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Swami Shriji Table of ContentsAashirvādWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 61231017253239AppendixApp. A - How to Use This SyllabusApp. B - Sabha ArrangmentApp. C - Stuti: ShlokasApp. D - Bhajan - Shobha Sagar Shyam TamariApp. E - DhunApp. F - ThalApp. G - ArtiApp. H - Ending ShlokaApp. I - Sabha Cleanup464849505253545960USA Y OU TH S ABHAS AHAJ ANAND S W AMI M AHARAJ S E MES TERP ART I

My dear dikrāo,Jai Swaminarayan! As you know, Yogi Bapa started this weekly sabha, and he alsostressed that all children should attend every weekly sabha. Yogi Bapa andGuruvarya Param Pujya Saheb Dada shower their blessings upon all of you ‘aksharmuktos.’Do you know what you are getting from attending sabha? Let me tell you 1. You can find your identity—who you are & why Maharaj has sent you here onEarth.2. You have the company of good people, and you can learn discipline.3. You learn to do pooja, you practice every day, and you do it with concentration.4. You get good grades because you learn the art of concentration.5. You learn to love, respect, and follow your leaders, which enhancesyour personal development.6. You learn humility, how to speak respectfully, and how to perform your duties,which adds to your maturity.7. You learn the quality of leadership by learning to follow your leader.8. You make like-minded, good friends.9. You learn how to maintain a friendship, and you learn that friendlinessis Godliness.10. You never feel lonely, bored or depressed because you are always within agroup, and by working together with many more like-minded friends you developcreativity.11. You can be a good devotee, a good person (human being), and a good citizen.12. With the grace of Saheb Dada your inner potential will increase to infinity!Wow! We are getting so many things—there are lots of benefits for attending sabha! What do you think? I know! You have decided, “I will never miss weekly sabha at ANY cost!” May Maharaj, Yogi Bapa, and Saheb Dada shower their blessings upon you and make you eternally happy!Yours,Harshad Dada’s Jai Swaminarayan!2USA Y OU TH S ABHAS AHAJ ANAND S W AMI M AHARAJ S E MES TERP ART I

Swami Shriji 5 min.2 min.5 min.10 min.15 min.15 min.5 min.5 min.1 min.ShlokasDhunBhajan - Shobha Sagar Shyam TamariPrasangs - The Beginning of Swaminarayan HistoryFor JuniorsSwamini VatoStory - Being RealisticActivity - Picnic GameWord Search (for home)For SeniorsYYE - A Swaminarayan GoalThalAartiEnding ShlokaYouth Sabha Report for Week 1App. CApp. EApp. D466678App. FApp. GApp. H93USA Y OU TH S ABHAS AHAJ ANAND S W AMI M AHARAJ S E MES TERP ART I

Swami Shriji SahajanandCharitraTHE BEGINNING OF SWAMINARAYAN HISTORY—— P RASANG 1 ——Ramanand Swami had led the Uddhav Sampraday of the Vishistadwaita Philosophy with sincerityand devotion. He had heard in a prophecy that he would, one day, meet God incarnate. In August,1800, Ramanand Swami met Nilkanth Varni in Lojpur, Saurashtra. From childhood, He showed thehighest level of devotion to all murtis of God, and at the age of eleven Nilkanth left home to travelas an ascetic. For seven years, He travelled 12000 km throughout India from the northernmostreaches in the Himalayas to the southernmost tip in Kanyakumari, and from the east in Ayodhya tothe west in Saurashtra. He travelled through the scorching sun and unbearable cold learning different religious practices whilst also inspiring countless devotees to live fruitful and devoted lives. Ramanand Swami instantly realized Nilkanth’s glory and conveyed to all that Nilkanth was not just ayoung sadhu, but God incarnate.Nineteen year old Nilkanth settled into Ramanand Swami’s ashram, and became dear to all. He wassoon initiated into sainthood. Within six months of staying there, Nilkanth explained to devoteesthe values of dharma, gnan, vairagya, and bhakti. Nilkanth won over all that He met, and set standardsfor the satsang. When He asked that women and men pray separately, no one disagreed. And whenNilkanth wished to wake up at four in the morning to teach the sadhus yoga, everyone was overjoyed.Ramanand Swami felt that his life’s work was complete, as he was just a ‘drum beater’ in the playthe real actor was Nilkanth Varni. Ramanand Swami wished to bequeath Nilkanth the seat of theUddhav Sampraday. The other senior sadhus such as Muktanand Swami wholeheartedly accept Ramanand Swami’s decision.In Jetpur, the Swaminarayan history would begin with the spiritual coronation of Sahajanand Swami. Ramanand Swami was extremely joyful that day. Finally, the dream of which he had been proclaiming to the entire satsang was to come true. Ramanand Swami made arrangements for a tremendous celebration. Devotees from all corners of Gujarat were invited and provisions for an appropriate feast had been made. Several yagna were prepared and the entire village was decorated befittingthe occasion.On Monday, November 16, 1801, before sunrise, Ramanand Swami took Sahajanand Swami for aritual bath near the Bhadarganga River. Hundreds of sadhus and devotees, accompanied by a grandprocession of elephants, horse-drawn carriages, palanquins, and a marching band, followed honoring Sahajanand Swami. While Sahajanand Swami bathed, Brahmins chanted Sanskrit shloka, and thesenior sadhus performed sixteen different rituals offering worship. Thereafter, Ramanand Swamibrought Sahajanand Swami to the assembly hall. Everybody had already arrived at the hall, and theBrahmins had begun their rituals. Upon Ramanand Swami’s and Sahajanand Swami’s arrival, theentire assembly hall stood and gave a thunderous applause. There was an air of divinity as Ramanand Swami seated Sahajanand Swami on the decorative, high seat. At the conclusion of the rituals,Ramanand Swami appointed this young twenty-one year old Sahajanand as the successor and thehead of the Satsang Fellowship.4USA Y OU TH S ABHAS AHAJ ANAND S W AMI M AHARAJ S E MES TERP ART I

Swami Shriji SahajanandCharitra—— P RASANG 2 ——After the spiritual coronation was completed, Ramanand Swami faced the assembly exclaiming, “Obhakta. O sadhu! We are so lucky to be here today in the presence of this young Sahajanand Swami. Ihave been telling you for years that I was merely a drum-beater in God’s play. God is now here inthe form of Sahajanand Swami. He will establish ekantik dharma, and He will take your souls toAkshardam!”Then, Ramanand Swami applied the ritualistic chandlo on Sahajanand Swami Maharaj’s forehead.Ramanand Swami explained, “Oh Sahajanand Swami. I have established this Satsang, and today Igive it to you. For the redemption of devotees inspire dharma, gnan, bhakti, vairagya. For upasana,build mandirs and compose shastra. As your guru, I feel that I should gift you. But O SahajanandSwami! You are the supreme master and the all-doer. Please, tell me what can I offer you?”Sahajanand Swami humbly bowed down to Ramanand Swami. Facing the assembly, He spoke toRamanand Swami, “ O Ramanand Swami. You are my beloved guru. Please bless me with twoboons!” Hearing this, the entire assembly became intrigued. What possibly could Sahajanand SwamiMaharaj ask from Ramanand Swami! “ Ramanand Swami, my heart trembles to know that a devoteeof God is suffering. Please, if a devotee is to suffer pain, then let that suffering instead come to memultiplied millions of times in every pore of my body. Secondly, I pray that God’s devotee neverbe in lack of food, clothing, and shelter. These are my two wishes.”The entire assembly was struck by the heartfelt and honest prayer of Sahajanand Swami. They became emotional hearing His empathy and concern for the wellbeing of devotees. Sahajanand Swami’s prayer to Ramanand Swami concluded the official ceremony. Then, a grand procession wastaken out in Jetpur as a proclamation of the inauguration.Thereafter, Ramanand Swami called several devotees to personally meet Sahajanand Swami. Onesuch devotee was Mulji Sharma of Bhadra. Mulji was introduced to Sahajanand Swami. However,Sahajanand Swami explained to Ramanand Swami that He had already met Mulji Sharma. He explained that He has known Mulji for eternity. In fact, Mulji Sharma was the human manifestation ofheaven, Akshardham. Sahajanand Swami prophesized that Mulji Sharma would be initiated as anunsurpassed Gunatit-status sadhu.Ramanand Swami was satisfied with his work for the satsang fellowship. He had served tirelessly,visiting countless villages gathering devotees. He had propounded the Vishistadwaita Philosophy,explaining to all the benefit of a prayer to God through a God-realized Saint. He had earned theimmense grace of God, and had served as the guru of God incarnate. Ramanand Swami knew thatthe entire Satsang was in good hands. On 17 December 1801 (Magshar sud 13, Samvat 1858), whilemeditating on his seat in Faneni, Ramanand Swami left his mortal body and went to Akshardham.As news spread of Ramanand Swami’s passing away (Akshardham gaman), thousands of devoteesbecame overwhelmed with grief. At that time Sahajanand Swami took leadership and consoled everyone, “Great souls never leave this world. By obeying Swami’s commands one will not feel that hehas departed, and one will come to realize the manifest form of God.”5USA Y OU TH S ABHAS AHAJ ANAND S W AMI M AHARAJ S E MES TERP ART I

Swami Shriji Swamini Vato – Activity – StoryJUNIORSAges 5-13—— S WAMINI V ATO ——“baherāVishayne mārge āndhalā thāvu,thāvu, lulā thavu, em thavu,pan āsakta na thāvu.”On the path of sense pleasures, become blind, deaf, andlame, but do not become attached to them. Chapter 2, Vāt116.“vastraĀ lokmā be dukh chhe, te annana male ke na pache, ne tevinānu dukh to agnānnu chhe.There are two miseries in this world: not getting food andclothing or that they cannot be digested or used; apart fromthese all miseries are due to ignorance. Chapter 2, Vāt 71.“pan,Amepachāsto koti kalpa thayā joie chhiekoti jojan pruthvimā āvāsādhu nathi.”I have been observing for tens of millions of years, but thereis no Sadhu like this one on the whole of this huge Earth.Chapter 1, Vāt 291.—— P ICNIC G AME ——Materials needed: None.How to play: One person begins by thinking of a theme offood to bring to a picnic and without sharing with anyonesays, ―I‘m going on a picnic and bringing cookies.‖ This indi-vidual then lets others guess what types of food they canbring and says yes or no. If the theme were desserts, if thesecond person asked if they—— S TORY : B EING REALISTIC ——Sapna was excited because today she was going toplant a tomato garden with her dad! She had read aboutplants in her science class and her teacher had given out theseeds to the best students in the class. She had worked hardall week long in class and had earned those seeds for herself.Sapna had a big plan in mind. She was going to plant theseseeds, water and take care of the garden and then in a fewmonths, when the tomatoes grew, she was going to sell themto the neighbors. After selling the tomatoes to the neighbors,she was going to collect that money and save up so that shecould buy herself a PS3. Those were expensive and her parents had told her she had to pay half of it herself.So a couple months passed after the seeds had beenplanted and Sapna was still thinking of the PS3 she was going to buy. She had made a list of the games she wanted withit and had already cleared a space to put it in her room.However, she became impatient and was waiting for the tomatoes to show up on her plants! They were nowhere to beseen. She would go every day to water the plants and thenshe would lift up the leaves and branches to search for evena single tomato. She started getting so antsy that she wouldgo check for the tomatoes many times in the day!Sapna’s mother noticed Sapna doing this over andover again day after day. She waited for a week, and then shefinally approached Sapna and told her, “Sapna, do you knowthe reason why your tomato plant is not growing?” Sapnareplied by shaking her head. Sapna’s mother said, “You aretoo impatient! You keep touching the leaves and lifting thebranches, so the plant gets damaged day after day even as ittries to grow. Do not be so hasty.”Moral of the story: Don’t rely on something that has nothappened yet! Also phrased as, “Don’t count your chickensbefore they hatch.”Discussion QuestionsWhat kind of garden is Sapna going to be planting?How did Sapna get the seeds to start this garden?What is Sapna expecting to do with the money she makesfrom this garden?What was her mistake? What lesson is Sapna teaching usfrom this story?Swamini VatoPublished by:Copyright:Swaminarayan Aksharpith, Amdavad - 4, INDIA. Swaminarayan Aksharpith.6USA Y OU TH S ABHAS AHAJ ANAND S W AMI M AHARAJ S E MES TERP ART I


Swami Shriji Yogi Youth EditorialA SWAMINARAYAN GOALThere have been many avatars of God from the ‘fishGod’ to the ‘half man-half lion God’ all the waythrough Ram, Krishna, Jesus Christ, Moses, Allah, and Buddha. Each time God came on this earth, He imparted wisdom to His devotees. He gave techniques and instrumentsto establish righteousness and further society.Each avatar of God was successful in its own way. Matsya,the fish God, saved the first man, Manu, by advising himto build a boat before a great flood. Narasimha, the halfman-half lion, killed the tyrant Hiranyakashipu to rescuehis son, Prahlada who was a devotee. Rama Bhagwan established righteousness and killed the demon Ravana.Similarly, Krishna Bhagwan killed the evil King Kansa andshowed devotees true love. Jesus Christ and Allah desiredto redeem mankind from their sins and to join them withGod. Moses' purpose was to free the Hebrews from theEgyptians, deliver them to the promise land, and presentthe 10 commandments to the people. Buddha wisheddevotees to understand the subtle difference betweenmaterialism and spirituality, and that unhappiness stemsfrom desire.Swaminarayan Bhagwan took birth in Chhapaiya and thentraveled 12000 km across India as an ascetic. Over thecourse of His travels, He met many landlords and kingswho were so attracted by His divinity that they offeredtheir entire estates. But Swaminarayan Bhagwan alwaysbluntly refused them then one day Ramanand Swamioffers Swaminarayan Bhagwan a small, tamed religiousorganization in Gujarat, and He accepts it with openarms? In fact, Ramanand Swami had cultivated a spiritualorganization built on fundamental principles that wouldopenly invite the Swaminarayan philosophy What wasSwaminarayan Bhagwan’s goal?The answer to that lies in Swaminarayan Bhagwan’s firstname, Sahajanand Swami. Sahajanand’s literal translationis ‘to be easily happy, to have effortless inner happinessregardless of situations or circumstances around you’.When God took birth on April 3, 1781, He wished to giveHis devotees unconditional love, peace of mind,and liberation of the soul (moksha). Then God went backto Akshardham on June 1st, 1830 Awesome.ed to stay on earth, to be continually manifested througha deemed Saint. The lineage of Saints that we describetoday is a lineage of not just spiritually wise saints, but alineage of Saints that are manifestations of God. We havemet such a Saint today, Saheb Dada.Yet we still have established religious organizationthrough the Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus that believe in Krishna and Rama. Why believe in Swaminarayan Bhagwan? Remember, there is only one God.Swaminarayan Bhagwan represents the God to whom wepray, yet forms of his avatar manifested in the past asKrishna Bhagwan, as Jesus Christ, and currently as Godrealized Saints!The word of God has always been the same, but it is hardto relate to what Swaminarayan Bhagwan said 200 yearsago, or what Jesus Christ said 2000 years ago. Today Saheb Dada can easily relate the word of God to us in thismodern-day world. The difference is similar to using aregular phone versus using a iPhone. Of course, we cantext or call on either, but having an iPhone is like havingthe world in your pocket; it incorporates decades of technology in a modern way. The value in perusing Holy Scriptures is nothing compared to the word of these Godrealized Saints. In fact, these Saints are in constant communion with God and so whatever questions we have forGod can actually be asked; talking to these Saints is tantamount to talking to God!The Swaminarayan goal is to recognize that God is withus, every moment of the day, through these deemedSaints. When we know that we have personally met God,when we have hugged God, touched God, and spoken toGod, what more can we ask for? Whatever we wish toaccomplish in this world, whatever we wish to understandfrom this world, and whatever we wish to enjoy in thisworld is possible knowing that we have met God, The Creator. This time, God made sure that He did His part; Hepromised to stay with His devotees forever and everthrough Gunatit saints.This time, Swaminarayan Bhagwan did mankind a massivefavor. For the benefit of the Sampraday, he built six hugetemples, he established Acharyas, and he wrote scriptures(for example, the Shikshapatri, a code of conduct forthose devotees who want to live a fulfilling life). He decid-8USA Y OU TH S ABHAS AHAJ ANAND S W AMI M AHARAJ S E MES TERP ART I

Swami Shriji Name:Youth Sabha Center:Time/Date/Place of Sabha:Attendance:Sections Completed (check boxes accordingly): Sahajanand Charitra: The Beginning of Swaminarayan History Junior Swamini Vato Yogi Youth Editorial: A Swaminarayan Goal Junior Story: Being Realistic Junior Activity: Picninc Game Other:Outstanding Performance of the Week:Name of Certificate Winner:Please circle categories:Swamini ttendanceSuggestions:Please return this completed report to P. Swatiben Patel through email OR regular mail.E-mail address: swatiatpatel@gmail.comHome address:7005 Glorious Light PlaceColumbia, MD 210449USA Y OU TH S ABHAS AHAJ ANAND S W AMI M AHARAJ S E MES TERP ART I

Swami Shriji 5 min.2 min.5 min.10 min.15 min.15 min.5 min.5 min.1 min.ShlokasDhunBhajan - Shobha Sagar Shyam TamariPrasangs - The “Swaminarayan” MahamantraFor JuniorsSwamini VatoStory - Sudama & KrishnaActivity - Name GameWord Search (for home)For SeniorsYYE - Swaminarayan MahamantraThalAartiEnding ShlokaYouth Sabha Report for Week 1App. CApp. EApp. D111313131415App. FApp. GApp. H1610USA Y OU TH S ABHAS AHAJ ANAND S W AMI M AHARAJ S E MES TERP ART I

Swami Shriji SahajanandCharitraTHE “SWAMINARAYAN” MAHAMANTRA—— P RASANG 1 ——Ramanand Swami decided to end his stay on earth. Thinking such, he caught a fever; he lost all interest in food, and grew seriously weak. As he departed, he sat in a meditative posture, and badefarewell to devotees explaining, “Sahajanand Swami is God. He is the source of everything, and Hecontrols everything. He is Lord Krishna and He is Lord Rama. Believe Him and stay in His service.I was simply a puppet of Varni by bringing you all together. This Varni will spread Ekantik Dharma, and He will take you all to heaven.”On Thursday, December 17, 1801, Ramanand Swami breathed his last. Every devotee plunged intoremembrance and mourning. Sahajanand Swami consoled all the devotees, asking them to takestrength in their inner spirituality, “The spiritually great never leave this earth. Think of RamanandSwami, and he will be with you.”For thirteen days, Sahajanand Swami and Muktanand Swami performed death rites to relieve thesadness of the devotees of Ramanand Swami. Then Sahajanand Swami began to cultivate theSatsang. He preached moral and ethical standards, attracting devotees. He asked that the saints develop virtues of truth, compassion, purity, tolerance, non-violence, service, self-control, and piety.He asked the devotees to abstain from eating meat and drinking alcohol, to practice ahimsa, to never commit suicide, nor to steal from or slander anyone. Through Sahajanand Swami’s discourses,devotees’ hearts refilled wit

USA YOUTH SABHA SAHAJANAND SWAMI MAHARAJ SEMESTER PART I Swami Shriji Table of Contents Aashirvād App. B Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 App. F Week 5 Week 6 App. I 1 2 App. A 3 App. C 10 17 25 32 39 App. H

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