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1Taxpayers'RightsAdvocate FranchiseTax BoardTaxpayers’RightsAdvocate FranchiseTax Board

Franchise Tax BoardCalifornia Tax Workshop forNonresident Scholars and ResearchersuMarc NarleskyuTechnical Assistant to the Taxpayer AdvocateuMarch/April 2021Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate Franchise Tax Board2

Program Agendau Californiau Itemstaxed by Californiau Taxationu StateResidency Lawsof fellowships, stipends and scholarships& Federal Differencesu Calculationu Example:of California taxPrepare a Tax ReturnTaxpayers’ Rights Advocate Franchise Tax Board3

Do I Have to File? California has a minimum filing requirement.See: Do I have to File? handout. If you’ve had money withheld,you must file to receive a refund.Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate Franchise Tax Board4

Who is a Resident?Definition of Resident:1. Every person who is:a. In this state for other than atemporary or transitory purpose orb. Domiciled in CA and who is outsidefor a temporary or transitory purposeDefinition of Nonresident:1. Every person other than a residentTaxpayers’ Rights Advocate Franchise Tax Board5

What Is Temporary?A person is in California for a temporaryand transitory purpose if he/she is–Passing through the state–Here for a brief rest–Here for a vacation–Here for short period to complete aparticular transaction, contract etc.Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate Franchise Tax Board6

Where is your Domicile? The location of your permanent home The place where you intend to returnto whenever absentTaxpayers’ Rights Advocate Franchise Tax Board7

Presumption of Residency Every individual who spends in the aggregatemore than nine months of the taxable year withinthis state shall be presumed to be a resident. The presumption may be overcome bysatisfactory evidence that the individual is in thestate for a temporary or transitory purpose.Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate Franchise Tax Board8

Presumption of Residency Case law indicates that academic assignments are considered“temporary or transitory.” California residents who took academic assignments out ofCalifornia did not lose their California resident status. Therefore, for consistency, foreign scholars will not beconsidered residents solely because of the presumption ofresidency.Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate Franchise Tax Board9

What are your Connections?Factors to consider: Amount of time spent Intention to remain in the US Location of spouse and children Location of principal residence Location driver’s license was issued, vehiclesregistered Location of real property and investments Permanence of work assignment Location of social tiesTaxpayers’ Rights Advocate Franchise Tax Board10

Foreign Scholars/Researchers If you are not a student or pursuing a degree, you will likelyappear to meet the presumption of residency. The presumptioncan be overcome by showing that your stay is temporary ortransitory.Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate Franchise Tax Board11

Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate Franchise Tax Board12

Why Is Residency Important?Residency affects the way a person is taxed: A California resident is taxed on all income fromeverywhere A nonresident is taxed on income derived from sourceswithin CaliforniaTaxpayers’ Rights Advocate Franchise Tax Board13

Source Income Pertains to the Place of Origin The source of “tangible” income is where it is earned orlocated The source of “intangible” income is the state (or country)where the recipient is a residentTaxpayers’ Rights Advocate Franchise Tax Board14

Sourcing of IncomeTangible Income:Has a California Source if:Wages, Scharships,Stipends, fellowshipsWork was performed in California – regardlessof the location of the employer, where thepayment was issued, or the individual’s residenceupon the receipt of the paymentIntangible Income:Has a California Source if:Interest and dividendsNonresident: NeverCalifornia resident: AlwaysSales of stocks and bondsNonresident: NeverCalifornia resident: AlwaysTaxpayers’ Rights Advocate Franchise Tax Board15

Fellowships, Stipends and ScholarshipsCalifornia Source Income:Wages/Salary Payments, including Fellowships or stipends: teaching/research assistantships Amounts received from employers domestic and foreignFellowship, Stipend, and Scholarships Amounts not used for payment of tuition and fees orbooks, supplies and equipment required for courses ofinstructionTaxpayers’ Rights Advocate Franchise Tax Board16

California & Federal Differences California has no tax treaties with othercountries No foreign tax credit Source of income has different meaning Worldwide income is required to be reportedfor CaliforniaTaxpayers’ Rights Advocate Franchise Tax Board17

Ways to convert currency 1. Convert on the day the money was earned.2. Convert using an average for the entire year.3. Convert on the last day of the year.Which ever method is used, it must be consistently applied.For currency exchange rates go to:https://www.oanda.comTaxpayers’ Rights Advocate Franchise Tax Board18

Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate Franchise Tax Board19

California Tax Forms Resident Form 540 requires all income fromworldwide sources to be reported and computes thetax rate on all the income. Nonresident Part-year Form 540 NR reflectsworldwide income but applies tax rate to onlyCalifornia sourced income.Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate Franchise Tax Board20

California Tax Forms Nonresidents/Part-year residents– 540NR Residents– 540– 540 2EZTaxpayers’ Rights Advocate Franchise Tax Board21

You Cannot Use the 540 2EZ if you Have: Filing status is married/RDP filing separately. Income excluded by treaty Income received from another country during 2020 Taxable scholarships, fellowships, or stipends not on a W-2Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate Franchise Tax Board22

Forms we will useCA Form 540NR&Schedule CA (540NR)Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate Franchise Tax Board23

Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate Franchise Tax Board24

As you begin your California return:1.Complete your federal return prior to starting your state return.2.Determine if you are a resident or a nonresident of California.3.Note: you can be a nonresident alien for federal purposes and stillbe a California resident.4.Use the same filing status as you did on your federal return.5.If you are a nonresident, determine your California source income.Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate Franchise Tax Board25

Step by Step Example Example: part- year resident using form 540NR.Are You Ready?Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate Franchise Tax Board26

Resources\ FTB Directory:; search Directory–Usually the fourth result is the directoryTaxpayers’ Rights Advocate Franchise Tax Board27

?Questions?Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate Franchise Tax Board28

Taxpayers’RightsRights AdvocateTaxTaxBoardTaxpayers'Advocate Franchise FranchiseBoard29

Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate Franchise Tax Board 20 Resident Form 540 requires all income from worldwide sources to be reported and computes the tax rate on all the income. Nonresident Part-year Form 540 NR reflects worldwide income but applies tax rate to only California sourced income. California Tax Forms

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Taxpayers' Rights Advocate Franchise Tax Board 24 CA Healthcare Mandate Beginning January 1, 2020, California residents must either: Have qualifying health insurance coverage Obtain an exemption from the requirement to have coverage Pay a penalty when they file their state tax return Check Box 92 on your tax return to indicate full-year health

2 ANNUAL REPORT 2020-2021 TAXPAYERS' RIHTS ADVOCATE OFFICE VISION To be a trusted voice of reason and fairness when resolving issues between taxpayers 1 and the government. MISSION To positively affect the lives of taxpayers by protecting their rights, privacy, and property during the

Taxpayer Advocate’s proposal for a Taxpayer Bill of Rights, to renew focus on protecting the rights of taxpayers in their dealings with the IRS. All taxpayers have fundamental rights they should be aware of when dealing with the IRS. The Taxpayer Bill of Rights takes existing rights in the tax code and groups

Corporations required to file a franchise tax return, may elect to file a combined corporate income and franchise tax return. To make this election file Form 200-F. Corporations not filing Form 200-F must file a stand-alone Oklahoma Annual Franchise Tax Return (Form 200). Corporations that remitted the maximum amount of franchise tax for the

2018 National Taxpayer Advocate Annual Report to Congress 170-222 (Introduction to Notices: Notices Are Necessary to Inform Taxpayers of Their Rights and Obligations, Yet Many IRS Notices Fail to Adequately Inform Taxpayers, Leading to the Loss of Taxpayer Rights); 2018 National Taxpayer Advocate Annual Report to Congress vol. 2 193-210

franchise do not apply to starting your own business or buying a business that is not a franchise. The level of this risk will depend on the nature of the franchise business, the size and characteristics of the franchise group offering the franchise and whether the franchise business is an established franchise business operated by a previous

capital for their franchise tax. In Alabama, the franchise tax is called the "privilege tax" and has a graduated rate structure; the minimum privilege tax imposed is 100 and the maximum is generally 15,000. In Mississippi value of the capital used in Mississippi. All In sum, the Illinois 'franchise tax' is a combination of:

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