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Transcription GUIDEAutomotive & Truck TechnologyOutcomes-focused SolutionsWe offer innovative technologies and authoritative content for yourupcoming courses. Our solutions are designed around learningoutcomes that empower, engage, and help your learners achieve successin the classroom and in their chosen careers.EXPLORE THEDigital DifferenceChoose the digital resources that fit your course needsAutomotive Service Job Sheetsfor NATEF Task MasteryMindTap from Cengage Learning represents a newapproach to a highly personalized, online learningexperience. A fully online solution, MindTap combinesall of a user’s learning tools—readings, multimedia,activities and assessments—into a singular LearningPath that guides the user through the curriculum.Educators personalize the experience by customizingthe presentation of these learning tools to theirstudents, even seamlessly introducing their owncontent into the Learning Path.Cengage Learning’s CourseMate brings course conceptsto life with interactive learning, study, and exampreparation tools that support the embedded,interactive eBook. Instructors can also track studentengagement and performance.A rich-media learning experience that challengeslearners to master diagnostic and repair practicesin 62 realistic scenarios spanning all systems areas.Help your students master the skills they need tosucceed in industry, with nearly 200 hands-on lab andshop activities correlated to NATEF tasks. Job sheets areavailable both online as well as within the printed text.Diesel Engine VideosThe Online ASE Technician Test Preparation (TTP)Series offers three types of testing modes andremediation. TTP covers the automotive, medium/heavy duty truck, collision, and transit bus areas.ChiltonPRO is a cost-effective electronic repairinformation system combining all of Chilton’s famousrepair information into one easy-to-use tool.Engage your students with 57 new videos ontopics that cover both the theory and servicing onmodern diesel engines, fuel and engine managementsystems.With online access to Cengage Learning’sInstructor Resources that accompany many of ourbooks, preparing for class and evaluating students hasnever been easier!The Professional Technician Training Series offersonline or CD-ROM based training in system-specificautomotive and medium/heavy duty truck areas. Eachcourse contains video, animation, and interactivity.Basic Technician TrainingAutomotive Technology:A Systems Approach, 6eToday’s TechnicianTM: AutomotiveService & Systems, 5eAutomotive Maintenance andLight RepairErjavecHadfieldThompson 2015Casebound978-11336-12315 2015Paperbound978-12854-42297 2014Casebound978-11113-07417Contact your sales representative for review copies today. Visit us at to findyour sales representative or call us at 888-915-3276.

Basic Technician Training (Continued)Hybrid, Electric, andFuel-Cell Vehicles, 2eErjavec 2013Paperbound978-08400-23957Automotive ServiceJob Sheets for NATEFTask Mastery, 2eGuide to Diagnostic ProductCertification – TransportationHadfield 2012Paperbound978-14354-83798 2012Paperbound978-11111-37984Available January 2015Automotive Service: Inspection,Maintenance, Repair, 5eThe Car Care Book, 4eHaefnerGilles 2016Casebound978-13051-10595JanisinAll 8 AreasCengage Learning 934 2012Printed Access Card978-11336-01647Mathematics SkillsMath for theAutomotive Trade, 5ePeterson/deKryger 2012Paperbound978-11113-18239Practical Problemsin Math ematics forAutomotive Technicians, 7eBuilding Math Skills Onlinefor AutomotiveSformo 2015978-12854-46547Printed Access Card 2009Paperbound978-14283-35240Cengage LearningAutomotive SystemsBRAKESToday’s TechnicianTM AutomotiveBrake Systems, 6ePickerill 2015Paperbound978-12854-29700Brake SystemsCengage Learning 2011Printed Access Card978-11110-34801ELECTRICITY & ELECTRONICSToday’s TechnicianTM: AutomotiveElectricity & Electronics, 6eHollembeak 2015Paperbound978-12854-25719Automotive Electricity &Electronics, 2eSantini 2013Paperbound978-14283-99617Electricity & ElectronicsCengage Learning 2011Printed Access Card978-11110-34740Today’s TechnicianTM:Advanced AutomotiveElectronic SystemsHollembeak 2011Paperbound978-11110-38144Principles of Electricity& Electronics for theAutomotive Technician, 2eChapman 2010Paperbound978-14283-61218

Automotive Systems (Continued)ENGINE PERFORMANCEToday’s TechnicianTM:Automotive EnginePerformance, 6ePickerill 2014Paperbound978-11335-92891Engine PerformanceCengage Learning 2011Printed Access Card978-11110-34771Computerized EngineControls, 9eToday’s TechnicianTM:Advanced EnginePerformanceSchnubel 2006Paperbound978-14018-77873OBD II: Functions, Monitors andDiagnostic TechniquesHatchSantini 2012Paperbound978-11111-34907 2011Paperbound978-14283-90003HEATING & AIR CONDITIONINGToday’s TechnicianTM:Automotive Heating &Air Conditioning, 5eSchnubel 2013Paperbound978-11330-17455Heating/ACCengage Learning 2012Printed Access Card978-11110-34894ENGINE REPAIR & REBUILDINGAutomotive Engines: Diagnosis,Repair, Rebuilding, 7eGilles 2015Paperbound978-12854-41740Today’s TechnicianTM:Automotive Engine Repair andRebuilding, 5eHadfield 2014Paperbound978-11336-02514Engine RepairCengage Learning 2011Printed Access Card978-11110-34863SUSPENSION & STEERINGToday’s TechnicianTM: AutomotiveSuspension & Steering Systems, 6eSchnubel 2015Paperbound978-12854-38108Suspension and SteeringCengage Learning 2012Printed Access

Automotive Systems (Continued)TRANSMISSIONS & TRANSAXLESAutomatic TransmissionsCengage Learning 2012Printed Access Card978-11110-34924Available February 2015Today’s TechnicianTM:Automatic Transmissions& Transaxles, 5eAvailable January 2015Today’s TechnicianTM:Manual Transmissions& Transaxles, 5eErjavecErjavec 2011Paperbound978-14354-81053 2011Paperbound978-14354-39337Manual TransmissionsCengage Learning 2012Printed Access Card978-11110-34955Automotive Service ManagementThe Service Consultant: Principlesof Service Management andOwnership, 2eManaging Automotive Businesses:Strategic Planning, Personnel andFinancesGarner/GarnerGarner/Garner 2014Casebound978-11336-12353 2006Casebound978-14018-98960Collision RepairAuto Body Repair Technology, 6eDuffy 2015Paperbound978-11337-02856Collision Repair and Refinishing:A Foundation Course forTechnicians, 2eCollision RepairFundamentalsThomas/Jund 2008Casebound978-14180-13363 2014Casebound978-11336-01876Duffy

Motorcycle & Small Engine TechnologyModern MotorcycleTechnology, 2ePower EquipmentEngine TechnologySmall Engine Technology, 2eAbdoAbdo 2013Casebound978-11116-40644 2011Casebound978-14180-53888 13915SchusterDiesel TechnologyModern Diesel Technology:Diesel EnginesDiesel Engine VideosBennett 2013978-11335-92563 2015Casebound978-12854-42976Modern Diesel Technology:Electricity and Electronics, 2eBell 2014Paperbound978-11339-49800Modern Diesel Technology:Heating, Ventilation,Air Conditioning &Refrigeration, 2eDixon 2014Paperbound978-11337-16259Modern Diesel Technology: HeavyEquipment Systems, 2eHuzij/Spano/Bennett 2014Paperbound978-11336-93369Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Engines,Fuel & Computerized ManagementSystems, 4eBennett 2013Casebound978-11116-45694Cengage LearningModern Diesel Technology:Light Duty DieselsBennett 2012Paperbound978-14354-80476Available January 2015Heavy DutyTruck Systems, 6eModern Diesel Technology:Brakes, Suspension& Steering SystemsBennett 2007Paperbound978-14180-13721Modern Diesel Technology:Electronic Diesel Engine DiagnosisBennett 2007Paperbound978-14018-70799Bennett 2016Casebound978-13050-73623Modern Diesel Technology: MobileEquipment Hydraulics, A Systemsand Troubleshooting ApproachWatson 2011Paperbound978-14180-80433Modern Diesel Technology:Preventive Maintenanceand InspectionDixon ogs

ASE PreparationASE Test Preparation SeriesTRUCK EQUIPMENT SERIESCengage LearningASE Test Prep (E1) Installation & Repair978-14354-39351ASE Test Prep (E2) Electrical/ Electronic Systems978-14354-39368ASE Test Prep (E3) Auxiliary Power Systems978-14354-39375AUTOMOTIVE SERIESASE Test Prep (G1) Maintenance and Light Repair978-12857-53805ASE Test Prep (A1) Engine Repair978-11111-27039ASE Test Prep (A2) Transmissions and Transaxles978-11111-27046ASE Test Prep (A3) Manual Drive Train and Axles978-11111-27053ASE Test Prep (A4) Suspension and Steering978-11111-27060ASE Test Prep (A5) Brakes978-11111-27077ASE Test Prep (A6) Electrical/Electronic Systems978-11111-27084ASE Test Prep (A7) Heating and Air Conditioning978-11111-27091ASE Test Prep (A8) Engine Performance978-11111-27107ASE Test Prep (A9) Light Vehicle Diesel Engines978-11111-27114ASE Test Prep (L1) Advanced Engine Performance978-11111-27138ASE Test Prep (X1) Exhaust Systems978-11111-27152ASE Test Prep (P2) Parts Specialist978-11111-27145ASE Test Prep (C1) Service Consultant978-11111-27121MEDIUM/HEAVY DUTY TRUCK SERIESASE Test Prep (T1) Gasoline Engines978-11111-28975ASE Test Prep (T2) Diesel Engines978-11111-28982ASE Test Prep (T3) Drive Train978-11111-28999ASE Test Prep (T4) Brakes978-11111-29002ASE Test Prep (T5) Suspension and Steering978-11111-29019ASE Test Prep (T6) Electrical and Electronic Systems978-11111-29026ASE Test Prep (T7) Heating, Ventilationand Air Conditioning978-11111-29033ASE Test Prep (T8) Preventive Maintenance978-11111-29040ASE Test Prep (L2) Electronic Diesel Diagnosis978-11332-80460COLLISION SERIESASE Test Prep (B2) Painting & Refinishing978-14018-36641ASE Test Prep (B3) Non-Structural Analysisand Damage Repair978-14018-36658ASE Test Prep (B4) Structural Analysisand Damage Repair978-14018-36665ASE Test Prep (B5) Mechanicaland Electrical Components978-14018-36672ASE Test Prep (B6) Damage Analysis and Estimation978-14018-36689SPANISH AUTOMOTIVE SERIES(A1) Reparación de Motores, 2a Edición978-14018-10146(A2) Transmission Automática/Eje de TransmissionAutomática, 2a Edición978-14018-10153(A3) Tren de y Mando Ejes Manuales, 2a Edición978-14018-10160(A4) Suspensión y Dirección, 2a Edición978-14018-10177(A5) Frenos, 2a Edición978-14018-10184(A6) Sistemas Eléctricos/Electrónicos, 2a Edición978-14018-10191(A7) Calefacción y Aire Acondicionado, 2a Edición978-14018-10207(A8) Funcionamiento de Motores, 2a Edición978-14018-10214(L1) Especialista en el Funciommiato Avansado deMotores, 2a Edición978-14018-10221(P2) Especialista en Partes de Automovil, 2a Edición978-14018-10238(X1) Sistemas de Escape, 2a Edición978-14018-10245(B2) Pintura y Acabado, 2a Edición978-14018-92555(B3) Análisis No Estructural y Reparaciónde Daños, 2a Edición978-14018-25447(B4) Análisis Estructural y Raparaciónde Daños, 2a Edición978-14018-91312(B5) Componentes Mecánicos y Eléctricos, 2a Edición978-14018-77590(B6) Análisis y Estimación de Daños, 2a Edición978-14018-65733Complete Set (Examenes B2-B6)978-14018-41553

NATEF CertificationNATEF Standards Job Sheets AreaA1, 4eNATEF Standards Job Sheets AreaA4, 4eNATEF Standards Job Sheets AreaA7, ill 2015978-11116-46974 2015978-11116-47001 2015978-11116-47032NATEF Standards Job Sheets AreaA2, 4eNATEF Standards Job Sheets AreaA5, 4eNATEF Standards Job Sheets AreaA8, ill 2015978-11116-46981 2015978-11116-47018 2015978-11116-47049NATEF Standards Job Sheets AreaA3, 4eNATEF Standards Job Sheets AreaA6, 4eErjavec/PickerillErjavec/Pickerill 2015978-11116-46998 2015978-11116-47025Chilton ProductsChilton 2014 Labor Guide CD-ROM(Domestic & Import)Chilton Asian Service Manual2012 Edition, Volume 2Chilton Asian Service Manual 2012Edition, Volume 5 nd978-12854-71099Chilton 2013 LaborGuide Manuals(Domestic & Import 2 Volumes)Chilton Asian Service Manual2012 Edition, Volume 3Chilton 2012 Edition EuropeanService Manuals(2 -71075Chilton Asian Service Manual2012 Edition, Volume 1Chilton Asian Service Manual2012 Edition, Volume

Instructors usingCourseMate saw an 11%increase in homeworksubmissions and a 14%decrease in low passes,fails, and incompletes.Engaging. Trackable. Affordable.The simple way to boost student interestand engagement(2010, O’Donnell & Associates)CourseMate brings concepts to life with web-based learning, study, andexam preparation tools that support your Cengage Learning textbook. Watchcomprehension soar as CourseMate goes beyond the book to deliver whatlearners need!WHAT WILL YOU FIND? The Engagement Tracker, which checks the progress of your students,identifies those at risk, and uncovers concepts that are challenging for your class. An integrated eBook that allows students to take notes, highlight, search, andaccess book-specific embedded media. A Student Learning Pathway, customized to your adopted textbook, thatintegrates digital media. Engaging quizzes, flashcards, and videos to further drive interest.Tap into the personalizedteaching experienceMindTap is a personalized teaching experience with relevant assignmentsthat guide students to analyze, apply, and improve thinking, allowing youto measure skills and outcomes with ease.Elevate ThinkingRelevant readings, multmedia, and activities are designedto take students up the levels of learning, from basicknowledge to analysis and application.Easily Set Your CoursePromote BetterOutcomesAnalytics and reports provide a snapshotof class progress, time in course,engagement and completion rates.Personalized teaching becomes yoursthrough a Learning Path built with keystudent objectives and your syllabus inmind. Control what students see andwhen they see it.“We have seen an increase of at least one letter grade when we compare the performance ofstudents who used MindTap with those who didn’t.” — Scott Domowicz, Erie Institute of TechnologyTap into more info at: /14Engaged with you.

Automotive Heating & Air Conditioning, 5e Schnubel 2013 Paperbound 978-11330-17455 Today’s Technician TM: Automotive Suspension & Steering Systems, 6e Schnubel 2015 Paperbound 978-12854-38108 Automotive Engines: Diagnosis, Repair, Rebuilding, 7e Gilles 2015 Paperbound 978-12854-41740 Engine Repair Cengage Learning 2011 Printed Access .

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local representative at Cengage Learning products are represented in Canada by Nelson Education, Ltd. To learn more about Cengage Learning Solutions, visit Purchase any of our products at your local college store or at our preferred online store www.cengage

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Miniatur Loading Arm Dock-3 PT Badak NGL Bontang [Hany Ferdinando, at al] 25 Gambar 2. Panel loading arm di PT Badak NGL Bagi operator baru, pengoperasian loading arm ini merupakan bagian yang rumit karena operator harus mengarahkan valve pada posisi yang tepat. Per-gerakan ini sepenuhnya dilakukan secara manual melalui panel Gambar 2.

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