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Parent Portal Account Registrationand Password Reset/Account Look-upIntroductionParents and guardians of Miami-Dade County Public School (M-DCPS) students are encouraged to open aParent Portal account. The Portal contains valuable student information including the Electronic Gradebook,which monitors attendance and academic progress in each class. Prior to adding a student into an account,you must obtain a Parent PIN number from each child’s school and provide the school personnel with a pictureID for verification. Parents/guardians must complete the “Parent Portal Identification” form (F-M7052E 10-06)which will be filed in your child(ren)’s cumulative folder at their school.Where to RegisterTo locate the Parent AccountRegistration page, Log on to the M-DCPS Web site at: Click on the Parent tabThe Parents pagewill be displayed.From the Parents page, ClickLogin to PortalThe Parent Portal Access page will bedisplayed.Miami-Dade County Public Schools-1 -Information Technology ServicesOctober 2010

Parent Portal Account Registrationand Password Reset/Account Look-upParent Portal Access PageThe Parent Portal Access page lists the information required to create a new parent portal account.Three Parent Portal Accountoptions are displayed. Login to Parent Portal Create an Account Password Reset/AccountLook-upLogin to Parent Portal - This link is for parents (who have registered for a Parent Portal account)to connect to the Parent Portal with their user ID and password.Portal Access Instructions - Describes easy steps for the entire registration process with spacefor noting your Parent Portal account information for future reference.Create an Account - This link is to register for an account, obtain a user ID, and select a password toaccess the Parent Portal.User Guide - Step-by-step instructions on how to create a Parent Portal account.Password Reset/Account Look-up - A link for parents to request their user ID and/or passwordthrough their registered e-mail account.Miami-Dade County Public Schools-2 -Information Technology ServicesOctober 2010

Parent Portal Account Registrationand Password Reset/Account Look-upCreating a Parent Portal AccountParents/guardians will have access to view student information for the student(s) they register on their ParentPortal account.To create a new account, from the Parent Portal Access page at, ClickCreate an AccountThe M-DCPS Acceptable Use Policy page will be displayed.Miami-Dade County Public Schools-3 -Information Technology ServicesOctober 2010

Parent Portal Account Registrationand Password Reset/Account Look-upRead the M-DCPS Acceptable Use Policy.If you are in agreement with the terms, ClickI Agree ClickNextThe Welcome to the Parent RegistrationSystem page will be displayed.In the Parent Registration System, TypeFirst NameMiddle Name (optional)Last NameSelect a personal password; exactlyeight (8) characters long. This passwordwill be required each time you log in tothe Parent Portal. Type TypePasswordPassword againIn the Email section, Typeyour e-mail address(ex: different e-mail address isrequired for each account. Re-Type your e-mail addressOr, check the box, if you want M-DCPSto provide you with an e-mail.For security purposes, Typethe code displayed fromthe image on the screen ClickRegisterMiami-Dade County Public Schools-4 -Information Technology ServicesOctober 2010

Parent Portal Account Registrationand Password Reset/Account Look-upThe Thank you message will be displayed. To complete your registration, an e-mail will be sent to the e-mailaddress that you entered in the registration process.Please log on to your e-mail account to read the message.In the M-DCPS Parent Accountregistration confirmatione-mail message, Click on the link providedto validate your registrationNote: IF the URL does not displayas a link, copy and paste the URLinto the Internet browser’s addressfield.Please wait while your accountis created. A message will bedisplayed upon completion.Miami-Dade County Public Schools-5 -Information Technology ServicesOctober 2010

Parent Portal Account Registrationand Password Reset/Account Look-upCongratulations! Your account hasbeen created. Your username will bedisplayed. The username assignedand the password you selected willbe required each time you log in tothe Parent Portal.You can log in to your new accountfrom this link, from the messagesent to your e-mail account, or fromthe Parent Portal Access page (seepage 3).Once the account is created, youmay add your child(ren) to youraccount.Note: It is recommended that these pages be saved and filed for future reference.This is a sample of an e-mailmessage sent to you with thisinformation to verify your newParent Portal account.You can log in to your new accountfrom the message sent to your e-mailaccount, or from the Parent PortalAccess page (see page 3).Miami-Dade County Public Schools-6 -Information Technology ServicesOctober 2010

Parent Portal Account Registrationand Password Reset/Account Look-upLogging in to the Parent PortalIn the Username field, Typeyour user ID (issued in the messageat the end of the registration process)In the Password field, Typeyour password (selected during theregistration process) ClickLog inor, PressEnterThe first time you log in to Parent Portal, the M-DCPS Acceptable User Policy will be displayed. In thefuture, the Parent Portal home page will be displayed after the user ID and password have been entered.To accept the terms and enter into the Parent Portal, ClickAcceptThe M-DCPS Parent Portal home page will be displayed. You may now add your child(ren) to your ParentPortal account.Miami-Dade County Public Schools-7 -Information Technology ServicesOctober 2010

Parent Portal Account Registrationand Password Reset/Account Look-upAdding a Student to the Parent Portal AccountThe Parent Portal home page contains general District news and events. The message, No registeredstudents found will be displayed. To view attendance, testing, and academic information for your child(ren),they must be added to the account. After adding a student to the account, the Electronic Gradebook will beavailable in 24 hours.To register a student for the account,from the Parent Portal home page, ClickAdd/Remove StudenticonThe Register Students page will bedisplayed.Note: The unique student ID numberand Parent PIN number required toadd each child to your account canbe obtained at the school.Complete the requested student information in the spaces provided to add your child to your account. Type Type Type TypeStudent ID number (7 digits)Parent PIN number (6 digitsobtained at the school)Home Zip CodeDate of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)In the Student born in the U.S.? field, Click Yes or NoFrom the drop-down menu, Select Birth State (or Country ifnot U.S. born) Clickthe green Click to add arrowThe registered student’s name will bedisplayed under the Registered Studentsfield. Please allow 24 hours before viewingthe student’s Electronic Gradebook.To add another student to the account,follow the registration process, as explainedabove.Note: If your answers do not match your child’s school records, you will be able to complete youraccount registration, but you will not be able to add your child to the account. If you believeyou entered the information correctly and you are unable to add your child to the account,please visit your child’s school for verification.Miami-Dade County Public Schools-8 -Information Technology ServicesOctober 2010

Parent Portal Account Registrationand Password Reset/Account Look-upRemoving a Student from the Parent Portal AccountTo remove a registered student (option available only if more than one student is registered), Log onto the Parent PortalUnder Registered students, Clickthe Add/Remove Studenticon for the student to beremovedOn the Registered students column, Clickthe by the student youwould like to removeOn the message: Are you sure you want toremove this child, ClickOK (to remove child)or Cancel (to discontinuerequest)To exit the Portal completely, ClickLogout(in the upper right corner) Closethe Internet browserPassword Reset/Account Look-upParent Portal account users can reset theirpassword and look-up account information.From the Parent Portal Access page, ClickReset or Look-upThe Forgot User ID or Password screen will bedisplayed.Miami-Dade County Public Schools-9-Information Technology ServicesOctober 2010

Parent Portal Account Registrationand Password Reset/Account Look-upFrom the Forgot User ID orPassword screen, Type Clickyour User ID/Username or yourE- mail AddressSubmitThe Thank You message will bedisplayed.An e-mail will be sent to your e-mailaddress on file with the requestedinformation.Open the e-mail account to view themessage.To reset the password, Clickon the link to resetThe Password Reset screen will bedisplayed.Miami-Dade County Public Schools-10-Information Technology ServicesOctober 2010

Parent Portal Account Registrationand Password Reset/Account Look-upOn the Password Reset screen,select a personal password;exactly eight (8) characters long.This password will be requiredeach time you log in to the ParentPortal. Type TypeNew PasswordNew Passwordagain to confirm ClickSubmitYou will use this password to login to the Parent Portal.E-mail Address ChangesTo change your e-mail address, Log in to the Parent Portal ClickEdit Profile Typeyour new e-mail address ClickUpdateA confirmation message will be displayed.For Additional AssistanceParents/guardians requiring Portal assistance should contact their child’s school. If the school is unable toassist you, a school employee will submit a Self Service incident on your behalf.Miami-Dade County Public Schools-11-Information Technology ServicesOctober 2010

access the Parent Portal. User Guide - Step-by-step instructions on how to create a Parent Portal account. Password Reset/Account Look-up - A link for parents to request their user ID and/or password through their registered e-mail account. The Parent Portal Access page lists the information required to create a new parent portal account.

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you would like to create. 1. Go to and Click on the Portal Tab. 2. Click the Create Account link. Creating your Parent Portal Account & Forgot Password PARENT PORTAL REGISTRATION GUIDE 4. Review the M-DCPS Acceptable Use Policy, then select "I agree" from the options below, then click Next.

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Miami-Dade County Public Schools Information Technology Services Revised January 2008 Parent Account Registration-4-STEP 2 - Parent Information This is your personal data as it appears in our system. Changes to your personal data must be requested in person at your child's school. STEP 3 - Account Confirmation and Password

To change a forgotten Password, click the “Forgot Password?” link. An email will be sent to the Primary Email associated to your portal account. The background image on the Parent Portal Login page may change with the seasons. Important: Portal accounts are locked five (

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your Parent Portal account and return to the Login page. Log in to Your Account . Step Visual Aid . Go to . Enter your . Email Address. and . Password. Select . Log In. You should see a page with the Portal title at the top. If you have problems logging in, click here or visit the Troubleshooting section on .

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