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Protection against fire has in the inert gases some allies that combine adaptability toeach requirement with a proven effective defence and friendly with the environment.The companies, institutions and even individuals, have a need to protect certain propertyagainst the destructive effects of a possible fire.The rapid extinction of the fire is essential If whatis being stored has also added value derived fromits function or content, in which case, the affec-tion may severely condition its viability and positioning, resulting from the temporary interruption up to the definitive cessation of activities.In order to meet this demand, fixed RG SYSTEMSTM GREEN FLOW CONSTANT & CONTROLLED FLOW TECHNOLOGY – COMBI MANIFOLD SYSTEMS (CMS) extinguishing systemswith clean and ecological agents are developedthat make possible the continued protection ofequipment and occupants. It is further adapted to the problems of each project, at the sametime not polluting and respectful of the planet.

GREEN FLOWRG SYSTEMS unites the effectiveness of IG-55 mixed with the advanced technology and robust pneumatic control valve discharge. The objective: to provide customers with the most economic, ecological and technicallyadequate solution.Non reactive. Unaffected in the case of moisture changes,temperature, light, etc.)AdvantagesgasPneumatic Control discharge.More reliable, with less turbulence:More controlledapplication.Better performanceof the equipmentsover the years. PressureHarmless agent for equipment and personnel present.control advantagesNoise reduction. Avoid peak pressuresSafe evacuation:good visibility,without toxicderivatives. RG SYSTEMSGREEN FLOW-55N2 and Ar mixture, effective economic agents, and withgood stratification.Reduced pipe diameters.Minimize overpressure in the rooms.Clean and without residue: does not affect the ozone warming (GWP and zero ODP)Simple handling and maintenance.Suitable for solids, liquids, gases and energized firesAvailable at all pressures accepted under current rules.Efficient facilities.Wide protectionwith minimal surface height vent.Real dischargepossibilitiesImmediateresumptionwithout cleaning.High versatilityand adaptabilityWide rangeof allowedapplications.

TOTAL DISCHARGECONTROLpresSUREThe reliability and efficiency of teams using IG-55 isindisputable and widely recognized within the PCIsector. While dealing with naturally occurring agentssuch as gases in the atmosphere, its preparation issimple (distillation of air) and the storage takes placein seamless cylinder with pressurized gas to 150, 200or 300 bar.150 barTraditionally this storage pressure is transmitted while discharging heavy and expensive components tovery high pressure (collectors, accessories). Only after the calibrated restrictor, it is reduced to high pressure (about 60 bar).60 barWith advanced technology pneumatic control RGSMAM-DR valves ensure relieving the pressure rightfrom the outlet itself, thus contributing so the components, pipes and fittings are lighter, economic, andmanageable and of a single class, simplifying procurements and assemblies.60 seg.tiMEThe pressure profiles illustrate the differences in the discharge. The released gas being proportionalto the area under each graph:Without pressureregulatorThe installation must resist at least 150 bar, with very violent, fast, loudand potentially dangerous discharges due to very high pressure shockor damage.Restricting devicesLimit the maximum peak to 60 bar, not avoiding subsequent rapid fall. It isobliged to use high pressure pipeline and dampers of relief.RG SYSTEMSTM GREEN FLOW – IG-55(Ar & N2) at 2900 & 4350 PSI (200 &300 BAR) – CONSTANT & CONTROLLED FLOW TECHNOLOGY – COMBIMANIFOLD SYSTEMS (CMS)The pneumatic discharge control allows a rational use of the installation resistance, maintaining a constant release of the agent, with minimum overpressure.

GREEN FLOWRG SYSTEMS VALVES:the only adjustable inthe marketadjusts to the outletpressure required foreach project.ADVANTAGESIn the installation:Global costs are reducedSmaller diameter andweights:expeditesworkPossibility of low pressure pipeOptimal for replacingobsolete agentsDuring the maintenanceFacilitates theand handlingtasksInexpensive and easyto obtain agentWithout residues immediate resumption after ventilation withoutcleaning jobs.In the futureTotally ecological andeffective agent: the definitive solution.More reliable and durable pneumatic valvethan the mechanicaldevices: less numberof errors and betteraging.

COMPONENTSTHE CYLINDERSTHE VALVEThey are solder less carbon steel, 40, 67, 80and 140 L capacity, which can be loaded at150, 200 or 300 bar in order to optimize thestorage space.The approved valve model RGS-MAM-RDcontrols and regulates the discharge at themost appropriate pressure required at eachfacility. Its pneumatic operation ensureslong, reliable life without disruptions, withminimal maintenance and effective working.The pressures of 150 and 200 bar are themost widely used globally and ensure compatibility with the facilities and maintenance or recharging equipment of any country.The working pressure of 300 bar providesmore compact devices.It is the safest and most robust in the market, specifically tested to ensure its properfunctioning in harsh conditions and after long periods of non use. It’s not basedupon springs or mechanical procedures ofadjustment or may seize over time, so it’scompletely reliability. It also includes safety devices and pressure control to preventleakage or accidental shooting.Exceeds the use of restrictors or other flowcontrol mechanisms - valid but less effective. All required tubing and fittings are of thesame type and of smaller diameter, facilitating the assembly work.

GREEN FLOWOPTIMIZATIONOF THE DEVICESDIRECTIONAL VALVESReduces the installation and make it cheaper,by simultaneously protecting several areas withthe same battery. Each room has its own directional valve, which operates only the precisebottles for such protection.RESERVE SYSTEMSThese guarantee uninterrupted protection during maintenance of major equipment or in faceof new threats. Highly recommendable optionin facilities of high value or the one that includedirectional valves.SAFETYRG-Systems provides the widest range of security and control devices in the market. Toprotect both the integrity of site as well as thehealth of its occupants, you can count on it.PNEUMATICRETARDANT AGENTSBefore the start of a discharge they enablethe safe evacuation of the personnel present.They are directly or indirectly acting and actaccordingly on the master cylinder or bottle,respectively.PNEUMATIC SIRENSThey alert before an imminent shock. They areautomatic and autonomous activation type.PRESSURE RELIEFDAMPERSStructural damage due to excessive pressureduring the release of the agent is avoided,allowing the exit of displaced air and thensealing for maintaining watertightness.

T H E I G -5 5 AG E NT, HOW I T ACTS.ADVA NTAGES OF ITS USEThe mixture that composes the IG-55 agent is acombination of molecular nitrogen and argon to50%, which has unique properties to optimize itsaction: the stratification of agents in levels (argonin the lower part and nitrogen above) gives comprehensive protection in the full heightof the enclosure and minimizesthe effect of the leaks.The application of pressurized gas advantageouslyaffects the extinguishingefficiency: the gases arevery miscible with eachother, whereby the concentration is homogeneous. Moreover, the pressure ensures tridimensionalaction across the obstacles orcable shields.It allows coordinating an effective response to thefire with the flexibility of design, configuration ofequipment and protection of present personnelbefore the operating requirements.It is versatile, as it enables the protection of a large number of hazards throughout its height withthe help of the mix of agents.It is effective and safe, with goodinertization capacity. Does notinteract with the devices: itsneutral nature limits its action up to extinguishingof the fire. It’s compatiblewith the usual buildingmaterials and offers everyguarantee in the event ofan evacuation.On removing from the ambient air, it is ECOLOGICAL:neither deteriorate the ozone layer(ODP) nor produce warming (GWP). Atthe same time, it is clean and does not generatewaste, and is recommended for delicate items.

GREEN FLOWControl roomsTelecommunicationsHospitalsElectrical board and substationsRaised floors and ceilingsComputer roomsArchives and librariesMuseums and art galleriesPetrochemical plantsLaboratories

COMPARATIVEPRACTICAL EXAMPLE :Great room heightDesigns for the protection of electrical equipmentrooms (an energized fire hazard) can be donecomprehensively by considering the recharging,environmental, performance (cost/benefit), maintenance, security and additional component costsvs. potential future costs.In this case, IG-55 inert gas was chosen for its excellent performance in protecting high-ceilingedrooms, with a density similar to air, and capableof protecting both upper and lower areas. In addition, owing to the nature of the facility, the useof conventional diffusors is complicated by thevarious levels that must be installed.The high performance of the RG SYSTEMS GREEN FLOW Constant & Controlled FlowTechnology system with IG-55 is based on itsgreater coverage over the entire height of theroom thanks to its stratification, as well as its highpenetration capabilities for electrical equipmentunder minimal overpressures.Its low cost and ease of dispersion lead to considerable savings, with the added possibilities ofbeing able to test actual discharge and use minimum pipe diameters, thanks to our dischargecontrol.From the environmental point of view, its nonexistent GWP footprint ensures safe, carbon taxand restriction-free operation, now and in thefuture.The system also allows continuous monitoring viaa simple switch or pressure gauge with contactsand, thanks to our UL / FM approvals, the designconcentration is reduced by the increased effectiveness of our equipment.FACILITY: Sala eléctrica de gran aturaHAZARD CLASS: Class C powered fireDIMENSIONS: 10.00 x 10.00 m. H 7.00 mPIPE : SCH80DESIGN CONCENTRATION: 41.59%*AGENT IG-55 REQUIRED : 376.60 m3*RG GREEN SYSTEMS design concentration as per NFPA,according to UL / FM approvals

GREEN FLOWHFC-23Agent loadingRG Green Flow IG-55404 Kg391.00 m 3Equipment4 cyl. 120 L10 cyl.140 L @ 300 barPipe usedSCH 80SCH 80Maximum diameterP max pipe networkCost of agent (recharge)GWP3’’Ø 21/2”60 bar50 bar13.100 1.900 12.000 PCA/kg0 PCA/m 3Electrical equipment rooms present the same fire hazard throughout their volume. The IG-55 agent is optimal for both high and low-lying areas, with a powerful reach capable of overcoming even densely packedareas and blockages that would hinder the action of other extinguishing agents.Producing no residual waste, the gas is dissipated by merely ventilating the area, does not damage delicateelectrical equipment, nor does it require subsequent work stoppages for cleanup. Immediate resumption ofproductive activity is critical to ensuring business continuity.

C. Alfoz de Bricia, 4 P.I. Villalonquéjar09001 BURGOS (SPAIN)No. 9, Jalan Taming 8,Taming Jaya Industrial Park,43300 Seri Kembangan, SelangorTlfno. 34 947 28 11 30Fax. 34 947 28 11 12Tel: 603 8964 5601Fax: 603 8964 5621H/P: 601 2213 3259Email: sales@aspirefpsb.comWebsite: www.aspirefpsb.comwww.rg-systems.comENGINEERING SERVICES SPECIALISING IN THE TECHNICAL CONSULTING SECTORWIDE RANGE OF EXPERIENCE AND TRACK RECORD WITH LARGE JOBSINNOVATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF ALL PRODUCTS, ENSURING THE TECHNICALFEATURES OFFEREDGUARANTEE FOR ALL PRODUCTS OF SPEED AND EFFICACY DURING WORKINGPERFORMANCEVERY COMPETITIVE PRICES ON THE MARKET

green flow advantages gas pressure control ad-vantages rg systems green flow-55 2 non reactive. unaffected in the case of moisture changes, temperature, light, etc.) pneumatic control discharge. more reliable, with less turbulence: more controlled application. better performance of the equipments over the years.

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