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3/28/2016RotaryGrams for March 2, 2016 (Mar 02, 2016)SpeakersROTARYGRAMSMar 02, 2016Anne Matthews, First Woman RI VicePresidentMarch 2, 2016Vol. 103, No. 36"Celebrating International Women's Day andthe Roles of Women in Rotary"Mar 09, 2016Lamar and Beaumont Rotaract ClubsWorld Rotaract Week ProgramMCM Elegante' Hotel2355 IH 10 SouthSuite 213Beaumont, TX 77705Phone: 409 842 1913Fax: 409 842 5613Mar 16, 2016Dr. Bart Foster, Entomologist, BillClark Pest CtrStories"What's the Buzz About Mosquitos and theZika Virus?"This Week's ProgramMar 23, 2016No Meeting at the Elegante: RotaryGoes to School!Dr. Karen Newton, ChairPROGRAM PREVIEWMarch 2, 2016International Women's Day:Celebrating Women in Rotary"Mar 30, 2016Master Gardeners ofNutrition&Service for SeniorsProducing Produce for Seniors & How toBring Freshness to Your Own TableApr 06, 2016Henry Venta, Dean of the College ofBusiness, LUEthics and Presentation of the T. KelseyLamb, Sr. Award for Business EthicsApr 27, 2016Celebrating Future Rotarians!Youth Programs & Youth Service Above n/View/3fb6d7a8 38d4 4b0f b739 3a6643414381Dr. Anne L. MatthewsFormer Vice President1/13

3/28/2016RotaryGrams for March 2, 2016 (Mar 02, 2016)View entire listUpcoming EventsBoard of Directors MeetingThe Beaumont ClubMar 22, 2016 11:45 AMSponsorsRotary InternationalThe Rotary Club of Beaumont is proud to announce thecelebration of International Women's Day at the clubmeeting on Wednesday, March 2. Our speaker will be theesteemed Dr. Anne L. Matthews who served as the firstwoman Vice President of Rotary International. Anne was alsothe first woman to serve on both the Rotary FoundationTrustees and the Rotary International Board of Directors.Anne Matthews is highly recognized for her work ineducational consulting and her contributions to RotaryInternational. She has spoken in all 50 states and 30 foreigncountries on educational issues and/or on The RotaryFoundation and the work of Rotarians. Having traveledextensively on Rotary service projects, she will have somecompelling and fascinating stories to share.You do not want to miss this meeting. Please mark yourcalendar now. Invite and plan to bring friends, associates, andprospective members.Interested in being a sponsor?Download the website sponsorshipguideSubscribe to Bulletin*******Read more.Head TableSubscribe to our eBulletin and stayup to date on the latest news andevents.Click here to sign 3fb6d7a8 38d4 4b0f b739 3a6643414381Head Table for March 22/13

3/28/2016RotaryGrams for March 2, 2016 (Mar 02, 2016)Invocation:Lynn CastleExecutive DirectorArt Museum of Southeast TexasPledges to the USA & Texas Flags:Sharon McCabeCommunity VolunteerIntroduction of Guests:Cindy CherrySupervisorJefferson County Adult ProbationIntroduction of Program:Teresa SimpsonEducation Abroad CoordinatorLamar University Introduction of Speaker:Becky MasonDistrict 5910 Assistant Governor Calendar of EventsCALENDAR OF EVENTSFebruary 29March 2March 12March 22(and meeting make ups)Reservations needed forWednesday, March 2 meetingMARCHCelebrating InternationalWomen's Day: Women inRotary!SERVICE PROJECT at the BigThicket planting the nextgeneration of long leaf pinesBoard of Directors meeting;11:45 a.m. at the BeaumontClub 6d7a8 38d4 4b0f b739 3a66434143813/13

3/28/2016RotaryGrams for March 2, 2016 (Mar 02, 2016)Looking AheadLOOKWHAT'SAHEAD!March 9 will be devotedto recognizing WorldRotaract Week. Ourprogram will be presentedby the Lamar andBeaumont Rotaract clubs.On March 16, Dr. Bart Foster,Entomologist with Bill Clark PestControl will inform us about themosquito season ahead and thefacts about the Zika virus.March 23 is the muchanticipated Rotary Goes toSchool when Rotarians spreadacross all schools in Beaumontto deliver each 1st grader theirown copy of an awesome Dr.Seuss book. Sign up for yourschool choice.********PROJECTS:NG"READY TO BE PART OF A "GROWIPROJECT?Your help is needed in restoring a treasured part of Texas the Big Thicket! The Big Thicket Association is seekingRotarians' assistance in planting 10,000 seedlings for theCentennial Forest project in 2016. This will also help restorethe native Long Leaf Pine forest in the Big Thicket. Thetree seedlings are very small and the tools needed to plant thetrees are provided.This is a "Toddler Long w/3fb6d7a8 38d4 4b0f b739 3a66434143814/13

3/28/2016RotaryGrams for March 2, 2016 (Mar 02, 2016)Members of the club, friends and family members are needed to join in theeffort to help plant trees on the last remaining tree planting day Saturday, March 12.Saturday, March 12thMeet at 8:15 a.m. at the Visitors Center or at 9:00 a.m. atthe Big Sandy Creek planting site (directions below)Project chairs are Nakisha Burns and Karyn Hawkins. Theyare in the process of arranging carpooling or grouptransportation. Please indicate on the sign up if you wouldlike to share transportation or plan to drive yourself (and yourfamily or friends.)Directions from Beaumont to planting site:Travel North on HWY 69 continue on HWY 69 north pastKountze then turn left on 1003 (Honey Island) turn right onFM 943 at the Big Sandy Creek Unit sign stay to the w/3fb6d7a8 38d4 4b0f b739 3a66434143815/13

3/28/2016RotaryGrams for March 2, 2016 (Mar 02, 2016)on FM 1276 continue past Dallardsville turn left at FM1276 on to Lily Road follow the signs to planting site.If you arrive later a Ranger can give you directions.Come on out! Be like Dan and wear our "Rotarian atWork" shirt! Sign up (link here) so we know you plan tohelp.RSVP requested by Noon on Friday, March 11h. We need toknow how many are coming!********Rotary Goes to SchoolROTARY GOES TO SCHOOLPromoting literacy is a goal of RotaryInternational and a favorite project of the RotaryClub of Beaumont. Each spring, Rotarians floodthe first grade classrooms across Beaumontand share the love of reading and delivering abook for every child to keep for their very own.You want to be a part of this.Sign up to take part in "Rotary Goes to School!"Instead of the normal lunch meeting onWednesday, March 23, you'll enjoy a trulyrewarding visit with a young child.To sign up for the school you would like to visit,click on this link: "ROTARY GOES TO SCHOOL"Volunteers should arrive by Noon at theschool office. Bring a photo ID in order to cleara security check if needed. You will be given b6d7a8 38d4 4b0f b739 3a66434143816/13

3/28/2016RotaryGrams for March 2, 2016 (Mar 02, 2016)Dr. Seuss hat and escorted to the classroomwhere you will find the books ready to be sharedwith each child.********Rotary After HoursRotary After Hours was Great Fun!Thanks to Rob Glassey for planning and promoting a RotaryAfter Hours at Jerry Nelson's Hill Country on Thursday,February 25. A good crowd of Rotarians and friendsgathered and shared some great appetizers with livelyconversation and laughter! Rotary After Hours: Cruise on the NechesALL ABOARD! Limited Space; Reserve Now!Rotary After Hours: A Lovely Evening on the Neches!Whether this is your first trip or you've been many times,you are sure to enjoy this Rotary After Hours which will takeyou on a cruise down the Neches River on a pleasant earlyspring evening.Mark your calendar and plan to reserve your spot on theIvory Bill on Thursday, March 24 for a two hour tour.Snacks and drinks will be available. Tickets are 10 perperson and we can only take 35 people (spouses and guestsare welcome), so don't delay.The party is growing! Ten places are reserved to date.WITHOUT 35 PAID RESERVATIONS, WE /3fb6d7a8 38d4 4b0f b739 3a66434143817/13

3/28/2016RotaryGrams for March 2, 2016 (Mar 02, 2016)CANCEL THE TRIP. DEADLINE FORRESERVATIONS IS 8:00 A.M. on TUESDAY, MARCH15.A sign up is online; link to it here. Family of RotaryWe send wishes for a quickrecovery to our friends andfellow Rotarians who havebeen ill, had or are facingsurgery, or just need ourthoughts and prayers. Wehope you are better soon!Gene ArnoldLee Freeland Please let us know if you or another Rotarian should beincluded in our weekly good wishes article! Pins for SaleWear Your Rotary Lapel Pin!Wearing your Rotary pin is a great way to show your pride inbeing a Rotarian and it is a terrific way to strike up aconversation about Rotary to a potential new member.Lapel pins and Women in Rotary pins are for sale at eachmeeting for only 5. Get yours w/3fb6d7a8 38d4 4b0f b739 3a66434143818/13

3/28/2016RotaryGrams for March 2, 2016 (Mar 02, 2016)*******Interact News: KellyKelly Interact Has Heart too!Earlier this month, students from the Kelly Interact clubvisited Calder Woods, delivered homemade Valentines andplayed bingo with the residents. Their effort brought smilesto many and demonstrated again that Rotary Has /3775/bulletin/View/3fb6d7a8 38d4 4b0f b739 3a66434143819/13

3/28/2016RotaryGrams for March 2, 2016 (Mar 02, 2016)Rene GreenwaldFebruary 29Scott HallMarch 6Kyle HayesMarch 7Tillie HickmanMarch 7 Read more.Program ReviewPROGRAM REVIEWFebruary 24, 2016"Myths and Truths:Gun Control Laws in Texas"James "Cody" GuedrySergeantBeaumont Police Departmentby Ted MoorOur guest on Wednesday was Cody Guedry from theBeaumont Police Department. Cody’s talk was entitled“Myth and Facts: Gun Control Laws in Texas”. He startedhis presentation by pointing out that in 1871, the State ofTexas passed a law making it illegal to carry a concealedhandgun. It wasn’t until 1995 that a new law was passedthat overturned the prior law and allowed View/3fb6d7a8 38d4 4b0f b739 3a664341438110/13

3/28/2016RotaryGrams for March 2, 2016 (Mar 02, 2016)individuals to carry a “concealed” handgun with theappropriate license.In 2016, another law was passed that allowed “open carry”with the appropriate license. Contrary to popular belief,Texas is one of the last States to allow open carry.According to Cody, 44 other States already allowed opencarry. In addition, several States go further than the State ofTexas, by making it the constitutional right of their citizensto carry guns without any permit or license.According to Sgt. Guedry, their department has not receivedany calls or complaints by citizens complaining aboutindividuals openly carrying firearms. He reminded us thatyou still have to be over 21 years of age and cannot havebeen convicted of a felony in order to own a gun. Inaddition, there are still many rules (even if you do have alicense for a gun) that you must abide by. For example,there are certain areas such as schools, polling stations,courtrooms, secure areas of the airport, etc. where youcannot carry a gun even if you do have a concealed handgunlicense. If you enter any of these areas carrying a gun, youwill be violating the law and could go to jail.Individuals legally carrying handguns also pose potentialproblems for police. For example, if an individual ispointing a gun at another person, the police officers won’tnot know if it is a hostage situation, or a private citizentrying to help catch a bad guy. Cody stressed it is importantfor individuals to do exactly what the police tell them,without making any sudden moves, or shielding their gunfrom view.Businesses are allowed to put up signs stating that they donot allow concealed handguns on their premises. The signs,warning that no guns are not allowed, have to use specificlanguage and be printed in both English and Spanish. If anindividual enters a premises with a gun after passing such asign, the individual would be violating the law.Sgt. Cody’s speech was interesting and timely, given that theopen carry law is still new and not all details are widelyknown. Recess for iew/3fb6d7a8 38d4 4b0f b739 3a664341438111/13

3/28/2016RotaryGrams for March 2, 2016 (Mar 02, 2016)********Advertisers InvitedNew Advertisers Welcomed and Renewals NeededHave you considered becoming an advertiser in theRotaryGrams and on the website for the Rotary Club ofBeaumont? What a great opportunity to support the club andhave your business name in front of hundreds of potentialcustomers or supporters every day.WELCOMING OUR NEWEST ADVERTISER:THANKS TO OUR CURRENT AND 75/bulletin/View/3fb6d7a8 38d4 4b0f b739 3a664341438112/13

3/28/2016RotaryGrams for March 2, 2016 (Mar 02, 2016)The ads can be linked to your company's website to increaseyour visibility and customer service. The ads will be shown atweekly meetings as well as in the weekly RotaryGrams thatreaches every Rotarian and a number of non member subscribers.For 600 per year, your company's ad will run continuouslyon the homepage and on every subsequent page of the website.(New subscribers missed having their ad at work duringJanuary of this subscription year so join now for 550 forFebruary December 2016.)If you would like to pay in quarterly or semi annualinstallments, please phone the Rotary office so we canaccommodate your needs.To see your company ad on the website, phonethe Rotary office!Office: 409 842 38d4 4b0f b739 3a6643414381Fax: 409 842 561313/13

Goes to School! Dr. Karen Newton, Chair Mar 30, 2016 Master Gardeners of Nutrition&Service for Seniors Producing Produce for Seniors & How to Bring Freshness to Your Own Table Apr 06, 2016 Henry Venta, Dean of the College of Business, LU Ethics and Presentation of the T. Kelsey L amb,S r.AwdfoBu sine Ethc Apr 27, 2016

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Bharathidasan's Short stories. 22. BIBLE KATHAIKAL Mercy Rajkumar Chennai: Broadway Book Centre 1999; 278p.Rs.50 This stories basied Bible all stories taken the background from the Christian Era. 23. BIBLE STORIES Mercy Rajkumar Chennai: Broadway Book Centre 1998; 143p. Rs.27 This stories all from the bible , It's a old testement 24.

Daar is 60 Loebi die drakie stories, 12 boekies vir elke ouderdomsgroep. Die stories is geskryf as voorlees stories vir kleuters, maar Graad 1 en Graad 2 maats geniet dit om die stories self te lees! Hierdie storie is storie 3 vir die 3-4 jarige kinders in ons aktiwiteitsklub. Koop vir julle Loebi stories hier

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West & Herr MARILOU WEST FICKLIN Grass Valley, CA 2016 . Ancestor Stories . Ancestor Stories iii Shirley and Marilou West Circa 1940 . Ancestor Stories . Ancestor Stories v Abraham Herr 1848-1886 No image Rev. Hans Herr 1660-1725 1904 Jemima Harrell 1786-1876 Alfred West 1901-1993 Shirley and Marilou West Charles West

Ghost Stories of an Antiquary by Montague Rhodes James Ghost Stories of an Antiquary by Montague Rhodes James Produced by Suzanne Shell, Thomas Berger, and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team. M. R. JAMES GHOST STORIES OF AN ANTIQUARY * * * * * _These stories are dedicated to all those who at various times have

Carol Marshall, Hingham Public Schools 4 Length of Unit This short story unit, comprised of (currently) about 7 short stories (most of which are in a collection of short stories called Somehow Tenderness Survives: Stories of Southern Africa), can be used by any English teacher as a stand-alone short story unit, or as a supplement to a key text.

Just like the Bible is full of stories of dysfunctional families and messed up people in them, the Bible also is full of stories in which truly messed up people are transformed into beautiful testaments of God’s power. Stories of lives changed and people who were hateful, selfish, and mean became true people of God. Stories of forgiveness.

idea to learn as much as she could about 30 different Bible characters. She wanted to bring them to life through her writing. So she has written 30 stories about 30 Bible people for families just like yours. Her stories are in this book. I’m a mom who homeschools my two children. We like to talk about Bible stories together as a family.

a) understand the major features of short stories (e.g. openings/closings, character, plot, twists) b) respond and give expression to the imaginative ideas and feelings expressed in short stories through oral, written and performative means. c) understand how English works in short stories and apply this understanding to their

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SECTION C: SHORT STORIES NOTE: Refer to Circulars S4 and S5 for a list of prescribed short stories. Questions will be set on TWO prescribed short stories. There is a choice between an ESSAY question and a CONTEXTUAL question. Candidates must answer ONE question on ONE of the short stories they have

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Learning Target 412 Lesson 25 Comparing Topics and Themes in Stories Curriculum Associates, LLC Copying is not permitted. Introduction Lesson 25 Read Comparing and contrasting stories can help you make connections between topics, characters, events, and themes in traditional literature.These stories were originally passe

Pdf telugu short stories Subject: Pdf telugu short stories Keywords: Telugu neethi kathalu,Short stories, Telugu kids, Pdf tel