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Packaging seller membersrecycle-more is supported by UK businesses who, as part of their membership ofValpak’s packaging compliance scheme, offset their consumer information obligationsvia recycle-more.Member Company Name1st Rate Investment (UK) LtdApetito (U.K.) Holdings LtdBillericay Dental Supply Co. Ltd4 Degreesc LtdApollo Chemicals LtdBirds (Derby) LtdA.G. Axton & Sons (Wholesale) LtdApple Distribution InternationalBlackpool Pleasure Beach (Holdings) LtdA.J.N. Steelstock LtdAramark LtdBloom and Wild LtdA.One Feed Supplements LtdArchwood LtdBOC LtdAbaris Holdings LtdArgus Fluidhandling LtdBoohoo.Com UK LtdAce Adhesives LtdArris Global LtdBooker Group LtdADM Pressings LtdAshworth and Parker LtdBorax Europe LtdAEI Compounds LtdBorden International Holdings LtdAflex Hose LtdAssa Abloy LtdBowman Ingredients LtdAGC Chemicals Europe, LtdAssembly & Packaging Services LtdBP International LtdAgrii Holdings (UK) LtdAtom Supplies LtdBrake Bros LtdAgrovista UK LtdAugustus Martin LtdBrand Addition LtdAkzo Nobel Industrial Coatings LtdAunt Bessie's LtdBrand-Rex LtdAkzo Nobel Powder Coatings LtdAura Graphics LtdBrenntag UK LtdAlbea UK LtdAutosmart International LtdBridport LtdAldi Stores LtdAxminster Tool Centre LtdBrightstar 20:20 UK LtdAlfa Chemicals LtdAzelis UK Holdings LtdBrioche Pasquier U.K. LtdAlliance Automotive UK LtdB&Q LtdBritish Cables Company LtdAllnex Resins UK LtdBaker & Taylor (UK) LtdBri-Ton Fine Foods LtdAlpha 3 Manufacturing LtdBaker Perkins LtdBryant Park Hospitality LtdAltro LtdBakers (Area 1) LtdBulldog Skincare LtdAmathus Drinks PlcBako North Western LtdBunzl PlcAmcol Minerals EU LtdBako South Eastern LtdBurberry LtdAMG Aluminum UK LtdBarry Callebaut Beverages UK LtdBurford Garden Centre LtdAMG Superalloys UK LtdBarry Callebaut Manufacturing (UK) LtdByBox Field Support LtdAmsric Holdings LtdBartholomews (Holdings) LtdC.& P.Wilson LtdAndaray (Holdings) LtdBartlett Mitchell LtdCabot Carbon LtdAnderton Concrete Products LtdBASF PlcCalderys UK LtdAnglia Crown LtdBenchmark Fabrications LtdCaldic (UK) LtdAnglian Bakery and CateringSuppliers LtdBergstrom (Europe) LtdCantel (UK) LtdBHF Shops LtdCarpet & Flooring (Trading) LtdBig Home Shop LtdCarron Lodge LtdAnglo Office Group LtdDecember 2019

Packaging seller members continued.Cartonplast (UK) LtdCypro-Veg LtdEvo Business Supplies LtdCarver (Wolverhampton) LtdCytec Engineered Materials LtdEvonik Chemicals LtdCasper Sleep (UK) LtdD.Stewart & Son, LtdEwos LtdCastle Tapes (Holdings) LtdDanby Holdings LtdF.D.Copeland & Sons LtdCastlebarn LtdDandy Lions LtdFaci UK Chemicals LtdCaswell & Company LtdDavid Catt (Spitalfields) LtdFanatics (International) LtdCaterfood (South West) LtdDavid GylesFarm and Pet Place LtdCDW LtdDean & Wood LtdFederal-Mogul LtdCelsa (UK) Holdings LtdDebenhams Retail LtdFedEx UK LtdCentrica plcDelaware North Companies (UK) LtdFellowes LtdCeva Freight (UK) LtdDemipower LtdFieldrose LtdCharles Robertson (Holdings) LtdDenby Holdings LtdFilco Supermarkets LtdChemique Adhesives and Sealants LtdDennis Publishing LtdFine & Rare Wines LtdChessington Nurseries LtdDiana Food LtdFine Organics LtdChoice Discount Stores LtdDomino's Pizza UK & Ireland LtdFineCal DistributorsChristeyns Food Hygiene LtdDrake & Morgan LtdFirst Greater Western LtdCHT UK Bridgwater LtdFittleworth Medical LtdCicada Educational Equipment LtdDunkleys LtdFive Guys JV LtdCineworld Cinemas LtdE.ON UK plcFlambeau Europlast LtdClariant Services UK LtdEast Riding Horticulture LtdFlexible Reinforcements LtdClean Linen Services LtdEastman Staples LtdFlint Ink (U.K.) LtdColdstores LtdEBV Elektronik GmbHFloGas Britain LtdColorcon LtdEdwards LtdFlowcrete UK LtdColorMatrix Europe LtdEftec LtdFMC Chemicals LtdComfy Qui

Billericay Dental Supply Co. Ltd Birds (Derby) Ltd Blackpool Pleasure Beach (Holdings) Ltd Bloom and Wild Ltd BOC Ltd Boohoo.Com UK Ltd Booker Group Ltd Borax Europe Ltd Borden International Holdings Ltd Bowman Ingredients Ltd BP International Ltd Brake Bros Ltd Brand Addition Ltd Brand-Rex Ltd Brenntag UK Ltd Bridport Ltd Brightstar 20:20 UK Ltd

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