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Minnesota Pollution Control AgencyInformation Referral IndexNovember 2021PHONE ll Management Section (MDH)#ABANDONED WELLSGeneral InformationMDH651-757-2507Sharon KroeningAbandoned MPCA Monitoring WellsEAO/WA/GSSee STORAGE TANKSABOVE GROUND STORAGE TANKS651-757-2182Lynette DinnebierAccounts Payable, Expense Reports, 51-757-2831Joanne SingsaasAndrea SobaskiJennifer OlsonNou S/FAB/AUOS/FAB/AU651-757-2635Kari Palmer#A#ACCOUNTING / #ACCOUNTS / #FISCAL SERVICESReceivablePayable, Expense Reports, PayrollReceivable, Invoice QuestionsPayable, Payroll#ACID RAINEAO/AA/AMU#ADVISORY COMMITTEE651-757-2026651-757-2026#AGRICULTURAL RUNOFF651-757Ralph GroschenDuty Officer#AGRICULTURECommission on EthanolHerbicide / Pesticide Spills EMISSION INVENTORYForms and Instructions, Electronic Reporting Guidance651-757-2332Nate EdelData Entry and Submittal (No E-Services Help)651-757-2728651-282-6143E-ServicesSmall Bus. Environ. Asstistance Prog.651-757-2123Beckie IC SAFETYDMR / eDMR Technical Supporte-Services Account IssuesEmission Calculation / CalculatorsToxics Emission InventoryCriteria Emission Inventory, Data Entry and SubmittalSubmittal AgreementAll Other IssuesShutdown/Breakdown -shutdownbreakdown-form651-201-4601Indoor Air Unit (MDH)#AIR, INDOORIn HomeMDH651-757-2794Katie Rinker#AIR MONITORINGQuality AssuranceEAO/EDQ651-757-2192Kurt Anderson651-757-2084Ashley OlsonAlso see PRE-APPLICATION U#AIR PERMITING QUESTIONSFacility / Owner Name orms-and-online-submittals Forms and InformationBeckie OlsonBeckie OlsonBeckie OlsonBeckie OlsonSmall Business Assistance Helpline knows what forms to use / needs a copy of a form.Status of Permit ApplicationHave or need Title V, Part 70, General or Capped PermitNo permit/don't know what kind of permit/related to sectors not listed belowRegistration Permits and small businesses (with or without permit) eg:abrasive blasting, assembly, auto body repair, emergency generators, foodprocessing, feed mills, grain elevators, machining, metal fabrication, painting& coating, small boilers, woodworking.Account creation, submitter authorization, e-reporting guidance (air emissionsinventory electronic reporting website)Data entry, inventory submittal and all other questionsIND/AQP1IND/AQP1IND/AQP1IND/AQP1Data entry, inventory submittal and all other questionse-Services account issues651-757-2728651-282-6143Small Business Environmental Assistance ProgramEmission Calculation e FILE REVIEWBruce BraatenCopy of Permit or Permit-related RecordsBiomass (Air -201-4601Air Quality Complaints (Recording)Air Quality Complaints (Online Form)RecordingDaniel DixInformationIndoor Air Unit (Dept. of Health)651-296-7300612-673-5897651-757-2635Air Quality Complaints (Recording)City of Mpls. Environmental Mgmt.Kari Palmer#AIR POLLUTIONAir Quality itizen-complaintsAir Quality Index (AQI) RecordingAir Quality IndexAsbestos Health FactsClean Indoor Air ActEmissions InventoryMinneapolis Complaints, IndustrialMinneapolis Complaints, Private HomesMonitoring Outdoor Air 7-2757651-757-2716651-296-4639Anne JacksonFrank KohlaschEPA Region VEPA Region VIndoor Air Unit (MDH)Deepa deAlwisFrank KohlaschCurt StockMarc SeverinBuilding Code & Standards Division#AIR QUALITYAir ToxicsAttainment / Non-Attainment AreasAir Conditioning / Refrigeration / CFCsCFC ProgramIndoor Air Quality IssuesPM 2.5 AttainmentRules and Regs, Federal(Non-Permit)Stack Emission Testing - General QuestionsStack Emission Testing - General QuestionsState Buildings651-296-7300Page 1 of PEAO/AAIND/CEAQIND/CEAQADMIN

Minnesota Pollution Control AgencyInformation Referral IndexNovember 2021PHONE NO.CONTACT651-757-2326651-297-1630Daniel DixRecordingAir Quality Index Web Page651-757-2500Frank Kohlasch651-757-2192Kurt AndersonTOPIC/SUBTOPIC#AIR QUALITY QUALITY, STATE IMPLEMENTATION PLANORGANIZATIONEAO/AA/REAMEAO/AAEAO/AA#AIR TOXICS MONITORING612-253-4400FAA / Flight Standards District Office612-726-9411Sound Abatement Line651-757-2822651-757-2629Water Quality Direct LineMary Connor (Public Info Office)651-296-5175Energy Information Center651-757-2392651-757-2507Wayne GjerdeSharon 1-6121Complaints (Recording)Duty OfficerDuty OfficerMN Department of Agriculture651-201-6275Ed Kaiser651-296-2942EAO/AA/AMU#AIRPLANE POLLUTION#ALGAE IN LAKES / #BLUE-GREEN ALGAEComplaints/Questions/ReportingMedia Calls re: Blue-green Algae#ALTERNATIVE ENERGY#ALUMINUMCOMMERCERMA/SW/SMM#AMBIENT GROUND WATER MONITORING#AMMONIAComplaintsEmergencyEmergency - Toll Free lineInformation / Regulations#ANHYDROUS AMMONIA TANKSAlso see PRE-APPLICATION MTG.#ANIMAL / / Owner Name ChangeAgriculture LiaisonCarcass DisposalBoard of Animal HealthFAA#AIRPORT NOISE ABATEMENTEAO/WA/GSIND/BSU1PUBLIC SAFETYPUBLIC SAFETYAGRICULTUREAGRICULTURECO/BOARD OF ANIMAL HEALTHFEEDLOT CONTACTS / PERMIT APP. 0-894-5866320-212-1910651-757-2834Rhonda AdkinsKourtney FrankMichelle OieMolly CostinLisa ScheirerDavid MalakowskyMark GernesSara GernesDana LeibfriedNick TimmermanJosh KircherWilliam MartensPaul BrietzkePeter KuisleSteve SchmidtToby SunderlandRandy HukriedeGeorge SchwintToby SunderlandBrian HetchlerBrainerdBrainerd - West Unit Feedlots - Feedlot InspectionsDelegated County Feedlot Program LeadDetroit LakesDetroit isorWillmarFeedlot Program ManagerFeedlot Rule/Engineering/Manure Storage/Ponds/Basins/LagoonsFeedlot Engineering/Manure Storage/Ponds/Basin/LagoonsFeedlot Engineering/Manure Storage/Ponds/Basin/LagoonsSee WHITE GOODSAPPLIANCE AQUACULTURE507-476-4254See HAZARDOUS WASTE, METROSee HAZARDOUS WASTECounty OfficeTeresa Gilbertson651-757-2811507-344-5243Matthew WebbJoshua Burman651-201-6697Cathy ironment/asbestos/index.html651-201-4620Indoor Environments Unit 644218-302-6628Indoor Environments Unit (MDH)Fax Number for Submitting FormsVonda SandersColin BoysenConnor Hegrenes218-302-6628507-476-4258507-206-2646Connor HegrenesChris GreenJacob Brady#ANTI-FREEZEDisposal Business (Metro)Disposal-Business (Outstate)Households - 1st ChoiceHouseholds - 2nd Choice#ARCHITECTURAL PAINT#ARSENIC CACHES#ASBESTOS / DEMOLITIONCertification / Licensing of Asbestos Abatement Companies, InspectorsResidential Abatement - Homeowner Inquiries (e.g., List of LicensedContractors / Asbestos Abatement Companies)Fax - Asbestos & DemolitionNotification Submittal AssistanceAsbestos LeadBrainerdDetroit LakesDuluthMarshallRochester#ASHPage 2 of 31RMA/CBA/BARefer to A/SWMURMA/SWMURMA/SWMU

Minnesota Pollution Control AgencyInformation Referral IndexNovember 2021PHONE 476-4258507-206-2646Scott ParrConnor HegrenesConnor HegrenesChris GreenJacob Brady651-757-2449Abdi MURMA/SWMURMA/SWMUGreg KvaalAnthony BelloSherri NachtigalGreg KvaalJulie HendersonManagementMetro DistrictDetroit Lakes / North DistrictDuluth / North DistrictMarshall / South DistrictRochester / South DistrictSolid Waste Utilization, Utilization RulesIncinerator / Ash 96-7300651-282-6143800-657-3938Air Quality Complaints (Recording)Air Quality Complaints (Recording)Small Business AssistanceSmall Business Assistance Toll Free#ASPHALT PLANTSAir Quality Complaints 1-757-2545Justin HauschildDeborah KloozJean ColemanAdonis NeblettCarmen NettenDavid StellmachJoseph DammelMichelle Janson#ATTORNEYS / #LEGAL SERVICES UNITMPCA Law ClerkMPCA ParalegalMPCA Staff AttorneyMPCA Staff AttorneyMPCA Staff AttorneyMPCA Staff AttorneyMPCA Staff AttorneyMPCA Staff Attorney651-757-2830Kathy Kepulis#ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICEInformation - Route calls to internal counsel.651-373-2587651-757-2582651-757-2671Sean Phillips - Main ContactDeborah SchreifelsTim SorensenSee ENVIRO. AUDIT -2383#AUDIO / #VIDEO COORDINATORSCell PhoneEAO / RMA Divisions#AUTOS, SabaColin BoysenChris GreenJon Gegen#AUTO ( #MOTOR VEHICLE ) SALVAGE YARDSHazardous Waste Management IssuesGuidance ManualBrainerd RegionDuluth RegionMarshall RegionRochester RegionRMA/SWMURMA/SWS/SWMURMA/SWMUIND/HWCESolid Waste IssuesMary WestDave BodovinitzBrian SchweissSamantha AdamsWater Quality Issues - Industrial StormwaterComplaints & No Exposure - Northern MNComplaints & No Exposure - Southern MNIndustrial Stormwater Engineering QuestionsPermit ily SchnickJohn ThomasBriam Schweiss#BALLAST WATER PROGRAM (VESSEL DISCHARGE)General InformationPermit ComplianceTechnical Questions651-296-7300Air Quality Complaints U#AUDITS, SELFRefer to County Zoning / Enviro. OfficeRefer to county of ALLOON RELEASESee BURNINGBARRELS (USED FOR 4-5250507-206-2621651-757-2532Chad AndersonJim Courneya (Detroit Lakes)Amy AdrihanScott MacLean (Mankato)Justin Watkins (Rochester)Brian Livingston#BASIN MANAGEMENTUpper MississippiRed RiverLake Superior Basin, RainyMinnesota River, Des Moines, MissouriLower Mississippi, CedarSt. Croix612-348-3777Hennepin County RecyclingRefer to CountyJohn Gilkesonor www.rbrc.orgWeights and Measures DivisionJohn GilkesonSee HAZARDOUS WASTE, METROSee HAZARDOUS WASTE#BATTERY DISPOSAL / RECYCLINGGeneral Information on DisposalHousehold DisposalHousehold (including vehicle batteries)RecyclingSign Posting RequirementsSpent Lead AcidBusiness Disposal - (Including Vehicle) MetroBusiness Disposal - (Including Vehicle) OutstateSee SWIMMING BEACH 821651-757-2391651-282-6143800-657-3938Small Business AssistanceSmall Business Assistance - Toll Free#BEST MANAGEMENT PRACTICESPage 3 of RWWAT/SEWWAT/SERWWATRMA/SEA/PSPPUB SERVRMA/SEA/PSPRMA/CBA/BARMA/CBA/BARMA/CBA/BA

Minnesota Pollution Control AgencyInformation Referral IndexNovember 2021PHONE NO.CONTACT651-757-2272Jim ChilesTOPIC/SUBTOPIC#BEVERAGE CONTAINERSDeposit o see ETHANOLBruce BraatenDoug Wetzstein#BIOFUELSGeneral Prog / Project-specific Questions / Air PermittingPolicy QuestionsIND/AQP1IND/218-316-3919651-757-2515Scott NiemelaKim Laing#BIOLOGICAL WATER MONITORINGNorthern CountiesSouthern CountiesEAO/SWM/NBMUEAO/SWM/SBMU507-206-2607Bruce Braaten612-676-5414Bioterrorism Unit (Dept. of Health)See ALGAE651-757-2427Bruce ND/AQP1MDHBLUE-GREEN ALGAE#BMPs, POLLUTANT TRADINGDepartment of Natural Resources#BOATToiletsSee AIR PERMITTING#BOILER PERMITS (POWER PLANTS / FACTORIES)EAODNR#BOOKSTORE / #MINNESOTA'S BOOKSTOREGeneral Phone Number (to 4 pm)Toll Free Line (to 4 2830#BIOTOXIC INCIDENTS (MAJOR)#BOARD OF WATER & SOIL RESOURCES ( #BWSR )Board of Water and Soil Resources (2nd Floor)651-296-3767651-259-5400#BIOMASS (AIR PERMITTING)ORGANIZATIONKathy KepulisStacey Hendry-VanPattenAmy HadiarisAmy IELDSPetroleum Brownfield (PBP) General InformationVIC General InformationVIC Program Supervisor/Non Petroleum OnlyMN Targeted Brownfield Assesment Program (MNTBAP)REM/PR3REM/PR3REM/RUREM/PR3BWSRBoard of Water and Soil Resources (2nd Floor)651-296-3767#BUILDING MAINTENANCE / #PROPERTY MAINT.Building/Property Maintenance - Urgent MattersBuilding/Property Maintenance - Back-upBuilding Maintenance / Property MaintenanceFluorescents / Lights, Modular Furniture - St. Paul OnlyOPS/FM/FSUConnor HegrenesKlayton VanOverbekeJacob BradyTim Oland - DNR#BURNING / #BURN / #FIRE TRAININGAsh Disposal / Fire TrainingMetroBrainerdDetroit LakesDuluthMarshallRochester-MankatoFire Training MUDNR651-757-2638507-206-2644Scott ParrColin BoysenBurning 4258507-206-2646Also see DEMOLITIONVonda SandersColin BoysenConnor HegrenesColin BoysenConnor HegrenesChris GreenJacob Brady#Intent to DemolishNotification of Submittal AssistanceMetroBrainerdDetroit 5288888-646-6367Greg Vollhaber - DNRLinda Gormanson - DNRInformation - DNROpen BurningComplaintsPermitsToll Free ll Business Assistance HelplineSmall Business Assistance - Toll FreeRocky SiskWayne GjerdeRocky SiskJeannie GivenColleen Hetzel#BUSINESS ASSISTANCECompliance, Regulations, Best Mgmt Practices, Small Business Asst., PollutionRMA/EBA/BCFLPrevention Asst.See AboveRMA/CBA/BABusiness ExpansionsRMA/SEA/CBSMarket DevelopmentRMA/SW/SMMNew BusinessesRMA/SEA/CBSSolid Waste AsstRMA/SW/SMMSolid Waste Source ReductionRMA/SEA/PSP651-757-2064Pat Hale-Fulgern651-424-6273Paula AndersonEmail651-757-2496MN MPCA -302-6628Scott ParrConnor 2-2688651-757-2742651-757-2182Samantha Koski (Central Services)Andrea SobaskiLynette Dinnebier#BUSINESS CARDS#BUSINESS EXPENSESPrimary contactBackup#BUSINESS SYSTEMSPage 4 of 31OD/OPD/BSU2

Minnesota Pollution Control AgencyInformation Referral IndexNovember 2021PHONE NO.651-757-2113CONTACTCharles Pattain651-757-2343Melissa Peck651-649-5451800-422-0798Duty OfficerDuty OfficerTOPIC/SUBTOPICService Center#BUY RECYCLED#BYPASSES / #OVERFLOWSEmergenciesToll Free LineORGANIZATIONOS/BSURMA/SW/SMMPUB SAFETYPUB SAFETY#C651-225-8749Taher Dining#CAFETERIACAFETERIA651-366-4702Safety Rest Area Program (MnDOT)#CAMPER DUMPSTATION mpstationslist.pdf651-757-2347651-201-4601Innocent EyohIndoor Air Information#CARBON MONOXIDECars and TrafficPoisoningEAO/AA/APMDH651-296-2942Board of Animal Health#CARCASS DISPOSALCarcass DisposalBOARD OF ANIMAL HEALTHSee RECYCLING#CARPETRefer to local unit of governmentJoshua BurmanRefer to Industrial Wastewater#CAR WASH REGULATIONSTemporary EventPermanent / Commercial SolidsPermanent / Commercial WastewaterAlso see VEHICLE TAMPERINGJanice Noggle#CATALYTIC CONVERTERSFact Sheet (also available online)See RECYCLING#CEMENT507-344-5243651-757-2628#CENTRAL SUPPLY / SUPPLY CABINETS / ORDERS651-556-0572651-556-0571651-556-2309Becky GodboutKatie CoyneCandice -757-2072218-302-6610651-757-2072651-757-2103EPA Region VQuigley, JenaleeBrenda TischlerDiane BelangerJeff BrandonDiane BelangerTracy Finch#CERTIFICATIONSAir Conditioning / Refrigeration / CFCsClass A and B Operators Exam (Underground Storage Tanks)Septic SystemsSolid Waste Facility / Landfill Operators, InspectorsUnderground Storage Tank ContractorsWaste Combustion Operators CertificationWastewater & Sludge Facility Operators651-757-2457651-757-2621Al InnesCathy O'Dell#CHEMICALS IN PRODUCTS/INTERAGENCY TEAMMain ContactBack-up ContactRefer to city office#CHLORIDE DISCHARGE (SWIMMING POOLS)Peter Ciborowski#CHLOROFLUOROCARBONS (CFCs)MN Rules / Backup QSEAO/AA/ AIR PERMITTING#CHROMIUM ELECTROPLATING (FOR SMALL BUSINESS)651-757-2874651-757-2110Shannon MartinWaverly Reibel#CITIZEN LAKE MONITORING PROGRAMMain ContactProgram non Martin#CITIZEN STREAM MONITORINGMain -4601Frank KohlaschIndoor Air Information651-757-2807Rebecca Place651-757-2218Eric David#CLEAN AIR ACTFederal, OutdoorState, Indoor#CLEAN AIR MINNESOTA INITIATIVE651-757-2384651-757-2670Paul GardnerJeff Risberg651-757-2748Kurtis Soular651-757-2568Laura Millberg507-206-2600#CLEAN DIESEL / #IDLE REDUCTION / #RETROFITS#CLEAN WATER COUNCILAdministrator#CLEAN WATER, LAND & LEGACY AMENDMENT#CLEAN WATER PARTNERSHIP LOANS#CLIMATE ADAPTATION/RESILIENCESee GLOBAL WARMING#CLIMATE CHANGESherri Nachtigal#COAL ASHMetro OPS/FAB/FOURMA/SEA/CBSRMA/SW/SWPUPage 5 of 31

Minnesota Pollution Control AgencyInformation Referral IndexNovember 2021PHONE NO.218-316-3856CONTACTDaniel Vleck651-757-2511651-757-2219507-206-2600Greg KvaalAnthony BelloSherri Nachtigal651-757-2732Todd Smith657-757-2457507-206-2610Alister InnesBrian Green651-276-6243Angela 51-757-2024651-757-2900Commissioner's Main Office PhoneDonya Dawson651-201-7417EPCRA Program651-296-7300218-835-3162Complaints (Recording)Greg Vollhaber - DNRSee Hazardous Waste EnforcementSee Hazardous Waste by RegionAngela BrindamourEnbridge Line 3 PICBrainerdDetroit A/SWMURMA/SW/SWPURMA/PSWM/SWPRMA/SWPU#COAL TAR-BASED SEALER BANState Wide BanMUN/SWPerferred Alternatives, Questions from Retail Outlets / Suppliers / CommericialRMA/CERR/PSPApplicatorsCompliance ER'S OFFICEExecutive Aide (Peter Tester)(Katrina Kessler, Kirk Koudelka, Darin Broton)(Craig McDonnell, Helen Waquai)COCOCOCOCO#COMMUNITY RIGHT TO KNOWDept of Public Safety#COMPLAINTSAir QualityOpen BurningHazardous WasteIllegal DumpingMetro Area, Hazardous WasteAnoka CountyCarver CountyDakota CountyHennepin CountyRamsey CountyScott CountyWashington CountyIND/BSU1DNRAnoka CountyCarver CountyDakota CountyHennepin CountyRamsey CountyScott CountyWashington County612-673-2301InformationCity of MinneapolisMinneapolis Pollution Control 651-757-2637651-757-2238651-757-2215Jeff WeiteBryan OlsonSteven LaRoqueJeff BrandonWill LeeCarey MattisonZachary KlausJake MuellerBen PalmquistJenalee QuigleyChris BashorStorage Tanks, Aboveground & UndergroundBrainerd OfficeDetroit Lakes officeDetroit Lakes officeDuluth officeMankato officeMarshall officeRochester officeTwin City Metro officeTwin City Metro officeTwin City Metro officeTwin City Metro 2-6620507-476-4258507-206-2646Scott ParrConnor HegrenesHeidi KroeningChris GreenJacob BradySolid Waste - Mismanagement ComplaintsMetro -316-3929HelplineTim LuedtkeKlayton VanOverbekeSteven OscarsonNick KramerAaron PatrickSSTS - Subsurface Sewage Treatment SystemsComplaints (Technical)Back-UpDuluthMarshallRochesterDetroit 57-2204507-206-2650Chandi McCrakenMolly BaumannMark HugebackRefer to REGIONAL OFFICESWater Quality ComplaintsIndustrial Complaints - MetroMunicipal Complaints - MetroMunicipal Complaints - MetroMunicipal Complaints - RochesterMunicipal Complaints - RegionsIND/CE/LWQPIND/WQCEIND/WQCEMUN/WQCERefer to Regional OfficesDuty Officer (24/7)Duty Officer (24/7) - Toll FreeWater Quality - Dumping, Pumping, Spills, DischargesDepartment of Public SafetyDepartment of Public SafetyPUB SAFETYPUB 2606Jeff UddLee GanskeAaron LucksteinWater Quality-Natural Conditions Lakes & Rivers onlyWater Quality Direct LineDuluthMankato / 348651-757-2219Tim FarnanScott ParrTim FarnanTim FarnanTim FarnanTony Bello651-757-2511651-757-2219507-206-2600Greg KvaalAnthony BelloSherri NachtigalComposting, Outstate Locations#COMPOSTING / #FOOD WASTEBackyard /IndustrialEnforcement - MetroFood WasteGeneral InformationMunicipal Solid Waste GrantsMunicipal Solid Waste Permits - Metro DistrictDetroit LakesDuluthMarshallRochesterOutstate MA/SWPUConsult local unit of Government800-422-0798Page 6 of 31

Minnesota Pollution Control AgencyInformation Referral IndexNovember 2021PHONE 3CONTACTRachel KennedySherry BockSherri NachtigalShelly Siewert651-757-2324Bill Dunn651-757-2211Amanda CottonTOPIC/SUBTOPICPetroleum Contaminated SoilSewage SludgePermitted FacilitiesYard Waste / Permit By Rule#COMPREHENSIVE LAND USE PLANNING#COMPUTER DISPOSAL#COMPUTER HELP DESK651-757-2200Consult local unit of 7-2064651-757-2496Reserve through OutlookSamantha KoskiPat Hale-FulgernSamantha Koski651-757-2116Sarah Tipler-Smart#CONFERENCE ROOM COORDINATORSReservationsLower Level and 1st FloorVideo Conference and 1st Floor2nd Floor5th Floor6th 656507-344-5249507-476-4275507-206-2617Sean PhillipsDeAnne PierzinskiGayle DretschSherry MottonenCarrie ZempelSharri VanDeWieleJody BreuerSCHEDULING FOR OUTSIDE AGENCIESSt. PaulBrainerdDetroit LakesDuluthMankatoMarshallRochesterSee DEMOLITION#CONSTRUCTION WASTE651-757-2757651-757-2716218-302-6618Curt StockMarc SeverinLad Strzok#CONTINUOUS EMISSION MONITORS / STACK 757-2496Candice Christensen (Service Center)Samantha Koski651-757-2684651-757-2688Mark RustPeder Sandhei651-757-2460Anne -6628507-476-4258507-206-2646Scott ParrConnor HegrenesRoss ProvowConnor HegrenesChris GreenJacob Brady#CREOSOTE / #RAILROAD TIESDISPOSALMetroBrainerdDetroit 201-5000Ross ProvowMinnesota Department of HealthINFORMATIONAir-related IssuesHealth IssuesIND/LACMDHRefer to County Solid Waste Office#CURB-SIDE RECYCLING651-757-2090Paul Pestano#DATA MANAGEMENTAir, RCRA, Wastewater651-757-2548Chris Malec#COPY SERVICES#COUNTY SOLID WASTE METRO AREA MASTER og/home (selectMPCA Data Desk)#DATA PRACTICESOPS/DS/DAOD/LSU#DATA Paul Pestano218-302-6628507-476-4258507-206-2646Connor HegrenesChris GreenJacob Brady#DEMOLITION / #CONSTRUCTION WASTEAbatement Company / Contractor / Inspector LicensingHomeowner Inquiries (e.g., List of Licensed Contractors)Fax - Demolition & AsbestosVerification of faxes receivedMetroBrainerdDetroit 47Joe SabaRaj Heck#DENTAL WASTEHAZARDOUS WASTE MANAGEMENT ISSUESBrainerd RegionDuluth /divs/eh/asbestos/index.htmlIndoor Environments Unit (MDH)Indoor Environments Unit (MDH)Vonda SandersScott ParrConnor HegrenesPage 7 of A/SWMURMA/SWMURMA/SWMUIND/LAC/HWCU

Minnesota Pollution Control AgencyInformation Referral IndexNovember 2021PHONE NO.507-476-4258651-757-2383CONTACTChris GreenJon Gegen651-757-2391218-302-6640John GilkesonJaramie Logelin507-344-5243Joshua BurmanTOPIC/SUBTOPICMarshall RegionRochester RegionAMALGAM SEPARATOR STANDARDS & FEDERAL DENTAL NERINFECTIOUS WASTEHazardous or Infectious Dental Waste - BackupIND/HWCE#DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES ( #DNR )Gift ShopMain NumberToll Free eneral Information612-749-9569Dennis Wasley#DETERGENT (PHOSPHORUS)EAO/WA/EL651-757-2218Eric David#DIESEL EMISSIONS REDUCTION ACT (DERA)CoordinatorRMA/SEA/CBSU651-757-2218Eric David#DIESEL RETROFITSRMA/SEA/CBSAngela Preimesberger#DIOXINIn SedimentsIn WaterEAO/WA/WQSUEAO/WA/WQS#DIRECT DEPOSIT / #PAYROLLJoan 1-757-2613651-757-2692Tamara DahlBelinda NicholasJennifer SatnikSee PERMITS651-757-2687218-846-8118David SahliPaul Scheirer#DISCHARGE MONITORING REPORTS (#DMR )OPS/DS/DAOPS/DS/DAOPS/DS/DA#DISCHARGE PERMIT#DISCHARGE WASTEWATER TREATMENT PONDSMUN/WW/MRIFMUN/WW/WQC&ESee DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL DNRSee FILE Cody RobinsonHelplineTim LuedtkeKlayton VanOverbekeSteve OscarsonAaron PatrickNick terBrainerdDetroit 1-757-2480Emily SchnickLogan Quiggle#DREDGING PERMITS (#DREDGE)Navigational - Public Waters Only (Lakes / Rivers)Sediment removal from constucted collection and conveyance c Water Supply Unit (MDH)Well Management Unit (MDH)#DRINKING WATERPublic (City) WaterWell Water / Private WellsMDHMDH#DRUG 7-2383651-757-2801Joe SabaRaj HeckChris GreenJon GegenJennifer VolkmanMetro (Anoka, Carver, Chisago, Dakota, Hennepin, Isanti, Ramsey, Scott,Washington, Wright)Brainerd RegionDuluth RegionMarshall RegionRochester-Mankato 0651-757-2176Jennifer HaasSondra CampbellNathan CooleyAngela Bourdaghs#DRY CLEANINGCleanup and Dry Cleaner FundCleanup and Dry Cleaner FundHazardous Waste RulesDry Cleaner Grant - PERC 51-366-4702651-757-2699Safety Rest Area Program (MnDOT)Emily Schnick#DUMPING TRAVEL TRAILER / #CAMPER / #RV tt ParrConnor Hegrenes218-302-6628507-476-4258507-206-2646Connor HegrenesChris GreenJacob Brady#DUMPSMetroBrainerdDetroit MURMA/SWMURMA/SWMURMA/SWMU612-508-8682Hans NeveVoluntary CleanupREM/VIC/ERElise DoucetteMDH: / Sand & Gravel QuarriesChemical Dust Suppressants & Water QualityIndoors from RemodelingContact local law enforcement and/or pharmacy651-757-2316651-201-4601Page 8 of QPU

Minnesota Pollution Control AgencyInformation Referral IndexNovember 2021PHONE NO.CONTACT651-296-7300651-757-2700651-296-7300Air Quality Complaints (Recording)Ross ProvowAir Quality Complaints hallCall Rochester 3529Dept. of Public Safety (24/7)Dept. of Public Safety (24/7)#DUTY OFFICER (Department of Public Safety)Toll free lineTDD LineTDD Watts LineAlso see ETHANOL#E-85 FUEL ( #E85 FETYSAFETYSAFETYSAFETY#E651-757-2807Rebecca Place651-757-2830Kathy Kepulis651-757-2163Jason MoranKaren Van CBS#EARTH DAY DISPLAYS ( #DISPLAYS )#EBOLAREM/EMU#ECO EXPERIENCESee DISCHARGE MONITORING REPORTS#EDMRs#EDMRsSee RESOURCE CENTER#EDUCATION CLEARINGHOUSECarol SindenPeter CiborowskiAmanda CottonMN Duty OfficerMN Duty Officer - Toll FreeJason MoranRyan StafneMichael SchulteKayla HovdeMark SmithMark SmithCraig SchaferMike RoseDorene Fier-TuckerRyan RicciEAO/WA/EL#ELECTRICITY DEREGULATION / ENERGYEAO/AA/AP#ELECTRONICS / #TV RECYCLING (#E WASTE )Computers, Monitors, Televisions and Related Items#EMERGENCY RESPONSE PROGRAMReporting Emergencies 24/7Reporting Emergencies 24/7MetroMetroMetroDuluthBrainerdDetroit LakesMarshallRochesterProgram SupervisorProgram Manager#EMISSIONSystem Disclosure651-223-5969RMA/CBA/SD#EFFLUENT LIMITS for 7Q10 F

651-757-2762 Deborah Klooz MPCA Paralegal: 651-757-2631 Jean Coleman MPCA Staff Attorney: 651-757-2791 Adonis Neblett MPCA Staff Attorney: 651-757-2017 Carmen Netten MPCA Staff Attorney: 651-757-2759 David Stellmach MPCA Staff Attorney: 651-757-2247 Joseph Dammel MPCA Staff Attorney: 651-757-2545 Michelle Janson MPCA Staff Attorney: #ATTORNEY .

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AQA A LEVEL SOCIOLOGY BOOK TWO Topic 1 Functionalist, strain and subcultural theories 1 Topic 2 Interactionism and labelling theory 11 Topic 3 Class, power and crime 20 Topic 4 Realist theories of crime 31 Topic 5 Gender, crime and justice 39 Topic 6 Ethnicity, crime and justice 50 Topic 7 Crime and the media 59 Topic 8 Globalisation, green crime, human rights & state crime 70

Convertible debt after adoption of ASU 2020-06 FG 6 was updated to discuss the accounting for convertible debt after the adoption of ASU 2020-06, Debt with Conversion and Other Options (Subtopic 470-20) and Derivatives and Hedging-Contracts in an Entity's Own Equity (Subtopic 815- 40). The discussion includes accounting for

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