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Bureau of Safety andEnvironmentalEnforcement (BSEE)Incident CommandSystemFlow Modeling GroupSupervisor- FMGS Job AidJanuary 2015

BSEE FMGS Job AidCommon Incident Command System (ICS)OrganizationIncident Command/Unified CommandSource ControlSupport CoordinatorScientific SupportCoordinatorPublic SourceControlBranchDirectorFigure 1 Common ICS Organization with Source ControlPersonnel may be moved from their initial placementto another within the organization to meet the needsof an evolving incident. Be flexible.ii

BSEE FMGS Job AidSample Source Control OrganizationA source control organization could vary dependingon the incident needs. The dashed lines between theOperations Section Chief, Source Control BranchDirector, and Source Control Support Coordinatorrepresent ongoing technical source controlcommunications.Incident Command/Unified CommandSource ControlSupport CoordinatorOperations SectionChiefSource ControlBranch visorFigure 2 Sample Source Control Organizationiii

BSEE FMGS Job AidThis page intentionally left blank.iv

BSEE FMGS Job AidTable of Contents1.0 Flow Modeling Group SupervisorOverview . 11.1 User .11.2 When to Use .21.3 How to Use .31.4 Major Accomplishments for the Flow ModelingGroup Supervisor .61.5 References .71.6 ICS Forms .82.0 FMGS Checklists . 92.1 Ready for Deployment (IndividualReadiness) . 92.1.1 Pre-Incident Actions .92.1.2 Deployment Preparations .92.2 Ready for Operations . 102.2.1 Check In to the Incident .102.2.2 Obtain Situational Awareness .112.3 Initial Response and Assessment . 122.3.1 Initial Incident Brief .132.4 Manage People and Flow ModelingGroup Procedures . 142.4.1 Establish/Assess Flow Modeling Group .142.5 Provide Flow Modeling Support . 152.5.1 Execute Source Control and Incident ActionPlans and Assess Progress.15v

BSEE FMGS Job Aid2.6 Support the Operational PlanningProcess. 162.6.1 Prepare for the Tactics Meeting . 162.6.2 Tactics Meeting . 162.6.3 Prepare for the Planning Meeting . 172.6.4 Planning Meeting . 172.6.5 Operations Briefing . 172.7 Transition and Demobilization . 182.7.1 Transition to On-Going Operations Phase . 182.7.2 Complete Relief Process . 192.7.3 Demobilize Personnel and Group . 202.7.4 Complete return travel . 203.0 Detailed Instructions for ChecklistItems . 213.1 Ready for Deployment (IndividualReadiness) . 213.1.1 Pre-Incident Actions . 213.1.2 Deployment Preparations . 223.2 Ready for Operations . 233.2.1 Check in to the Incident . 233.2.2 Obtain Situational Awareness . 243.3 Initial Response and Assessment . 273.3.1 Initial Incident Brief. 283.4 Manage People and Flow ModelingGroup Procedures . 293.4.1 Establish/Assess Flow Modeling Group . 29vi

BSEE FMGS Job Aid3.5 Provide Flow Modeling Support . 313.5.1 Execute Source Control and Incident ActionPlans and Assess Progress.313.6 Support the Operational PlanningProcess . 333.6.1. Prepare for the Tactics Meeting .333.6.2 Tactics Meeting.343.6.3 Prepare for the Planning Meeting .363.6.4 Planning Meeting .373.6.5 Operations Briefing .383.7 Transition and Demobilization . 393.7.1 Transition to On-Going Operations Phase .393.7.2 Complete Relief Process .403.7.3 Demobilize Personnel and Group .403.7.4 Complete Return Travel .414.0 Appendices . 424.1 Functional Interactions .424.2 ICS Map/Chart Display Symbology.474.3 Sample Well Containment Activities .484.4 Acronym List .514.5 Glossary .55vii

BSEE FMGS Job AidTable of FiguresFigure 1 Common ICS OrganizationFigure 2 Sample Source Control OrganizationFigure 3 Organization and Flow of Checklist ItemsFigure 4 ICS Operational Planning “P” Processviiiiiiii45

BSEE FMGS Job Aid11.0 Flow Modeling Group Supervisor Overview1.1 UserThe user of this job aid will be anyone assigned as aFlow Modeling Group Supervisor (FMGS) within theNational Incident Management System (NIMS)Incident Command System (ICS). The job of FMGSduring an emergency response is a critical one. TheFMGS is responsible for determining flow rateranges, running the Well Containment ScreeningTool, and developing soft shut-in procedures for usein Capping Stack and Cap and Flow projects.Personnel assigned to this position should have agood flow modeling and technical and operationalbackground and experience working with people inother organizations or agencies. Since this is a keyposition in the response organization, assignmentshould be based on experience level versus rank oremployer.This job aid assumes the FMGS has a workingknowledge of the ICS and extensive flow modelingknowledge and experience.This job aid does not cover other important traits ofan effective FMGS, such as: Effective communication skills Leadership and supervisory experience Experience in risk-based decision making and

BSEE FMGS Job Aid 2setting prioritiesA solid grasp of organizational goals, objectives,and missionsAdaptability and flexibility to the needs of theincidentAn in-depth knowledge of substantive aspectsof, or technical solutions to the incident at handAn ability to work effectively in teamsA high-performing FMGS exhibits these traits andmany more in addition to properly executing the ICS.1.2 When to UseThis job aid focuses on the role of the Flow ModelingGroup Supervisor in executing duties under theIncident Command System (ICS) to ensure effectivecoordination throughout the Incident ManagementTeam (IMT) during a response to an incidentrequiring source control. The job aid should be usedto assist the FMGS whenever an incident hasoccurred or during training or a planned drill orexercise that requires an Incident Command Systemorganization. Use it as a supplement to the U.S.Coast Guard Incident Management Handbook (IMH).

BSEE FMGS Job Aid31.3 How to UseThis job aid will help the user integrate source controlinto an ICS organization and effectively engage withthe Incident Management Team (IMT). This job aidwill provide the user with a persp

Jan 08, 2015 · Incident Organization Chart (ICS 207) Site Safety Plan (ICS 208) Incident Summary Status (ICS 209) Check-In List (ICS 211) General Message (ICS 213) Resource Request Message (ICS 213RR) Activity Log (ICS 214) Operational Planning Worksheet (ICS 215) Incident Action Plan Safety Analysis (ICS 215a)

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Incident Commander (IC), Incident Commander in Unified Command (UC) or Deputy Incident Commander (DIC) within the National Incident Management System (NIMS) Incident Command System (ICS). Personnel assigned to this position should be qualified as an IC. Throughout the rest of this Job Aid, the generic term "Command" may

Multi-State Partnership for Security in Agriculture; Center for Food Security and Public Health 3 June 2010 S l i d e 9 Logistics Section B Provide support, resources and all other services needed to meet incident objectives Personnel Materials Facilities Services Just In Time Training 2010 Incident Command System: Overview Incident .

Incident Management Process Map 1. Incident Management Process Map 1. Incident Management Description and Goals 9. Incident Management Description and Goals 9. Description 9. Description 9. Goals 9. Goals 9. Incident Management RACI Information 10. Incident Management RACI Information 10. Incident Management Associated Artifacts Information 24

OVERVIEW OF THE INCIDENT COMMAND SYSTEM AND THE INCIDENT COMMANDER UNIT 1 OBJECTIVES 1. Distinguish between a simple and complex incident. 2. Recognize the common responsibilities that are applicable to all personnel. 4. Define Area Command, Incident Management Team

WS1 Handout 8: School Incident Command System (ICS) Roles and Responsibilities Five major management functions are the foundation on which the ICS organization is developed: Incident Command Sets the incident objectives, strategies, and priorities and has overall responsibility for the incident Operati

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