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7-SERIESELECTRICPOWEREDFORKLIFTS7FBPNEUMATIC TIRECapacity:3,000 to 7,000 lbs.1,360 to 3,175 kg.

AC Power System and SAS ProvideTrend-Setting Styleand PerformanceJust a glance tells you that the 7FB is distinctly differentthan any other electric forklift you have ever seen. And thatdifference is more than just appearance.The 7FB is the first Toyota electric forklift to harness thebenefits of AC Power and the System of Active Stability(SAS). This trend-setting 7FB is a major leap in the evolutionof the electric forklift design and another shining exampleof Toyota’s continuing quest for excellence.

State of the ArtSafety Fatigue FightingComfort Full ControlOperability ProductivityBoosting ControlFeatures and equipment mayvary depending on market.

On the 7-Series,SAS is standard.On other forklifts,it’s not even anoption.Each year more than 68,000 forklift accidents arereported in North America. Industry-wide, companieshave responded to this problem by implementingbetter operator training programs. Toyota hasresponded by engineering a revolutionary forklift.What makes the 7-Series truly revolutionary is thatit includes something no other forklift can offer:the patented System of Active Stability (SAS).Using technology created by Toyota’s engineers forautomotive safety systems, SAS electronically monitorsand controls forklift operations to help reduce instability.Sensors monitor over 3,000 forklift operations. Wheninstability is detected, the sensors signal the controllerwhich activates SAS systems, including the Active ControlRear Stabilizer and the Active Mast Function Controller.Swing Lock Cylinder indicator lightinforms operators when SAS isengaged, making them aware ofSAS’s role in maintaining stability.

Active Control Rear StabilizerThe Active Control Rear Stabilizerhelps operators maintain lateralstability. When it senses instability,the Active Control Rear Stabilizerengages the Swing Lock Cylinderwhich stabilizes the rear axle, helpingto reduce the risk of tip-over.WITHOUT SASWITH SASActive Mast Function ControllerThe Active Mast Function Controlleris uniquely engineered to helpoperators handle loads at highheights. Depending on the heightand weight of the load, the ForwardTilt Angle Controller automaticallyoverrides the operator’s manualcontrol and limits the forward tiltangle of the mast, making it moredifficult to spill a load.WITHOUT SASThe Rear Tilt Speed Controlleralso helps keep the load stableby governing the reverse tilt speedof the mast.The Active Mast FunctionController controls the mast angleand speed depending on theweight and height of the load.Features and equipment mayvary depending on market.WITH SAS

AC Power System and SAS ProvideFull-Control OperabilityToyota puts full control at your command. The steering wheel will tilt to meet the natural driving position of theoperator. Control levers and switches are positioned within the normal range of motion and require minimal effort.All levers and switches are positioned for easy operation. The 7FB seems to be controlled by the mere wishes ofthe operator. Features such as SAS-Automatic Fork Leveling Control and the Electric Hydrostatic Power Steering& SAS-Active Steering Synchronizer help enhance operability even more.More Ways to Drive ProductivityWithout Cutting Corners.SAS automatic Fork Levelingcontrol adjusts the mast soforks are level with theground for ease in retrievingpallets at high levels

Easy-Down SystemLess noise and impact are provided by this system that gradually slows the empty forks just before theycontact the ground. The operator and those working near the forklift will appreciate the reduced noise.(Standard equipment on V and SV masts.)Tilt Steering with Memory DeviceTailors the forklift to the operator. Adjusts to any position within a 13 degree range. The steering wheel tiltsout of the way to accommodate battery changes, butcan be automatically returned to its original position.Direction LeverFinger-tip operation can be performed whilethe hand is still on the steering wheel. Its electronic design provides easy operation alongwith fast and accurate direction selection.2-Speed TravelSpeed ControlPerfect for locations with different speed zones. The slowerspeed can be set to any speed between 5 and 12 km/h and thisspeed cannot be exceeded, even if the accelerator is fullydepressed. The operator simply presses a button to restore thefull maximum travel speed of the forklift.Deadman Switch(Option)This switch shuts off the travel circuit when the operator is not on the seat, even when the key switch is inthe “on” position. As long as the operator is not on theseat, the forklift will not move – even if the directionlever or accelerator is operated. In addition, if theoperator is off of the forklift but has left the key switchin the “on” position, the Auto-Off System will shut offthe power after 15 minutes to prevent wasting thecharge in the battery.High-Mounted RearCombination LightsEasy-to-see and less likely to be damaged are justtwo of the benefits of these lights mounted high onthe back of the overhead guard

AC Power System and SAS ProvideFatigue-Fighting ComfortAC power also makes a big difference in enhancing operator comfort.AC motors are more compact than DC motors, and this differencein size gives engineers more design freedom. By using this freedomand relocating the battery under the floorboard, Toyota hasopened the 7FB to a wide range of comfort-enhancingfeatures for reducing operator fatigue.Battery LayoutPowerful yet compact AC motors allow the batteryto finally leave its conventional location under theoperator’s seat.

Low-Height StepEasy entry and exit thanks tothe strategically located battery.This will be much appreciated byoperators who have to get on andoff job of the forklift frequently.Expanded Leg SpaceDesigned to provide plenty ofspace to enhance the operator’sfreedom of movement and reducefatigue. Covers at the bottom ofthe instrument panel and over thetilt cylinders add to the styling.ORS SeatOperator Restraint System(ORS) seat contributes to comfortand security. Side wings and aretractable seat belt help keep theoperator in place. The ORS seatcan be adjusted longitudinally 120mm. Its durable seamless coveringresists tears and repels water.ErgonomicDriving PositionFeatures and equipment mayvary depending on market.Easy to reach and operatecontrols mean maximum efficiencyfrom minimal effort. In addition,the operator’s compartment isdesigned to provide plenty ofhead clearance and other space.

AC Power System and SAS ProvideProductivity-Boosting ControlThe AC power system sets the stage for levels of control unavailable until now. Changing traveldirection is now smooth and fast. Both acceleration and deceleration are easy to control.Standard features such as Power Select Function and Power Keep Function help customize the7FB to the task and make it even more efficient. All of these advancements are focused onredefining the meaning of forklift productivity.AC Power SystemMultiple benefits of the AC Power System include: fast response tooperating commands, precise power control, compact components.Moreover, since the AC motor does not use contactors and brushes,these maintenance items will no longer be required. It also allows fora revolutionary new forklift design and performance so enhanced theoperator can actually feel the difference.Digital Multifunction DisplayAt-a-glance monitoring of the status of key operational informationcan easily be performed with the Digital Multifunction Display. It is alsoused for making settings, such as for the power control functions, andincludes a diagnostic function for the electrical and other systems.Power Select FunctionCustomizes forklift performance to workplace needs.Both travel and load handlingperformance can be fine-tunedto match the conditions in theworkplace and the skill ofthe operator.

Power Keep FunctionBoosts performance when the battery chargeis low. This control extends the efficientperformance time of the forklift. Now theforklift can continue to work at top efficiencyeven when the battery charge is getting low.Three Types of Regenerative SystemsWhen accelerator is releasedRegenerative braking operates when the accelerator pedal is released duringtravel to collect the electrical power created. It also acts much like “enginebraking” to slow the speed of the forklift.During switch backRegenerative braking operates during travel whenever the direction leveris switched from forward to reverse (or vice versa).During brakingRegenerative braking operates whenever the brake pedal is depressedduring travel.The regenerative system also helps to reduce brake lining wear and helpsextend operating time per charge.ISO 14001With advanced technology and a world-renowned manufacturing process, Toyota hasearned an industry-wide reputation for high-quality, reliable products. Now, with theinnovation of SAS on 7-Series lift trucks, you can also rely on Toyota to help make yourworkplace safer. But these advancements are only the beginning – Toyota also leads theindustry with a nationwide network of dealers who offer outstanding product support.Whether you’re looking for a single truck or a complete fleet management program, ourteam of dealer consultants will help fulfill your material handling needs. And they arebacked by Toyota’s extensive resources: “We are the only major forklift supplier to havean office in Canada dedicated to supporting the Canadian market. Our very own ToyotaUniversity accredits service technicians, our Canadian Parts Distribution Centre housesan extensive parts inventory, and Toyota sales, parts and service consultants are availablefor in-field support”.Features and equipment mayvary depending on market.Combine this support with the productivity, operability and reliability of the complete lineof quality lift trucks, and you get the best package available for all your applications.

MAIN (7FBH20)7FB25(7FBH25)7FB307FBJ35Load Capacitylb kg3000 13603500 15874000 18145000 22686000 27217000 3175Load Centrein mm24 60024 60024 60024 60024 60024 600Ain mm44 111544 111546 117046 117049 124049 1240Turning radius (Outside)Bin mm69.5 177070 178078 198079 2000Overhead Guard HeightCin mm80 2025(83) (2105)80 2025(83) (2105)80 2025(83) (2105)80 2025(83) (2105)Length to Fork FaceDin mm82 208083 211588 224090 2290Overall Width87 221089.5 227086.5 219586.5 219598 2490101.5 2575BATTERY AND MOTOR SPECIFICATIONSModelVoltage/Capacity STD(5-hour ratings)Electric H48/485––48/60048/600––80/470DriveSAE HP kw6 7.56 7.58 118 118 119 12LoadSAE HP kwHandling7 9.57 9.59 129 129 1211 14.5CABDFor more information or the Toyota dealer nearest you, fax 1-800-592-3851. Or visit www.forklift.toyota.caSome product features here-in are optional. Please contact your dealer for specifications.Details of specifications are based on information available at time of printing and may change without notice.ISO 14001September 20067FB00-150EB-25

The 7FB is the first Toyota electric forklift to harness the benefits of AC Power and the System of Active Stability . and Toyota sales, parts and service consultants are available . (Outside) B in mm 69.5 1770 70 1780 78 1980 79 2000 87 2210 89.5 2270 Overhead Guard Height C in mm 80 2025 80 2025 80 2025 80 2025 86.5 2195 86.5 2195 (83 .

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