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January 2021New Products& Series ExpansionsSee additional pages for dimensional informationNew Product Listing1874 - HSS Step Drill with Hex ShankSeries Expansions1898T Jobber Length - TiN1896 Screw Machine - Black Oxide2874 - HSS Step Reamer - Black Oxide1806 HSS Extra Length Drill - Black Oxide0450 Combination Drill & Tap2619 HSS Straight Shank Car Reamer - Black & Gold3100 - Carbide Fiberglass Router - Plain End - Uncoated1894 HSS GP Taper Shank - Black Oxide0462 HSS NPT Regular Thread3100 - Carbide Fiberglass Router - Bur End - Uncoated3100 - Carbide Fiberglass Router - Mill End - Uncoated0650 Carbon Hex Die3100 - Carbide Fiberglass Router - Drill End - Uncoated3101 - Carbide Fiberglass & Composite Router - Uncoated4500 & 4501 - HSS Annular Cutters and 4502 Locator PinSee the reverse side forNew and AddedCleveland Brand Products1

January 2021New Products& Series ExpansionsSee additional pages for dimensional informationNew Product ListingCarbide Common Shank Drill 3xD-AlTiNCFRP - Diamond Coated,Carbon Fiber - Reinforced Polymer11001 - Carbide CountersinkUncoated3200 - CFRP Fine Pitch - Nicked RouterCarbide Common Shank Drill 5xD-AlTiNCarbide Common Shank Drill 8xD-AlTiNCarbide Common Shank Drill 12xD-AlTiN3201 - CFRP Comp Ruffer - Semi Finish11003 - Carbide Countersink3 Flute - Uncoated3202 - CFRP Comp Finisher3203 - CFRP Herringbone Finisher11006 - Carbide Countersink6 Flute - Uncoated1799 - Carbide Spot Drill - AlTiNSeries Expansions1727 - Carbide Jobber Length DrillUncoatedCEM-SE4 Carbide End MillGreenfield Industries, Inc.gfii.com2501 Davis Creek Road, Seneca, SC 29678 USAstandard.distributors@gfii.com national.distributors@gfii.comPhone 800.348.2885 Fax 800.892.4290See the reverse side forNew and AddedCle-Line Brand Products2

January 2021New Products1874 - HSS Step Drill with Hex ShankStep Description3/16-1/2 x 1/161/8-1/2 x 1/32DecimalEquivalent.1875-.5000.1250-.5000Hole Sizes3/16-1/21/8-1/2ShankDiameter1/4 Hex1/4 HexOverallLength3-1/83-1/8BrightC20310C20311Part NumberTiNC20312C203132874 - HSS Step Reamer - Black OxideSet includes oneof each sizePart number: C20303Step Description5/16 to 9/16 x 1/169/16 to 13/16 x 1/1613/16 tp 1-1/16 x 1/16Hole Sizes5/16 to 9/169/16 to 13/1613/16 to 1-1/15DecimalEquivalent.3125 to .5625.5625 to .8125.8125 to 1.0625ShankDiameter3/83/83/8Part NumberBlack OxideC20300C20301C20302StepLength1/21/21/22619 HSS Straight Shank Car Reamer - Black & 25Diameterat 850.6480.7130.778Lengthof 3.8753.8753.8753.875Lengthof ii.com standard.distributors@gfii.comPhone 800.348.2885 Fax 800.892.4290Numberof Flutes4445555555555Helix25 LHS25 LHS25 LHS25 LHS25 LHS25 LHS25 LHS25 LHS25 LHS25 LHS25 LHS25 LHS25 00.5000.500Part 4009C24010C24011C24012C24013C240143

January 2021New ProductsContinued3100 - Carbide Fiberglass Router - UncoatedPlain 6666661/41/41/41/41/41/45/1683/810121/2Bur of 111-1/2125125251Mill 2632-1/263753Plain 376C95363C95377C95378C95364Drill EndPart NumberBur EndMill 2Drill 463C95450C95464C95465C954513101 - Carbide Fiberglass & Composite RouterDiameter1/43/81/2Decimal Equivalent0.25000.37500.500Length of Flute3/47/81Shank Diameter1/43/81/2gfii.com standard.distributors@gfii.comPhone 800.348.2885 Fax 800.892.4290Overall t NumberUncoatedC95466C95467C954684

January 2021New ProductsContinued4500 & 4501 - HSS Annular 161-3/41-13/161-7/82DecimalEquivalentDepth of "1"1"1"1"1"1"1"1"——1"—1"——1"—1"order number4500Depth of 74C34095—C34075—C34076order 92C34093C34094C34095C34096C34097C34098C340994502 - Locator PinDiameter1/41/4DecimalEquivalentLocator Pinfor0.25000.25001" long cutter2" long cuttergfii.com standard.distributors@gfii.comPhone 800.348.2885 Fax 800.892.4290national.distributors@gfii.comorder number4502C34100C341015

January 2021Series Expansions1898T Jobber Length - TiNSizeABKMPSVXYZDecimal .4040.4130Overall ngth of 3-7/83-7/8Part 6C24707C24708C24709Overall 1/163-1/163-1/83-1/43-1/43-5/163-5/163-3/8Length of 1/161-3/41-3/41-13/161-7/81-7/81-15/161-15/162Part NumberBlack 240841896 Screw Machine - Black OxideSizeABCDFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZDecimal 40400.41301806 HSS Extra Length Drill - Black OxideSize3/4Decimal Equivalent.7500Overall Length12gfii.com standard.distributors@gfii.comPhone 800.348.2885 Fax 800.892.4290Length of Flutes9national.distributors@gfii.comPart NumberBlack OxideC247456

January 2021Series ExpansionsContinued0450 Combination Drill & TapTap 0.2500.3125.3750.5000.5000Numberof t 94 HSS GP Taper Shank - Black -3/48-3/48-3/4999-1/49-1/29-3/49-3/4Lengthof 85-1/85-3/85-5/85-7/85-7/8Part NumberBlack 737C24738C24739C24740C24741C24742C24743MTS #222222222222220462 HSS NPT Regular ThreadTap Size1/16Tap TPI27Tap 5OverallLength2.125ThreadLength0.688Numberof Flutes4Part NumberC290000650 Carbon Hex DieDie Diameter .5M24x3.0Decimal Length Across ii.com standard.distributors@gfii.comPhone 800.348.2885 Fax nal.distributors@gfii.comPart 91997

January 2021New ProductsCarbide Common Shank Drill 3xD - External Coolant - 2.0012.5012.7013.0013.5014.00Decimal 49210.50000.51180.53150.5512Dia. 014.0014.0014.00ShankDecimal 120.55120.55120.5512gfii.com standard.distributors@gfii.comPhone 800.348.2885 Fax 4.2134.213national.distributors@gfii.comLengthof 2.1652.1652.1652.3622.3622.3622.3622.362Part 2532C92533C92534C92535C925368

January 2021New ProductsContinuedCarbide Common Shank Drill 5xD - Internal Coolant - 15.0015.5015.8015.88Decimal 870.59060.61020.62200.6250Dia. 6.0016.00ShankDecimal 90.62990.62990.6299gfii.com standard.distributors@gfii.comPhone 800.348.2885 Fax national.distributors@gfii.comLengthof 3.2683.2683.2683.2683.2683.268Part 77C92578C92579C92580C925819

January 2021New ProductsContinuedCarbide Common Shank Drill 8xD - Internal Coolant - 12.0012.5012.7013.0013.5014.00Decimal 0.47240.49210.50000.51180.53150.5512Dia. .0012.0012.0014.0014.0014.0014.0014.00ShankDecimal 55120.55120.55120.55120.5512gfii.com standard.distributors@gfii.comPhone 800.348.2885 Fax i.comLengthof 4.843Part C92606C92607C92608C92609C92610C9261110

January 2021New ProductsContinuedCarbide Common Shank Drill 12xD - Internal Coolant - 12.0012.5012.7013.0013.5014.00Decimal 0.47240.49210.50000.51180.53150.5512Dia. .0012.0012.0014.0014.0014.0014.0014.00ShankDecimal 18.0318.0318.0319.0559.0559.0559.0559.055Lengthof 7.165Part C92636C92637C92638C92639C92640C926411799 - Carbide Spot Drill - 4Lengthof Flute3/83/43/4111gfii.com standard.distributors@gfii.comPhone 800.348.2885 Fax 800.892.429090 PtC46400C46403C46406C46409C46412C46415Part Number120 tributors@gfii.com142 PtC46402C46405C46408C46411C46414C4641711

January 2021New ProductsContinued3200 - CFRP Fine Pitch - Nicked Router, Diamond Coated, Carbon Fiber - Reinforced 750.3750.3750.50.5Lengthof 2-1/22-1/2342-1/22-1/234434Numberof Flutes668668810101210121212121416Part NumberBur 95502Plain 95485Mill 955193201 - CFRP Comp Ruffer - Semi Finish - Diamond Coated, Carbon Fiber - Reinforced 35940.37500.37500.43750.48440.50000.5000Lengthof ength2-1/22-1/822-1/233333333Numberof Flutes44466668888Part 5527C95528C95529C95530Numberof Flutes8812121414Part NumberC95531C95532C95533C95534C95535C955363202 - CFRP Comp Finisher - Diamond Coated, Carbon Fiber - Reinforced 0.25000.25000.37500.37500.50000.5000Lengthof 21/2gfii.com standard.distributors@gfii.comPhone 800.348.2885 Fax butors@gfii.com12

January 2021New ProductsContinued3203 - CFRP Herringbone Finisher - Diamond Coated, Carbon Fiber - Reinforced 0.25000.37500.5000Lengthof lLength1-1/22-1/233Numberof Flutes4444Part NumberC95537C95538C95539C95540Number of Flutes1111111160 rt Number82 C46328C46329C46330C46331C46332C46333C46334C4633590 mber ofFlutes3333333360 rt Number82 C46352C46353C46354C46355C46356C46357C46358C4635990 mber of Flutes6666666660 rt Number82 C46376C46377C46378C46379C46380C46381C46382C4638390 001 - Carbide Countersink - UncoatedDiameter1/83/161/43/81/25/83/41Shank Diameter1/83/161/41/41/43/81/21/2Overall Length1-1/2222-5/82-7/8332-3/411003 - Carbide Countersink - 3 Flute - UncoatedDiameter1/83/161/43/81/25/83/41Shank Diameter1/83/161/41/41/43/81/21/2Overall Length1-1/2222-5/82-7/8332-3/411006 - Carbide Countersink - 6 Flute - UncoatedDiameter1/83/161/43/81/25/83/41Shank Diameter1/83/161/41/41/43/81/21/2Overall Length1-1/2222-5/82-7/8332-3/4gfii.com standard.distributors@gfii.comPhone 800.348.2885 Fax 800.892.4290national.distributors@gfii.com13

January 2021Series Expansions1727 - Carbide Jobber Length Drill - UncoatedSize .59.09.510.010.511.011.512.0Decimal erall 33133142142151Length of 01Part 255C47256C47257C47258C47259C47260C47261CEM-SE4 (4 Flute) Carbide End 68888101011121416182025Lengthof com standard.distributors@gfii.comPhone 800.348.2885 Fax C98218C98219C9

CFRP - Diamond Coated, Carbon Fiber - Reinforced Polymer 3201 - CFRP Comp Ruffer - Semi Finish 3202 - CFRP Comp Finisher 3203 - CFRP Herringbone Finisher Carbide Common Shank Drill 3xD -AlTiN 11001 - Carbide Countersink Uncoated 11003 - Carbide Countersink 3 Flute - Uncoated 11006 - Carbide Countersink 6 Flute - Uncoated Carbide Common Shank Drill 5xD

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