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Zig Zag Racer manual5/7/022:18 PMPage 24 2002 Horizon Hobby, Inc.HobbyZone products are exclusively distributed by Horizon Hobby, Inc.4105 Fieldstone Road, Champaign, IL 61822 www.horizonhobby.com4548

Zig Zag Racer manual5/7/022:18 PMPage 1InstructionManual

Zig Zag Racer manual5/7/022:18 PMPage 2Get readyBLASTZIG ZAG RACERto have awith your —the high-performance,highly maneuverable, self-righting speedboat fromHobbyZone. You'll have hours of fun zipping acrossthe water, racing with friends and playing Zig ZagWater Soccer. But before the fun begins, it’svery important that you read thismanual completely and follow thedirections carefully.That wayyou'll be sure your Zig Zagfun is safe and successful.NOTE: Please read the "Warnings and Safety" on page 22and Warranty on page 23 before proceeding to Step 1.2

Zig Zag Racer manual5/7/022:18 PMPage 3STEP 1. Battery ChargingNOTE: For best battery performance,deplete each charge before recharging.To dothis, run your boat as indicated in Step 8, thenput the boat on the boat stand or hold itcarefully to keep your body and clothing clearof the prop. Run the motor until the batteryis nearly depleted.Your battery is now readyto be recharged. Plug charger into 110V AC wall outlet. Plug battery connector into charger connector. Push together completely. The battery comes partially charged, socharge only 11 2 hours the first time to preventovercharging. Subsequent charges should be3 hours. When battery becomes warm, it is fully charged.Stop charging immediately. Please check page 22 for other importantinformation about charging your battery pack.OptionalFieldChargerHobbyZone offers an optional DC Field Charger(HBZ1021) that allows you to charge your batteryfrom the cigarette lighter plug in your car. Charge timeis 45 minutes.CAUTION: Do not start or run your vehiclewhile using the Field Charger to charge batteries.Additional battery packs are also available. Seepage 23 for ordering these items.3

Zig Zag Racer manual5/7/022:18 PMSTEP 2. TransmitterNeeded for STEP 28 “AA” Alkaline Batteries (not included) Remove transmitter back cover bypushing down with thumbs, as indicatedby the arrows. Install batteries. Use fresh 1.5V “AA”alkalines only. Watch polarity. Replace cover. To test, switch on transmitter—LED shouldglow brightly. Replace batteries when you hearlow-battery alarm (beeping sound).4Page 4

Zig Zag Racer manual5/7/022:18 PMPage 5STEP 3. Install BatteryIMPORTANT – For the next 3 steps, thetransmitter must be turned on and yourZig Zag boat placed on the included stand. Lift canopy slightly and turn sideways to uncoverbattery compartment. Attach battery to connector in boat and placebattery in compartment. To secure battery, stretch rubber band over the topof the battery and connect to hook. Make sure battery and connectors do not interferewith movement of wire pushrod. Reposition canopy and secure it by fitting canopypeg into the front alignment cavity in the hull andinside the five hull alignment posts.Hull Alignment PostsRubber Band5

Zig Zag Racer manual5/7/022:18 PMPage 6STEP 4. Rudder TestBottom of BoatBottom of Boat Move the rudder stick(right stick on transmitter)side to side. The rudder shouldmove as shown in the drawings.Right Rudder6Left Rudder The small lever under the rudderstick is called a trim lever and isused to adjust the "neutral"point of your control stick.Todo this, place the rudder stickin neutral (center) position. Ifrudder is not aligned straightahead, use the rudder trimlever to center it.

Zig Zag Racer manual5/7/022:18 PMPage 7STEP 5. Motor TestCAUTION: Keep everythingclear of the propeller. A movingpropeller can cause injury. The small lever next to the throttlestick (left stick on transmitter) is calleda throttle trim lever. With your boat onthe stand, transmitter turned on, andbattery installed, make sure the throttletrim lever is in the center position. If motor is running, gradually move thetrim lever down until the motor stops. Move throttle stick (left stick ontransmitter) up. Motor speed willincrease as this stick is moved up.Throttle StickThrottleTrim Lever7

Zig Zag Racer manual5/7/022:18 PMPage 8STEP 6. Range TestYou'll need two people to do the range test: one tohold the transmitter and the other to hold the boat.Remember to keep your body and clothing clear ofthe moving prop while holding the boat.8 As one person holds the transmitter, the otherwalks 100 paces away with the boat. Extend transmitter antenna completely and turntransmitter on. Plug in boat battery and close canopy. As the person with the transmitter moves bothcontrol sticks, the person with the boat watches tobe sure the boat’s motor and rudder operateproperly.If boat does not range test correctly, do not run itin water. Call Horizon Hobby Product Supportstaff toll-free at 1-877-504-0233 for directions onhow to proceed.

Zig Zag Racer manual5/7/022:18 PMPage 9STEP 7. Choosing your locationCAUTION: Parents, do not allow youngchildren to go the lake or pool unsupervised. Be safe and stay away from steepgrades near shorelines where you or thosewith you could slip and fall into the water.Do not operate your boat nearmoss, grass, weeds, brush, etc. Choose a location that is not being used byswimmers when you are running your boat. If you choose a lake, be sure there is no moss,grass, weeds or debris present that could getwrapped around the propeller or trap your boatoffshore. Make sure the shoreline is clear and relatively flatso you can easily launch, operate and retrieveyour boat.DO NOT mix radio controlboating and swimming.DO NOT swim to retrieveyour boat.9

Zig Zag Racer manual5/7/022:18 PMPage 10STEP 8. Launching and RunningBefore launching, make sure no one in the area isoperating another radio control vehicle on the samefrequency. Your frequency is marked on the back ofyour transmitter and under the boat canopy. To launch your Zig Zag Racer , turn transmitteron, install charged battery and place and releasethe boat in the water. Advance throttle (left) stick partially so boatmoves slowly. Move rudder (right) stick to right toturn the boat to the right. Move rudder stick toleft to turn the boat to the left. Practice running the boat to slow speed, makingright, left, and figure eight turns. As your ability tocontrol the boat improves, gradually increase thespeed. With a bit of practice, you'll see yourdriving skills improve quickly.10Left TurnRight Turn

Zig Zag Racer manual5/7/022:18 PMPage 11STEP 8. Launching and Running continued Your Zig Zag Racer has no reverse. Be sure toCAUTIONplan ahead while driving so you don’t get your Do not run your boat into hard objects orboat stuck in a dead end.onto shore or the rudder and propeller canbe damaged. Running time with a fully charged battery will beapproximately 10–15 minutes, depending on your Keep hands and fingers away from thedriving speed.moving propeller when launching or retrievingyour boat.NOTE: When you notice your boat running Do not swim to retrieve your boat.much slower even at full throttle, it’s time to If the canopy of the boat becomes dislodged,bring your boat to shore. Slower speedyou may need to remove water from inside theindicates the battery is low, and you haveboat. Remove the drain plug at the back of theonly 2 or 3 minutes of running time beforeboat and drain the water, then replace the plug.it completely stops. Make sure you allowmotor to cool for 5 minutes betweenbattery exchanges.11

Zig Zag Racer manual5/7/022:18 PMPage 12STEP 9. Trimming the Rudder Control After launching your boat, check to see that it isrunning straight. If your Zig Zag Racer always turns to the rightwhen rudder stick is at neutral (centered), move thetrim lever below the stick to the left until it drivesstraight. See drawing #1. If the boat always turns to the left when the rudderstick is at neutral, move the trim lever to the rightuntil it drives straight. See drawing #2. If the boat still turns in one direction after movingthe trim lever the full amount in the opposite direction, you will need to adjust the rudder linkage wire.If the boat still turns to the left, use your fingers tobend a greater angle in the wire.If the boat still turnsto the right, use yourfingers or a pair ofpliers to slightlystraighten the wire.12Bend PointIf boat veers tothe left, bendthis way.If boat veers tothe right, bendthis way.#2#1If movingleft, thenmove trimlever tothe right.If movingright, thenmove trimlever tothe left.

Zig Zag Racer manual5/7/022:18 PMPage 13RACING AND GAMES WITH THE ZIG ZAG RACER The Zig Zag Racer is available on six different frequencies (channels). This means that up to six people canrace at the same time.Racecourse Set-UpYou can use the orange buoys that come with yourZig Zag Racer to set up a racecourse. Attach butterfly-shaped steel anchor to orange ballby first removing the tape that holds the fishingline in place. Push the white plastic plug firmly into the hole inthe ball. Toss this assembly into the water in the desiredlocation.The line will unwind on its own until theanchor hits bottom, and the buoy will float on topof the water. To mark the course, use two or three buoys setin a line or in the shape of a triangle. You shouldallow 20 to 30 feet between them if possible. Seedrawings below. Vary the racecourse shape tosharpen your skills.#1. Oval#2.Triangle#3. Figure 8#4. SlalamCAUTION: Do not swim to retrieve buoys.For retrieval method, see page 17.#5. Zig Zag13

Zig Zag Racer manual5/7/022:18 PMPage 14Racing After you've set up your course, drivers launchtheir boats and then stand in a line on the shorea minimum of 6 feet apart. Do not walk betweena driver and his boat or you may cause radiointerference. To start, boats should be launched and lined uptogether near the racecourse (see drawing #1),#2#1114ready for the starter's "Go!" Another way to startis for each driver to hold his or her boat at water’sedge. At "Go", drivers release boats and head forthe first buoy (see drawing #2). Race length is determined in advance by thenumber of laps or by the amount of time (10 lapsor 5 minutes, for example).6'26'36'46'56'616'26'36'46'56'6

Zig Zag Racer manual5/7/022:18 PMPage 15Zig Zag Water Soccer Set-UpWhen you can consistently maneuver your Zig ZagRacer at both low and high speeds, you can add toyour racing fun by playing Zig Zag Water Soccer.Here’s how you set up your boat and "playing field." Attach bumper to front of boat using the threescrews provided. Secure the screws but do notover tighten. To set up your playing field, place two buoys (withanchor attached) in water approximately 50 feetapart to mark the two goal lines.50 feet15

5/7/022:18 PMPage 16Playing Zig Zag Water Soccer16654Team #1Drivers3Orange ball2 Game begins by tossing the third orange ball(without anchor) into the middle of the "playing field." Each team tries to score by using their bumper topush the ball past the goal line. To make the game more challenging, the bumpers havebeen designed so the ball pops loose when you exceed4–5 mph. Because of this, easy "sprints" to the goal lineare not possible, and your competitor has time tocatch up with you and steal the ball. Just as in realsoccer, each team will be most effective when usingstrategic offensive and defensive plays and teamwork. Game length is made up of two 4-minute halves.Theteam scoring the most goals wins. If neither teamscores, there is a third 1-minute playing period. Afterone minute, whichever team scores the most points oris the closest to the goal line is declared winner.1Zig Zag Water Soccer can be played with one, two,or three players on each team with each boat on adifferent frequency.Goal line marker buoy50 feetZig Zag Racer manualTeam #2DriversGoal line marker buoyNOTE: For best results, it is easiest to movethe ball when the throttle is in low position.

Zig Zag Racer manual5/7/022:18 PMPage 17Retrieving BuoysThe bumper provided for Water Soccer can also beused to retrieve the orange buoys. Remember—do notswim to retrieve the buoys. Attach bumper to front of boat using the three screwsprovided. Secure the screws but do not over tighten. Re-launch your Zig Zag Racer and steer it to catch abuoy in the bumper. Carefully pull the buoy towards shore.The anchorwill create some drag that will slow your speed andhamper maneuverability.CAUTION: Do not swim to retrieve the buoys.17

Zig Zag Racer manual5/7/022:18 PMPage 18Maintaining the Zig Zag Racer The Zig Zag Racer is designed to be self-righting ifit is tipped over during racing or while playingwater soccer, as long as the canopy is fitted properlyto the hull. If the canopy is knocked out of place,immediately drive to shore, empty any water fromthe boat and put the canopy back into place. Be careful not to hit other boats or objects broadside at full throttle with the nose of your Zig ZagRacer or you can damage the canopy. Small crackscan be taped, but if you get a large crack or breaka piece out of the canopy, it must be replaced witha new one. The rudder shaft can be damaged if you run overan object, another boat or hit the shore. Be carefulwhen bending it back into position.Carefully bend rudderback to original position.Small Crack18 After each run, drain any water out of the boatbefore running again. Be sure to allow motor to cool 5 minutes after arun, between battery exchanges.

Zig Zag Racer manual5/7/022:18 PMPage 19Propeller/Shaft ReplacementIf you damage the propeller, you may need topurchase a replacement propeller/shaft (see page 23for ordering.) Follow these steps to replace the propeller. Adult supervision is recommended.1. Remove canopy by unhooking the rubber band.2. Remove the 9 small screws that hold front part ofdeck to hull.3. Swing front two-thirds of deck cover straight upso motor and driveshaft coupler are completelyaccessible.4. Use screwdriver to remove metal motor bracketand plastic wire holder bracket.5. Loosen rudder arm set screw and removerudder from bottom of boat.Then removeentire deck cover.6. Use screwdriver to pry motor loose.This maytake some force since motor is held tightly inplace with strong servo tape.7. Remove white rubber drive shaft coupler toexpose gray propeller shaft cap.8. Use a pair of pliers and strong force to pry grayplastic cap off of the end of the propeller shaft.9. Slide propeller and shaft out of drive tube andreplace with new propeller and shaft.10.Reassemble by reversing Steps 1 through 8.Deck CoverMotorMetal MotorBracketDrive ShaftCouplerRudderArmWireHolder BracketCanopyRubber BandPropellerShaft CapPropellerShaft19

Zig Zag Racer manual5/7/022:18 PMPage 20Troubleshooting GuidePROBLEMUnit doesn’t operateThe boat will not drivestraight when the steeringstick is centered20POSSIBLE CAUSESOLUTION1. Transmitter “AA” batteries are depleted orinstalled incorrectly.1. Check that the batteries are installed as perthe illustration inside the transmitter back(see page 4). Replace the batteries with newfresh “AA”s.The LED indicator on the transmitter will be bright if the batteries are goodand installed correctly.2. The connector inside the boat may not be fullyplugged in to the battery.2. Push the connector together until a click is heard toensure a solid connection (see page 3).3. The battery is not charged.3. Fully charge the battery per the instructions(see page 3).4. The radio electronics are wet.4. Carefully dry the inside of the boat with a warm(not hot) hair dryer.1. The steering trim is not adjusted properly.1. Drive the boat away from yourself slowly and adjustthe steering trim until the boat tracks straight.2. The steering linkage is bent by the battery or batterywires moving it out of the correct position.2. Readjust the battery position to properly clear thesteering linkage.

Zig Zag Racer manual5/7/022:18 PMPage 21Troubleshooting Guide continuedPROBLEMThe boat goes muchslower than normalThe radio has poor orno rangePOSSIBLE CAUSESOLUTION1. The battery isn’t charged.1. Fully charge the battery per the instructions(see page 3).2. Weeds, moss, or trash may be caught on theprop or rudder.2. Take the boat out of the water. Unplug the batteryinside the boat to make sure the prop is not running.Remove the item from the prop or rudder.3. The motor or battery is old and wearing out.3. After approximately 300–500 runs the motor andbattery will need to be replaced.4. Water has entered the hull.4. Pull the drain at the rear of the boat and drain outthe water.1. The batteries in the transmitter are weak.1. Replace the batteries with fresh “AA” batteries.2. The transmitter is on a different frequency fromthe boat.2. Check that the channel number matches thechannel on the back of the transmitter.21

Zig Zag Racer manual5/7/022:18 PMPage 22Warnings and Safety1. Read and follow this manual completely, observing allinstructions, Warnings, Importants, Watch Outs!, and safetydirections; otherwise serious injury and damage can occur.Think: Safety First.2. Keep propeller away from body parts, even when it isn’tspinning, as you or someone else might turn the boat onby accident. Beware of hair becoming entangled in thepropeller, especially when launching the Zig Zag Racer orinjury may occur.3. NEVER SWIM to retrieve your boat. Do not operateyour Zig Zag Racer near people, as injury may occur.Never allow anyone to attempt to catch the Zig Zag Racerwhile it is running or serious injury can result.Zig Zag Racer until the propeller stops. This will help preventovercharging. While charging, place the battery on a heatresistant surface. DO NOT lay it on carpet while charging.NEVER charge the battery with the included charger formore than 3 hours, as overcharging may cause excessive heatin the battery, causing injury, damage and poor battery lifeand performance—voiding the warranty.6. Never cut into the battery, charger, or boat wires, or seriousinjury can occur. Causing the battery to “short out” (crossingnegative and postivie bare wires) can cause a fire, seriousinjury and damange.4. Adult supervision is recommended for ages 12 and under.7. When operating your Zig Zag Racer, ALWAYS turn on thetransmitter BEFORE you plug the battery into the Zig ZagRacer. When you finish running your Zig Zag Racer, alwaysunplug the battery BEFORE you turn off the transmitter.5. Battery Charging: Only use a battery charger intendedfor use with the Zig Zag battery. Never leave a chargerunattended while charging. Before charging, always be sureto deplete the power from the battery by running it in the8. Never operate on the same frequency as another boater inyour area.The frequency of your Zig Zag Racer is shown onstickers on the back of the transmitter and on top of theradio box inside the canopy.22

Zig Zag Racer manual5/7/022:18 PMPage 23Replacement Z3319HBZ3321HBZ3322HBZ3323Zig Zag Racer RTR:YellowZig Zag Racer RTR: Green3” Orange Balls (2)Buoy Anchor w/LineBumper w/ScrewsYellow Canopy w/HookGreen Canopy w/HookHook for Canopy (2)Suggested Retail 99.99 99.99 3.99 3.99 4.99 6.99 6.99 3333HBZ3334HBZ3336Drain Plugs (5)Rudder & Steering ArmProppeller w/ShaftElectric MotorDecals for Green CanopyDecals for Yellow CanopyHull w/PCB, Prop, Motor & RudderSuggested Retail 1.25 3.99 3.99 9.99 2.99 2.99 49.99Warranty & Non-Warranty Replacement PartsWarranty: Horizon Hobby, Inc.guarantees this kit to be free of defects inmaterial and workmanship at the date ofpurchase.This warranty does not coverany parts damaged by use, crashes ormodification.writing it on the outer label/returnaddress area.2. Include detailed information explainingthe nature of the problem(s)encountered. Please date yourcorrespondence and be sure yourcomplete name and address appearIn the event that you’re requestingon this enclosure. Within your letter,Horizon to replace Zig Zag Racer parts,advise us of the payment method youplease follow the instructions below.prefer to use.The Horizon ServiceCenter accepts VISA or Mastercard,1. Make sure the battery is unpluggedor you can pay cash in advance withfrom the Zig Zag Racer. Please pack thea cashier's check or money order.complete Zig Zag Racer (all components)If you prefer to use a credit card,in the original box and put into a sturdyplease include your card numbershipping carton for protection. Includeand expiration date.complete name and address informationinside the carton, as well as clearlyWarranty Parts Replacement.Providing that warranty conditions have beenmet, defective parts will be replaced withoutcharge. Sorry, crash damage is not coveredunder warranty.To receive warranty service,include your original dated sales receipt.Non-Warranty Parts Replacement.Should your parts replacement costsexceed 50, you will be provided anestimate advising you of your options.Mail your Zig Zag Racer to:Horizon Service CenterATTN: HobbyZone Dept.4105 Fieldstone RoadChampaign, IL 61822Phone: (217) 355-951123

RACING AND GAMES WITH THE ZIG ZAG RACER Racecourse Set-Up 13 The Zig Zag Racer is available on six different frequencies (channels). This means that up to six people can race at the same time. You can use the orange buoys that come with your Zig Zag Racer to set up a racecourse. Attach butterfly-shaped steel anchor to orange ball

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