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Vivid SYDNEY 20192 4 M ay – 15 J u n e 2019If there’s one place in the world where inspiration shines bright, it’s Vivid Sydney. Returning for its eleventh year,Australia’s most loved and awarded festival brings together light artists, music makers and brilliantminds to share their creativity with you. See the city transformed. Discover new artforms.Ride soundwaves. Spark new ideas and ignite conversations. Let your imagination take flight.Vivid Sydney 2018vivid lightVivid Light illuminates Sydney’s skyline with Lights On! from 6pm each evening.As the Lighting of the Sails unfurls across the architectural wonder of the Sydney Opera House,weave your way along the Light Walk around the harbour front and the Royal Botanic GardenSydney, and venture to Barangaroo, Darling Harbour, Luna Park Sydney, Chatswood andTaronga Zoo to brighten up your winter nights. With so much to see across eight precincts,it is worth planning multiple visits with plenty of pit stops to make the most of Vivid Sydney’s vastoutdoor gallery of light art.Vivid Sydney 2018vivid musicVivid Sydney catalyses the city’s live music culture. At the Sydney Opera House, British alt-rockpioneers The Cure and electronic titans Underworld headline Vivid LIVE. Powerhouse electronicact RÜFÜS DU SOL and genre-bending popstar FKA twigs play shows at Carriageworks, andCurve Ball is back with Hayden James, Mallrat, Touch Sensitive and Set Mo. Tap into bothemerging and proven musical talent at Vivid X Celerate gigs across every imaginable genre in yourfavourite venues across the city. Vivid Art After Hours returns to Vivid Sydney at the Art Gallery ofNSW and City Recital Hall presents Paul Kelly, Kate Miller-Heidke, ZOFO and Concertos on Fire.Curveball 2018vivid ideasVivid Ideas brings you 23 days and nights of future-facing talks, hands-on workshops and industryshaping forums. Game Changers Spike Lee and Esther Perel challenge assumptions on race andrelationships. The Mark Colvin Conversation: Net Worth, asks what price we’ll pay for our constantdigital distraction. In the series New Horizons, tune in to experts on sextech, co-living, dying forcompany, digital farewells and the dark web. Citizens of the World workshops unlock essential skillsfor a better informed and engaged life. Seek out bright sparks. Find new collaborators. Come upwith new ways of thinking and maybe even try a new way of being.Vivid Ideas 2018Proudly owned, managed and produced byVivid Sydney Partners

Vivid lightA 23 NIGHT EXPLORATION OF COLOUR AND SCALE. CELEBRATE 11 YEARSOF CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION FROM 6PM TO 11PM NIGHTLY.Austral Flora Ballet - Andrew Thomas Huang & Bemolighting of the sailsvivid light walkThis year, Los Angeles-based Andrew Thomas Huang isthe torch-bearer entrusted with the Lighting of the Sails.The Chinese American artist-filmmaker is admired asmuch for his sci-fi suffused art as for creating musicvideos for the likes of Björk, Sigur Rós and Thom Yorkein which bodies, objects and nature morph, intertwineand dispel in hallucinogenic fantasies.Huang and Barcelo collaborated with dancerGenna Moroni to generate fluid arabesques in directresponse to the sensuous arcs and rhythms of SydneyOpera House. By dancing on a motion capture stage infront of projected images of the building, Moroni’schoreography becomes a bespoke interpretation of theworld-recognised silhouette.Huang’s Austral Flora Ballet is a hypnotic tribute toAustralia’s native plants. Together with choreographerToogie Barcelo and the animation design team at Bemoin Los Angeles, Huang crafts a lush spectacle from suchbeloved floral gems as the New South Wales waratah,kangaroo paws and red beard orchids. The focus onindigenous species inspires the animated shapes, colourpalette and textures in this magnificent opus.The result is a ‘ballet’ of psychedelic floral deities thatbloom with human movement across the sails of theSydney Opera House. Huang’s new piece underscoresthe connection between the human body, architectureand the natural world through the lens of Australia’sbotanical treasures.COVER IMAGE RENDER:Austral Flora Ballet – Artist impression byAndrew Thomas Huang & Bemo. Renders areartist impressions only and may not be anaccurate representation of the event elementsthat will occur in Vivid Sydney 2019. Informationis subject to change without notice. Please seeinside back cover for full disclaimer.Destination NSW acknowledges andappreciates all the photographers and eventowners who have supplied images for use inthis magazine.The famous Light Walk is one of Vivid Sydney’shallmarks and “the reason people travel thousandsof miles” (Forbes) to enjoy the festival. Every year,hundreds of proposals for light works are enteredand the selected works represent a new breed ofartistic innovators.This year’s Light Walk curates over 50 radiantworks into the largest outdoor gallery of its kind inthe Southern Hemisphere. The route stretches formore than three kilometres, from The Rocks throughthe city’s oldest streets and laneways aroundCircular Quay to the Sydney Opera House and intothe Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, taking in majorlight projections on the Sydney Harbour Bridge,the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA)and Customs House along the way. Think of it asmore of a ‘choose your own adventure’ than aprescribed trail, with an abundance of eateries,watering holes and break-away spaces where it ispossible to relax and enjoy the spectacle fromvantage points across the city.Across Circular Quay from Sydney Opera House, theimposing deco façade of the MCA is transformed byaward-winning Australian-Colombian artistClaudia Nicholson who, together with light veteransSpinifex Group, reimagines her vibrant artworks intoLet Me Down, an animated cycle of creation,destruction and regeneration underscored by thecool and contemporary sounds of Lonelyspeck.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT TO COUNTRYDestination NSW wishes to acknowledge thetraditional owners of the land on whichVivid Sydney is held; the clans of the EoraNation. We acknowledge and respect theircontinuing culture and the contribution theymake to the life of this city and this region.Let it Snow – Artist impression by Conybeare Morrison vidsydneyvividsydney.com33

Ballerina – Artist impression by Angelo BonnelloNostalgia Above – Artist impression by Capto CollaborativeVivid Sydney 2018vivid light walkThe southern pylon of Sydney Harbour Bridgefeatures Eora: Broken Spear, a projection curated byRhoda Roberts AO with work from the Art Gallery ofNSW, the Australian Museum and the State Library ofNSW. Customs House becomes an aquaticwonderland in Under the Harbour by Spinifex Group.Pixar Animation Studios partners with Vivid Sydney totransform Sydney’s iconic Argyle Cut in The Rockswith a creative light projection that will delight visitorsof all ages as they are transported through a visualfeast of behind-the-scenes artwork and the evolutionof iconic animation. Who knows, Woody and BuzzLightyear might even make an appearance!Meanwhile, 32 Hundred Lighting’s dancing beams oflight and ‘sparkle points’ turn the Sydney HarbourBridge and skyline into a jewel to outshine any regaltiara with City Sparkle.These beacons are certain to inspire awe and thediscoveries along the Light Walk are equally fascinatingat different scales. Many of the light installations offerthe opportunity for visitors to move through, aroundand under them so it is possible to experience nextlevel creativity up close. Others offer levels of tactilityand interactivity that put you in control of the action,sound and lights. Photo opportunities and selfiemoments abound. Vivid Sydney once again championsdiversity and inclusion by partnering with Cushman &Wakefield to provide accessible infrastructure andfacilities such as audio descriptions, accessible pick-upand drop-off zones, ramps and viewing stations thatRiver of Light – Artist impression by Weston WilliamsonSpecularity – Artist impression by John FishProudly owned, managed and produced byBubble Magician – Artist impression by Guangzhou Dance With Light Media Co.Vivid Sydney Partnersmake it possible for people of all abilities to havea wonderful festival experience.Nature, childhood reveries, musical magic andretro-futures are major themes that emerge in 2019.Let It Snow, CyberDeluge, Nostalgia Above, River of Lightand Dancing Grass all conjure the elements. Firefly Fieldmesmerises with an aerial ballet of tiny wingedcreatures while the birds come home to roost in RegalPeacock and Watch Your Chips. Habit/At, Ocean Sentinels,Torrent, Consumable and Rayuela encourage us to reflecton the environment and how our impact affects thefuture. Tap into the wonders of the cosmos and collectiveconsciousness with The Light Teleportal Empyrean,KA3323, Celestial Pancake and Specularity. Kids andkids-at-heart will kindle memories with the InfinityRoom, Bubble Magician, the slime-fest of Goo! atCadmans Cottage and the exquisite Ballerina silhouettedagainst the shimmering harbour and skyline. Buddingmusos can play The Harp of the City, Torus, Jungle Boogie,FlipFlop and dance to the rhythms of light and sound.After taking in the city brightness, step into an enchantedforest. Weave your way through the Royal Botanic GardenSydney for close encounters with illuminated artworksthat reflect and refract both light and nature.As you marvel at the works, take a moment to admirethe artistry and innovation involved in creating eachone. Now, imagine what your own future lightsculpture might be. That combination of awe,appreciation and inspiration makes Vivid Light a trulyenlightening experience.

Under the Harbour – Artist impression by Spinifex GroupLet me Down – Artist impression by Claudia Nicholson & Spinifex GroupCUSTOMS HOUSEMuseum of ContemporaryArt AustraliaUNDER THE HARBOURYou can ferry across it, marvel at its shimmeringbeauty and even swim in it, but how often do youdive into the emerald depths of Sydney Harbour?Using the architecture of Customs House as acanvas, award-winning creative studio SpinifexGroup presents Under the Harbour, a surrealunderwater encounter sure to delight childrenand adults alike.Through Spinifex’s imaginative lens, a hyper-colouredmulti-verse transforms the façade of Customs House.The watery world is alive with neon sea creatures,botanical wonderlands and unclassified oddities.EORA: broken spearLET ME DOWNIn her emotionally charged Vivid Light debut, Sydneybased artist Claudia Nicholson has created a romantichomage to her birth country of Colombia. Thecommissioned work adapts four of Nicholson’s existingartworks, three sawdust carpets known as alfombras deaserrín and a floral arrangement known as a silleta.Collaborating with Spinifex Group, the rich culturalsymbols Nicholson references are reimagined in ananimated cycle of natural creation and destruction, setto music by producer Lonelyspeck.Under the Harbour is a playful, exquisite escape intoan extraordinary underwater fantasy certain toinspire audiences and deepen the appreciation ofSydney’s aquatic haven.Nicholson’s work has been widely exhibited, withrecent exhibitions at Carriageworks, Sydney and theAustralian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne.In 2017, she was awarded the NSW Visual ArtsEmerging Fellowship.Sydney Harbour BridgeCADMANS COTTAGECITY SPARKLEGOO!City Sparkle is a vast symphony of light beams thatplay across the skyline. In 2019, 32 HundredLighting crown Sydney Harbour Bridge with 15giant Aquabeams, along with ‘sparkle points’across the arch and road deck. To complementthis beacon, light beams from CBD landmarks androoftops, while others are saturated with colour.This luminous array can be experienced fromvantage points near and far.Remember Slime? That gloopy, squishy, stretchy,fluorescent green goo that had kids crazed in the 70sand 80s. It’s back and it has oozed out of those tinygreen trash cans to fill Cadmans Cottage.You’re invited into the ‘control room’ with its giant,3D interactive tactile model of all the structuresused in City Sparkle. Take your turn to create aunique show of glimmering colours, shininglights and magical memories.Vivid Sydney 2018/vividsydneyEORA: Broken Spear, curated by Rhoda Roberts AO withprojection design by The Electric Canvas, reminds us all toreflect, to call country, to read country and listen to country.Everything across our city connects us to the harbour fromthe rivers that flow from the first contact point of BotanyBay and Kurnell, home to the Gweagal people, the FireClan, to the Kameygal, the spear clan of La Perouse andthe east, to the inner West and the River Flat Clan, theBidgigal, across the Wangal wetlands of Homebush to theBurramuttagal, the eel clan peoples, and finally all thewaters flow to the Grass tree people, the Gadigal.Goo! invites kids and kids at heart to play in a virtualfountain of multi-coloured, sticky slime and allowsvisitors to interact and direct the flow of fun.Manipulate human-size globs of floating goo. Splashin viscous pools of syrupy, clinging colour. Flinggelatinous blobs at one another, all without evermaking a mess.This custom built, real-time fluid simulation byPropMill cleverly transforms the heritage harboursidebuilding into a slime-filled playground that everyonewill love!EORA: Broken Spear – Artist impression by The Electric CanvasGoo! – Artist impression by PropMillvividsydneyAround First Contact, when the men carried their spearsfor the seasonal time to fish from the rocks and the Gadigalwomen used their handlines, singing, laughing with thechildren and rowing their Nawis across the harbour, allcame to gather amongst the wisdom keepers. Some youngmen raised their spears in battle against the invaders, butour men of high degree stepped forward, with a differentgreeting for the visitors. Our knowledge keeper carried hisspear but the tip was broken; the sign of peace and respect.vividsydney#vividsydneyvividsydney.com5

DARLING HARBOUR24 MAY – 15 JUNE 6pm – 11pmFor Vivid Sydney 2019, Darling Harbour has a space-age reboot with Light, Musicand Ideas to entertain and inspire visitors of all ages and abilities. Activate a brighterfuture where sentient robots help us regenerate the Earth and make life on otherplanets of our galaxy possible.Around Cockle Bay, mind-boggling electro-automotive super-bots have been sent tosow the seeds of a greener tomorrow. Epic in scale, the light and sound spectacleRobot SPACELand is built around a central 16m high unit, the Ecobot. After creatingitself from crushed cars, it continues its endless duties crushing cars and extrudingthe building blocks of a new society.Vivid Sydney’s inclusive play space Tumbalong Lights is back with the support ofAccess & Inclusion Partner Cushman & Wakefield. Inspired by the next frontier,playSPACE brings together super-scale installations that give intrepid explorers anopportunity to walk Under the Milky Way, play with SpaceBalls, interact with an AlienVisitor, share different perspectives with See What I See and travel To the Moon andBack in a wheelchair moon buggy. Low-sensory sessions are catered for too.EcoBot – Artist impression by Destination NSWVivid sydney PRECINCTSCascading Harp by Pineapple Design Studio: Zara PasfieldMarri DyinCHATSWOODBARANGAROO24 MAY – 15 JUNE 6pm – 11pm24 MAY – 15 JUNE 5:30pm – 10:30pmVivid Sydney at Chatswood is a familyfavourite. The Concourse will betransformed with cutting-edge 3Dprojection mapping artwork. Local andinternational artists light up a cityscaperadiating peace and harmony. Music fanscan catch ticketed shows byVince Jones and Lisa Fischer. Join thefun with girl gamers and free sessionson clean beauty, fit-tech and wellness.For the full program of events go Ave, ChatswoodVivid Sydney at Barangaroo is a feast forthe senses where Exchange Placebecomes a wondrous Winter Camp.In Thursday–Sunday eveningperformances, meet the six-metre tallMarri Dyin (until 9pm) who honours thespirit of First Nations women.Luna ParkTiger Cubs – Artist impression by Ample Projectsluna parkTARONGA ZOOfine-dining experience at Altum whereyou can enjoy views across the water tothe lights on Sydney Harbour Bridge, theSydney Opera House and Circular Quay.1 Olympic Dr, Milsons PointFree entry, rides passes availablefor purchaseOpen until 11pm Fridays and Saturdays.*Proudly owned, managed and produced byExchange Place and Wulugul Walk,Barangaroo. Next to BarangarooWharf and only minutes fromWynyard station via Wynyard Walk24 MAY – 15 JUNE wednesday-sunday* 5:30pm – 9:30pm24 MAY – 15 JUNE 6pm – 10pm*Ever-grinning Luna Park dazzles afterdark. Get airborne in the new familythriller Volaré. Admire the views from thelight-laced Ferris Wheel. Once adrenalinefuels your appetite, Luna Park has foodieoptions to satisfy all palates and budgets.Head to the street stalls or savour aEnjoy light-inspired fare at all pricepoints from over 40 restaurants, barsand cafes.You’re in for a wild night at Vivid Taronga.Meet a star-spangled Asian Elephant, aradiant Sumatran Tiger, the iridescentMarine Turtle and a cast of technicolourcreatures – that glow and move. Openingfrom 5:30pm, Lights for the Wild is idealfor families, children and all animal lovers.Bradleys Head Rd, MosmanSession Times: 5.30pm and 7.30pm(start times only, approx. 2 hour experience)*Closed Mondays and Tuesdays (excl 10 June)Ticket prices (AUD): Adult 26.95,Child (4-15 yrs) 19.95, Under 4 free. transaction fee of 3.95, credit cardsurcharge of 1.95% and 10% GSTTaronga Zoo is not for profit. All ticket proceeds go directly back to work in conservation and wildlife care. Last entry is 8:30pm.Vivid Sydney Partners

Vivid musicto book tickets and for more information go to vividsydney.comMaggie RogersUnderworldvivid live at the sydney opera houseMAGGIE ROGERSUNDERWORLDRising American avant-pop star Maggie Rogersbrings her singular fusion of melodic folk andpercussive beats to the Sydney Opera HouseConcert Hall, showcasing her acclaimed work andincredible new record, Heard It In A Past Life, with afull band for her very first Vivid LIVE performance.British electronic titans Underworld morph the majesticConcert Hall into a rave cathedral when they return forexclusive Vivid LIVE shows. Expect equal parts danceparty and spiritual communion when Karl Hyde andRick Smith unleash their signature drone of visceralbeats, seismic synths and stream of consciousnessurban hymns across four euphoric nights.Flush from the success of her recent major labeldebut, with its sparkling electro-folk grooves,Give a Little, Light On and Fallingwater, Rogersreturns to Australia for the first time since wowingaudiences at Splendour in the Grass in 2017.Wednesday 29 May, 8pmSydney Opera HouseUnderworld’s acclaimed, dancefloor-filling albumsdubnobasswithmyheadman, Second Toughest in the Infants,and Beaucoup Fish remain timeless alongside Born SlippyNUXX – the anthem that defined the Trainspottinggeneration. The duo continue to shapeshift sonicboundaries in the studio and on stage that exalt themhigh above the altar of dance music.31 May – 3 June, 8pmSydney Opera HouseVIVID LIVE AT THE SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE HAS AN UNMISSABLE LINE-UP, INCLUDING THE CURE AND HERBIE HANCOCKCurve Ball 2018vivid x celerateCARRIAGEWORKSFKA TWIGSCURVE BALLInternationally acclaimed songwriter, director anddancer, FKA twigs will perform a one-night onlyshow at Carriageworks for Vivid Sydney 2019.FKA twigs gives her all on-stage with performancesrevered as ‘iconic and hypnotic’. “FKA twigs isreinventing what it means to be a pop star,combining music, dance, and video into an excitingavant-garde vision.” (Complex). Drawing on variousgenre-bending works, including electronic music,punk and R&B, her avant-garde debut studio albumLPI was released to critical acclaim. Experience“the most adventurous popstar working today”(The Guardian) in this Sydney exclusive.The warehouse party of the year, Curve Ball returns toCarriageworks as part of Vivid Sydney for its fourth year,transforming the multi-arts precinct into an immersivesonic and visual extravaganza complete with superscaleart installations.Sunday 9 June, 8pmCarriageworksFKA twigs/vividsydneyCurated by Fuzzy Events, Curve Ball features stellarlive electronic acts fronted by Hayden James who’ll bejoined by Mallrat, Touch Sensitive and Set Mo. Expect awho’s who of rising stars from the dance scene once thefull line-up is announced. As our friends at ConcretePlayground wisely advise “best to start stretching nowand break in your dancing shoes”!Saturday 8 June, 2pmCarriageworks2019 marks Vivid X Celerate’s third big year. The partnershipbetween the City of Sydney and Destination NSW supportsthe ongoing growth of Sydney’s thriving music scene.X Celerate energises venues and promotes local live music,whilst being outward looking and inclusive.Tap into ‘green-shoot’ talent and feel the buzz around futurestars as you explore the 23 inner-city live music venuesshowcasing emerging bands, musos and sound shapersacross every imaginable genre. Check out the line-ups at107 Projects, Camelot Lounge, Claire’s Kitchen at Le Salon,Frankie’s Pizza, Freda’s, Golden Age Cinema, HarpoonHarry’s, Hollywood Hotel, Home The Venue, Kings CrossHotel, Leadbelly, Oxford Art Factory, Potts Point Hotel,Purple Sneakers, St Stephen’s Church, Staves Brewery, TheDock, The Dolphin Hotel, The Imperial, The Lansdowne, TheSoda Factory, Venue 505 and Ziggy’s Barber Shop. There’ssomething fresh and dynamic for everyone.Curve Ball com7

Vivid ideasVivid Ideas brings together leading thinkers, creators and innovators to share their insights across tech, design,entertainment and culture. Join us as we explore the meaning of love, loneliness and belonging in our fast-paced,ever-connected lives. Come up with new ways of thinking and maybe even try a new way of book tickets and for more information go to vividsydney.comGame Changer: esther perelMODERN LOVE IN THE DIGITAL AGERelationships are going through a complexcultural shift. Expectations on intimatepartnerships are at an all-time high, while ourtools for connection are quickly shifting withthe digital age.Renowned psychotherapist Esther Perel isone of the world’s most listened to andrespected authorities on modern love andresolving conflict. Esther’s ground-breakingpodcast Where Should We Begin?, allowsaudiences to tune in to recordings of couplesin counselling, an act of intimacy and generositythat has earned her innumerable fans aroundthe globe. Her books Mating in Captivity:Unlocking Erotic Intelligence and The State ofAffairs: Rethinking Infidelity are New York Timesbest sellers and her TED talks have garneredover 25 million views.In 35 years counselling couples and families,Esther has discovered that the quality of ourrelationships determines the quality of our lives.With the macro lens of an anthropologist andmicro antennae of a therapist, she is perfectlyattuned to the impacts that technology ishaving on human behaviour.Join Esther on her first visit to Australia toinvestigate love, lust, our desire for connectionand delicate matters of the heart through herunique lens. In this Vivid Ideas exclusive, shecharts the tricky territories of infidelity, onlinedating, screen addictions and social mediaoveruse as well as the challenge of simplybeing present.After her keynote, Esther will be in conversationexploring ways we can all improve ourinteractions, connections, understanding andempathy. And yes, there’ll be plenty of time foryour burning questions.Sunday 2 June, 4pmGame Changer: Esther PerelGame Changer: spike leeON FILMS, POLITICS AND RACEHow well do you know Spike Lee? You know his films.From She’s Gotta Have It (1986 and the 2017 NetflixOriginal TV series), Do the Right Thing (1989) and JungleFever (1991) to Malcolm X (1992) and Inside Man (2006),the African-American director and producer quicklyestablished himself as a trailblazer of contemporarycinema and continues to cross cultural divides with eachproject. Spike’s 2018 hit BlacKkKlansman – the almostunbelievable true story of a black police detectiveinfiltrating the Ku Klux Klan – achieved both critical andpopular acclaim. This journey into “White America’sheart of darkness” (New York Times) won the Grand Prixdu Jury at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival and BestAdapted Screenplay at the 2019 ACADEMY AWARDS .Spanning a 40 year career, Spike’s films are a potentcocktail of racial tension, urban violence and controversysparked with comedy. As an oeuvre, they make as muchof a contribution to politics as to pop culture.Vivid Ideas at Town HallProudly owned, managed and produced byFew directors are in possession of such daringcross-over into the mainstream. Fewer still attaincult status.In this Vivid Ideas exclusive, which also marks hisfirst time in Australia, Spike Lee reveals his celebratedbody of work and personal views in conversation withRhoda Roberts AO, one of Australia’s leading arts andfestival producers, TV and radio journalist, andcurrently the Head of Indigenous Programming at theSydney Opera House. With his trademark wickedhumour, hear Spike talk candidly and with authorityabout issues of race in the media and Hollywood. Mostof all, imagine what you can do with his insights onfilm-making that takes the message far beyond thescreen into popular consciousness.Saturday 1 June, 6pmSydney Town HallGame Changer: Spike LeeVivid Sydney PartnersCity Recital Hall

Semi Permanent 2019 Sydney LaunchVivid Art After Hoursbe inspiredvivid art after hoursIf you want to be inspired and learn somethingnew, join one of the many workshops, industryforums and business talks on offer.Vivid Art After Hours brings you free music, talks and artexperiences over three Wednesday nights at the ArtGallery of NSW. We have invited some of Australia’sbrightest creative sparks to share their journeys onfinding belonging and meaning in a fractured anddistracting world. On the agenda: innerlife and concepts of spirituality, nationalism and identity,and neurodiversity.Dose up on design inspiration at Semi Permanentand Future Forward sessions, hear from businessleaders at the World Business Forum and get a bigscreen fix at Freshflixs and Sydney Film Festival.Raise up your antennae for new knowledgeat many more in-depth talks and exclusivesessions at the Vivid Ideas Exchange andvenues across the city.Whether you are interested in storytelling,podcasting, design and technology, health andwellness, fashion, design, music and art – thereis a session for you. Finally, if you want to learntools to be a change agent – join our Citizens ofthe World workshops and panel.Visit for event dates and timesWednesday 29 May: Spirituality and Inner LifeComedian, author, radio and TV personalityMeshel Laurie confesses to being a bad Buddhist. Shetalks about finding the energy to keep improving amidstthe mad juggle of modern life. Andrew Bukenyapresents Do the Spike Thing, a musical journey throughthe soundtracks of all your favourite Spike Lee ‘joints’.Wednesday 5 June: ‘Other’ VoicesRapper, poet and author Omar Musa and artistAbdul Abdullah speak out about being young, male andMuslim. Hear how self-expression and story-telling hasgiven each a powerful ‘voice’ to explore issues of identityand nationalism. On the back of her debut EP The Wave,OKENYO takes a sonic deep dive into the humancondition recognising our eternal journey of change.Wednesday 12 June: You Can’t Ask ThatABC TV’s hit show You Can’t Ask That asks groups ofmisunderstood, judged or marginalised Australians theawkward, inappropriate or uncomfortable questionsyou’ve always wanted to know the answers to, butalways been too afraid to ask. Join the producersKirk Docker and Aaron Smith as they share theirbehind-the-scenes stories and hear from some ofthe show’s participants about creating connectionsand community.Afterwards the Jonathan Zwartz Lunar Module presentsAn Astronaut’s Playlist celebrating the music of spacetravellers as imagined by the Apollo 11 astronauts50 years ago.Topical talks and live music are just part of theentertainment each evening. Stay for mindfulnessworkshops, painting activities and artist-led floor talks.Vivid Art After Hours events are free and everyone iswelcome. While you’re there, catch the Archibald, Wynneand Sulman Prize exhibitions too (admission prices apply).Wednesday 29 May, 5 June & 12 June, 6:30pmArt Gallery of NSWnew horizons seriesTune in to signals from the future. In this series,we chart the megatrends and micro-forcesshaping society, technology and innovation. Meetthe experts using their genius and creativity totackle global and local issues in a bid to maketomorrow brighter.This year we are staging our inaugural Vivid Schoolfor High School students in Years 9-12. Students andtheir teachers will meet the professionals behindSydney’s iconic building projections and Light Walkinstallations and hear from the artists, designers andtechnicians, who will share the stories of their careerpaths and how they harnessed opportunities to buildtheir skills for future projects and employment.Vivid School assists students to learn more about thecreative processes involved in imagining, designingand delivering light based artworks for this hugeglobal event.Creator of the wildly popular podcast The Future ofSex Bryony Cole invites us to explore the frontiersof sextech, a burgeoning 30 billion industrygrowing at 30% per year.Award-winning journalist, broadcaster and techgeek turned documentary filmmaker Marc Fennellinvestigates the business of mating, dating andloneliness with Dying for Company: Sex in Japan.Eileen Ormsby shines a light into The DarkestWeb. She shares chilling insights on how thisblack marketplace is evolving and looks atwhat authorities are doing to combat onlineillegal activity.Register your interest atvividsy

vivid light vivid music vivid ideas Vivid Light illuminates Sydney’s skyline with Lights On! from 6pm each evening. As the Lighting of the Sails unfurls across the architectural wonder of the Sydney Opera House, weave your way along the Light Walk around the harbour front and the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, and venture to Barangaroo, Darling Harbour, Luna Park Sydney, Chatswood and

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Lesson 2: Vivid Verbs, Activity 1 Student Pages 11-13 Lesson 2: Vivid Verbs, Activity 2 Example 14 Lesson 2: Vivid Verbs, Activity 2 Teacher’s Instructions & Notes 15 Lesson 2: Vivid Verbs, Activity 2 Student Pages 16-17 Lesson 2: Vivid Verbs, Activity 3 Example 18 Lesson 2: Vivid Verbs, Activity 3 Teacher’s Instructions & Notes 19-20

Vivid i / Vivid q Reference Manual 1 5407782-100 Rev. 02 Introduction The Vivid i / Vivid q ultrasound unit is a compact, high performance portable digital ultrasound imaging system. The system provides image generation in 2D (B Mode), Color Flow Mapping (CFM), Power Doppler (Angio), M-Mode,

Pupils will learn the use of vivid verbs in writing (1) Watch a video and learn about vivid verbs (2) Listen to a story and list down the verbs (3) Activity 1 (Vivid Verbs Sort) (4) Activity 2 (Complete a story by replacing the verbs with vivid verbs) SLS 21 May HBL P5 EL - Use of Vivid Verbs in Writing 30 -

Customers won’t need a timetable when Sydney Metro opens – they’ll just turn up and go. Stage 2: Sydney Metro City & Southwest From Sydney’s booming North West region, a new 30-kilometre metro line will extend metro rail from the end of Sydney Metro Northwest at Chatswood under Sydney Harbour, through

in regional hospitals in central-western NSW, far-western NSW and on the state's north coast. The University has strong partnerships with both public and private sector health services. In 2015, the University joined with Sydney, Northern Sydney and Western Sydney Local Health Districts, the Sydney Children's Hospital Network (Westmead)

1 Sydney Opera House Sydney Opera House Bennelong Point, NSW , Sydney A multi-venue performing arts centre, Sydney Opera House's name is almost synonymous to its city. It will not be wrong to call this as the busiest performing arts centre as it gives a stage to around 1500 performances each year. It provides a venue for majorly four resident .

from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer MARK TWAIN In this famous selection from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1876), written by Mark Twain (born Samuel Langhorne Clemens, 1835–1910), Tom, burdened with the chore to whitewash his Aunt Polly’s fence as punishment for his having played hooky from school, comes up with an ingenious way to get out of his work: He convinces his friends that it’s .