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This brochure describes the vast software that is available for the S32G2 vehicle networkprocessors to help users build their application.The S32G2 vehicle network processorcombines ASIL D safety, hardwaresecurity, high-performance real-timeand application processing, andnetwork acceleration for serviceoriented gateways, domain controllersand safety co-processors. Providingmore than 10 times the performanceand networking of NXP’s previousfamily of automotive gateway devices,the versatile S32G2 processor isenabling the next generation ofvehicle gateways and architectures.The S32G2 features: Packet Forwarding Engine (PFE) forEthernet networks acceleration Quad Arm Cortex -A53 cores withArm Neon technology organizedin two clusters of two cores withoptional cluster lockstep forapplications and services Hardware Security Engine (HSE) forsecure boot and accelerated securityservices Triple Arm Cortex-M7 lockstep coresfor real-time applications Advanced functional safety hardwareand software for ASIL D systems Low Latency Communication Engine(LLCE) for automotive networksaccelerationS32G SOFTWARE AND FIRMWARES32G2 SOFTWARE AND FIRMWAREMemoryStandby SRAMDDR3L/LPDDR4 I/FNOR Flash Memory I/FNAND Flash Memory I/FsArm Cortex-M7Arm Cortex-M7Cortex-M7D-cacheI-cache ArmCortex-M7D-cacheI-cache Arm ArmCortex -M7D-cacheTCM I-cacheFPU Arm Cortex -M7TCM I-cacheFPU D-cacheTCM I-cacheFPU D-cacheTCM I-cacheFPU D-cacheTCMTCMSystemFCCU and MBIST/LBISTPLLsNetwork AccelerationProcessorsSystem SRAMAutomotive NetworksArm Cortex-A53FPUFPUArm Cortex-A53Arm Cortex-A53L1L1I-cache D-cacheL1L1Neon D-cacheI-cacheArm Cortex-A53L1L1I-cache D-cacheL1L1Neon D-cacheI-cacheTMShared NeonL2 CacheNeonShared L2CacheShared L2 CacheShared L2 CacheCluster Lockstep Option2 x Safe DMAFabricAsymmetric HardwareAcceleratorsSymmetric HardwareAcceleratorsSecure MemoryRandom NumberGeneratorswww.nxp.com/S32G2Serial Communication5 x I2C6 x SPINetworking4 x CAN FDFlexible Buffers4 x LIN4 x SPI3 x LIN/UARTFlexRay 1-GbE w/ TSNUSB 2.0 OTG2 x PCIe 3.0Global TimestampingEthernet NetworksSafe InterconnectPacket ForwardingEngineSecurityHardware Security Engine16 x CAN FD FlexRaySecurity Offload3x Dual-core LockstepDebug and Trace UnitLow LatencyCommunication EngineTransport Layer OffloadTimers and ADCsStateful InspectionFirewall7 x Watchdog TimerClassification8 x System TimerHeader Manipulation12 x FlexTimerIEEE 1588v2 AVB2 x SAR ADCs (12-ch)2.5-GbE 1-GbEMACMACArm Cortex-M7 OS: AUTOSAR 4.4, FreeRTOS IPC and LLCE software APIs; Safety software Slow Path packet processingArm Cortex-A53 HLOS: Linux and third-party operating systems IPC and networking software APIs; SCST Slow Path packet processingLow Latency Communication Engine (LLCE) CAN/LIN/FlexRay acceleration firmware Customer or third-party processingHardware Security Engine (HSE) Security services firmware Secure system bootPacket Forwarding Engine (PFE) Fast Path packet forwarding firmware1-GbEMAC2

S32G2 SOFTWARE SUPPORTAcceleratorsThe software support offered to enablethe features on the S32G2 processorcan be split into 3 areas:The Packet Forwarding Engine (PFE),Low Latency Communication Engine(LLCE) and Hardware Security Engine(HSE) all come with production qualityfirmware developed by NXP. Thisfirmware runs on the cores within thehardware accelerators, performingthe function for which they werespecifically designed. Running on the Arm Cortex-M7 Running on the Arm Cortex-A53 Running on the acceleratorsArm Cortex-M7 coresReal-time applications will run here onan OS like AUTOSAR and FreeRTOS.NXP provides full drivers for allperipherals and accelerators.Arm Cortex-A53 coresHigh-level operating systems like Linuxwill run here. Adaptive AUTOSARcan run on top of that. To aiddevelopment, NXP provides a LinuxBSP for all peripherals including theaccelerators.Applications running on the ArmCortex-M7 cores and Arm Cortex-A53cores communicate in an efficient andstandard way using the Inter-PlatformCommunication Framework (IPCF)software package.In addition, there is the S32 SafetySoftware Framework (SAF). This ispremium software from NXP and isdelivered as source code so it can runon the Arm Cortex-M7 or Cortex-A53cores. However, in most automotiveapplications, one of the ArmCortex-M7 cores is designated as thesafety core running SAF. This softwarecomprises software components forestablishing safety foundation forthe customer’s safety applications.The components provide detectionand reaction mechanisms for latentfaults and single-point faults, enablingsystem ISO 26262 compliance.Real Time Drivers (RTD) can beconfigured using the configuration toolwithin the S32 Design Studio, or EBtresos, and any FTWARESUPPORT*SUPPORT*Adaptive AUTOSAR High-level Operating System (HLOS)Structural Core Self-Test (SCST)Linux BSPPFELLCEHSEInter-Platform CommunicationFramework (IPCF)HLOS ApplicationHypervisorUSBAUTOSARSDHCTCP/IPRTOSS32 Safety Software Framework (SAF)Real Time DriversPFES32GSharedMemoryArm Cortex -A53Real-Time ApplicationAUTOSAR ApplicationLLCESafety PeripheralDrivers (SPD)HSEArm Cortex-M7Packet Forwarding Engine (PFE)Low Latency Communications Engine (LLCE)Hardware Security Engine (HSE)* For S32G2 partner ecosystem go to page 6Production ty3

SOFTWARE FROM NXP BROADLYFALLS INTO THREE CATEGORIES:Reference software – referencequality software to assist rapiddevelopment of your application,available free of charge.Standard software – productionquality software for running in yourapplication, available free of charge.Premium software – productionquality software for running in yourapplication, available for an EOFFERINGSS32G2 Reference SoftwareLinux BSP(Cortex-A53)FreeRTOS (Cortex-M7)Integration Reference Examples(Arm Cortex -A53 and Cortex-M7)USB Stack(Cortex-M7)S32G2 Standard SoftwareReal Time Drivers (RTD)(Cortex-M7, incl. EB tresos Studio)Safety Peripheral Drivers (SPD)(Cortex-M7)Inter-Platform CommunicationFramework(Cortex-A53 and M7)TCP/IP Stack(Cortex-M7)SDHC Stack(Cortex-M7)S32G2 Board Diagnostic TestsPFE Driver Standard FirmwareS32G2 Premium SoftwareS32G2 SecurityContact sales for more information(NDA required)Increased key count IDPS IPsec Customization servicesS32G2 SafetyAvailable on NXP SafeAssure site(NDA required) S32 Safety Software Framework (SAF)– Safety concept implementation– Cortex-A53 and M7 Structural Core Self-Test (Cortex-A53)LLCE Driver FirmwareS32G2 ToolsS32G2 Design Studio & Config Toolswww.nxp.com/S32G2HSE Standard Firmware4

NXP SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT TOOLS FOR S32G2NXP provides the S32 Design Studio (S32DS), acomplimentary integrated development environment (IDE)that enables editing, compiling and debugging of designs.S32DS offers designers a straightforward developmenttool with no code-size limitations, based on open-sourcesoftware including Eclipse IDE, GNU Compiler Collection(GCC) and GNU Debugger (GDB).S32DS supports GCC compiler/assembler/linker, but theS32G2 also supports GHS and Diab.Within S32DS there is a suite of configuration tools givingthe user an easy method of configuring the device: Pins Clocks Peripherals DCD IVT QuadSPI DDRIntegrated Development Environment –S32 Design Studio 3.xCode Generation Tools New Project Wizard NXP GCC-v6.3 & v9.2 Compilers, assemblers, linkers Secure application debug support Secure Boot Support by S32 Flash Tool Support for real-time driversS32 Configuration Tools DDR configuration/QSPI configuration DDR firmware config/download DCD/IVT/clocks/pins/peripherals Support for real-time driversS32 Debugger/Trace and Profiling Tools Standard debug capabilities Scripting and logging Multicore debug/flash through JTAG USB/Ethernet probe connection (Remote/Local) Secure application debug support Trace and profiling on Cortex-A53 Cores5S32 Flash Tool GUI/Command line flash QSPI/SD/eMMCsupport UART/CAN/Ethernet Program 2G25

S32G2 ECOSYSTEM PARTNERS* Operating systems and hypervisorsAs well as the software and tools provided by NXP, thereis a large ecosystem offering for the S32G2 family ofprocessors. Development tools (compiles, debuggers, probes etc.) Application-level software covering many aspects, e.g.,cloud services, OTA, networking, etc.The trusted partners of NXP provide expertise andtechnologies in their areas of specialty to help createcomplete solutions with S32G2 processors.S32G2 ECOSYSTEM PARTNERS*S32G2 PARTNER ECOSYSTEM*Cloud ServicesConnected VehicleData ReductionOTA ServicesIntrusion DetectionVehicle NetworkingVehicle HealthComing SoonTo Be AnnouncedOperating SystemsAUTOSAR AdaptiveHypervisorsBoardsDebuggers/ProbesAUTOSAR ClassicCompilers/ToolsVirtual Prototyping* S32G2 partner list as of May 4, 2021. Check with partners for support details. Contact NXP Sales for future updates.www.nxp.com/S32G26

SOFTWARE DELIVERABLES AND QUALITY PROCESSESThe following table shows the main software packagesavailable for the S32G2 processors.For further information, click the link to the correspondingproduct brief.The subsequent table explains the different software qualityclassifications.SoftwareTypeDeliveryArm CoreQualityClassBSPSourceA53Class ORTDThe Real Time Drivers (RTD) software product offers support for bothAUTOSAR and non-AUTOSAR applications. For AUTOSAR applications, awide range of standard drivers and complex device drivers (CDDs) create arich ecosystem. For non-AUTOSAR, the low-level drivers are also providedfor highly optimized code. Support for Elektrobit tresos Studio (AUTOSAR)and S32CT (non-AUTOSAR) configurators is included.DriverSourceM7Class ASPDSafety Peripheral Drivers (SPDs), a subset of RTDs, are specifically for thesafety peripherals (FCCU, EIM, ERM, STCU, BIST, eMCEM).DriverSourceM7Class AIPCFInter-Platform Communication Framework (IPCF) enables applicationsrunning on multiple cores to communicate over various transport interfaces(shared memory, PCIe , Ethernet, etc.)MiddlewareSourceA53/M7Class AFirmwareBinary-----Class BSoftware ProductDescriptionS32G2 processor BSP provides a foundation software platform whichcontains various libraries and middleware, sample applications for S32G2SoCs and includes the following components and features: Arm Trusted Firmware U-BootAutomotive SW-Linux BSP Linux Kernel Yocto ROOTFS Drivers IPCF POSIXLow Latency Communication Engine (LLCE) controls the traditionalautomotive communication interfaces such as CAN, LIN, and FlexRay .The LLCE can offload the host CPU from all interface-level tasks.LLCE CAN, LIN, FR communication controller Timestamping CAN-to-CAN routing CAN-to-Ethernet routingPFEPFE is the Ethernet packet accelerator to offload core from an overwhelminglevel of network processing: Forwarding, NAT, VLAN, L2 bridge, IPsec andQoS, etc. in data plane.FirmwareBinary-----Class BHSEThis is firmware for the Hardware Security Engine (HSE) subsystem. Itessentially serves the host (application cores) with a set of native securityservices.FirmwareEncryptedBinary-----Class Bwww.nxp.com/S32G27

SW QUALITYCLASSESSOFTWAREQUALITYCLASSESClass A Functional safety products — ISO 26262 compliant Products: SAF, RTD, IPCFClass B SPICE-compliant products Products: LLCE, PFE, HSEClass C SPICE tailored — CMMI compliant Products: System tools, IDE, integration example codeClass O Open-source software class Products: Linux BSP, USB, SDHC & TCP/IPClass D Demo/prototypes Products: demos, pre-EAR SWSafeAssure and Automotive Qualifiedwww.nxp.com/S32G2Automotive QualifiedGeneral Availability8

LEGAL DISCLAIMERSDisclaimer related to a project description/roadmapThe information given hereunder is non-binding and preliminary and provided without legal commitment whatsoever.The information may be subject to changes and amendments. As with any project, inherent uncertainties can lead to thetermination or delay of the project at any time. NXP does not accept any liability with regard to the project descriptiongiven hereunder nor to any project realization. Any project commitment is subject to conclusion of a separate duly signedcontract.Disclaimer for timelines/schedulesThe dates provided herein are non-binding and preliminary and provided without legal commitment whatsoever. Thetimeline, and the assumptions underlying that timeline, are subject to change at any time. NXP does not accept any liabilitywith regard to the dates provided. Any dates or other information provided by NXP are binding only upon conclusion of awritten contract signed by customer and NXP.www.nxp.com/S32G2NXP, the NXP logo and SafeAssure are trademarks of NXP B.V. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners. Synopsys and the Synopsys logo are trademarks of Synopsys, Inc.in the U.S. and/or other countries. AWS and the AWS logo and all related logos and motion marks are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Arm, Cortex and Neon are are trademarks or registeredtrademarks of Arm Limited (or its subsidiaries) in the US and/or elsewhere. The related technology may be protected by any or all of patents, copyrights, designs and trade secrets. All rights reserved. 2021 NXP B.V.Document Number: S32GSWBROCHURE REV 0

Standard software - production-quality software for running in your application, available free of charge. Premium software - production-quality software for running in your application, available for an additional charge. S32G SOFTWARE OFFERINGSS32G2 SOFTWARE OFFERINGS S32G2 Security Contact sales for more information (NDA required)

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