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TowardsHUMAN -CENTERED AIthroughInteractive Data VisualizationMinsuk KahngAssistant Professor of Computer ScienceSchool of EECS, Oregon State University

HUMAN -CENTERED AIthrough Interactive Data VisualizationAI is difficult to understand for many people.?How can we make AI more interpretableand accessibleWe build interactivedata visualizationtools for peopleto more easily understand, build, and use AI systems.GAN LabCollaboration withInteractive Visual Learning ofDeep Learning Models in BrowserTry out! visitors from 170 countries1.9K Likes800 Retweets

HUMAN -CENTERED AIthrough Interactive Data VisualizationYou should consider working with usif you answeryes”“ to any of these: Minsuk KahngSchool of EECS https://minsuk.comYou like to design user interfaces;You are interested in thinking about human-side of AI;You would like to create JavaScript programs; orYou want to help people who want to learn AI.

College of Engineering and HC Thesis MixerTeaching-Intro to Artificial Intelligence(CS 331)-Machine Learning for SpeciesDistribution Modeling (FW 599)-Use and Abuse of Data: CriticalThinking in Science andEveryday Life (BDS 211)ResearchMy research is at the intersection of machinelearning and ecology.I am part of the computational sustainabilitycommunity, trying to find ways that computerscience can contribute to promoting the healthof the Earth’s ecosystems and bringinginteresting new problems back to computerRebecca A. HutchinsonSchool of EECS / Dept. ofFisheries, Wildlife, &Conservation SciencesKelley 2071rah@oregonstate.eduThesis Topic Ideas/Opportunities-Methods for inferring species interaction networksfrom incomplete data-Methods to predict species distributions fromremotely sensed imagery

CustomersLink prediction ideasfrom recommender systemsProducts5

PollinatorsLink prediction ideasfrom recommender systemsPlants6

Citizen science: biodiversitysurveys at unprecedented scalesChecklist included indigo buntingChecklist did NOT include indigobuntingPasserina cyanea7

School of Psychological Science399 PsychologyResearch SkillsLearn about researchlabs & experiences inSPS3xx Survey Coursesinc. 340HStats/Methods399 PsychologyResearch SkillsJoin a lab, learn basicresearch skills401Research, Survey and400-level seminars4th YearIntro Psych298H,301H2nd Year1st Year201/202H3rd YearTypical Honors Pathway in Psychology401, 460HWIC399 PsychologyResearch Skills399 PsychologyResearch SkillsDefine thesis advisor& thesis, IRB approval,data collectionAnalyze data,write thesis,present at CUE

Research Opportunities in PsychologyDr. Kathy Becker-BleaseCoursesPsychology of TraumaClinical Research MethodsHuman DevelopmentTraumaScience of Teaching and How to Learn More/Get InvolvedPSY 499 Psychology of Trauma – tentatively scheduled winterEmail to learn more about remote trauma-relatedjournal club/lab meetingsObserve remote a lab meeting tomorrow Fri., May 22 at 11 amSCHOOL OF PSYCHOLOGICAL SCIENCE9

Research Opportunities in PsychologyCoursesAbnormal PsychologyPsychotherapyClinical Research Methods (WIC)Dr. David KerrDepression & suicide riskSubstance useAdolescents & young to Learn More/Get InvolvedRead journal abstracts by “DCR Kerr” on GoogleScholarEmail to learn more about remote lab meetingsSCHOOL OF PSYCHOLOGICAL SCIENCE10


Matthew ShumanTitle: Senior InstructorContact: shumanm@oregonstate.eduCourses:ECE 112Introduction to ECEECE 271/272Digital Logic DesignECE 341/342Junior Design

Project Based MS DegreeA new option for a Masters in Computer Science or Masters in Electrical Engineering is now available with a focus on design,systems, and projects. Graduates in this program focus efforts on creating real systems, developing leadership in team structures,learning the ins and outs of complex systems, and gaining industry exposure.Two-Year Program: Students in this program commonly spend their first year gaining technical skills and preparing to lead theirproject. In the second year, students take the lead in project development using their own technical knowledge. This includes workingcollaboratively with senior and junior design teams. Projects can be student-developed or can be continuations of existing larger scaleprojects in automotive, robotics, aeronautics, instrumentation, or other fields.

Primary ActivitiesFaculty Advisor:OSU Robotics ClubMars Rover ProjectCommunities of Practice: Embedded SystemsInternet of Things

Prof. Lizhong ChenSystem Technology and Architecture Research (STAR) LabSchool of Electrical Engineering and Computer ScienceOregon State UniversityOffice: KEC 3113, .edu/ chenliz/index.html

Computer Systems27,000,000,000IBM SupercomputerGoogle Datacenter

Research at STAR Lab––––––AI/ML for optimizing computer architectureAccelerators for AI and machine learningEnergy efficiency of HPCs and data centersMany-core architecture for post-Moore eraGPU architecturesMobile and wearable devices (VR/AR, etc.) Open positions– Both CS and ECE students are welcome– Encourage you to continue grad study at OSU Continuity usually shortens length of study (esp. PhD) Strong tie between STAR Lab and industry (project/intern/job)

Interactive Visual Learning of Deep Learning Models in Browser. Collaboration with. HUMAN -CENTERED AI Interactive Data Visualization. 110K visitors from 170 countries. 1.9K Likes. 800 Retweets. We build interactive data visualization tools for people to more easily understand, build, and use AI systems. through. Try out!

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3 Honors 101 First-Year Seminars 7 Honors 210G Intermediate Seminars 9 Honors 290-level Courses 14 Honors 380 Junior Colloquia. Spring 2021 Visit or call 617.287.5520 for more information 3 Honors 101 First-Year Seminars for Spring 2021 Honors 101 (1): Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My! .

visualization, interactive visualization adds natural and powerful ways to explore the data. With interactive visualization an analyst can dive into the data and quickly react to visual clues by, for example, re-focusing and creating interactive queries of the data. Further, linking vi

Capital Pro Bono Honor Roll Name Firm or Organization Honors Level Sean M. Aasen Covington & Burling LLP Honors Christopher Abbott Weil Gotshal & Manges Honors Omomah Abebe Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer LLP High Honors Jason A. Abel Steptoe & Johnson LLP High Honors Margaret Abernathy BakerHostetler High Honors Tamer Abouzeid Shearman & Sterling LLP High Honors Jessica Abrahams Dentons US LLP .

Name 2020-2021 Grade level 9 Dear Incoming Honors Student: The table below contains a SAMPLE freshman schedule. Note that there are 4 HONORS classes you can take as a freshman: Honors or Gifted English I, Honors or Gifted Geometry, Honors Civics, and Honors Freshman Science. Fall Spring 1. Honors

2.1 Data Visualization Data visualization in the digital age has skyrocketed, but making sense of data has a long history and has frequently been discussed by scientists and statisticians. 2.1.1 History of Data Visualization In Michael Friendly's paper from 2009 [14], he gives a thorough description of the history of data visualization.

Interactive data visualization is a technique of analyzing data, where a user interacts with the system that results in visual patterns for a given set of data. In this paper, seven basic modules and their corresponding operations have been proposed that an interactive big data visualization tool for .

Visualization and espe-cially interactive visualization has a long history of making large amounts of data better accessible. The R-extension package arulesViz provides most popular visualization techniques for association rules. In this paper, we discuss recently added interactive visualizations to explore association rules

extensive and complex, the visualization based data discovery can e ciently and e ectively deliver insights from big data. However, weaving big data into interactive visualizations that provides understanding and sense-making is a big challenge. Liu et al. [45] discussed various techniques that enable interactive visualization of big data,

use of interactive visualization, however focuses primarily on small-screen mobile devices. With regard to interactive glyph-based visualization, Yang et al. [YHW 07] propose a Value and Relation display that is designed for interactive exploration of large data sets. Shaw et al. [SHER99] investi-

discussing the challenges of big data visualization, and analyzing technology progress in big data visualization. In this study, authors first searched for papers that are related to data visualization and were published in recent years through the university library system. At this stage, authors mainly summarized traditional data visualization

data visualization comes in . Numbers and patterns can be more readily grasped in graphic visualization, particularly when interactive . Data visualization can help citizens understand data and data analysis more readily through graphic presentations . It is a tool to connect data with citizens and foster citizen engagement .

Note: SPSV’s Honor Roll requirements for the 2016-2017 school year have been updated as follows: Second Honors 3.5-3.74, First Honors 3.75 and above. 1500 Benicia Road, Vallejo, CA 94591 p. 707.644.4425 Junior Honor Roll Fall Semester 2016-2017 First Honors 3.75 and above Second Honors .

FIRST -YEAR HONORS SEMINARS AND OTHER FRESHMAN HONORS CLASSES: FALL 2020 First-Year Seminars (FYS) are introductory courses in the Honors Program curriculum; most incoming Honors Program students will participate in one of these highly recommended seminars during their first semester at Baylor.

ENGLISH II HONORS 1st 4 ½ Weeks 2nd 4 ½ Weeks 3rd 4 ½ Weeks 4th 4 ½ Weeks Framework of Standards for Honors Courses Honors courses will substantially exceed the content standards, learning expectations, and performance indicators approved by the State Board of Education. Teachers of honors courses will model instructional

Mar 29, 2021 · ART 2000 Honors Art Appreciation 3 ARH 2701 Honors Still and Moving Images 3 ARH 2050 Honors History of the Arts I 3 ARH 2051 Honors History of the Arts II 3 ARH 4930 Honors Inventing Beauty 3 ARH 4802C Honors Contemporary Art, Ideas and Practice 3 ART 4816C Ho

their learning styles. . APEX, ODYSSEYWARE and ROSETTA STONE. While the title of a course may be the same, there are differences in presenta-tion, which can allow us to align student learning and interest with the courses. That is why the . Honors Algebra II Honors Geometry Honors Precalculus Honors Biology Honors Chemistry Honors Earth Science

applications of these methods to visualization of neurophysiological data. We believe our tools will be useful in a broad range of domains, in neuroscience and beyond, where there is an increasing need for scalable and fast interactive visualization. Keywords: data visualization, graphics card, OpenGL, Python, electrophysiology. 1. INTRODUCTION .

visualization can provide different perspectives of the data to the user, hence, provide effective way of data mining. This paper discusses new ideas for interactive data mining tool based on R through HCI techniques. Also demonstrates the purposed features through data mining and visualization examples, such as ensemble method and tree map.

of thin-shell structures for visualization of the analysis data on their stress-strain state (SSS). Based on this mathematical model, a visualization module for shell SSS visualization using VR and AR technologies was developed. The interactive visualization environment Uni

functional elements in human DNA. This includes: protein-coding genes non-protein-coding genes regulatory elements involved in the control of gene transcription DNA sequences that mediate chromosomal structure and dynamics. The ENCODE Project catalog of functional elements ENCODE has catalogued functional elements in human, mouse, Drosophila, and a nematode. Conclusions of the ENCODE project .