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Tax Year 2018 H&R Block Online Tax Program State FormsAlabama2210ALEstimated Tax Penalties – Individual40Individual Income Tax Return40-Sch AItemized Deductions40-Sch B and DCInterest and Dividends / Donations40-Sch DNet Profit or Loss40-Sch ESupplemental Income and Loss from Pensions, Royalties, Partnerships40AIndividual Income Tax Return – Short Form40ESDeclaration of Estimated Tax40NRNonresident Income Tax Return40NR-Sch ANonresident Itemized Deductions40NR-Sch BDENonresident Interest and Dividend Income, etc.40VElectronic Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher4506ARequest for Copy of Tax Form8453Individual Income Tax Declaration for Electronic FilingALE00Taxpayer E-File Opt Out Election FormNOL-85ANet Operating Loss Carryback or CarryforwardSch AACAlabama Adoption Tax CreditSch AATCAlabama Accountability Tax CreditSch CRCredit for Taxes Paid to Other StatesSch DSDependents ScheduleSch HOFHead of Household ScheduleSch NTCNet Tax CalculationSch RCRefundable CreditSch W-2Wages, Salaries, Tips, etc.Arizona140Resident Personal Income Tax140-Sch AItemized Deduction Adjustments140AResident Personal Income Tax Short Form140ESIndividual Estimated Tax Payment140EZResident Personal Tax Return EZ140NRNonresident Personal Income Tax140NR-Sch ANonresident Itemized Deductions140PTCProperty Tax Refund / Credit Claim140PYPart Year Resident Personal Tax140PY-Sch APart Year Itemized Deductions140PYN-Sch APart Year / Nonresident Itemized Deductions140VElectronic Filing Payment Voucher202Personal Exemption Allocation221Underpayment of Estimated Tax301Nonrefundable Credits and Recap309Credit for Taxes Paid to Another State or Country310Credit for Solar Energy Devices

312Agriculture Water Conservation System Credit321Contributions to Charities322Credit for Fees to Public Schools323School Tuition Contribution Credit340Credit for Donations to Military Families Relief Fund348Credit for Contribution to Certified School Tuition Organization352Credit for Contributions to Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organizations8879E-File Signature AuthorizationArkansas1000-Sch AR3Itemized Deduction Schedule1000-Sch AR4Interest / Dividend Income Schedule1000ADJSchedule of Other Adjustments1000CETeachers Qualified Classroom Investment Expense1000COSchedule of Check-off Contributions1000DCapital Gains Schedule – Individual1000ESEstimated Tax Payment Vouchers1000FIndividual Income Tax Return1000NRPart Year / Nonresident Tax Return1000RC5Certificate for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities1000TCSchedule of Tax Credits1000TDLump-Sum Distribution Averaging1000VIndividual Income Tax Return Payment Voucher1055-ITExtension of Time to File1075Tuition Credit2106Employee Business Expenses2210Underpayment of Estimated Tax3903Moving Expenses4684Casualties and Thefts8453OLElectronic FilingAR TAX PMTDirect Deposit InformationAR-MSTax Exemption Certificate for Military SpouseAR-OIOther Income/Depreciation DifferencesAR-RETRetirement Exclusion WorksheetAR1000ODOrgan Donor DeductionAR1113Phenylketonuria Disorder CreditSE WKSTSelf-Employed Health Insurance Deduction WorksheetSL WKSTStudent Loan Interest WorksheetCalifornia3503Natural Heritage Preservation Credit3506Child and Dependent Care Expense3507Prison Inmate Labor Credit3511Environmental Tax Credit3514Earned Income Credit3521Low-Income Housing Credit3523Research Credit3526Investment Interest Expense Deduction

3532Head of Household Schedule3540Credit Carryover Summary3541Motion Picture and Television Production Credit3546Enhanced Oil Recovery Credit3547Donated Agricultural Products Transportation Credit3548Disabled Access Credit for Eligible Small Businesses3554New Employment Credit3582Electronic Payment Voucher3801Passive Activity Loss Limitations3803Parent's Election to Report Child's Interest and Dividend Income3805PAdditional Tax Qualified Ret Plans3805VNet Operating Loss Computation and Disaster Loss3805ZEnterprise Zone / Prog Area Deduction/Credit3885ADepreciation and Amortization Adjustments540Resident Individual Income Tax540 2EZResident Income Tax Return540-Sch CAResident Adjustments540-Sch DCapital Gain and Loss540-Sch G1Tax on Lump-Sum Distributions540-Sch PAMT and Credit Limitations540-Sch SOther State Tax Credit540ESEstimated Tax for Individuals540NR-LongPart Year / Nonresident Income Tax Return – Long Form540NR-Sch CAPart Year / Nonresident Adjustments540NR-Sch DCapital Gain or Loss Adjustment540NR-Sch PPart Year / Nonresident AMT and Credit Limitations540NR-ShortPart Year / Nonresident Resident Short Form5805Underpayment of Estimated Tax5805FFarmers Underpayment of Estimated Tax592BResident and Nonresident Withholding Tax Statement593Real Estate Withholding Remittance Statement8453OLOnline E-file Return Authorization8455California E-file Payment record8879E-File Signature AuthorizationSFWFCSan Francisco Working Families CreditSchedule D1Sales of Business PropertySchedule W-2Wage and Withholding SummarySchedule XExplanation of Amended ReturnColorado104Individual Income Tax Return104ADSubtractions from Income Schedule104AMTAlternative Minimum Tax Schedule104CHCheck-off / Voluntary Contributions Schedule104CRIndividual Credit Schedule104EPEstimated Income Tax Voucher104PNPart Year / Nonresident Tax Calculation Schedule104PTCProperty Tax / Rent / Heat Rebate

104USConsumer User Tax Reporting Schedule204Underpayment of Estimate TaxDR-0347Child Care Expenses Tax CreditDR-0617Innovative Motor Vehicle and Innovative Truck CreditsDR-0900Electronic Payment VoucherDR-1316Colorado Source Capital Gain AffidavitDR-1778E-filer Attachment FormDR-8453Declaration for Electronic FilingConnecticut1040Resident Income Tax Return1040-EFWConnecticut Electronic Withdrawal Payment Record1040AWPart Year Resident Allocation1040BANonresident Business Apportion1040ESEstimated Income Tax Payment1040NR-CT-SIPart Year / Nonresident Schedule1040NR/PYPart Year / Nonresident Income Tax Return1040VElectronic Filing Payment Voucher1040WHIncome Tax Withholding2210Underpayment of Estimated Tax6251Alternative Minimum Tax ReturnCT-EITCEarned Income Tax CreditDelaware200-01Individual Resident Income Tax200-02Nonresident Income Tax Return200ESEstimated Tax Worksheet and Vouchers200VElectronic Payment Voucher2210Underpayment of Estimated Taxes329Special Tax Compensation Lump Sum8453OLOnline Declaration for E-fileDE200NR-Sch1Resident Schedules I, II,IIIDE Nonresident Schedule 1Delaware Resident SchedulesDistrict of ColumbiaD-2210Penalty for Underpayment of Estimated TaxD-2440Disability Income ExclusionD-40Resident Income Tax ReturnD-40-Sch HHomeowner and Renter Property Tax CreditD-40-Sch SDependents and additional informationD-40EEL – Individual Income Tax Declaration for Electronic FilingD-40ESES – Estimated Tax DeclarationD-40EZIndividual Income Tax ReturnD-40PPayment VoucherD-40WHWithholding Tax ScheduleSch IAdditions and Subtractions from Federal AGISch NNoncustodial Parent EITC Credit

Sch UAdditional Miscellaneous Credits and ContributionsSch UBBusiness CreditsGeorgia500Individual Income Tax Return500-Sch 1Adjustments to Income500-Sch 2Georgia Tax Credits500-Sch 3Part Year / Nonresident Income Tax Return500ESDeclaration of Estimated Tax500EZShort Income Tax Return500UETUnderpayment of Estimated Tax500XAmended Income Tax Return525TVPayment VoucherGA-8453Electronic FilingIND-CRCredits Summary WorksheetIND-CR 201Disabled Person Home Purchase or Retrofit CreditIND-CR 202Child and Dependent Care Expense CreditIND-CR 203Georgia National Guard/Air National Guard CreditIND-CR 204Qualified Caregiving Expense CreditIND-CR 205Driver Education CreditIND-CR 206Disaster Assistance CreditIND-CR 207Rural Physicians Tax CreditIND-CR 208Adoption of a Foster Child CreditIND-CR 209Eligible Single-Family Residence Tax CreditIT-511Individual Income Tax Instruction Booklet (Worksheets)IT-CAGeorgia Job Tax CreditIT-CONSVConservation Tax CreditIT-QEE-TP2Qualified Education Expense Credit ComputationRET INC EXCLRetirement Income ExclusionW-2-SUPPSupplemental W-2 Income StatementHawaiiN-1Estimated Tax Payment VouchersN-103Sale of Your HomeN-11Res Individual Income Tax ReturnN-139Moving ExpensesN-15Part Year / Nonresident Individual Income Tax ReturnN-152Tax on Lump Sum DistributionsN-158Investment Interest Expense DeductionN-200VIndividual Income Tax PaymentN-210Underpayment of Estimated TaxN-311Refundable Food / Excise Tax CreditN-615Tax for Children Under Age 14Sch AMDExplanation of Changes on Amended ReturnSch CRSchedule of Tax CreditsSch XTax Credits for ResidentsIdaho

39NRPart Year / Nonresident Supplemental Schedule39RResident Supplemental Schedule40Individual Income Tax Return40VElectronic Payment Voucher43Part Year / Nonresident Income Tax Return44Idaho Business Income Tax Credits and Credit Recapture49EIdaho Election to Claim the Qualified Investment Exemption49ERRecapture of Qualified Investment Exemption from Property Tax49RRecapture of Investment Tax56Net Operating Loss67Credit for Research Activities68Broadband Equipment Investment Credit68RRecapture of Idaho Broadband Equipment75Fuel Use Report for fuel bought after June 30, 201583Small Employer Investment Credit83RSmall Employer Real Property Improvement Tax Credit84Small Employer Real Property Improvement Credit85Small Employer New Jobs Tax Credit85RRecapture of ID Small Employer New Jobs Tax CreditCGCapital Gains DeductionIllinois1040Individual Income Tax Return1040-Sch CRCredit for Tax Paid Other States1040-Sch GSchedule G1040-Sch ICRIllinois Credits1040-Sch IL-EICIllinois Earned Income Credit1040-Sch MOther Additions and Subtractions1040-Sch NRPart Year / Nonresident Computation of Tax1040ESEstimated Income Tax Voucher1040VPayment Voucher for Individuals1310Claim of Refund Due Deceased2210Computation of Penalties4562Special Depreciation8453Declaration for Electronic FilingSch 1299-CSubtractions and CreditsIndianaES-40Estimated Tax PaymentIN-DEPAdditional Dependent Child InformationIT-40Resident Individual Tax ReturnIT-40 Sch 1Add-BacksIT-40 Sch 2DeductionsIT-40 Sch 3ExemptionsIT-40 Sch 4Other TaxesIT-40 Sch 5/IN-DONATECredits and DonationsIT-40 Sch 6Offset CreditsIT-40 Sch 7Additional Required Information

IT-40PNRPart Year or Nonresident Individual Tax ReturnIT-40PNR Sch AIncome or Loss Proration SectionIT-40PNR Sch BAdd-BacksIT-40PNR Sch CDeductionsIT-40PNR Sch DDeductions and CreditsIT-40PNR Sch EIT-40PNR Sch F/INDONATEIT-40PNR Sch GOther TaxesOffset CreditsIT-40PNR Sch HResidency InformationIT-40RNRReciprocal Nonresident Individual Income Tax ReturnIT-8453OLDeclaration of Electronic FilingPFCPayment Filing CouponSC-40Unified Tax Credit for ElderlySch CC-40College CreditSch CT-40County Tax ScheduleSch CT-40PNRPart Year / Nonresident County Tax ScheduleSch IN-2058SPNonresident Military Spouse Earned Income DeductionSch IN-529Indiana's College Choice 529 Education Savings Plan CreditSch IN-EDGEEconomic Dev for a Growing Economy CreditSch IN-EDGE-REconomic Dev for a Growing Economy Retention CreditSch IN-EICEarned Income CreditSch IN-OCCOther Certified CreditsSch IT-2210Underpayment of Estimated TaxCredits and DonationsIowa104Itemized Deductions Worksheet1040Individual Income Tax Return1040-Sch AItemized Deductions1040-Sch BInterest and Dividend Income1040ESEstimated Tax Payment Voucher1040VIndividual Tax Payment Voucher126Part Year / Nonresident Resident Credit128Research Activities Credit128SAlternative Simplified Research Activities Credit130Out-of-State Credit Computation133New Jobs Credit134S Corp Apportionment Credit135E85 Gasoline Promotion Tax Credit148Tax Credits Schedule177Adoption Tax Credit2210Underpayment of Estimated Tax2210FUnderpayment by Farmers and Fishers4562ADepreciation Adjustment Schedule4562BDepreciation Accumulated Adjustment Schedule54-130Rent Reimbursement Claim54-132Statement of Rent Paid6251Minimum Tax Computation

8453-INDDeclaration for Electronic Filing8801Credit for Prior Year Minimum Tax8864Biodiesel Blended Fuel Tax CreditRCRent Reimbursement ClaimWS-ATCAlternate Tax Calculation WorksheetWS-TRTax Reduction WorksheetKansasK-210Individual Underpayment of Estimated TaxK-35Historic Preservation CreditK-40Individual Income TaxK-40ESEstimated TaxK-40HHomestead ClaimK-40PTKansas Property Tax Relief Claim for Low Income SeniorsK-40VIndividual Income Tax Payment VoucherK-47Adoption CreditK-60Community Service Contribution CreditRF-9Request for a Refund and / or Credit Forward Due a Deceased TaxpayerSch CRTax Credit ScheduleSch SSupplemental ScheduleKentucky2210KUnderpayment of Estimated Tax4972KLump Sum Distributions740Individual Income Tax Return740-NPRNonresident Reciprocal State Income Tax Return740-Sch AItemized Deductions740-Sch-ITCIndividual Tax Credit Schedule740-Sch MFederal AGI Modifications740-Sch PPension Income Exclusion740ESEstimated Tax Payment Voucher740NPPart Year / Nonresident Individual Income Tax Return740NP-Sch APart Year / Nonresident Residents Itemized Deductions740VElectronic Payment Voucher8863-KEducation Tuition Tax Credit8879-KElectronic FilingPTEWHNonresident Income Tax Withholding on Net Distributive Share IncomeSch KW-2Income Tax WithheldLouisianaCCCW-REFUND-NRNonresident Refundable Child Care Credit WorksheetCCCW-REFUND-RESResident Refundable Child Care Credit WorksheetIT-540Resident Individual Income TaxIT-540BNonresident Individual Income TaxIT-540ESEstimated Tax VouchersIT-710Refund Due Deceased TaxpayerNPR WKST (61785)Part Year / Nonresident WorksheetR-10606Supplemental Worksheet for Credit for Taxes Paid to Other States

R-10610Schedule of Ad Valorem Tax Credit Claimed by ManufacturersR10611R-210RMotion Picture Investment Tax Credit SchedulePart Year / Nonresident Underpayment of Income Tax Penalty Computation (pg2)Underpayment of Individual Income Tax Penalty ComputationR-540VElectronic Filing Payment VoucherR-8453OLElectronic FilingSCH-EXP-WKST-RESResident School Expense Deduction WorksheetR-210NRSRCW-REFUND-PY/NRPart Year / Nonresident Refundable School Readiness Credit WorksheetSRCW-REFUND-RESResident Refundable School Readiness Credit WorksheetMaine1040-Sch 1Schedule 1 – Income Modifications1040-Sch 2Schedule 2 – Itemized Deductions1040-Sch AAdjustments to Tax1040-Sch A WkshtTaxes paid to another jurisdiction1040-Sch CPVoluntary Contributions and Purchase of Park Passes1040-Sch NRPart Year / Nonresident Credit1040ESEstimated Income Tax1040MEIndividual Income Tax Long Form1040ME-PVIndividual Income Tax Payment Voucher1099MEPass-through Withholding2210MEUnderpayment of Estimated TaxADULT-DEPAdult Dependent Care Credit WorksheetEFWElectronic Funds Withdrawal AffirmationMin Tax WkshtMinimum Tax Worksheet for Schedule AOther Add WkshtOther Additions WorksheetOther Credits WkshtOther Credits WorksheetOther Sub WkshtOther Subtractions WorksheetSch 1 WkshtWorksheet with Schedules 1 and 2 Pension Income DeductionsSch PTFC/STFCProperty Tax & Sales Tax Fairness CreditWorksheet A & B-PY/NRPart Year / Nonresident Worksheet A and B – Residency Information WorksheetWorksheet CPart Year / Nonresident Worksheet C for EE Apportionment WorksheetMaryland500DMDecoupling Modification502Resident Income Tax Return502BMaryland Dependents Information502CRIncome Tax Credits for Individuals502 DEPEstimated Tax Payment Voucher502INJInjured Spouse Claim Form502RRetirement Income502SSustainable Communities Tax Credit502SUSubtractions from Income502UPUnderpayment of Estimated Tax502VCharitable Vehicle Use505Nonresident Income Tax Return505NRNonresident Income Tax Calculation

505SUSubtractions from IncomeEL 101Declaration for Electronic FilingIND-PVPersonal Tax Payment VoucherMassachusetts1Resident Income Tax Return1-ESEstimated Tax Payment Vouchers1-NR/PYPart Year / Nonresident Individual Income Tax Return1-Sch BInterest and Dividend1-Sch CProfit or Loss from Business1-Sch CBCircuit Breaker Credit1-Sch DLong-term Capital Gains and Loss1-Sch ECSolar and Wind Energy Credit1-Sch HCSchedule HC Health Care Information1-Sch HC/HCCSHealth Care Information1-Sch INCW-2 and 1099 Information1-Sch LPCredit for Removing Lead Paint1-Sch NTS-L-NR/PYNo Tax Status and Limited Inc Credit1-Sch SCSeptic Credit1-Sch X/YOther Income / Other DeductionsCredMgrSchCredit Manager ScheduleM-2210Underpayment of Estimated TaxM-8453Declaration for Electronic FilingPVIncome Tax Payment VoucherPrivacy ActPrivacy Act NoticeSch DIDependent InformationSch ESupplemental Income and LossSch E1Real Estate and Royalty Income LossSch E2Partnership and S Corporation Income and LossSch E3Estate, Trust, REMIC, and Farm Income and LossSch EOACEconomic Opportunity Area CreditSch OJCIncome Tax Paid to Other JurisdictionsMichigan3174Direct Deposit of Refund4013Resident Tribal Member Sales Tax4884Pension Schedule4973Pension Continuation Schedule5472Direct Deposit of Individual Income Tax PaymentMI-1040Individual Income Tax ReturnMI-1040-CRHomestead Property Tax CreditMI-1040-CR2Homestead Property Tax CreditMI-1040-CR7Home Heating CreditMI-1040-Sch 1Additions and SubtractionsMI-1040-Sch NRPart Year / Nonresident ScheduleMI-1040-Sch WWithholding StatementMI-1040DAdjustments of Capital Gains / LossMI-1040ESEstimated Tax

MI-1040HSchedule of ApportionmentMI-1040VMichigan Payment Voucher for ELFMI-1310Refund Due a Deceased TaxpayerMI-2210Underpayment of Estimated TaxMI-4642Voluntary Contributions ScheduleMI-4797Adjustments of Gains and Losses from Sales of Business PropertyMI-4976Home Heating Credit Claim MI-1040 CR-7 SupplementalMI-5049Married Filing Separately WorksheetMI-8453Electronic Filing DeclarationMI-8949Sales and Other Dispositions of Capital AssetsMinnesotaBANKDirect Debit AuthorizationETPEmployer Transit Pass CreditM1Individual Income TaxM14ES – Individual Estimated Income TaxM1PRProperty Tax RefundM1WIncome Tax WithheldM60Payment VoucherSch KFBeneficiary Share of Taxable IncSch KFNCFederal AdjustmentsSch KPIPartner's Share of IncomeSch KPINCFederal AdjustmentsSch KSShareholder's Share of IncomeSch M15Underpayment of Estimated TaxSch M1529Education Savings Account Contribution Credit or SubtractionSch M1COther Nonrefundable CreditsSch M1CATCasualty and TheftSch M1CDChild and Dependent Care CreditSch M1CRCredit for Tax Paid Other StateSch M1EDK-12 Education CreditSch M1LSTax on Lump Sum DistributionSch M1LTILong-Term Care Insurance CreditSch M1MIncome Additions and SubtractionsSch M1MAMarriage CreditSch M1MOVEMoving ExpensesSch M1MTAlternative Minimum TaxSch M1MTCAlternative Minimum Tax CreditSch M1NCFederal AdjustmentsSch M1NRNonresident / Part Year Resident ReturnSch M1PSCCredit for Parents of Stillborn ChildrenSch M1RAge 65 or Over / Disabled SubtractionSch M1RCRCredit for Tax Paid to WisconsinSch M1REFRefundable CreditsSch M1SAItemized DeductionsSch M1SLCStudent Loan CreditSch M1UEUnreimbursed Employee Business ExpensesSch M1WFCWorking Family Credit

Missouri5695Qualified Health Insurance Premiums WorksheetMO-1040Individual Income Tax ReturnMO-1040ASingle / Married IncomeMO-1040ESEstimated Tax Payment VouchersMO-1040PProperty Tax Credit and PensionMO-1040VIncome Tax Payment VoucherMO-2210Underpayment of Estimated TaxMO-8453Electronic FilingMO-AIndividual Income Tax AdjustmentsMO-CRCredit for Taxes Paid Other StateMO-CRPCertification of Rent PaidMO-HEAHome Energy Audit ExpenseMO-NRINonresident Income PercentageMO-PTSProperty Tax CreditMississippi71-661Installment Agreement80-105Resident Income Tax Return80-106Individual Tax Payment Voucher80-107Individual W-2 Data Sheet80-108Other Income or Losses80-160Credit for Tax Paid to One or More Other States80-205Part Year / Nonresident Individual Income Tax Return80-320Interest on Underestimate of Tax80-401Income Tax Credit Summary Schedule80-491Statement of Additional DependentsMontana2Individual Income Tax Return2 Wkst IXForm 2 Worksheet IX2 Wkst II-VII & VIIIForm 2 Worksheets - II-VII & VIII2441-MChild and Dependent Care Credit2ECElderly Homeowner / Renter CreditNebraska1040NIndividual Income Tax Return1040N - Sch I, II, IIISchedules I II and III1040NESIndividual Estimated Income Tax1040NVIncome Tax Payment Voucher2210NUnderpayment of Estimated Tax2441NNebraska Child and Dependent Care Expenses4797NSpecial Capital Gains ElectionNOLIndividual NOL WorksheetNew HampshireDP-10Interest and Dividends Tax Return

DP-10-ESEstimated Interest and DividendsDP-2210/2220Exceptions and Penalty for UnderpaymentNH-PYTPayment VoucherNew JerseyCBT-100S K1Shareholders Share of IncomeNJ-1040Individual Income Tax ReturnNJ-1040ESEstimated Tax PaymentsNJ-1040NRNonresident Income Tax ReturnNJ-1040NR-VNJ Gross Income Tax Nonresident Payment VoucherNJ-1040VPayment VoucherNJ-1065-SchKPartner's Share of IncomeNJ-2210Underpayment of Estimated TaxNJ-2450Excess WD / HC and Disability ContributionPTR-1Property Tax Reimbursement ApplicationSch A and BNJ Gross Income TaxSch NJ-BUS-1 for NJ-1040Sch NJ-BUS-1 for NJ1040NRSch NJ-BUS-2 for NJ-1040Sch NJ-BUS-2 for NJ1040NRResident Business Income Summary ScheduleNonresident Business Income Summary ScheduleResident Alternative Business Calculation AdjustmentNonresident Alternative Business Calculation AdjustmentNew MexicoPIT-1Personal Income Tax ReturnPIT-1-RCRebate and Credit SchedulePIT-8453Electronic FilingPIT-ADJSchedule of Additions and DeductionsPIT-BAllocation and Apportionment of IncomePIT-CGCaregiver's StatementPIT-CRNonrefundable Credit SchedulePIT-DRefund Donation FormPIT-ESEstimated Tax Payment VoucherPIT-PVPayment VoucherPIT-SDependent ExemptionsRPD-41083Refund Due a Deceased TaxpayerRPD-41272Calculation of Estimated Personal Income Tax Underpayment PenaltyRPD-41317Solar Market CreditRPD-41326Rural Healthcare CreditRPD-41329Sustainable Building Tax Credit Claim FormNew YorkDTF-621Claim for QETC Employment CreditDTF-622Claim for QETC Capital Tax CreditDTF-624Claim for Low-Income Housing CreditDTF-686Tax Shelter Reportable TransactionsIT-1099-RSummary of Federal Form 1099-R StatementsIT-112.1NYS Resident Credit Against Separate Tax on Lump Sum Distributions

IT-112CNYS Resident Credit for Taxes Paid to a Province of CanadaIT-112RResident Tax CreditIT-119STAR Credit Advance Payment ReconciliationIT-135Sales and Use Tax Purchases of 25k or moreIT-182Passive Activity Loss LimitationsIT-195Allocation of RefundIT-196Itemized DeductionsIT-2Wage and Tax Statement SummaryIT-201Resident Income Tax ReturnIT-201ATTOther Tax Credits and TaxesIT-201VElectronic Payment VoucherIT-201XAmended Resident Income TaxIT-203Nonresident and Part Year Resident Tax ReturnIT-203ANonresident Business Allocation ScheduleIT-203ATTOther Tax Credits and TaxesIT-203BPart Year / Nonresident Income Allocation / College Tuition DeductionIT-203CPart Year / Nonresident Spouse's Certification pg 1IT-203XNonresident and Part-Year Resident Amended Income Tax ReturnIT-209Claim for Noncustodial Parent New York State Earned Income CreditIT-2105Estimated Income Tax Payment Voucher – NYS / NYC / YonkersIT-2105.9Underpayment of Estimated Income TaxIT-212Investment CreditIT-212ATTHistoric Barn Rehabilitation Credit & Employment IncentiveIT-213Claim for Empire State Child CreditIT-213ATTChild Information for Empire State Child CreditIT-214Real Property Tax Credit ClaimIT-215Claim for Earned Income CreditIT-216Claim for Child / Dependent Care CreditIT-217Farmers’ School Tax CreditIT-219New York City Unincorporated Business Tax CreditIT-221Disability Income ExclusionIT-222General Corporation Tax Credit for NYC ResidentsIT-225New York State ModificationsIT-230Separate Tax on Lump Sum DistributionsIT-237Claim for Historic Homeownership Rehab CreditIT-238Claim for Rehabilitation of Historic Properties CreditIT-239Credit for Taxicabs Accessible to Persons with DisabilitiesIT-241Claim for Clean Heating Fuel CreditIT-242Claim for Conversation Easement CreditIT-245Claim for Volunteer Firefighters' and Ambulance Workers' CreditIT-248Claim for Empire State Film Production CreditIT-249Claim for Long-Term Insurance CreditIT-250Claim for Credit for Purchase of an Automated DefibrillatorIT-251Credit for Employment of Persons with DisabilitiesIT-252-ATTClaim for Solar Energy System Equipment CreditIT-253Claim for Alternative Fuels CreditIT-255Solar Electric Generating Equipment CreditIT-256Special Additional Mortgage Recording Tax Credit

IT-257Claim of Right CreditIT-258Claim for Nursing Home Assessment CreditIT-261Claim for Empire State Film Post-Production CreditIT-272Claim for College Tuition Credit for New York State ResidentsIT-280Nonobligated Spouse AllocationIT-360.1Change of City Resident StatusIT-370Application for Automatic Extension of Time to FileIT-398NYS Depreciation Schedule for IRC Sec 168(k) PropertyIT-399New York State Depreciation ScheduleIT-501Temporary Deferral Nonrefundable Payout CreditIT-6-SNYMetropolitan Commuter Transportation Mobility Tax for START-UP NYIT-601Claim for EZ Wage Tax CreditIT-602Claim for EZ Capital Tax CreditIT-603Claim for EZ Investment Tax Credit and EZ Employment Incentive CreditIT-604Claim for QEZE Tax Reduction CreditIT-605Claim for EZ Investment / EZ Employment Incentive Tax CreditIT-606Claim for QEZE Credit for Real Property TaxesIT-607Excelsior Jobs Program CreditIT-611Claim for Brownfield Redevelopment Tax Credit (prior to 6/23/08)IT-611.1Claim for Brownfield Redevelopment (on/after 6/23/2008)IT-612Claim for Remediated Brownfield Credit for Real Property TaxesIT-613Claim for Environmental Remediation Insurance CreditIT-631Claim for Security Officer Training Tax CreditIT-633Economic Transformation and Facility RedevelopmentIT-634Empire State Jobs Retention Program CreditIT-635Urban Youth Jobs Production CreditIT-636Alcoholic Beverage Production CreditIT-637Alternative Fuels and Electric Vehicle Recharging Property CreditIT-638START-UP NY Tax Elimination CreditIT-639Minimum Wage Reimbursement CreditIT-639-ATTEligible Employee Info for Min Wage Reimbursement CreditIT-640START-UP NY Telecom Services Excise Tax CreditIT-641Manufacturer's Real Property Tax CreditIT-642Musical and Theatrical Production Tax CreditIT-643Hire a Veteran CreditIT-644Workers with Disabilities Tax CreditIT-645Recapture of START-UP NY Tax BenefitsIT-646Employee Training Incentive Program Tax CreditIT-647Farm Workforce Retention CreditIT-647-ATTFarm Workforce Retention AttachmentIT-649Farm Donations to Food Pantries CreditIT-650Empire State Apprenticeship Tax CreditNYC-208New York City Enhanced Real Property Tax CreditNYS W2-GNew York State Report of Gambling WinningsTR-573.1Taxpayer E-filing NoticeTR-579-ITE-file Signature Authorization for Tax YearY-203Yonkers Nonresident Earnings Tax Return

North CarolinaD-400Individual Income Tax ReturnD-400 AmendedAmended ScheduleD-400 PNPart Year / Nonresident Individual Income Tax ReturnD-400SSchedule S SupplementalD-400TCIndividual Tax CreditsD-400VElectronic Payment VoucherD-422Underpayment of Estimated TaxNC-40Estimated Tax Payment VouchersNC-478Pass-through Schedule for NC-478 SeriesNC-EDUEducation Endowment Fund ContributionNorth DakotaND-1Individual Income Tax ReturnND-1CRCredit for Other State Tax PaidND-1ESEstimated Tax Payment VouchersND-1PRVPaper Return Payment VoucherND-1SAStatutory AdjustmentsND-1TCTax CreditsND-1VElectronic Return Payment VoucherSch FCFamily Member Care CreditSch MECredit for Wages Paid to Mobilized EmployeeSch ND-1NRNonresident and Part Year Resident ReturnsSch ND-1UTInterest on Underpayment or Late Payment of Estimated Income TaxOhioIT-1040Income Tax ReturnIT-1040ESES – Estimated Income Tax PaymentsIT-2210Underpayment of Estimated TaxIT-40PIncome Tax Payment VoucherIT BUSBusiness Income ScheduleIT REAmended OH-1040SD-100School District Income TaxSD-100ESES-School District Estimated Income TaxSD-40PSchool District Income Tax Payment VoucherSD-40XPAmended School District Payment VoucherSD REAmended School District ReturnSch AIncome Adjustments – Additions and DeductionsSch CreditSchedule of CreditsSch JDependentsOklahoma506Investment / New Jobs Credit507Refund Due Deceased Taxpayer511Resident Individual Income Tax511 Sch A-GSupporting Schedules for 511511CROther Credits Form511EFDeclaration for Electronic Filing

511NRNonresident / Part Year Resident Tax Return511NR Sch A-FSupporting Schedules for 511NR511TXCredit for Tax Paid Another State511VIndividual Income Tax Payment Voucher538HClaim Credit / Refund Property Tax538SClaim Credit / Refund Sales Tax561Oklahoma Capital Gain Deduction561-NRCapital Gain Deduction Nonresident / Part Year Resident564Credit of Employees in the Aerospace Sector567-ACredit for Investment in a Clean-Burning Motor Vehicle Fuel Property5762012 or 2013 Natural Disaster Tax CreditOW-8-ESIndividual Estimated Tax PaymentOW-8-PUnderpayment of Estimated Tax WorksheetOregon40Individual Income Tax Return40NNonresident Individual Income Tax40PPart Year Resident Income Tax Return40VIncome Tax Payment VoucherEFDeclaration for Electronic FilingOR-10Underpayment of Estimated TaxSch OR-AOregon Itemized DeductionsSch OR-ADD-DEPOregon Personal Income Tax Return Additional DependentsSch OR-ASCOregon Adjustments for Form 40 FilersSch OR-ASC-NPOregon Adjustments for Form 40N and 40P FilersSch OR-DONATEOregon Charitable Fund DonationsSch OR-EISExempt Income Schedule for Enrolled Members of an Indian TribeSch WFHDCWorking Family CreditSch WFC-NPWorking Family Credit for Form 40N and 40P FilersPennsylvaniaPA-19Sale of Residential PropertyPA-40Individual Income Tax ReturnPA-40 AInterest Income Schedule APA-40 BDividend IncomePA-40 CProfit or Loss from BusinessPA-40 DSale Exchange or DispositionPA-40 D-71Sale or Exchange of Property Prior to June 1, 1971PA-40 ERents and Royalties Income (Loss)PA-40 ESDeclaration of Estimated Personal Income TaxPA-40 FFarm Income and ExpensesPA-40 GLCredit for Tax Paid Other StatePA-40 JIncome from Estates or TrustsPA-40 OOther DeductionsPA-40 OCOther CreditsPA-40 SPSpecial Tax ForgivenessPA-40 TGambling and Lottery WinningsPA-40 UEAllowable Employee Business Expenses

PA-40 W-2SWage Statement SummaryPA-8453EL – Declaration for Electronic FilingPA-8879E-file Signature AuthorizationPA-VPayment VoucherREV

540 2EZ Resident Income Tax Return 540-Sch CA Resident Adjustments 540-Sch D Capital Gain and Loss 540-Sch G1 Tax on Lump-Sum Distributions 540-Sch P AMT and Credit Limitations 540-Sch S Other State Tax Credit 540ES Estimated Tax for Individuals 540NR-Long Part Year / Nonresident Income Tax Retur

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New York State Withholding Tax Tables and Methods Effective July 1, 2021 The information presented is current as of the publication’s print date. Visit our website at for up-to-date information.File Size: 278KBPage Count: 22Explore further2020 tax Income Tax Withholding Tables Changes & Exampleswww.patriotsoftware.comWithholding tax forms 2020–2021 - current tax amount to deduct and to you b

401(k) 457 Roth IRA Traditional IRA Lower tax bill now! Tax-free growth! Tax deferred growth! Tax deferred Tax deferred After-tax deposits May be tax-deductible Pay income tax Pay income tax Tax-free Pay income tax when withdrawn when withdrawn withdrawals when withdrawn Deposits Payroll-deduction (if allowed by employer) Rollovers

Tax & Accounting CCH Axcess Tax and CCH ProSystem fx Tax Forms and States Supported for the 2019 Tax Year CCH Axcess Tax and CCH ProSystem fx Tax are the most comprehensive tax preparation and compliance software systems in the industry, providing hundreds of automated forms and

Beginning with tax year 2018, the 3% tax rate on corporate income tax will be phased out over a five-year period ending with tax year 2022 as follows: Senate Bill 2858 (2016 Legislative Session) - Miss. Code Ann. §27-13-1, §27-13-5, §27-13-7 and §27-13-67 Beginning with tax year 2018, the franchise tax will be

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4,350 4,400 46 8,150 8,200 175 11,950 12,000 346 15,750 15,800 540 19,550 19,600 772 . Over Over Tax Over Over Tax Over Over Tax Over Over Tax Over Over Tax Is Is Is Is Is : 2018 IA 1040 TAX TABLES For All Filing Statuses: To find your tax: Read down the left column until you find the range

tax rates in Tanzanian tax system indicate that there is a scope for raising tax revenue without increasing tax rates by reinforcing tax and customs administrations and reducing tax evasion. Keywords: tax evasion, imports, tariff rate, and import VAT JEL: H20, H26 * The author