or any of the services specified incontract within the contract period or such extended period as agreed by theGovernment. Such suspension or termination shall not prejudice or affect anyrights of action or other remedies that may have accrued to the Government,including but not limited to the right of the Government to assign the balance ofthe uncompleted service to another contractor or contractors whereupon theContractor shall be liable for any sums so incurred in excess of the contract price.The Contractor will not be able to claim any compensation and will only be paidfor services satisfactorily performed under the contract. The Government willhave no obligation whatsoever to pay for any work performed but not to thesatisfaction of the Government, or for any work agreed but not yet performed bythe Contractor.10.Illegal Workers(a)The Contractor undertakes not to employ illegal workers in theexecution of any Government contracts. Should the Contractorbe found to have employed illegal workers in breach of thisundertaking, the Government Representative may, on behalf of theGovernment, by notice in writing, terminate the Contract and theContractor is not entitled to claim any compensation.(b)11.The Contractor shall be liable for all expenses necessarily incurredby the Government as a result of the termination of the Contract.DefaultIf the Contractor shall fail to carry out all or any of the Services providedfor in the Contract within the Contract period or such extended period as may beagreed in accordance with clause 1(b) hereof, the Government may at itsabsolute discretion terminate the whole or any part of the Contract by notice inwriting to the Contractor, but without prejudice to any claims by the Governmentfor breach of Contract including but not limited to its right of Government toassign the balance of the uncompleted Services to another contractor orcontractors whereupon the Contractor shall be liable for any sums so incurred inexcess (hereinafter called ‘any excess’) of the Contract price.

12.Recovery of Sums DueWhenever under the Contract any sum of money shall be recoverable fromor payable by the Contractor, the same may be deducted from any sum then dueor which at any time thereafter may become due to the Contractor under theContract or any other Government contracts.13.Liability for Damages or Compensation(a)Government and its employees or agents shall not be under anyliability whatsoever for or in respect of:(b)(c)(i)any loss of or damage to any of the Contractor’s property orthat of its employees or agents however caused (whether byany Negligence of the Government or any of its employeesor agents or otherwise).(ii)any injury to or death of any of the Contractor’s employeesor agents save and except any such injury or death causedby the Negligence of the Government or any of itsemployees or agents.The Contractor shall indemnify the Government and its employeesor agents against any claim or demand made against or liabilityincurred (including all costs, charges or expenses whatsoever) bythe Government or any of its employees or agents in respect of :(i)any loss, damage, injury or death referred to in sub-clause(a)of this clause (save and except injury or death caused by theNegligence of Government or any of its employees oragents).(ii)any loss or damage sustained by or any injury to or death ofany third party in consequence of any Negligence of theContractor or any of its employees or agents.The Contractor shall indemnify the Government against any loss ofor damage to any property of the Government or of any of itsemployees or agents or any injury to any employee or agent of theGovernment arising out of the Negligence of the Contractor or any

of its employees, sub-contractors or agents.(d)14.15.For the purposes of this clause ‘Negligence’ shall have the samemeaning as that assigned to it in Section 2(1) of the Control ofExemption Clauses Ordinance.Policy of Insurance and Compensation(a)The Contractor shall effect a policy of insurance against all claims,demands or liability under the Contract with an insurance companyapproved by Government (which approval shall not beunreasonably withheld) and shall continue such insurance duringthe continuance of the Contract and shall when required, depositwith the Government Representative for safe keeping during theContract period such policy of insurance together with the receiptof payment of the current premium.(b)If the Contractor shall fail to effect and keep in force the insurancereferred to or any other insurance which he may be required toeffect under the terms of the Contract then and in any such casesGovernment may effect and keep in force any such insurance andpay such premium or premiums as may be necessary for thatpurpose and from time to time deduct the amount so paid byGovernment as aforesaid from any moneys due or which maybecome due to the Contractor or recover the same as a debt duefrom the Contractor.(c)In the event of any of the Contractor’s employees or agentssuffering any injury or death in the course of or arising out of theContract and whether there be a claim for compensation or not, theContractor shall within 7 clear working days give notice in writingof such injury or death to the Government Representative.BankruptcyThe Government Representative may at any time by notice in writingsummarily terminate the Contract without entitling the Contractor tocompensation in any of the following events:

(a)if the Contractor shall at any time be adjudged bankrupt, or shallhave a receiving order or orders for administration of his estatemade against him, or shall take any proceedings for liquidation orcomposition under any Bankruptcy Ordinance for the time being inforce, or make any conveyance or assignment of his effects orcomposition or arrangement for the benefit of his creditors orpurports so to do; or(b)if the Contractor, being a company shall pass a resolution or thecourt shall make an order for the liquidation of its assets, or areceiver or manager shall be appointed on behalf of the debentureholders, or circumstances shall have arisen which entitled the courtor debenture holders to appoint a receiver or manager.Provided always that such determination shall not prejudice oraffect any right or action or remedy which shall have accrued orshall accrue thereafter to the Government.16.Corrupt Gifts(a)If the Contractor or any employee or agent of the Contractor shallbe found to have committed an offence under the Prevention ofBribery Ordinance (Chapter 201) or any subsidiary legislationmade thereunder or under any law of a similar nature in relation tothe Contract or any other Government contracts, the GovernmentRepresentative may, on behalf of the Government, summarilyterminate the Contract, without entitling the Contractor to anycompensation therefor.(b)17.The Contractor shall be liable for all expenses necessarily incurredby the Government as the result of the termination of the Contract.Consent to DisclosureThe Government shall have the right to disclose whenever it considersappropriate or upon request by any third party (written or otherwise) informationon the awarded contract, without any further reference to the successful Supplier,the name and address of the successful Supplier, description of services and thecontract amount.

18.PublicityThe Contractor shall submit to the Government Representative alladvertising or other publicity material relating to the Contract or the productssupplied or other work done in connection with the Contract wherein theGovernment’s name is mentioned or language used from which a connectionwith the Government can reasonably be inferred or implied. The Contractorshall not publish or use any advertising or other publicity material without theprior written consent of the Government Representative.19.Governing LawThe Contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with thelaws of Hong Kong and the parties hereby agree to submit to the jurisdiction ofthe courts of Hong Kong in relation to any matters arising out of the Contract.20.Order of PrecedenceIn the event that there is any conflict, contradiction or ambiguity betweenany documents which form part of the Contract, the following order ofprecedence shall be applied in order to resolve any such conflict, contradiction orambiguity:(a)Special Conditions of Contract (if applicable)(b)Terms and Service Requirement(c)General Conditions of Contract/Terms of Quotation(d)Contract SchedulesWorking Family and Student Financial Assistance AgencyThe Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative RegionMarch 2015

THE GOVERNMENT OFTHE HONG KONG SPECIAL ADMINISTRATIVE REGIONTERMS OF QUOTATION (SUPPLEMENT)1.Quotation must be submitted to the address and marked for the attention asspecified at the top of the Quotation Form by post or by hand delivery; and if afacsimile number and/or email address is also provided, to such facsimilenumber or email before the quotation closing day (“Quotation Closing Date”)and quotation closing time on that day (“Quotation Closing Time”) as specifiedat the top of the Quotation Form. Late Quotations including Quotations postedor despatched prior to, but received after, the Quotation Closing Time will not beconsidered. Should it be necessary for the Supplier to attach other enclosures tothe form or Schedule, reference to these enclosures should be made on theSchedule.2.In case Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 or above is hoisted, orBlack Rainstorm Warning Signal or “extreme conditions after super typhoons”announced by the Government is/are in force for any duration between 0900 and1200 hours on the Quotation Closing Date, the latest date and time before whichQuotations are to be deposited at the quotation box and/or despatched to suchfacsimile number or email address referred to in Paragraph 1 of the Terms ofQuotation (Supplement) will be extended to 1200 hours on the next working day(all times mentioned are Hong Kong time).Working Family and Student Financial Assistance AgencyThe Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative RegionOctober 2019

quotation, where there are changes of requirement after quotation closing date for operational or whatever reasons, the Government is not bound to accept any conforming quotation and reserves the right to cancel the invitation to quotation. PART 2 GENERAL CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT.

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