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INTRODUCTIONThank you for taking the time to read about ASAAlloys. We hope this Reference Guide will help usbetter serve you. This guide outlines products,grades, shapes, weights and standard lengths.LOYSASA Alloys has enjoyed over 30 years of growth- growth which can only be obtained by offeringQuality- Service Product Delivery Sales RepresentativesALMISSION STATEMENTWe the employees of ASA Alloys are committed toquality and excellence in everything we do.ASAOur first responsibility is to the people who purchaseand use our products and services. We are dedicated to providing them with superior quality, service andvalue, striving to exceed our customers expectationsin a manner which promotes their respect and loyalty.Quality, as defined by our customers, is our primaryobjective. Continuous quality improvement principleswill be employed to enhance this objective.1

2SOURCINGYSIf you are currently purchasing hard to find alloys,sizes or shapes that are not listed in our ReferenceGuide let our experienced Customer Sales ForceGroup locate your requirements with our extensivesourcing knowledge.SERVICES Stock items delivered the next day.LO Material cut to your tolerance and to meet yourdelivery requirements. Automatic saw cutting up to 23” bar.AL Polishing (180 grit or #4)ASA Centreless grinding to your specifications.

3STAINLESS STEEL BAR SIZES AND WEIGHT s RoundsStainless FlatsStainless SquaresStainless HexagonsStainless AnglesStainless ChannelsStainless BeamsRound Tubing - Standard SizeSquare and Rectangular Tubing - Standard SizeRound Tubing - Size TolerancesSquare and Rectangular Tubing - Size TolerancesTolerance GuidelinesStainless Welded Pipe and Seamless PipeStainless Steel SheetsStainless Steel CoilsStainless Steel PlatesStainless Diamond Floor PlatesStainless Steel Perforated MetalStandard Stainless Steel Expanded MetalFlattened Stainless Steel Expanded Metal300 Series - Selection of Stainless Steel ConsideringPhysical and Mechanical Properties400 Series - Selection of Stainless Steel ConsideringPhysical and Mechanical Properties2022ALSTAINLESS STEEL ALLOY GENERAL INFORMATIONASA303MX304, 304L316, 316L317, 317L321347, 348403, 410416, 416MX, 416MF, 416MH, 4MX420430, 430F431440 CNitronic 50Nitronic 60245 SMORA 2205AL-6XNALLOY 2017-4 PH15-5 PHE-BRITE T RESISTANT ALLOYS GENERAL INFORMATION309310330333RA 85HHR120ALLOY 44651525354555658

INDEX4596061626364NICKEL ALLOYS GENERAL 73757677LOAQUATECH BOAT SHAFTINGAQUATECH 17AQUATECH 19AQUATECH 22 &22 HSYSAEROSPACE4340 V300M/4340 Mod13-8MO15-5BERYLLIUM COPPER C-172C63000 NICKLE ALUMINUM BRONZEALDATAStainless Steel Pipe Specifications to ASTMStainless Steel Sheet and Plate to ASTMStainless Steel Bar Material SpecificationsHardness Conversion TableFractional Inches Converted to Decimal InchesWorkability CharacteristicsStainless Steel FinishesCorrosion 111112112113114115116ALUMINUM FOR TRANSPORTATION117ALUMINUM FOR SIGN MANUFACTURING121ALUMINUM TECHNICAL DATAAlloy Designation SystemTemper Designation SystemChemical Composition LimitsSheet, Plate & Coil Mechanical PropertiesSheet, Plate & Coil Conversion Properties123124126127130ASAALUMINUM GENERAL INFORMATIONAluminum Sheet & CoilAluminum SheetAluminum PlateAluminum Round BarAluminum Square BarAluminum Flat BarAluminum AngleAluminum Structural ChannelAluminum Safety Grip ChannelAluminum Structural TeeAluminum Structural I BeamAluminum Round TubeAluminum Square TubeAluminum Rectangular TubeAluminum Pipe

5STAINLESS ROUNDSTYPES: 303, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 17-4 PH, 416, 410, 431420, 431 Annealed & centreless ground, peeled or smooth turned. Available in a wide selection of lengths and grades. 316/316L Available in pump shaft quality.Sizes in 21314161820ASEst. Wt.per 63/413/167/815/16Est. Wt.per LbsALSizeinInchesThreaded bars, threaded right or left hand to any desired lengthare available on order.

STAINLESS FLATSTYPES: 304, 304L, 316, 316L Stock Lengths: 10’ to 20’ Available in a wide selection of lengths and grades.Sizes in 341/23/4111/411/213/4221/2331/2456x 1x 1/25/8AL1/SizeinInchesx 11/2221/23463x/4111/411/213/4221/2331/2456x x221/234x2x 21/234Est. Wt.per 020.4027.20YSEst. Wt.per LbsLOSizeinInchesAS63/4111/411/213/42Other sizes not shown can be produced quickly.Longer lengths on inquiry.

7STAINLESS SQUARESTYPES: 303, 304, 316L Annealed & Cold Drawn, Hot Rolled, Annealed & Pickled. Available in a wide selection of lengths and grades.Sizes in StockSizeinInchesEst. Wt.per 63/87/161/29/165/83/47/8Est. Wt.per LbsLOSizeinInchesSTAINLESS HEXAGONSALTYPES: 303, 304, 304L, 316L Available in a wide selection of lengths and grades.Sizes in StockEst. Wt.per LbsSizeinInchesEst. Wt.per 11/323/87/161/29/165/811/163/413/167/815/16111/16

STAINLESS ANGLESTYPES: 304, 304L, 316, 316L Hot Rolled, Annealed & Pickled Stock Length 20’ Available in a wide selection of lengths.Sizes in StockEst. Wt.per LO1xxAL3/43x31/24xAAS85xxxSTAINLESS CHANNELSTYPES: 304, 304L, 316, 316L Stock Lengths: 20 to 24 Ft. randomA233SizeinInchesBx 1 xx 13/8x 11/2Sizes in StockEst. Wt.per LbsC1/43/161/42.604.194.75A456SizeinInchesBCxxxx 1.9.34313/417/81/43/8Est. Wt.per Lbs6.6910.438.32

9STAINLESS BEAMSTYPE: 304 Stock Lengths: 20 to 24 Ft. random.Sizes in StockB3 x 23/8 x4 x 23/4 xCAC5 x 3 x .3266 x 3.33 x .3266.608.441/41/4BEst. Wt.per Lbs11.4914.90YSAEst. Wt.per LbsROUND TUBING STANDARD SIZE (WEIGHT/FT)TYPES: 304, 316 Available in Mechanical and Ornamental 21.16971.47771.91032.0692.53222.7296OUTSIDE 09.1487.1805.2205.06341/ GEWALL 7.343641/23.07883.9525.11175.6666.878910.0563 11.34753.42594.35865.69376.25427.66939.2660 11.2311 12.683417/823/827/858.8813 10.0125Mill Finish or Polished to 180 Grit or 600 Grit.Other grades available by special order, i.e.: 409, 309, 310, etc.

SQUARE AND RECTANGULAR TUBINGSTANDARD SIZETYPES: 304, 316GAUGEWALL 013.56013.56016.25319.2351/ 3/4221/421/2331/245678XXXXXXXXXXXXXX8GAUGEWALL THICKNESS.5186.578320.03518.04916.0621/8X132X /41/ X121/ X11/241/ X11/221/ X223/ X143/ X11/443/ X11/423/ X247/ 2.04202.38462.15252.5945A1/1X21X311 /4X13/411 X42X52X63X43X63X74X64X85X76X86X101/ .74733.00423.99529.09429.09434.19339.293ALOUTSIDE DIMENSION3.32144.01664.4555 6.00715.06745.67946.9034 8.95328.127 11.34759.270 12.6843 14.62011.550 15.070 20.23413.560 18.199 24.49116.253 23.129 28.74719.235 26.529 33.004LO1/YSOUTSIDE 166.390Mill Finish or Polished to 180 Grit or 600 Grit.

11ROUND TUBING SIZE TOLERANCESO.D. INCHESWALL THICKNESSto 1” INCL.OVER1” to 11/2” INCL.OVER11/2” to 2” INCL.OVEROVER2” to 21/2” INCL.21/2” to 31/2” INCL.31/2” to 5” INCL.O.D. 020.025.025 to .065.065 to .120.025 to .065.065 to .120.025 to .049.049 to .083.083 to .148.0351 to .065.065 to .109.109 to .165.065 to .165.165 to .220.063 to .165.165 to .220OVEROVEROVEROVERYS1/2”SQUARE & RECTANGULAR TUBINGSIZE TOLERANCES OUTSIDE DIAMETER /- INCH.015.02011/4”toINCL.11/4” to 21/2” INCL.21/2” to 51/2” INCL.LO1/2”TOLERANCE GUIDELINESALManufacturing tolerances may be specified to conform to ASTM-A 500 specification. Unlessotherwise specified, all manufacturing tolerances will be suitable for standard structuralapplications.Twist (T)Chemical and Mechanical PropertiesMaximum twist.Chemical and mechanical properties of tubingSpecified Dimensions of Longest Side, inch’s.shall conform to the properties of the startingmaterial specification.Corner Radius (R)The outside corner radius of a rectangular orsquare section is generally 2 x’s the materialthickness (t) Maximum tolerance 3t.AWall Thickness (t)The wall thickness at any point shall not exceed /-121/2% of the nominal wall.ASSquareness of Sides (x )Adjacent sides may deviate from 90 by a tolerance of /- 2 maximum.LengthsCutting ToleranceExact CutCut to size 1/4, -0”Min. R/LCut to min. size 6” (est.), 0”Random Lengths 15’ - 24’, standard lengths20’over 21/2” to over 4” to6” incl.4” incl.087.075over 6” to8” incl.100over 8.112Straightness (C)The commercial tolerance for straightness is1/8” times the total number of feet of totallength divided by 5.125 xtotal length5PolishingPolishing is an abrading operation employed forthe removal of grinding lines, scratches, pits,tool marks and other surface defects thatadversely affect the appearance of a tube.On Square and rectangular tubing, polishing isdone in a longitudinal direction. Tube cornersare not polished. Polished grit finishes available are P180 &P240.

STAINLESS WELDED PIPE & SEAMLESS PIPETYPES: 304, 316, 309, 310, 330Stock lengths 20 to 24 ft. randoms.Sizes in StockWeightper 0.690.8801.1201.2901.6203.0603.510YSSchedule 51/23/4Schedule 19010.89014.75019.15028.82040.86050.030Schedule 40

STAINLESS WELDED PIPE & SEAMLESS PIPETYPES: 304, 304L, 316, 316LSizes in StockWeightper knessSchedule 80ASASA Alloys also stock a wide range ofscrewed and butt weld fittings. Unions Couplings Nipples Tees Elbows 39064.33088.510106.100136.500AL1/81/43/81/23/413

STAINLESS STEEL SHEETSTYPES: 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 309, 310Other grades available upon request.2B, #4 and XL blends finishes.Sizes in 51Est. Wt.per Sq. Lbs.5.905Est. Wt.per Sq. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxA10ga x 3636484848606011ga x 3636484848606012ga x 3636484848606014ga x 3636484848606016ga x 3636484848606018ga x 3636484848606020 ga x 363648484822ga x 363648484824ga x 3636484848Weight perPiece5.25LOGauge andSizes in 100.014601.580.010951.313.009111.050.00731

15STAINLESS STEEL COILSTYPE: 304, 304L, 316, 316LFinish: 304 - 2B and #4 Polish One Side.316 - 2BSizes in 375.0312.025Width 36,Est. Wt.per Sq. 252.1001.5801.3131.050YSThickness ininchesLOGauge

STAINLESS STEEL PLATESTYPES: 304L, 304H, 316L, 317L, 2205, 321, 309, 310, 254, 904LOther grades available upon request.Hot Rolled, Annealed and Pickled.Sizes in StockAEst. Wt.per Sq. 11 1/81 1/41 1/21 3/422 1/42 1/22 3/43Est. Wt.per Sq. Lbs.LOThicknessAS16

STAINLESS DIAMOND FLOOR PLATESTYPE: 304Hot Rolled, Annealed and Pickled.Sizes in StockEst. Wt.per Sq. Lbs.Thickness andSizes in NLESS STEEL PERFORATED METALSizes in StockOn GAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAWidth x Length36 x 9636 x 9636 x 9636 x 9636 x 9636 x 9636 x 9636 x 9636 x 9636 x 9636 x 9648 x 120The pattern sizes shown are available for immediate delivery.17

1/2" #133/4" #163/4" #133/4" #9(10)1'1/2" #161'1/2" #131'1/2"- .9231938448&104184486284481.331378448&101.33Strand Size hThickness(Inches)%0.9370.080.0370.164704x8LO1/2" .1252.50.1550.140.28774x8AL1/2" #18Opening Size (Inches)S.FA1/2" #20Design Size (Inches)ASStyleStandard Sheet SizeYSLbs.per 10018STANDARD STAINLESS STEEL EXPANDED METALAbove material conforms to military specification M1L-S-46044A (MR) Type 2

Lbs.Standard Sheet SizeSWDLWDDesign Size(Inches)SWDLWDOpening Size (Inches)SWOLWOStyleper 100S.F1/2" 448&100.51.265784480.9232.10.7548&101/2" 750.120.070.07754x83/4" 614x81'1/2" .150.9372.6250.1650.1190.119754x81'1/2" #13F1'1/2"- #9(10)FAbove material conforms to military specification M1L-S-46044A (MR) Type 2Stainless Steel Styles also available in -3/16 -5/16 -5/8 -1MESHES - Styles stocked in type 304 normally.198684A3/4" #13FOpenAS3/4" #16F1OverallThickness(Inches)Strand Size (Inches)WidthThicknessLO1/2" #16F0.312AL1/2" #18FYSFLATTENED STAINLESS STEEL EXPANDED METAL

20300 SERIES - SELECTION OF STAINLESS STEELConsidering Physical and Mechanical PropertiesATLAS/AISI TYPEAnalysis - 50.080.03022. isSulphur15 Min0.030maximumSilicon11.01.0except whereChromium17-1918-2018-20range orNickel8-108-10.58-12minimum isOtherpsi(0.2% offset)MPaUltimate StrengthpsiElongation % in 2' ' (100 shownImpact Charpy5555160149149Rockwell Strength-1%50Brinell BHNat 1000 Fflow in 10,000 1000 F (540 C)MPa at 540 CAModulus of Elasticity in psitensionMPaElectricalASPropertiesElectrical ResistivityMicrohm - Cm at 68 F(20 C)(Annealed):HeatResistance:Magnetic Permeability at200HMaximum OperatingTemperatureIntermittent ServiceContinuous Service F C760871871 F160017001700 C871926926ThermalExpansion(In./In./ F x 10- 6)32 -212 F9.69.69.6Expansion:(cm/cm/ C x 10- 6)0 -100 C17.317.317.332 -1200 F10.410.410.40 -650 C18.718.718.7ConductivityThermal(B.T.U./ft.²/hr./ F/ft.)at 212 F9.49.49.4Conductivity:(J/m/S/ C/m)at 100 C16.316.316.3at 932 F12.412.412.4at 500 C21.521.521.5

21300 SERIES - SELECTION OF STAINLESS STEELConsidering Physical and Mechanical 210-1410-1411-1511-159-1234-379-13---Mo 2-3Mo 2-3Mo 3-4Mo 3-4Ti 5xC 400011029.0x10 62.0x10511029.0x10 62.0x10512129.0x10 62.0x10512129.0x10 06110638.38.314.914.910. 61.9x10516928.0x10 61.9x10516528.0x10 251822400018000-19300516528.0x10 61.9x10512428.0x10 61.9x10528.0x10 61.9x10513328.0x10 61.9x10 718.718.721.521.521.521.522.220.122.2ASA18.28.0

22400 Series - Selection of Stainless SteelConsidering Physical and Mechanical PropertiesAtlas/Aisi TypeCarbon403409410416* - %Manganese1.0 lue isSulphur0.0300.0300.0300.15 Max*maximumSilicon0. whereChromium11.5-1310.5-11.7511.5-13.512-14range orNickel--minium isOther-Ti-shown.6 x C Min-psi(0.2% offset)MpaUltimate StrengthpsiMPaElongation% in2" (100 0070000105000††517448483724††35Brinell BHNRockwell BImpact CharpyCreep Strength-1%flow in 10,000 611021J16521165281200010500120009000psiat 1000 FALat 1000 F (540 YS0.75 maxYield StrengthMoModlus of 106in 400MPa at 540 CElectrical Resistivity-Microhm-Cmat 68 F (20 C)Magnetic PermeabilityAElectricalProperties(Annealed):at 200HMaximum OperatingASTemperatureHeat Resistance: Intermittent ServicesContinuous SeviceThermalExpansion: F150014751500 C815774815760 F1300140013001250 C7047607046775.5Expansion(in./in./ Fx10-6)32 -212 F5.56.55.5(cm/cm/ Cx10-6)0 -100 C9.911.79.99.932 -1200 F6. -650 T.U./ft./hr/ F/ft)at 212 F14.414.414.414.4(J/m'/S/ C/m)at 100 C24.924.924.924.9at 932 F16.616.616.616.6at 500 0†ATLAS/AISI TYPE*typical sulphur analysis† or as requiredtypical cold finishedproperties for optimummachinability

23400 Series - Selection of Stainless SteelConsidering Physical and Mechanical Properties420430 & 430F431440C445S15500S174000.15 500.15 00001103110314201515153330330978235 Rc35 400Cb Ta 2.5-223AL25192CuLO34595000Cb 6


25303 MX (UNS S30300)Heat Treatment: Annealing - heat to 1850-2050 F.Cool rapidly. These grades cannot be hardened bythermal treatment.This grade represents the optimum in machinabilityamong the 300 Series stainless steels. It is primarilyused when parts production involves extensivemachining in automatic screw machines. Thesulphur addition which is responsible for theimproved machining and galling characteristics ofType 303 MX marginally lowers its corrosionresistance properties to slightly below that of Type304.Welding: Not generally recommended but, ifunavoidable, use Type 308, 310 or 312 electrodes.Welds must be annealed for maximum corrosionresistance.Typical applications:Nuts and bolts.Bushings.Shafts.Aircraft fittings.Highway sign studs.Electrical switchgear components.Gears.Fluid handling fittings.Thermocouple fittings.Machinability Rating (B1212) 78%YSCorrosion Resistance: Excellent resistance tomildly corrosive atmospheres slightly less thanType 304 due to sulphur addition.A.I.S.IAnalysisALLOHeat Resistance: Good oxidation resistance inintermittent service to 1600 F.Continuous use in 800-1575 F range notrecommended but often performs well intemperatures fluctuating above and below this 0maxSSiCrNi.15 Min1.0max17.0 to19.08.0 to10.0.06max1.0max17.0 to19.08.0 to10.0Se.15 MinHardnessUltimateStrengthpsiElongation% in 2' iesCreep Strength 1%Flow in 10,000 hrs. at1000 F psiImpactCharpyft.-lbs.Modulus of Elasticity in Tension- psi9228.0 x 106MagneticPermeability at 200H-AnnealedElectricalResistivityMicrohmCm at68 FCoefficient ofThermal Expansion(In/In/ F x 106) 32 212 F1.02729.6ThermalConductivity BTUFt.²/Hr./ F/Ft.at212 Fat932 F9.412.4

26304, 304L (UNS S30400, UNS S30403This is the most versatile, and one of the mostwidely applied of the 300 Series stainless steels.It has excellent forming and weldingcharacteristics. The carefully controlled analysisof Type 304 enables it to be deep drawn moreseverely than Types 301 and 302 without intermediate heat softening . a characteristic thathas made this grade dominant in themanufacture of drawn stainless parts such assinks, and saucepans. It is readily brake or rollformed into a variety of other parts for applicationin the industrial, architectural, and transportationfields.Heat Resistance: Good oxidation resistance inintermittent service to 1600 F and In continuousservice to 1700 F. Continuous use of 304 in 8001575 F range not recommended but oftenperforms well in temperatures fluctuating aboveand below this range. Type 304L is more resistantto carbide precipitation and can be used in theabove temperature range.Heat Treatment: Annealing - heat to1850-2050 F and cool rapidly. These gradescannot be hardened by thermal treatment.YSWelding: Excellent. All standard methods. Usetype 308 rods or electrodes. Heavy weldedsections in Type 304 may require post-weldannealing for maximum corrosion resistance.This is not required if Type 304L is used.Type 304 also has outstanding weldingcharacteristics. Post-weld annealing is not required to restore the excellent performance of thisgrade in a wide range of mildly corrosiveconditions.Typical Applications:The list of applications for this general purposegrade is very extensive and includes:Beer barrelsBulk milk coolersFood processing equipment Fire extinguisherpartsWine storage tanksTube skelpChemical containersHeat exchangersWinding wireLOType 304L does not require post-weld annealingand finds extensive use in heavy gauge components, where freedom from carbide weldprecipitation is often required.AALCorrosion Resistance: Excellent . exceedingthat of Type 302 in a wide variety of corrosivemedia including hot petroleum products, steamcombustion gasses.MnPSsiCrNi2.0max.045max.030max1.0max18.0 to20.08.0 to10.5304L.030max2.0max.045max.030max1.0max18.0 to20.08.0 to12.0YeildStrength.2% offsetpsiUltimateStrengthpsiElongation% in 2' eep Strength 1% Flowin 10,000 hrs. at 1000 FpsiMagneticPermeabilityat 200 HAnnealedElectricalResistivityMicrohmCm at68 FCoefficient OfThermalExpansion(In/In F x106)32 -212 F17,3001.02729.6ASA.I.S.I ledOtherPropertiesHardnessModulus OfElasticity inTension - psi28.0 x 106ThermalConductivityBTU/Ft.²/Hr./ F/Ft.at212 Fat932 F9.412.4

Type 316L with its .03 maximum carbon contentis used in applications where it is not possible toanneal after welding and where maximum corrosion resistance is requiredWelding: Good characteristics suited to all standardmethods. Use Type 316Cb, 316L or 309Cb tiller rodsor electrodes depending on application. Weldedse

Aluminum Sheet Aluminum Plate Aluminum Round Bar Aluminum Square Bar Aluminum Flat Bar Aluminum Angle Aluminum Structural Channel Aluminum Safety Grip Channel . peeled or smooth turned. Available in a wide selection of lengths and grades. 316/316LAvailable in pump shaft quality. Size

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