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Table of ContentsBrochure / report title goes here Section title goes here A Message from DHA Leadership3The Military Health System4DHA Campaign Plan Lines of Effort5DHA Campaign Plan LOE Execution6FY21 LOE 1 Strategic and Operational KPIs7FY21 LOE 2 Strategic and Operational KPIs8FY21 LOE 3 Strategic and Operational KPIs9FY21 LOE 4 Strategic and Operational KPIs10DHA Campaign Plan Integration11Appendix: Points of Contact12Appendix: Resources132

DHA Campaign Plan A Message from DHA LeadershipA Message From DHA LeadershipThe DHA Campaign Plan described in the followingpages takes the words and sentiments we expresseveryday about the four critical priorities: GreatOutcomes, Ready Medical Force, Satisfied Patients,and Fulfilled Staff, and turns them into an actionableplan. This is the FY21 plan to put strategy into action.When we establish the measures and targets weexpect to reach in 2021, we are telling ourselves andeveryone affected by our Military Health System(MHS) – This is what matters the most to us. Hold usto our promises. Judge us by our outcomes.Our frequent reference to a “patient-centeredapproach” means the goals we set for our systemare through the eyes of our patients. For example,a measure of “Patient’s Perception of GeneralHealth” focuses our lens on the individual infront of us, and the numerous health care andsupporting activities we must synchronize topositively affect each individual entrusted to ourcare.This Campaign Plansets our four criticalpriorities for Fiscal Year2021 (FY21)1GreatOutcomes2ReadyMedical ForceSatisfied3 PatientsFulfilled4 StaffOur most important outcome isa medically ready forceOur MTFs sustain team-basedcurrency and proficiencyenabling a ready medical forceOur patients feel fortunate forMHS care that helps themachieve their goalsOur staff feel joy and purposeworking in the MHSOur values as a MHS are fortified by ourcommitment to high reliability. Our MHS may be in the midst of important and needed organizationalchange, but our culture and our commitment as a military medical team remain steadfast. We arefocused on always improving our system of care, striving to engage and integrate with our servicepartners, and developing a system that provides high quality care to all that come for services providedby DHA.We are grateful for the shared opportunity to work together with you in the coming year on behalf ofthose we serve.DirectorLTG Ronald Place3Senior Enlisted LeaderCSM Michael Gragg

DHA Campaign Plan The Military Health SystemThe Military Health System (MHS)The MHS enables the National DefenseStrategy by providing a Medically ReadyForce, a Ready Medical Force, andimproving the health of all those entrustedto its care. The MHS is responsible forproviding health services through bothdirect care and Private Sector Care toapproximately 9.6 million beneficiaries,composed of uniformed service members,military retirees, and family members.DHA plays a critical role in executing and delivering the highest quality of health careto MHS beneficiaries through support to the Service Military Departments. DHA's keycombat support responsibility is to provide a Medically Ready Force – by ensuringuniformed service members are healthy and safe from potential health threats.DHA also supports a Ready Medical Force – supporting health care professionals whocare for operational forces in the field through training and education and providing theclinical settings in which they build their skills for deployment to ensure great outcomesfor all beneficiaries.As the health care delivery arm of the MHS, DHA is crucial to supporting DoD’sintegrated system of readiness and health. DHA manages a global health care networkof military and civilian medical professionals and more than 400 military hospitals andclinics around the world.4

DHA Campaign Plan DHA Campaign Plan Lines of EffortDHA Campaign Plan Lines of EffortGreat Outcomes, Ready Medical Force, Satisfied Patients, and Fulfilled Staff are the fourpriorities that DHA must execute in FY21. All efforts at the Headquarters (HQ), Market,and Military Treatment Facility (MTF) must demonstrate a direct alignment to one ormore of the four DHA priorities and produce measurable progress within the next year.The DHA Campaign Plan describes the process by which DHA will operationalize andmonitor execution at the HQ, Market, and MTF level to achieve success.In FY21, each of the four DHA priorities will be supported by a cross-functional body ofwork, defined as a Line of Effort (LOE). LOEs contain the Campaign Plan Projects andKey Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will drive progress on a priority. LOEs incorporateinput from the Markets and MTFs via the Quadruple Aim Performance Process (QPP) toensure QPP initiatives address a performance gap that maps to a priority.DHA's Mission: "We support the National Defense Strategy and Service MilitaryDepartments by leading the Military Health System as an integrated, highly-reliablesystem of medical training, readiness, and health."Lines of EffortCampaign PlanGreat OutcomesCurrentConditionsReady Medical ForceSatisfied PatientsFulfilled StaffDHA's Vision: "Unified, Reliable, and Ready."5DHA EndState:Integrated,HighlyReliableSystem ofMedicalTraining,Readiness,and Health

DHA Campaign Plan DHA Campaign Plan LOE ExecutionDHA Campaign Plan LOE ExecutionThe Campaign Plan will be executed through selected Campaign Plan Projects that DHA has identifiedas key enterprise efforts that will drive progress in FY21. Each project is aligned to a LOE and measuredby specific KPIs to actively monitor Agency performance. For a complete list of FY21 Campaign PlanProjects, click here.Campaign Plan Projects are generatedthrough DHA Deputy AssistantDirectors (DADs), Market, and MTFleadership Executive PlanningSessions (EPS) to focus our efforts onthis year's projects.Annual Campaign Plan Projects driveperformance across the organization, linking the Director’s priorities to the daily work done by each ofyou. In support of the Markets and MTFs, the FY21 Campaign Plan Projects include Market submissionsfrom last year’s QPP cycle that DHA leadership identified as addressing enterprise-wide performancegaps.Managing the execution of these projects is critical to successful FY21 performance. An exampleof how the Markets contribute to the FY21 Campaign Plan Project portfolio is the creation of theIntegrated Referral Management and Appointing Center (IRMAC) project.The IRMAC project focuses on improving access to care, enhancing the patient experience, andoptimizing direct care capacity. The project was identified during last year's QPP cycle from Marketsand MTFs, due to the numerous submissions concerning gaps in access to care across the MHS.As a focus for FY21, the IRMAC Campaign Plan Project directs progress towards how the DHA willmonitor performance utilizing the following Operational KPIs: Per Member Per Month (Direct Care/Private Sector Care)Recapture: KSA Private Sector Care Leakage (% by Specialty)These Operational KPIs support LOE 1: Great Outcomes, LOE 2: Ready Medical Force, and LOE 3:Satisfied Patients. As demonstrated by the IRMAC Campaign Plan Project, it is critical that everyoneunderstands how his/her role in executing these annual projects has long-lasting effects for theenterprise at large.6

DHA Campaign Plan FY21 LOE 1 Strategic and Operational KPIsFY21 LOE 1 Strategic and Operational KPIsDHA will measure FY21 progress by using KPIs. A KPI is a performance measure that supports an LOE and defines successgiven current operating conditions. Strategic KPIs are managed at the HQ-level by the Corporate Executive Board (DeputyDirector and the Assistant Directors). Operational KPIs are managed by the Executive Steering Committee (DeputyAssistant Directors) and measure specific efforts that will drive completion of the strategic KPIs. Markets will work closelywith HQ leadership to develop a set of tactical KPIs that will measure specific execution efforts at the Market and MTFs.To support continuous enterprise improvement, DHA will store the latest version of the KPIs, associated thresholds, andadditional guidance here as a living document.LOE 1 Definition: Our most important outcome is a Medically Ready Force.As of 10 November 2020Line of Effort #1 (Great Outcomes): Strategic and Operational KPIsHow would you define success for this LOE by the end of FY21? How would you know we’d accomplished it?CurrentConditionsCEB Review(StrategicPriority KPIs)LOE 1 Strategic Question: Are we focused on the right outcomes to maximize value?ReadinessHealth% of ServiceMembers NotMedically Ready Dueto Duty LimitingConditionsHRQOL: Patient’s Perception ofGeneral Health% of Service MembersNot Medically ReadyDue to Duty LimitingConditions: TBDStrategic KPIDefinitionsESC Review(OperationalKPIs)% of Profiles (forADSMs) 180Days% of Profiles (forADSMs) 180 Days:The proposed measureincludes the percentageof Active Duty profilesover 180 days. Theseprofiles reflectconditions orcircumstances that limitduty days anddeployability for anextended period.Operational KPIDefinitionsHRQOL: The Health Related Quality ofLife questions (4) are on the HealthCare Survey of DoD Beneficiaries. Thequestion we're currently using asks"Would you say that in general yourhealth is excellent, very good, good,fair or poor". Respondents areconsidered in "good" health if theyindicate "good", "very good" or"excellent" on this question.Benchmarks are from the HealthyPeople 2020 goals.In General,How Would IRate MyGeneralHealth?% Active DutyInfluenzaImmunizationsCompletedIn General, How Would I Rate MyGeneral Health?: The JOES Surveyfocuses on patient experience in theMHS. This measure reflects thepercentage of respondents whoindicated their health was very goodor excellent on this question.% Active Duty InfluenzaImmunizations Completed: Measureassesses the percentage of ActiveDuty Service Members who are up todate with influenza vaccines.CarePSI-90Exceptional Care: HealthcareAccreditation Surveys With NoFollow-Up SurveyPSI-90: Composite measure, is a subset of the AHRQPatient Safety Indicators that utilizes ICD-10 dataintended to reflect the safety climate of a hospital inthe adult population. The measures highlight safetyrelated adverse events occurring in hospitalsfollowing operations, procedures, and childbirth. It isintended to assist health providers in identifyingpotential in-hospital patient safety problemsallowing targeted quality improvement efforts.Exceptional Care: The measure tracks MTFaccreditation surveys that require a follow-on surveyprior to award of full accreditation.Near Miss toHarm Ratio% CompletionofStandardizedSurgicalUniversalProtocol (UP)Policy andChecklists inthe MHSDirect CareSystem%Implementationof PPH BundleNear Miss to Harm Ratio: Measure assesses theratio of: 1/ Numerator equals: Voluntarily reportedinformation in the Joint Patient Safety ReportingSystem (JPSR) noting nearly avoided patient harmsso that information gained from the near missreports can be used to decrease the likelihood of anear miss or harm actually occurring in the future.2/ Denominator reflects actual patient harmsreported in JPSR. The information gained providesinsight on MHS culture, leadership engagement andcontinuous process improvement. Improvement inthe measure would be reflective of decrease in thenumber of harms and increase in the number ofnear misses (near miss reporting).% Completion of Standardized Surgical UniversalProtocol (UP) Policy and Checklists in the MHSDirect Care System: Measure assesses the progressin development and deployment of a standardizeduniversal protocol and safe surgery checklist acrossthe MHS.% Implementation of PPH Bundle: Measureassesses the percentage of implementation of thePost Partum Hemorrhage Bundle designed toprevent maternal morbidity and mortality in theMHS.7DHA End State:Integrated, Highly-ReliableSystem of Medical Training,Readiness, and HealthPMPM: Cost PerBeneficiary forHMO Cost PerBeneficiary forMedicare Cost PerBeneficiary forPPOAverageEmpanelment InDC Primary CarePer Member Per Month: PMPM calculates thetotal costs associated with a MTF and itsempaneled enrollees, in either direct orpurchased care, which is calculated by inpatientand outpatient unit costs times utilization pluspurchased care expenditures divided by thenumber of covered lives (empanelmentadjusted by acuity). The measure is normalizedallowing comparison of MTFs and measures thepercent increase or decrease in PMPM againstthe MTF's own performance. (HA DashboardMetric): Note: Three views: Cost perBeneficiary for HMO (Prime - methodologyavailable; Cost per Beneficiary for Medicare(MERHCF - methodology expected from HA endof Sep); Cost per Beneficiary for PPO (Select methodology expected from HA end of Sep).Average Empanelment in DC Primary Care: Themeasure assesses the total number ofempaneled Prime and Plus beneficiaries dividedby the number of primary care manager fulltime equivalents, adjusted for approvedleadership roles and inpatient deductionscompared to the minimum average standard of1,100 to 1 and standard processes identified inthe DHA-PI 6025.11 on empanelment capacity.The measure assesses whether the MTF isreaching minimum empanelment standards torealize a return on resources and support aReady Medical Force.

DHA Campaign Plan FY21 LOE 2 Strategic and Operational KPIsFY21 LOE 2 Strategic and Operational KPIsLOE 2 Definition: Our MTFs sustain team-based currency and proficiency enabling aReady Medical Force.As of 10 November 2020Line of Effort #2 (Ready Medical Force): Strategic and Operational KPIsHow would you define success for this LOE by the end of FY21? How would you know we’d accomplished it?CurrentConditionsCEB Review(StrategicPriority KPIs)LOE 2 Strategic Question: How do we ensure medical readiness sustainment platforms aresupporting both the Service/CCMD expeditionary medical skill sustainment requirements?% of Non-CCCT Individual Specialties withDeveloped KSAs% of Non-CCCT IndividualSpecialties With DevelopedKSAs: TBDStrategic KPIDefinitionsESC Review(OperationalKPIs)Operational KPIDefinitionsMETCGraduationRate# of MTFsImplementingExpeditionaryScope ofPractice (ESP)for EnlistedMedicalPersonnelMETC Graduation Rate: %METC Graduation Ratescompared to ServiceComponent requirements.Metric depicts studentthroughput and servicerequirements for eachmedical program. Initial KPImeasures depict how wellthe Medical Education &Training Campus (METC)meets Service annualrequirements in primarytracing programs [Army-MOS(Department of CombatMedic Training), Navy-NEC(Hospital Corpsmen Basic),Air Force-AFSC (AerospaceMedical Service Apprentice)].# of MTFs implementingExpeditionary Scope ofPractice (ESP) for EnlistedMedical Personnel: TBD% of CCCT Personnel ByIndividual Specialty AchievingKSA Threshold% of Non-CCCT Individual Specialties WithDeveloped KSAs: TBD% of CCCT Personnel By Individual SpecialtyAchieving KSA Threshold: KSA scores, assessedagainst clinical community-determined thresholds,link clinical currency from MTFs and partnerships tomedical force readiness. Thresholds and dashboardshave been established for six specialties, and arebeing developed for the remaining ten specialties,expected to be completed in March 2021. KSA datacan additionally be displayed for work done on MHSbeneficiaries in Purchased Care, providing additionaldata in support of recapture of high readiness valuecases.GME %ProgramsWithContinuedAccreditationExpandNumber ofIdentifiedMTFs ThatAre geDHA End State:Integrated, Highly-ReliableSystem of Medical Training,Readiness, and Health% HQ, Market and MTF/DTFReporting in DRRS-S% in Reduction for ContingencyMateriel Assemblage Variance% HQ, Market and MTF/DTFReporting in DRRS-S: 100% ofthe MTFs reporting in theDefense Readiness ReportingSystem provides a means tomanage and project out currentand future requirements ofindividual MTFs, as well as thewar-time support mission ofexpansion capabilities within theMHS. Detailing currentcapabilities and gaps within theMHS and its subordinatecomponents to execute theNational Military Strategyconsistent with DoD prioritiesand planning direction providedin the Secretary’s Guidance forEmployment of Force, UnifiedCommand Plan, and the JointStrategic Campaign Plan.% in Reduction for Contingency MaterielAssemblage Variance: The DHA will provideanalytical support to the Military Departmentsin their management of medical assemblageallowance standards for their respectiveoperational medical platforms in order topromote materiel commonality and improvethe interoperability, interchangeability, andsustainability of medical capabilities provided toCombatant Commanders. The target of 50%represents the medical surgical and equipmentitems placed within a Service operationalsupport assemblage, where two or moreservices are utilizing the same National StockNumber.% ofCompletedMHS KSAProceduresBy MTFGME % Programs with Continued Accreditation:Measure assesses the percent of continuedaccreditation of GME programs.Expand Number of Identified MTFs that are TraumaCenter Eligible: TBDRecapture KSA Purchased Care Leakage: Measuresnumber of referrals generated by the MTF/Marketwhich are deferred to the network divided by thetotal number of referrals generated by theMTF/Market. Data are available with a 2-day delayand by product line. The measure assesses leakageon capacity and capability.% of Completed MHS KSA Procedures By MTF: Theidentification of all procedure groups within theMHS by MTF, that includes those performed byPurchased Care mapping of surgical proceduregroups performed within the MHS, by MTF, thatincludes the procedure groups within PurchasedCare and MILCIV Partnerships. This offers the abilityto determine/measure the total number of casetypes and determine how many Providers bySpecialty type the MHS can sustain adequate skillssustainment for; the specific case types torecapture; and the delta reveals what case types willneed to be sought after in a MILCIV Partnership.8

DHA Campaign Plan FY21 LOE 3 Strategic and Operational KPIsFY21 LOE 3 Strategic and Operational KPIsLOE 3 Definition: Our patients feel fortunate for MHS care that helps them achievetheir goals.As of 10 November 2020Line of Effort #3 (Satisfied Patients): Strategic and Operational KPIsHow would you define success for this LOE by the end of FY21? How would you know we’d accomplished it?CurrentConditionsNet Promoter Score:% Satisfaction withHealth Plan (HealthCare Survey of DoDBeneficiaries)CEB Review(StrategicPriority KPIs)Strategic KPIDefinitionsESC Review(OperationalKPIs)% of CSARTIssues ClosedNet Promoter Score: Calculated as the difference between the percentage of Promoters(9 and 10) and Detractors (1 and 2) on the question "Overall, how satisfied are you withyour health plan?" This is from the Health Care Survey of DoD Beneficiaries (a surveythat is sent to a sample of all eligible beneficiaries; it's not "event based").Recommend Facilityto a TRICAREEligible FamilyMember/Friend(#24 JOES-C Survey)OverallExperience withPharmacy (#20JOES-Survey)(Direct Care Only)OutpatientRecommendHospital (InpatientSatisfaction) –(TRISS)% of CSART Issues Closed: The Combat Support Agency Review Team (CSART)Assessment assesses the DHA to evaluate its ability to support the operatingforces. The CSART concluded that the Agency's combat support roles have notbeen sufficiently developed or matured to make such a determination.% of Data Utilization in JointHealth/Surveillance IT Systems By GlobalMTFs and Combatant Commands toMake Informative and Timely DecisionsInpatientRecommend Facility to a TRICARE Eligible Family Member/Friend: Recommend Facilityis calculated as the proportion of respondents who indicated 4 or 5 (somewhat agree orstrongly agree) on the question "I would recommend this facility to a TRICARE eligiblefamily member or friend,” divided by everyone who answered the question (1-5). This isfrom the Joint Outpatient Experience Survey (JOES), a daily event-based patientexperience survey.Operational KPIDefinitionsDHA End State:Integrated, Highly-ReliableSystem of Medical Training,Readiness, and HealthLOE 3 Strategic Question: Are we improving in the eyes of our patients?% of Data Utilization in Joint Health/Surveillance IT Systems By Global MTFs andCombatant Commands to Make Informative and Timely Decisions: TBDOverall Experience with Pharmacy (#20 JOES-Survey): Outpatient experience withPharmacy is calculated as the proportion of respondents who indicated 4 or 5 (very goodor excellent) on the question "Overall Experience with Pharmacy," divided by everyonewho answered the question (1-5). This is from the Joint Outpatient Experience Survey(JOES), a daily event-based experience survey.Recommend Hospital (Inpatient Satisfaction) – (TRISS): Recommend Hospital iscalculated as the proportion of respondents who indicated 4 (Definitely Yes) on thequestion "Would you recommend this hospital to your friends and family?" divided byeveryone who answered the question (1-4). This is from the TRICARE InpatientSatisfaction Survey (TRISS), a bi-weekly (results quarterly) event-based inpatientexperience survey.Survey data available for both direct and Purchased Care9

DHA Campaign Plan FY21 LOE 4 Strategic and Operational KPIsFY21 LOE 4 Strategic and Operational KPIsLOE 4 Definition: Our staff feel joy and purpose working in the MHS.As of 10 November 2020Line of Effort #4 (Fulfilled Staff): Strategic and Operational KPIsHow would you define success for this LOE by the end of FY21? How would you know we’d accomplished it?CurrentConditionsCEB Review(StrategicPriority KPIs)Strategic KPIDefinitionsESC Review(OperationalKPIs)Operational KPIDefinitionsDHA End State:Integrated, Highly-ReliableSystem of Medical Training,Readiness, and HealthLOE 4 Strategic Question: Is the DHA a desired place to work?Staff Engagement: # ofAnnual OrganizationalChanges That ResultedFrom EmployeeEngagementsBest Places to Workin the FederalGovernment RankingBest Places to Work in the FederalGovernment Ranking: Consists of yearlyresponse by DHA civilian employees to 3questions on the FEVS: #1) I recommendmy organization as a good place to work;#2) Considering everything, how satisfiedare you with your job? #3) Consideringeverything, how satisfied are you withyour organization? DHA has improvedeach year since 2015 but ranks in thebottom 20% of Federal organizationsparticipating in the FEVS (for 2019 336 of420).FEVS Survey(% ResponseRate)FEVS Survey (% Response Rate): FederalEmployee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) is anannual civilian employee surveyadministered by the Office of PersonnelManagement to full-time and part-timepermanent, nonseasonal employees inthe federal government in agencies thataccept an invitation to participate int hesurvey. The survey measures employees'perceptions of whether, and to whatextent, conditions characteristic ofsuccessful organizations are present intheir agencies and serves as a tool foremployees to share their perceptions inmany critical areas including their workexperiences, their agency, and leadership.Results of participant responses to thesurvey are to be provided to leadershipthroughout the survey period to monitorprogress and encourage additionalparticipation. 2019 was DHA's best yearwith 38.5% participation; The 2020 targetis 40% participation.Staff Engagement: # of Annual Organizational Changes That Resulted From Employee Engagements: Increased employeeengagement leads to better performance and outcomes. Leaders emphasize improving employee engagement and commit tothe idea that the DHA will work better with an engaged workforce, good leaders and the processes, structures and informationto make informed decisions.DEOCS(DEOMIOrganizationalClimate Survey):ParticipationRatePatient SafetyCulture DataStaff Burnout/Turnover: % ofOver-timeAuthorized**Staff Burnout/Turnover: % ofComp- timeAuthorized**RecognizingContributions:Civilian AwardsProcessedWithin thePerformanceYearStaff Burnout/Turnover: % ofLost Leave EOY(HQs mentingPlans andAppraisalsDEOCS (DEOMI Organizational Climate Survey): (Participation Rate): The KPI measures the response rate (Employees andmilitary members who Participate in Survey/The Total number of employees and military members invited to take part in thesurvey) in the DEOMI Workforce Climate Survey. The DEOMI Workforce Climate Survey results will be a starting point tomeasure concerns DHA employees may have related to equal employment opportunities.Patient Safety Culture Data: Measure provides insight on dimensions from the MHS Patient Safety Culture Survey.Staff Burnout/ Turnover: % of Over-time Authorized: Per quarter, pull the number of hours worked by DHA employees and thenumber of those hours worked using overtime type labor hours. Provide the percentage based off calculations.Staff Burnout/ Turnover: % of Comp-Time Authorized: Per quarter, pull the number of hours worked by DHA employees andthe number of those hours worked using Comp time type labor hours. Provide the percentage based off calculations.Staff Burnout/ Turnover: % of Lost Leave EOY (HQs and Market): This analysis would have to be run on a yearly basis, during 1stquarter of the calendar year. During the 1st quarter, pull the balance of leave hours per DHA employee for prior calendar yearand the number of forfeited annual leave hours for the prior calendar year. Provide the percentage based offcalculations.Recognizing Contributions: Civilian Awards Processed Within the Performance Year: This measure informs how well DHAleaders are recognizing DHA employee achievements, contributions and performance.Managing Performance and Development: Documenting Plans and Appraisals: This measure informs how well DHA leaders arerecognizing DHA employee achievements, contributions and performance.**KPI Recommended for ‘Hold’ Status Pending Further LOE 4 Discussions10

BrochureDHACampaign/ reportPlantitle DHAgoesCampaignhere SectionPlan Integrationtitle goes here DHA Campaign Plan IntegrationThe FY21 priorities remain: Great Outcomes, Ready Medical Force, SatisfiedPatients, and Fulfilled Staff.Successful execution of DHA priorities requires enterprise-wide integrationof the QPP and FY21 Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE) cycle. Wemust ensure our time and resources are prioritized and dedicated to those efforts thatare most important in support of our Warfighters and our patients.To maintain accountability, KPI performance will be monitored through periodicperformance review sessions and managed at the MHS level, through Health Affairs.Within DHA, reviews will include HQ, Market, and MTFs.DHA priorities are inclusive of Markets and MTFs. Our mission is supporting theMarkets and the Service Military Departments. DHA's Campaign Plan Projects, KeyPerformance Indicators, and integrated processes represent our commitment to thesuccessful FY21 execution of DHA's four priorities.11

AppendixDHA Points of ContactAs of 10 November 2020Office of GeneralCouncil (OGC)Director, DHALTG Ronald PlaceSenior Enlisted LeaderDeputy DirectorCSM Michael GraggMr. Guy KiyokawaAssistant DirectorHealth Care AdministrationAssistant DirectorCombat . PatFlanders(J-6)DADFinancialOperationsCol VirgilScott(J-8)DADHealthcareOperationsTRICAREMr. ChristopherPriestDr. Barclay ButlerBG George AppenzellerDr. Brian LeinDADMedicalAffairsDr. PaulCordtsAssistant DirectorManagement / CAEDADCombatantCommandOperationalSupportMr. DonDahlheimerDADMEDLOGCol RandallIvallDADPublic HealthCOL MelindaCavicchiaDADOperationalMedicineCOL ClaytonChilcoatDADAdministration &Managem entMr. RonHamilton(J-1)(AD-M)DADAcquisitionMr. JakeLewis(J-4)DADStrategy,Planning &FunctionalIntegrationCOL JeniferMeno(J-5)DADEducation &TrainingBrig Gen AnitaFligge(J-7)Acting DADResearch &DevelopmentDr. SeanBiggerstaff(J-9)12

AppendixResourcesQPP ges/Home.aspxCEB formanceImprovement/CEB/SitePages/Home.aspxMHS Request Submissions tePages/Home.htmlMHS Request Submission Portal FAQThe MHS Request Submission Portal FAQ can be found at: Portal/MDL/PDFLINK/FAQ-Knowledge Exchange.pdfQuadruple Aim Performance Process Guidance for Fiscal Year 21The QPP guidance for FY21 can be found at: provement/QPP1/Forms/QPP%20Guidance.aspxDHA-PI for Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and ExecutionProcedural Instruction has not been finalized as of yet. For the latest version of the DHA-PI contact theChief, Business Integration Division.DHA-PI 1100.01 Guidance for Manpower ProgramThe Guidance for Manpower Program can be found at: 05/16/Guidance-for-Manpower-ProgramMarket PlaybookThe Market Playbook can be found at: se Health Agency Administrative Instruction 109 – Defense Health Agency DecisionMaking ArchitectureThe DHA Decision Making Architecture can be found at: 10/15/DHA-AI-109-Decision-Making-ArchitectureDHA Terms of Reference GuideThe DHA Terms of Reference Guide can be found at: https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-669693HRO AppendixReady Reliable Care - Unifying High Reliability Across the MHSThis appendix introduces a multi-year cross-cutting initiative aimed at integrating high reliability effortsand strengthening the HRO domains of change: Leadership Commitment, Continuous PerformanceImprovement, Culture of Safety, and Patient es/Home.aspx13

The Campaign Plan will be executed through selected Campaign Plan Projects that DHA has identified as key enterprise efforts that will drive progress in FY21. Each project is aligned to a LOE and measured by specific KPIs to actively monitor Agency performance. For a complete list of FY21 Campaign Plan

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dietary DHA intake for non-supplement users was below the current prenatal recommendation. Therefore, pregnant women in Southwest Montana are not . consumption among pregnant women in non-coastal communities to determine if individuals with less access to marine n-3 PUFAs are obtaining the recommended amount of DHA for their growing fetus.

Then, we implemented the preparation of Dha and maleimide biomolecules and their associated FPySH reference adducts. We carried out the synthesis of three Dha compounds and their conjugation to thiol reference (Scheme 42). The preparation of the "small molecule" model 13 was achieved starting from pyruvic acid 10 and

The DHA is the sole authority and has a leadership role in South Africa on identity, identity management and identity management systems across government and economic spheres. The DHA s sole mandate includes the sole authority to affirm and regulate official identity and South African citizenship. To fully appreciate the DHA s mandate, the

The Market transition process is a shared responsibility between the DHA and Market Office Leadership to ensure the Market is ready and DHA has the capability and capacity to support each Market. *External stakeholders include: Congress, Secretary of Defense,

3 For reference, Bolton’s total Tax Levy in FY21 is 23,500,254. Our Levy Limit for FY21 is 22,421,921, but when we account for excluded debt, our Maximum Levy is 23,664,958. Our Levy Ceiling in FY21 is 28,164,255 (i.e., 2.5% of our total assessed value). Proposition 2½ also provides two mechanisms by which taxes can be increased

Q1 FY21 Net Revenue (unaudited) of US 1.6m, up 11% qoq and 18% over pcp Successfully raised A 23.3m through a Placement and subsequent Share Purchase Plan (SPP); VTI plans to use the funds to achieve significant development milestones and to target reaching approximately break-even cash flow. Cash at end of Q1 FY21 was US 16.5m

There are also four possible examples of themes which could be followed. Each has a set of readings with an introduction to them. This could either act as a prompt to whoever is preaching, or could be read when there is no preacher present, as sometimes happens in our rural groups of churches where each church holds its own service. There is a linked prayer and suggestions for the music .