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Online Visa ApplicationCountryyou areapplyingvisa from*IndianMission*Nationality*Date ofBirth *Email IDRe enterEmail IDExpectedDate ofArrival*Visa Type*Select CountrySelect Indian Mission.Select Nationality.(DD/MM/YYYY)(DD/MM/YYYY)Select Visa Type.AccessCodeEnterAccessCodeContinueOnline Visa Application

Indian MissionUSA SAN FRANCISCOData saved Successfully.Please note down the Temporary Application ID: 081823009TZISLBApplicant DetailsHelp in EnglishSurname (as shown in your Passport)Surname/Family Name (As in Passport)Given Name (Complete as in Passport) *Given Name (exactly as in Passport)Have you ever changed your name? If yes, click the boxdetails.Sex*Date of Birth *Town/City of birth *Country of birth *and giveSexSelectDate of Birth as in Passport in DD/MM/YYYY format18/12/1983Province/Town/City of birthCountry of birthSelect.Citizenship/National Id No. *Religion *If not applicable Please Type NASelect.If Others .Please specifyVisible identification marks *Educational Qualification *If You have ever changed your Name Please tell us.Visible identification marksEducational QualificationSelect.Nationality * UNITED STATES OF AMERICADid you acquire Nationality by birth or by naturalization? *NationalityDid you acquire Nationality by birth or by naturalization?Select OnePrev. NationalityIf you have acquired Nationality by naturalizationSelect Previous Nationalityspecify Previous NationalityPassport DetailsPassport No. *Applicant's Passport NumberPlace of Issue *Place of IssueDate of Issue *(DD/MM/YYYY)In DD/MM/YYYY formatDate of Expiry *(DD/MM/YYYY)In DD/MM/YYYY format.Minimum Six Month Validity isRequired.Any other valid Passport/Identity Certificate(IC) held,YesCountry of Issue/ NoCountry of IssueSelect.Passport/IC No.Passport NoDate of Issue(DD/MM/YYYY)Place of IssueNationality mentioned thereinIf Yes Please give DetailsDate of IssuePlace of IssueSelect.Nationality described therein* Mandatory FieldsSave and ContinueSave and Temporarily Exit

Please note down the Temporary Application ID : 081823009TZISLBYour Information will be saved if you click save button or continue to next page. If youexit without doing either of that, your information will be lost.Applicant's Address DetailsHelpPresent AddressApplicant's PresentAddress. Maximum 35characters (Each Line)House No./Street*Village/Town/City State/Province/DistrictSelect CountryPostal/Zip Code*CountryPostal Zip CodePhone No.One Contact No isMandatoryMobile No.Mobile noEmail AddressClick Here for SameAddressevan@augsfam.comClick here for sameaddressPermanent AddressApplicant's PermanentAddress(withPostal/Zip Code)House No./Street DistrictState/Province/DistrictFamily DetailsFather's DetailsApplicant's FatherNameName*Nationality*Previous NationalityUNITED STATES OF AMERICANationality of FatherSelect.Previous Nationality ofFatherPlace of Birth*Country of Birth*Place of birthSelect.Country of BirthMother's DetailsApplicant's MotherNameName*Nationality*Previous NationalityUNITED STATES OF AMERICANationality of MotherSelect.Previous Nationality ofMotherPlace of Birth *Place of birthCountry of Birth *Select.Country of BirthApplicant's MaritalStatus *Select One.Applicant s MaritialStatus

Were your Grandfather/ Grandmother (paternal/maternal)Pakistan Nationals or Belong to Pakistan held area.YesWere your Grandfather/ Grandmother(paternal/maternal)Pakistan Nationals orbelong to Pakistanheld area? Yes / NoNoIf Yes, give detailsIf Yes, give detailsProfession / Occupation Details of ApplicantPresent Occupation *Select.If ionEmployer Name /BusinessDesignationAddress*AddressPhonePhone noPast Occupation, ifSelect.anyAre/were you in a Military/Semi Military/Police/Security.Organization? Yes/ NoPast Occupation, if anyIf yes,give ionRankRankPlace of PostingSave and ContinuePlace of PostingSave and Temporarily Exit

Please note down the Temporary Application ID : 081823009TZISLBYour Information will be saved if you click save button or continue to next page. If you exit without doingeither of that, your information will be lost.Details of Visa SoughtHelpType of visa*BUSINESS VISASelect visatype you areapplying for0Duration ofvisit (inmonths)Name of the Company in India*Address*Phone*EmailDuration of Visa (in Months) *No. of Entries *Select.No of EntriesPurpose of Visit*Select.Purpose ofvisitExpected Date journey *(Visa validitywill startfrom theVisa IssueDate)30/11/2016Port ofarrival inIndiaPort of Arrival in India *ExpectedPort of Exitfrom IndiaExpected Port of Exit from IndiaPrevious Visa/Currently valid Visa DetailsHave you ever visited India before?YesIf Yes Pleasegive Details/ NoEnter theaddress ofstay duringyour lastvisitAddress*Cities previously visited in India *Cities inIndia visited(commaseparated)Last Indian Visa No/Currently valid IndianVisa No. *Last IndianVisa no /Currentlyvalid Visa noType of Visa *Type of VisaSelect.Place ofIssuePlace of Issue *Date of Issue *(DD/MM/YYYY)Date ofIssueRefuse

Has permission to visit or to extend stay in India previously been refused?Yes/ NoDetails Yes/NoIf so, when and by whom (Mention Control No. and date also)If só, whenand bywhom(mentionControl noand date)Other InformationCountriesvisited inlast 10 years(commaseparated)Countries Visited in Last 10 yearsSAARC Country Visit DetailsHave you visited SAARC countries (except your own country) during last 3 years?YesName of SAARC country *Select.Year*/ NoHave youvisited"South AsianAssociationfor RegionalCooperation"(SAARC)countries(except yourowncountry)during last 3years? Yes/NoNo. of visits*Select.Add RowReferenceReference Name in India*ReferenceName andAddress inIndiaAddress*Phone*Reference Name in UNITED STATES OFAMERICA*Address*Phone*To upload Photo click "Upload Image" .Click "Save and Continue" to directlyproceed without photo uploadPHOTO UPLOADUpload ImagePhone noReferenceName andAddress inUNITEDSTATES OFAMERICAAddressPhone no

Save and ContinueSave and Temporarily Exit

Confirm DetailsThe applicant is requested to verify theparticulars filled in the application Form.Theapplicant may face legal action(including refusalto enter India or deportation) in case ofprovision of wrong information.Please verify your Registration Details. If all details are correct please Press "Verified andContinue".For any corrections press "Modify/Edit"Please note down the Temporary Application ID:081823009TZISLBApplicant DetailsSurnameNamePrevious SurnamePrevious NameSexMarital StatusBirthdateReligionPlace of BirthCountry of BirthCitizenship/National Id No.Educational QualificationVisible Identification MarksNationalityNationality byPrevious D STATES OFAMERICAB9291029POST GRADUATEN/AUNITED STATES OFAMERICABY BIRTHPassport DetailsPassport NoIssue DateExpiry DateIssue PlaceCountry of Issue of Other PassportOther Passport Issue PlaceOther Passport No00000000018/11/201618/10/2026USA

Issue Date of Other PassportNationality Described ThereinApplicant's Address DetailsPresent AddressPostal/Zip CodePresent Phone NoMobileEmailPermanent AddressDSFDDFDFSAUNITED STATES ily DetailsFather NameFather NationalityFather Previous NationalityFather Place of BirthFather Country of BirthMother NameMother NationalityMother Previous NationalityMother Place of BirthMother Country of BirthSpouse NameSpouse NationalitySpouse Previous NationalitySpouse Place of BirthSpouse Country of BirthGrandparent details yes/noGrandparent DetailsSDFDUNITED STATES OFAMERICADSFUNITED STATES OFAMERICASDFUNITED STATES OFAMERICADSFSDUNITED STATES OFAMERICANOProfession / Occupation Details of ApplicantOccupationEmployee DesignationEmployer NameEmployer AddressEmployer PhonePrevious OccupationSecurity Agency/OrganisationDesignationPostingRankBUSINESS PERSONSDSDFSDFSDFDetails of Visa SoughtVisa TypeVisa Requirement DetailsCompany NameAddressPhoneEmailBUSINESS VISADSADFASDFAD987987987987987

No of EntriesDurationJourney DateEntry PointExit us Visit DetailsOld Visa TypeOld Visa NoOld Visa Issue PlaceOld Visa Issue DatePrevious Visit AddressVisited Cities DetailsCountries VisitedRefuse DetailsDSFDFName of Sponsor in IndiaAddress of Sponsor in IndiaDFDSSDFDSPhone of Sponsor in IndiaName of Sponsor in UNITEDSTATES OF AMERICAAddress of Sponsor in UNITEDSTATES OF AMERICA98798798798798ReferencePhone of Sponsor in UNITEDSTATES OF AMERICAModify/EditVerified and ContinueSDFDDSFSDF809808089

Visible identification marks * Visible identification marks Educational Qualification * Select. Educational Qualification . Last Indian Visa No/Currently valid Indian Visa No. * Last Indian Visa no / Currently valid Visa no Type of Visa * Select. Type of Visa

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