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How to Add a Printer to Windows 10Unit 1 Konica C220 IP address: 3 Konica C280 IP address: can be downloaded by pasting the following link into your driver.htmlIn the ‘make choice step by step’ section, choose ‘office colour A3’. Then choose ‘Bizhub C220’ or‘Bizhub C280’ then click ‘Go’.Choose your operating system, then from the ‘Printer Driver’ Section, select and download the PCLdriver to a location known on your PC.Here’s how to add a printer to Windows 10: or log on to your Windows 10 computer with an administrator account.Connect your printing device to the PC.Click the Start button from the desktop screen.From the Start menu, click Settings.

5. On the SETTINGS window, click Devices. (For Windows XP, 7 etc, this window may vary andbe called ‘Devices and Printers’ or ‘Printers’.6. Once the DEVICES window opens up, from the left pane, make sure that the Printers &scanners category is selected.7. From the right pane, under the Add printers & scanners section, click Add a printer orscanner.8. Wait while Windows searches for the connected printer.Note: If Windows finds the printer, you can click its name and can follow the on-screeninstructions to complete the installation process. If Windows fails to detect the printer, you can

continue to step 9.

9. If Windows cannot detect the connected printer, click the The printer that I want isn’t listed link.10. On the Find a printer with other options window, click to select the Add a local printer ornetwork printer with manual settings radio button.

11. Click Next to continue.12. On the Choose a printer port window, choose Create a new port radio button and specifyingStandard TCPI/IP port in the enabled field before clicking Next.13. Enter the IP address of the printer then next. (IP address is shown at the beginning of thisinstruction)

14. On the Install the printer driver window, click the Have Disk button and browse and locatethe driver for the connected printer you have downloaded earlier.15. Click Next to proceed to the next step.16. Choose the Konica Bizhub C220 printer from the list presented then next.17. On the Type a printer name window, in the Printer name field, type an informative name forthe printer and click Next.18. On the Printer Sharing window, make sure that the Share this printer so that others on thenetwork can find and use it radio button is selected.Note: If you do not want to share the printer with the network users, you can select the Donot share this printer radio button and jump to step 20.19. In the Share name field, type a short share name for the printer.Note: The name you specify here will be displayed to the remote users when they search forthis printer over the network.20. Optionally you can populate the Location and Comment fields with your preferredinformation.

21. Click Next to continue.22. On the final page of the wizard, click the Print a test page button to check the connectivityand proper functioning of the printer. (Optional)23. Click Finish to complete the process.

16. Choose the Konica Bizhub C220 printer from the list presented then next. 17. On the Type a printer name window, in the Printer name field, type an informative name for the printer and click Next. 18. On the Printer Sharing window, make sure that the Share this printer so that others on the network can find and use it radio button is selected.

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To set up ReadySHARE Printer: Step 1: Connect the USB printer to the router’s USB port with a USB printer cable. Step 2: Install the USB printer driver software on each computer that will share the printer. If you do not have the printer driver, contact the printer manufacturer to find and download the most recent printer driver software.

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