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“HOME OF THE STARS”March 2020 EditionPrincipal’s MessageDates To RememberMarch 2-6 –Book Fair – Media CenterMarch 2-5 – HS Trip to NY/BostonMarch 10-13 – MS Trip to NYMarch 17-19 – HS Florida College TourMarch 17 – Employee Planning Day – NoSchool for StudentsMarch 19- Early Release Day – 2:30PMDismissalMarch 20 – Employee Planning Day – NoSchool for StudentsMarch 23- 27 SPRING BREAKMarch 31- SAC Meeting – 6PM in MediaCenterMarch 2020Dear Parents and Community Members,Thank you for support! This has been a great year thusfar, and we are looking forward to a productive fourthquarter after Spring Break.In April and May, the students will take the Writing,Reading and Math FSA Assessments and the End ofCourse exams for Civics, Biology, Geometry, andAlgebra. Please check the school website for the specificdates for testing. We would like our students to arrive toschool on time and ready to test.If you have any questions, please do not hesitate tocontact me.With Star Pride,Francine BaughPrincipal

March 2020 EditionGeneral Information for our STAR Parents and StudentsSchool HoursStudents9:30 AM – 4:30 PMBreakfastBegins at 9:00 AMNotices and RemindersThe drop off location is in the front ofthe building. No students should bedropped off in the bus loop for safetyreasons.Upon entering the campus, you mustgo directly to the Front Office (SinglePoint of Entry), sign in and get a visitorpass. Visitors’ passes are only valid forone day. With so many people enteringand exiting campus, it creates anunsafe environment and prohibits thefaculty and staff from carrying out theresponsibility of making sure that allchildren entering the Millenniumcampus are safe and secure.Also, if you have a concern about your child, please callthe office to make an appointment. The staff atMillennium is dedicated to making sure that yourchildren have an effective school atmosphere. Thatcannot be carried out if there are several unscheduledvisits. An appointment also assures that your needsconcerning your child can be discussed and taken careof without any interruptions.Dismissal is the most hectic part of the day. A requestfor early dismissal of your child must be made prior to4:00 PM. After that time, we will be unable to call yourchild to the office.Lastly, please be advised that there is no supervisionfor your child before 9:00 AM and after 5:00 PM unlesshe or she is registered in the Before/After CareProgram. All transportation arrangements for your childshould be made ahead of time. We do understand thatemergencies do arise and will do our best toaccommodate your needs. We are also asking that youdo not call the school asking that messages bedelivered to your child during class time. To ensure thatcommunication is accurate please make sure that yourchild is aware of things before he or she leaves home inthe morning.These guidelines and procedures are not establishedto inconvenience anyone or to make you feelunwelcome at Millennium. They are simply necessaryfor the safety and wellbeing of every child entrusted inour care. Your understanding, cooperation, andassistance are greatly appreciated.2

March 2020 EditionInformation for our STAR Parents and StudentsAdministrationThe grade level administrator handles discipline problems.In order to arrange a conference with the grade leveladministrator, please call (754) 322-3900 or they may bereached through email.Grade 6 - Ms. Narissa Edunnarissa.edun@browardschools.comGrade 7 - Mrs. Lisa Gaylelisa.gayle@browardschools.comGrade 8 - Dr. Paul Sattypaul.satty@browardschools.comPrincipal - Ms. Francine Baughfrancine.baugh@browardschools.com6th Grade- Sea World7th Grade -Universal Studios8th Grade - Islands of AdventureSchool Advisory CouncilThe purpose of the School Advisory Council (SAC) is toresearch the needs of the school, create a plan to improveperformance, and then monitor the implementation of thisplan.The School Board of Broward County, Florida, prohibits anyOur School Advisory Council will meet on the fourthTuesday of each month at 6pm except in November 2019and March 2020.religion, sex or sexual orientation. The School Board alsoIf you would like to be a member of the council, pleasecontact Mrs. Pluim at (754) 322 –3900. You are invitedand encouraged to attend any of our meetings that fitsyour schedule.and/or harassment complaint may call the Director, Equalpolicy or procedure which results in discrimination on the basisof age, color, disability, gender identity, gender expression,genetic information, marital status, national origin, race,provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designatedyouth groups. Individuals who wish to file a discriminationEducational Opportunities/ADA Compliance Department &District’s Equity Coordinator/Title IX Coordinator at 754-3212150 or Teletype Machine (TTY) 754-321-2158.Individuals with disabilities requesting accommodations underthe Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008,(ADAAA) may call Equal Educational Opportunities/ADACompliance Department at 754-321-2150 or Teletype Machine(TTY) 754-321-2158.3

March 2020 EditionTitle 1 Parent Survey for our STAR Parents and StudentsExtra Credit OpportunityTitle I Parent and Family Engagement Survey 2019-2020Parents please copy and paste the link below to complete the Title I Parent Survey. If youcomplete the survey your child will receive extra credit points in their math class for youcompleting the survey.Please sign, date, and return the slip below with the date and time the survey was takenfor your child to receive the extra credit. If both parents complete the survey, we must see2 different signatures.The survey must be completed ASAP and signed paper turned into their mathteacher to receive the extra credit.Link: (type it into a web dCgNw tSZPICQf2GPxNKqXL0E3UhQ0TnV4muMy5gLx oNWdg/viewformParent(s) Signature:Date and time, you took the survey:Child’s Name:Please return the bottom portion toyour math teacher only.4

March 2020 EditionTesting Calendar for our STAR Parents and StudentsFebruary 12FSA Infrastructure testSchool-wideFebruary 24-26FSA Reading/Writing retakes11thMust be done by February 26TA Certification Trainingfsassessments.orgonALL FacultySpring 2020 TestingDatesMarch 16Must be done by March 19March 20April 1April 2(0ne session)April 14April 16April 27Must be done by April 29May 1 and 4May 5 and 6(Two sessions)Must be done by May 6FSA/EOC letter goes home toall last hour classesFSA ELA Writing practice testvia LA classes. On FSA platformfor both on-line and paperbasedFSA Writing training(Planning)FSA ELA Writing (120 minutes)FSA ELA Writing (120 minutes)6-10th11th (US History letter only)SAT School Day (3.5 hours)ALL 11thPearson Infrastructure Test at9:45am directions will be sentoutFSA/EOC trainingSchool-wide same set up as FSAFSA practice test forFSA ELA Reading via LAclassesFSA Math/Algebra/Geometry viaMath classesFSA ELA ReadingFSA ELA Reading(MS 85 minutes each session,HS 90 minutes each session)Pearson EOC’s Biology, Civics,US History Practice tests viasubject area classes6-10thAll grade levels trained in Media Center (timeTBD)7th, 9th-10th6th and 8thAll grade levels trained in room 215 duringplanning hours (schedule will be the same as BSAand will be sent out)6-10th7th, 9th, 10th6th and 8th7th, 8th, 9th, 11th5

March 2020 EditionTesting Calendar for our STAR Parents and StudentsMay 7 and 8May 11 and 12(Three sessions/2 days)(Two sessions/2 days Alg.Geom.)FSA Math/Algebra/GeometryFSA Math/Algebra/Geometry(FSA Math 120 min. session 1 &2 day 1 then 60 min session 3day 2)(Algebra/Geometry 90 min. eachsession)7th6th, 8th, 9th, and 10thMay 12(one day)United States history EOC(160 minutes)ALL 11thMay 13(one day)Civics EOC(160 minutes)7thMay 14(one day)FSA Science/Biology EOC160 minutes8th and 9thMay 11-14May 14-29Make-upsMake-ups6th grade7-11thTuesday, May 5 7:30amTuesday, May 5 11:30amWednesday, May 6 7:30amAP Calculus AB/BCAP Human GeographyAP English LiteratureSpecific 10-11thALL 9thSpecific 11thFriday, May 8 7:30amFriday, May 8 11:30amAP US HistoryAP Art HistoryAll 11thSpecific 9-11thMonday, May 11 7:30amAP BiologySpecific 10th-11thWednesday, May 137:30amAP English LanguageSpecific 10-11thThursday, May 14 7:30amAP World History: ModernALL 10thFriday, May 15 7:30amFriday, May 15 11:30amAP Computer PrinciplesAP StatisticsSpecific 9-10thSpecific 11thHigh School AP Testing

March 2020 EditionYearbook Information for our STAR Parents and Students269350 It is time to order your MCA yearbook! It is now 40 topurchase a yearbook on the school e-store(www.browardschools.com/millennium).See Mrs. Westergren in Room 225, upstairs, main buildingif you have any questions!7

March 2020 EditionMiddle School Social Studies Fair TIP Project for Our STAR Parents and StudentsThe TIP Social Studies Fair Project is here! This year, the Social StudiesDepartment will lead the TIP Social Studies Project. All students, at Millennium,will be required to choose a topic based on their grade level social studiescurricula.The pacing guide for each grade level will walk students through each week’sassignments leading up to the submission date in March. Teachers may providesupport for this project. However, the requirements need to be completed athome, unless your student’s teacher otherwise notifies you. Your responsibility,as a parent or guardian, is to provide the necessary materials for the approvedtopic, research project, and all other requirements from your teacher. If you haveany questions, please direct them to your student’s social studies teacher.Please click on the link below to access each of the pacing guideshttps://www.browardschools.com/Page/505998

March 2020 Edition8th Grade Saturday Camp Info for Our STAR Parents and StudentsGreatOpportunity!TutoringInformationfor Our STARFreeParentsTutoring!and StudentsSaturday Science Stars-tutoring sessionsTarget Audience: Grade 8 students taking the NGSSS 8th gradeScience Assessment *(non-Biology students)Dates:Session #1: April 4, 2020Session #2: April 18, 2020Session #3: April 25, 2020Session #4: May 2, 2020Saturday Camp Hours: 9:00 am-12:00 noon (students)Saturday Camp Supervision Time: 8:30 am-12:30 pm*Students must be picked up on time as there will be no supervision after teachersupervision time*Students must arrive on time with pen/pencils and notebook paper*Student must bring in this completed permission slip upon first timeentry into tutoring.Student Name: Science Teacher:Parent(s) name:9

March 2020 EditionTutoring Information for Our STAR Parents and StudentsGreat Opportunity! Free Tutoring!*After-School STAR tutoring sessionsBeginning the week of January 13, 2020Math Tutoring: Mondays and Wednesdays6th Grade-Location: Room #2297th Grade-Location: Room # 1398th Grade-Location: Room # 110ELA Tutoring: Tuesdays and Thursdays6th Grade-Location: Room # 1477th Grade-Location: Room # 1218th Grade-Location: Room # Media CenterHigh School Math: Wednesday Mornings (January 15th)Any High School Math Course:Mr. GalitLocation: Room # 453*Student must bring in this completed permission slip upon first time entry into tutoring.Student Name: Grade:Parent(s) name:Phone Number (Contact #):10

School-wide same set up as FSA April 27 FSA/EOC training All grade levels trained in room 215 during planning hours (schedule will be the same as BSA and will be sent out) Must be done by April 29 FSA practice test for FSA ELA Reading via LA classes FSA Math/Algebra/Geometry via Math classes 6-10th May 1 and

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