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Hobart High SchoolStudent Handbook2016 / 2017Property of:Address:Phone #:In case of emergency, please notify:Name:Email:Phone #:

YOHANSince there are quite a few new students in Hobart High School each year who are unacquainted with Yohan, we would like to explainwho Yohan is. The following excerpt is taken from an interview between Yohan and a reporter for the Ho-Hi Life:“Yohan Petrovich.that’s me. I’m what some people might call a genie, but I’m not really, I’m just an unattached spirit that floats aroundschool.I’ve been here for quite a while; in fact, I’ve been here since 1910. That’s when the school was built.I wasn’t discovered until 1942, when I projected myself into George Zupko’s subconscious mind and coaxed him to write my name on astudy hall list. That was the first time I was heard of but, of course, I was here all the time.You know that little character that’s layin’ brick, well that’s me. No one realized it until I planted the idea of using the little Brickie as myearthly self. Later they honored me by using my picture in the box, “Yohan Says.” You can imagine how proud I was. Look for me. I’llbe waiting for you.”HOBART FIGHT SONGOH, OUR TEAM WILL SHINE TONIGHTOUR TEAM WILL SHINEOUR TEAM WILL SHINE TONIGHTOUR TEAM WILL SHINEOUR TEAM WILL SHINE TONIGHTOUR TEAM WILL SHINEWHEN THE SUN GOES DOWNAND THE MOON COMES UPOUR TEAM WILL SHINE - GO TEAM GOOH, WHEN THE HOBART BRICKIESFALL IN LINEWE’RE GONNA WIN THIS GAMEANOTHER TIMEAND FOR THAT DEAR OLD SCHOOLWE LOVE SO WELLAND FOR THAT OLD BALL TEAMWE’LL YELL AND YELL AND YELLWE’RE GONNA FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHTFOR EVERY SCOREWE’RE GONNA WIN THIS GAME ANDTHEN SOME MOREWE’RE GONNA ROLL THOSE (opponent)ON THE SIDE, ON THE SIDE.RO-O-O-LL HEY!


TABLE OF CONTENTSHobart High School Faculty . 9Class Schedule . 22I. General Information . 11Two Hour Delay Schedule . 22Foreword . 11Late Start Wednesday Schedule . 22Mission Statement . 11CCRT Schedule . 22Language Assistance . 11Grading System . 23Nondiscrimination Policy/Equal Education Opportunity . 11Grading System . 23Residency Policy . 12Graduation . 25Enrolling in the School . 12Graduation Requirements . 25Homeless Students . 12Core 40 Diploma . 25Transfer Out of the Corporation . 12Hall of Scholars. 25Withdrawal From School . 12Credit Requirements for Transfer Students . 25Civility Policy . 12Home School Transfers . 25School Liability and Student Accidents . 13Correspondence Course Transfer Policy . 25Publication of Student Information . 13Program Changes and Dropping Subjects . 25Indoor Air Quality. 13Repeating a Class . 26Early Dismissal . 13Incomplete . 26Student Well-Being. 13Semester Credit . 26Injury and Illness . 13Porter County Career Center . 26Immunizations . 14Exit Interviews. 26Use of Medications . 14Attendance at Commencement Ceremony . 27School Nurse . 15Commencement Requirements . 27Control of Casual-Contact Communicable Diseases and Pests . 15School-Sponsored Study Trips . 27Control of Noncasual-Contact Communicable Diseases . 15Assembly Programs. 27Special Education . 15Book Rental . 27Protection and Privacy of Student Records . 15III. Student Conduct . 27Food Service . 17A. School Attendance Policy . 27Emergency Closings and Delays . 17Notification of Absence . 27Fire, Tornado, and Safety Drills . 18Attendance Procedures . 28Safety and Security . 18Absences Per Semester Policy . 28Brickie Help Line . 18Absence Clarification . 28Lost and Found . 18Excused Absences . 28I. D. Cards . 18Unexcused Absences . 29Visitors and Volunteers . 18Truancy . 29Lockers . 19Truancy Policy . 29Pets and Animals . 20Vacations During the School Year . 30Use of School Equipment and Facilities . 20Suspension From School . 30Student Sales . 20Make Up of Tests and Other School Work . 30Communication . 20Tardy Policy . 30Posters . 21Tardy Sweep. 30Elevator . 21Attendance Appeals. 30Media Center . 21Extra Curricular Participation and School Attendance . 31II. Academics . 22Leaving the Building . 31Counseling and Guidance Services and Office of StudentPlacement . 22Entering / Leaving the Building . 31Block- Eight Schedule Terminology . 22Expected Behaviors . 31Student Behavior Standards . 31

Classroom Environment . 31Use of Dogs . 41Dress and Grooming Regulation . 31Use of Breath-Test Instruments . 41Book Bags . 32Controlled Substances . 41Public Affection . 32Student Right of Expression . 41Food and Drink . 33IV. Student Activities . 42Energy Drinks/Bars . 33School Sponsored Clubs and Activities . 42Unlawful Activity . 33Non-School Sponsored Clubs and Activities . 42The Responsibilities of Students as School Citizens . 33Extra-Curricular Activities, Athletics and Student DriverDrug And/Or Alcohol Testing Program . 42Care of the Building and School Property . 33Care of Personal Property . 33Student Dance and Social Events Regulations . 47Insubordination . 33Girl’s Dress Code . 47Emergency Systems . 33Boy’s Dress Code . 47Student Parking and Regulations . 33Loss of Privleges . 47Morning Drop Off and After School Pick Up . 34Clubs. 48Gang Activity . 34Athletic Guidelines . 48Code of Conduct . 34V. Technology . 52Anti-Harassment. 35A.Student Technology Responsible Use and Safety Agreement . 52Other Protected Forms of Harrassment . 36Cell Phone Wcd Guidelines . 55Use of an Object as a Weapon . 36Knowledge of Dangerous Weapons or Threats of Violence . 36Bullying . 36Enforcement of Student Behavior Standards and Code ofConduct . 37Discipline . 37Responsible Use of Social Networking Media for Athletics &Extra-Curricular Activities. 56Skyward Family Access . 56VI. Transportation . 56Bus Transportation to School . 56Bus Conduct . 57Detention . 37Digital Video Recorders on School Buses . 57Friday School . 38Penalties for Infractions . 57Satuday School . 38Appendix A . 58Saturday School Rules . 38I.Statement of the School City of Hobart . 58Alternative Setting (Iss) . 39II.School City of Hobart Grant of Authority to MaintainDiscipline. 58Formal Discipline . 39Suspension by Administration . 39III. Rules of Student Conduct/Grounds for SuspensionAnd/Or Expulsion . 50Due Process Code . 40IV. Due Process Rights . 60Consequences . 40V.Search and Seizure . 41Definitions . 63

SCHOOL CITY OF HOBART PERSONNELBOARD OF SCHOOL TRUSTEESTerry D. Butler . PresidentRikki Guthrie .Vice PresidentMichael Rogers .SecretaryDave Bigler . MemberKaren Robbins . MemberStuart Schultz . MemberDon Rogers. MemberADMINISTRATIVE STAFFDr. Peggy Buffington . SuperintendentMrs. Debbie Matthys.Director of Curriculum and InstructionMr. Ted Zembala . Business ManagerMr. Jonathan Mock . Director of Human Resources and ComplianceSPECIAL PERSONNELMrs. Regina Guarnero .Coordinator of Student Health ServicesMr. Greg Bialata. Director of Transportation and School SafetyMr. Larry Juzwicki .Director of School SafetyMr. Felix Perry . Director of Support ServicesHOBART HIGH SCHOOL ADMINISTRATIVE STAFFMrs. Angela Patrick . PrincipalMrs. Colleen Newell . Assistant PrincipalMr. Jacob Rodriguez . Assistant PrincipalMrs. Tracy Brumley . Dean of StudentsMr. Robert Glover . Athletic DirectorHIGH SCHOOL OFFICE PERSONNELMrs. . Main Office/Principal’s Secretary . (942-8521)Ms. Tiffeni Taylor . Main Office/Financial Secretary . (942-8521)Mrs. JoAnn Schinella . Student Services/Asst. Principal’s Secretary . (942-7312)Mrs. Nichole Reppert . Student Services/Asst. Principal’s Secretary . (942-7312)Mrs. Cindy Carter. Athletic Office Secretary . (942-3100/5983)Mrs. Cathy Fugate . Guidance Office Secretary. (942-8521)Mrs. Fran Hamilton . Library Secretary . (942-8521)Cpl. Simon Gresser . School Resource Officer . (942-8521)

HOBART HIGH SCHOOL FACULTYHIGH SCHOOL STAFFDanielle Adams. GuidanceTy Artherhults .Social StudiesSharon Autterson . Special EducationSteve Balash. PEMadeline Bartsch .EnglishKriste Bell . Special EducationMike Black.ScienceJon Brumley .Science/MathKim Bucheit. ArtScott Buhmann . JROTCDarrin Cline .MathAlice Cope. Media SpecialistGreg Crouch . Industrial TechGene Dilts . Special EducationJustine Eubank .Physical EducationEike Fischer . World LanguageSam Ford . Science/HealthRuss Mellon .CiscoGuillermina Freytes . SpanishCourtney Gill .Social StudiesBob Glover Jr. .Social StudiesBrian Grenier . BandJack Grennes. Law EnforcementMike James. EnglishAnn Janda.MathJames Kammer . GuidanceDoug Klukken. . GuidanceBrittany Krieg . SpanishTim Krieg. EnglishHeidi Krouse .ScienceAlicia Lasky . Special EducationMark Leto . PE/HealthKatrina Lucas . MathKathy Lute . Special Education/LDDrew Martin . Math/PLTWLeo Marshall. JROTCColin May . Social StudiesJohn McDaniel . MathCathy Nelson. English/TheatreJan Osika . HealthTiffany Parrish . ScienceMike Pickett . Social StudiesHeidi Polizotto . FrenchKaitlyn Phillips .HistoryAlex Ramos . Social StudiesKari Roach .BusinessHelen Schmidt . Special Education/LDSusan Smurdon . HealthElizabeth Slough .EnglishCrystal South . MathHeather Stack . ELLAmanda Stinnett EnglishLauren Swafford . MathChris Tomsci . MathValentine Torres . College and CareersJessica Trcka . Health / P.E.Brent Vermeulen . Industrial Tech/PLTWStephanie Waldron . ChallengeDean Wolff . .MusicShaun Zoladz . .Science

WHOM YOU SHOULD CONTACT ABOUTAthletics . Athletic OfficeAttendance.Student ServicesBehavior Problems . Student Services, Assistant Principal, Dean of StudentsClass Activities. TeacherClubs .SponsorColleges . Guidance OfficeCurriculum. Principal, Guidance OfficeDances .SponsorEmployment . Guidance OfficeEnrollment . Main Office Secretary, PrincipalFinance . Financial Secretary, PrincipalGrades .Teacher(s) ConcernedGraduation Requirements . Guidance Office, PrincipalHomework.942-8521 Teacher’s MessageLockers, Combination .Student ServicesLost and Found .Student ServicesMake-up Lessons .Teacher(s) ConcernedNews Stories. 411 Staff, Journalism Instructor, PrincipalParent/Teacher Conference .

you can imagine how proud i was. look for me. i’ll be waiting for you.” hobart fight song oh, our team will shine tonight our team will shine our team will shine tonight our team will shine our team will shine tonight our team will shine when the sun goes down and the moon comes up our team will

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tbacke@hobart.k12.in.us Mr. Steve Balash Health / PE balashclass@hobart.k12.in.us Ms. Victoria Barnes Guidance Counselor vbarnes@hobart.k12.in.us Ms. Madeline Bartsch English Bartschclass@hobart.k12.in.us Mrs. Sara Basiaga Science Main Office Secretary Mrs. Kriste Bell Special Education bellclass@hobart.k12.in.us Mr. Bill Bennett Math / PLTW

HOBART HIGH SCHOOL Dear Students and Parents: As another great school year at Hobart High School is about to begin, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you. We have a wonderful student body and a fine teaching staff that will make you proud to be a "Brickie" or a "Brickie Parent." There are many var-

with stainless steel parts and a carbon ceramic sealing interface. Easily removable impeller housing permits ease of inspection. Capacity 160 GPM. Pump is completely self-draining. . Hobart AM15 AM Select Dishwasher Specs Keywords: Hobart, AM Select Dishwasher, Hobart AM15, Hobart Spec Sheet, AM15 Spec Sheet .File Size: 638KB

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2 IO-0000000169-001-EN / 5. Jun. 2014 HOBART EN PrOFi aMX Installation and Operation Instructions Publisher HOBART GmbH Robert-Bosch-Str. 17 77656 Offenburg Tel. 49(0)781 600 0 Fax 49(0)781 600 23 19 E-mail: info@hobart.de In

Hobart is registered to the ISO 9001 Quality System Standard. From Hobart to You Hobart offers a Technical Manual which provides more detailed service and parts information for your unit. To obtain a Technical Manual, contact your local distributor. Your distributor can also supply you with Welding Process