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LEDUCATION (GENERAL)Education (General)Periodicals. 83133363841434546485153Class here, by imprint of country or larger geographic region asindicated, all periodicals and serials of a general characterFor works relating to the education of a specific region orcountry see LA190 Cf. LB5 Serial collectionsHistory, organization, etc.InternationalAmerican. United States and CanadaPeriodicals in EnglishPeriodicals in other languagese.g.FrenchGermanSocieties. Conferences. ConventionsGeneral worksSpecial. By name, cietiesItalianPeriodicalsSocietiesSpanish and PortugueseEuropePeriodicalsSocietiesLatin AmericaIncluding West Indies, Mexico, Central America, eriodicalsSocietiesOther European1L

LEDUCATION (GENERAL)919497(101)Periodicals. SocietiesOther European -- ContinuedPeriodicalsSocietiesAsiaIsrael. esPhilippinesOtherArab countriesAfricaAustralia and New sses565860616264676869717681see L7 Including calendars of congressesOfficial documents, reports, etc.Class here documents of general character onlyFor reports on special subjects, see the subject in LA-LC or theparticular institution in d StatesGeneralOffice of Education (to 1961)Formerly Bureau of EducationCf. LB2807 Establishment, organization, history,relations, etc. of the OfficeDepartment of EducationClass here monographs and new serials published after1960Formerly Office of EducationBy region, A-ZBy stateAlabamaGeneralLocal, A-ZAlaskaGeneralLocal, A-ZArizona2L

139.A-Z140141.A-Z142143.A-Z146147.A-Z148EDUCATION (GENERAL)Official documents, reports, etc.United StatesBy stateArizona -- ContinuedGeneralLocal, A-ZArkansasGeneralLocal, A-ZCaliforniaGeneralLocal, A-ZColoradoGeneralLocal, A-ZConnecticutGeneralLocal, A-ZDakota (Territory)GeneralLocal, A-ZDelawareGeneralLocal, A-ZDistrict of ColumbiaGeneral, including WashingtonLocal (other than Washington), A-Ze.g.GeorgetownFloridaGeneralLocal, A-ZGeorgiaGeneralLocal, A-ZHawaii see L777 IdahoGeneralLocal, A-ZIllinoisGeneralLocal, A-ZIndianaGeneralLocal, A-ZIowaGeneral3L

UCATION (GENERAL)Official documents, reports, etc.United StatesBy stateIowa -- ContinuedLocal, A-ZKansasGeneralLocal, A-ZKentuckyGeneralLocal, A-ZLouisianaGeneralLocal, A-ZMaineGeneralLocal, A-ZMarylandGeneralLocal, A-ZMassachusettsGeneralLocal, A-ZMichiganGeneralLocal, A-ZMinnesotaGeneralLocal, A-ZMississippiGeneralLocal, A-ZMissouriGeneralLocal, A-ZMontanaGeneralLocal, A-ZNebraskaGeneralLocal, A-ZNevadaGeneralLocal, A-ZNew HampshireGeneralLocal, A-Z4L

ION (GENERAL)Official documents, reports, etc.United StatesBy state -- ContinuedNew JerseyGeneralLocal, A-ZNew MexicoGeneralLocal, A-ZNew YorkGeneralLocal, A-ZNorth CarolinaGeneralLocal, A-ZNorth DakotaGeneralLocal, A-ZOhioGeneralLocal, A-ZOklahomaGeneralLocal, A-ZOregonGeneralLocal, A-ZPennsylvaniaGeneralLocal, A-ZRhode IslandGeneralLocal, A-ZSouth CarolinaGeneralLocal, A-ZSouth DakotaGeneralLocal, A-ZTennesseeGeneralLocal, A-ZTexasGeneralLocal, A-ZUtahGeneral5L

6257-259261-263264-266EDUCATION (GENERAL)Official documents, reports, etc.United StatesBy stateUtah -- ContinuedLocal, A-ZVermontGeneralLocal, A-ZVirginiaGeneralLocal, A-ZWashingtonGeneralLocal, A-ZWest VirginiaGeneralLocal, A-ZWisconsinGeneralLocal, A-ZWyomingGeneralLocal, A-ZOther countriesCanada (Table L17)Mexico (Table L17)Central AmericaBelize (Table L17)Costa Rica (Table L17)Guatemala (Table L17)Honduras (Table L17)Nicaragua (Table L17)PanamaGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZEl SalvadorGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZWest IndiesBahamas (Table L17)Cuba (Table L17)Haiti (Table L17)Jamaica (Table L17)Puerto Rico (Table L17)6L

N (GENERAL)Official documents, reports, etc.Other countriesWest Indies -- ContinuedOther, A-ZUnder each:.x.x2A-.x2ZGeneralLocal, A-ZBermuda (Table L17)South AmericaArgentina (Table L17)Bolivia (Table L17)Brazil (Table L17)Chile (Table L17)Colombia (Table L17)Ecuador (Table L17)GuianasGuyana (Table L17)Suriname (Table L17)French Guiana (Table L17)Paraguay (Table L17)Peru (Table L17)Uruguay (Table L17)Venezuela (Table L17)Falkland IslandsGeneralLocal (if necessary)EuropeGreat BritainGeneralLocal, A-ZIrelandGeneralNorthern IrelandGeneralLocal (if necessary)Local, A-ZScotlandGeneralLocal, A-ZWalesGeneralLocal, A-ZAustria-HungaryGeneralLocal, A-ZCroatiasee L542.5 7L

EDUCATION (GENERAL)Official documents, reports, etc.Other countriesEuropeAustria-Hungary -- ContinuedHungaryGeneralLocal, A-ZCzech Republic. Czechoslovakia. BohemiaGeneralLocal, A-ZOther states, provinces, etc., A-ZFranceGeneralMusée pédagogiqueMémoires et documents scolairesDepartmentsFor Seine see L396.P4 Local, A-Ze.g.396.B7396.P4-.P7Bordeaux (Aquitaine)Paris (Département de la eralPrussiaSaxonyBavariaWürttembergBadenOther states, provinces, etc., A-ZCities, A-ZEast GermanyGeneralLocal (if necessary)GreeceGeneralLocal, A-ZItalyGeneral worksLocal, A-ZNetherlands (Low Countries)BelgiumGeneralLocal, A-ZNetherlands (Holland)GeneralLocal, 446.A-ZIncluding West Germany8L

5.A3-Z471476.A-Z481.A2481.A3-Z491496.A-ZEDUCATION (GENERAL)Official documents, reports, etc.Other countriesEurope -- ContinuedRussia. Soviet Union. Former Soviet republicsGeneralLocal (if necessary)Russia (Federation)For Siberia see L617 GeneralLocal (if necessary)FinlandGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZPolandGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZBaltic StatesGeneralEstoniaGeneralLocal (if necessary)LatviaGeneralLocal (if necessary)LithuaniaGeneralLocal (if necessary)BelarusGeneralLocal (if necessary)MoldovaGeneralLocal (if necessary)UkraineGeneralLocal (if necessary)ScandinaviaDenmarkGeneralLocal, A-ZIcelandGeneralLocal (if necessary)NorwayGeneralLocal, A-ZSweden9L

45546.A-Z547548.A-Z549550.A-Z551.A-ZEDUCATION (GENERAL)Official documents, reports, etc.Other countriesEuropeScandinaviaSweden -- ContinuedGeneralLocal, A-ZSpain and PortugalSpainGeneralLocal, A-ZPortugalGeneralLocal, A-ZSwitzerlandGeneralLocal, A-ZTurkey and the Balkan statesTurkeyGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZBosnia and HercegovinaGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZBulgariaGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZCroatiaGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZMacedoniaGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZRomaniaGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZSloveniaGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZYugoslavia. Serbia. MontenegroGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZOther European, A-ZAsiaUnder each:.x.x2A-.x2ZGeneralLocal, A-Z10L

CATION (GENERAL)Official documents, reports, etc.Other countriesAsia -- ContinuedAfghanistanGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZArabiaGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZChinaGeneralProvinces, A-ZCities, A-ZMacauTaiwanGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZIndiaIncluding the Republic of IndiaGeneralProvinces, etc., A-ZPakistanGeneralLocal, A-ZCities, A-ZIndochinaMalaysiaGeneralMalay States, FederatedGeneralLocal, A-ZSingaporeGeneralLocal, A-ZStraits SettlementsGeneralLocal, A-ZFrenchGeneralCambodiaGeneralLocal, A-ZCochin ChinaGeneralLocal, A-ZTongking (Tonkin)General11L

1.A3-Z622.A2EDUCATION (GENERAL)Official documents, reports, etc.Other countriesAsiaIndochinaFrenchTongking (Tonkin) -- ContinuedLocal, A-ZVietnamGeneralLocal, A-ZThailandGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZIndonesiaGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZNorth BorneoGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZPhilippinesGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZSarawakGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZJapanGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZKoreaGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZIranGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZSiberia (Russia)GeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZCentral AsiaGeneralKazakhstanGeneralLocal (if necessary)KyrgyzstanGeneralLocal (if necessary)TajikistanGeneral12L

1642.A-Z645646.A-Z649EDUCATION (GENERAL)Official documents, reports, etc.Other countriesAsiaCentral AsiaTajikistan -- ContinuedLocal (if necessary)TurkmenistanGeneralLocal (if necessary)UzbekistanGeneralLocal (if necessary)CaucasusGeneralAzerbaijanGeneralLocal (if necessary)Georgia (Republic)GeneralLocal (if necessary)ArmeniaGeneralLocal (if necessary)CyprusGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZIraqGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZLebanonGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZIsrael. PalestineGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZJordanGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZSyriaGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZYemenGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZArab countriesAfricaEthiopia13L

Z675.A-ZEDUCATION (GENERAL)LOfficial documents, reports, etc.Other countriesAfricaEthiopia -- ContinuedGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZBritish AfricaBotswanaFormerly BechuanalandGeneralLocal (if necessary)Union of South AfricaGeneralLocal (if necessary)Cape of Good Hope (Cape Colony)GeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZCentral Africa Protectorate. Nyasaland. MalawiGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZEast Africa and East Africa Protectorate. Kenya Colonyand ProtectorateGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZNatalGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZOrange Free State (Orange River Colony)GeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZRhodesiaGeneralZambiaGeneralLocal, A-ZZimbabweGeneralLocal, A-ZLocal, A-ZTransvaal (South African Republic)GeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZWest African countries, A-ZUnder each:.x.x2A-.x2ZGeneralLocal, A-Z14

4695.A-Z697698.A-Z701702.A-Z704705.A-ZEDUCATION (GENERAL)Official documents, reports, etc.Other countriesAfricaBritish Africa -- ContinuedAll other countries, A-ZUnder each:.x.x2A-.x2ZGeneralLocal, A-ZRwandaGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZCongo (Democratic Republic). ZaireGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZEgyptGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZAlgeria and TunisGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZFrench Equatorial AfricaGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZMadagascarGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZSenegambiaGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZSudanGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZGerman Africa (Former)Including Tanzania, Cameroon, Southwest Africa707708.A-ZGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZItalian Africa711712.A-ZGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZLiberiaGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZMoroccoGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZOrange River Colony see L669 714715.A-Z716717.A-ZIncluding Eritrea, Somaliland15L

.A-Z774775.A-Z777778.A-ZEDUCATION (GENERAL)Official documents, reports, etc.Other countriesAfrica -- ContinuedPortuguese AfricaGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZSouth African Republic see L673 Spanish AfricaIncluding Canary Islands, Rio de OroGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZTripoliGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZAustralia and New ZealandCommonwealth of AustraliaNew South WalesGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZNew ZealandGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZNorthern TerritoryGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZQueenslandGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZSouth AustraliaGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZTasmaniaGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZVictoriaGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZWestern AustraliaGeneralLocal (provinces, counties, cities, etc.), A-ZPacific islandsHawaiiGeneralLocal, A-Z16L

L791.A-ZEDUCATION (GENERAL)LOfficial documents, reports, etc.Other countriesPacific islands -- ContinuedOther groups, A-ZUnder each:.x.x2A-.x2ZGeneralLocal, A-ZEducational exhibitions and museums797Including private collectionsCf. LB3291 School museumsCf. LC6691 Traveling educational exhibitsGeneral worksBy region or countryClass here general reports of exhibitions onlyFor special reports on exhibits of particular countries, e.g.,German educational exhibit at the St. Louis Exposition, seeLAFor reports on exhibits illustrating particular subjects, see LBLC, or subdivision "Study and teaching" under othersubjects in Classes B-K, A-Z816817.A-Z818819820821823825826.A-ZUnited StatesGeneralLocal, A-ZCanadaGeneral worksLocal, A-ZMexicoGeneral worksLocal, A-ZCentral AmericaGeneral worksLocal, A-ZWest IndiesGeneral worksLocal, A-ZSouth AmericaGeneral worksLocal, A-ZEuropeGeneral worksGreat BritainGeneral worksEnglandIrelandScotlandWalesLocal, A-Z17

.A-Z867868.A-Z869870.A-Z873874.A-ZEDUCATION (GENERAL)Educational exhibitions and museumsBy region or countryEurope -- ContinuedAustria-HungaryGeneral worksCzech Republic. Czechoslovakia. BohemiaHungaryLocal, A-ZFranceGeneral worksLocal, A-ZGermanyGeneral worksLocal, A-ZGreeceGeneral worksLocal, A-ZItalyGeneral worksLocal, A-ZLow countriesGeneral worksBelgiumNetherlandsRussia. Soviet UnionGeneral worksFinlandPolandLocal, A-ZScandinaviaDenmarkIcelandNorwaySwedenSpain and PortugalSpainGeneral worksLocal, A-ZPortugalGeneral worksLocal, A-ZSwitzerlandGeneral worksLocal, A-ZTurkey and the Balkan statesGeneral worksLocal, A-Z18L

2899.A6-Z900EDUCATION (GENERAL)Educational exhibitions and museumsBy region or countryEuropeTurkey and the Balkan states -- ContinuedBulgariaGeneral worksLocal, A-ZMontenegrosee L883RomaniaGeneral worksLocal, A-ZSerbiasee L883Yugoslavia. Serbia. MontenegroGeneral worksLocal, A-ZOther European regions or countries, A-ZAsiaGeneral worksLocal, A-ZArab countriesAfricaGeneral worksLocal, A-ZAustralia and New ZealandGeneral worksLocal, A-ZPacific islandsGeneral worksLocal, A-ZSchool fairsGeneral worksBy placeDirectories of educational institutionsIncluding directories for all levels and types of education, e.g.,adult education, and directories of teachers, students, etc.Cf. LA203 Directories of foreign students in the UnitedStatesCf. LB1042.7 Directories of audiovisual educationpersonnelCf. LB2283 Directories of employment of teachers inforeign countriesCf. LB2376 Directories of international exchange studentsCf. LB2803.A1 Directories of school officialsGeneral19L

LEDUCATION (GENERAL)Directories of educational institutions -- ContinuedUnited States901903.A-ZIncluding directories of the United States and CanadaGeneralBy region or state, A-ZUnder each state:.x.x3A-.x3Z.x5A-.x5ZGeneralCounties, A-ZCities, A-ZOther 921922.A-Z923924925927928.A-ZFor directories of the United States and Canada seeL901 GeneralLocal, A-ZMexicoGeneralLocal, A-ZCentral AmericaGeneralLocal, A-ZWest IndiesGeneralLocal, A-ZSouth AmericaGeneralLocal, A-ZEuropeGeneralGreat BritainGeneralLocal, A-ZScotlandGeneralLocal, A-ZIrelandGeneralLocal, A-ZAustriaGeneralLocal, A-ZCzech RepublicSlovakiaHungaryFranceGeneralLocal, A-Z20L

CATION (GENERAL)Directories of educational institutionsOther countriesEurope -- ContinuedGermanyGeneralLocal, A-ZGreeceGeneralLocal, A-ZItalyGeneralLocal, A-ZLow CountriesBelgiumGeneralLocal, A-ZNetherlandsGeneralLocal, A-ZRussia. Soviet Union. Former Soviet republicsRussia (Federation)BelarusMoldovaUkraineFinlandBaltic ralLocal, A-ZNorwayGeneralLocal, A-ZSwedenGeneralLocal, A-ZSpainGeneralLocal, A-ZPortugalGeneralLocal, A-ZSwitzerlandGeneral21L

991.A-Z995EDUCATION (GENERAL)Directories of educational institutionsOther countriesEuropeSwitzerland -- ContinuedLocal, A-ZTurkey and the Balkan statesGeneralLocal, A-ZOther European countries, A-ZAsiaGeneral worksBy region or country, A-Ze.g.ArmeniaAzerbaijanChinaGeorgia TajikistanTurkmenistanUzbekistanArab countriesIslamic countriesAfricaGeneral worksBy region or country, A-ZIndian Ocean islands, A-ZAustraliaGeneralLocal, A-ZNew ZealandGeneralLocal, A-ZPacific islands, A-ZElectronic information resourcesIncluding computer network resources, the Internet, digitallibraries, etc.22L

LAHISTORY OF EDUCATIONHistory of educationIncluding general, national, and localFor the history of individual institutions, see LD For the history of education and individual institutions in specialfields, see classes R, S, T, etc.For the history of educational theory see LB1 57Collected worksSeveral authorsIndividual authors91113142123HistoriographyGeneral worksTextbooks, compends, etc.Syllabi and topical outlinesGeneral specialAnecdotes, facetiae, satire, etc.25Addresses, essays, lectures. PamphletsBy periodCf. LB5 Theory and practice of educationCf. LB51 Theory and practice of educationCf. PN6231.S3 Schools (Humor)Cf. LB51 Theories and al pre-Christian. AncientGeneral worksOrientalGeneral f. LC701 Jewish educationPersiaOther, A-ZClassicGeneral worksGreekMinoanRomanMedieval and modernGeneral worksSpecialChristian educationIncluding general historyCf. BV1460 Practical theologyCf. BV4019 Theological seminariesCf. LC360.2 Church education23LA

134135HISTORY OF EDUCATIONBy periodMedieval and modernChristian education -- ContinuedEarly Christian and medievalGeneral worksSpecialMohammedan education (Medieval)Cf. BP42 MohammedanismCf. LC901 General historyJewish educationRenaissance and ReformationGeneral worksSpecial16th and 17th centuriesGeneral worksSpecial18th century. Naturalism. RousseauGeneral worksSpecialLater 18th and early 19th century (1776/89-1825/40)General worksSpecial19th and early 20th centuriesGeneral worksSpecialStatus of schools and education in general, bycontemporary writers1945-1990General worksSpecial1991General worksSpecialHistory of general education by religious sects see LC461 History of elementary and secondary educationGeneral see LB1501 By country see LA201 Individual schoolssee LD-LGHistory of higher educationGeneral173174175177LAIncluding modern period (General)Comprehensive worksGeneral specialMinor worksEarly and medievalModern24

LA179181183184186HISTORY OF EDUCATIONHistory of higher educationModern -- ContinuedGeneral see LA173 1500-18001801-19601961-19901991Student lifeFor political activity see LB3610By region or country see LA201 Individual institutionssee 17.2219222225226227227.1227.2By region or countryAmerica (Table L1a)United StatesPeriodicals. CollectionsDirectoriesInstitutions see L901 Personnel see LB2803 Foreign studentsBiography see LA2301 HistoryGeneral worksEarly to 18651865-19451945Description. Organization. PolicyClass here general works onlyFor specific policies, see the policy, e.g., Discrimination ineducation, LC212 Public or common-school educationHistoryGeneral worksBy periodTo 18651865-19651965-19901990Elementary or primary educationSecondary educationHigher educationEncyclopedic worksGeneral worksBy periodEarly to 18001800-19451945-196525LA

-321322-324HISTORY OF EDUCATIONBy region or countryUnited StatesHigher educationBy period -- Continued1965-19901990Addresses, essays, lectures. PamphletsIndividual institutions see LD1 Graduate educationStudent lifeMiscellaneousIncluding student mobilityBy region, A-ZNew EnglandBy stateAlabama (Table L18)Alaska (Table L18)Arizona (Table L18)Arkansas (Table L18)California (Table L18)Colorado (Table L18)Connecticut (Table L18)Delaware (Table L18)District of Columbia (Table L18)Florida (Table L18)Georgia (Table L18)HawaiiGeneralHigher educationCounties or regions, A-ZCities, A-ZIdaho (Table L18)Illinois (Table L18)Indiana (Table L18)Iowa (Table L18)Kansas (Table L18)Kentucky (Table L18)Louisiana (Table L18)Maine (Table L18)Maryland (Table L18)Massachusetts (Table L18)Michigan (Table L18)Minnesota (Table L18)Mississippi (Table L18)Missouri (Table L18)Montana (Table L18)Nebraska (Table L18)26LA

59460-464465-469469.5HISTORY OF EDUCATIONBy region or countryUnited StatesBy state -- ContinuedNevada (Table L18)New Hampshire (Table L18)New Jersey (Table L18)New Mexico (Table L18)New York (Table L18)North Carolina (Table L18)North Dakota (Table L18)Ohio (Table L18)Oklahoma (Table L18)Oregon (Table L18)Pennsylvania (Table L18)Rhode Island (Table L18)South Carolina (Table L18)South Dakota (Table L18)Tennessee (Table L18)Texas (Table L18)Utah (Table L18)Vermont (Table L18)Virginia (Table L18)Washington (Table L18)West Virginia (Table L18)Wisconsin (Table L18)Wyoming (Table L18)Insular possessions (General)For special islands see LA500 American education outside the United StatesIndividual institutions see LD1 CanadaGeneral (Table L1b)Provinces, A-ZCities, A-ZMexicoGeneral (Table L1a)States and districts, A-ZCities, A-ZCentral AmericaGeneral (Table L2a)Belize (Table L2)Costa Rica (Table L2)Guatemala (Table L2)Honduras (Table L2)Nicaragua (Table L2)Panama (Table L2)Panama Canal Zone27LA

.4631.5631.7HISTORY OF EDUCATIONBy region or countryCentral America -- ContinuedSalvador (Table L2)West IndiesGeneral (Table L2a)Bahamas (Table L2)Cuba (Table L2)Haiti (Table L2)Jamaica (Table L2)Puerto Rico (Table L2)Other, A-Ze.g.Dominican Republic. Santo DomingoVirgin IslandsBermuda (Table L2)South AmericaGeneral (Table L2)Including Latin America in generalArgentina (Table L2)Bolivia (Table L2)Brazil (Table L2)Chile (Table L2)Colombia (Table L2)Ecuador (Table L2)GuianasGuyana (Table L2)French Guiana (Table L2)Suriname (Table L2)Paraguay (Table L2)Peru (Table L2)Uruguay (Table L2)Venezuela (Table L2)EuropeGeneral (Table L1a)Cf. LA91 Medieval and modernCf. LA131 Status of schools and education in general,by contemporary writersGreat BritainGeneral, and EnglandCollectionsHistoryGeneral, and general modernEarly and medieval16th century. Period of ReformationEarly modern. 17th-18th centuries19th century20th century28LA

LA631.8631.82631.83632633HISTORY OF EDUCATIONBy region or countryEuropeGreat BritainGeneral, and EnglandHistory20th century -- ContinuedGeneral works1944-200021st centuryGeneral worksClass here works by contemporary writers on currentsituation, entary educationSecondary educationHistoryGeneral works. Present situationHigher educationHistoryGeneral, and general modernEarly and medieval16th century17th-18th centuries19th century20th century21st centuryGeneral works. Present situationGeneral special638.A-Z639.A-ZLocal: EnglandCounties, shires, etc., A-ZCities, g student lifee.g.LondonIndividual institutions see LF13.92 Northern Ireland (Table L1)Scotland (Table L1)Wales (Table L1)Colonies (General). Commonwealth countries (General)Ireland. Irish RepublicCollectionsGeneral works. History and present situationGeneralPrimary education. Secondary educationHigher educationLocal, A-ZAustria-Hungary (Former). Austria (Table L1)Hungary (Table L1b)29

1.3691.4691.5691.7691.8691.82691.83692HISTORY OF EDUCATIONBy region or countryEuropeAustria-Hungary (Former). Austria -- ContinuedOther states, A-ZBohemiaCzechoslovakia. Czech RepublicSlovakiaCities, A-Ze.g.ViennaFranceCollectionsHistoryGeneral, and general modernEarly and medieval16th century. Period of the ReformationEarly modern. 17th-18th centuries19th century20th century1965-200021st centuryGeneral worksClass here works by contemporary writers on currentsituation, etc.697698699707Primary and elementary education (Schools)HistorySources. DocumentsExhibitions (Reports, etc.)General worksGeneral works. Present situationSecondary education (Schools)HistorySources. DocumentsExhibitions (Reports, etc.)General worksGeneral works. Present situationHigher educationSources. DocumentsHistoryGeneral works. Present situationGeneral special713.A-Z715.A-ZLocalProvinces and departments, A-ZCities, 15.P3Including student lifee.g.Paris30LA

-Z721.82HISTORY OF EDUCATIONBy region or countryEuropeFrance -- ContinuedColonies (General)Including French-speaking countriesIndividual institutions see LF1711 French education outside of FranceGermanyPeriodicals. CollectionsHistoryGeneral worksEarly and medievalSources. DocumentsExhibitions (Reports, etc.)General works16th century. Period of the ReformationSources. DocumentsExhibitions (Reports, etc.)General worksEarly modern. 17th and 18th centuriesSources. DocumentsExhibitions (Reports, etc.)General works19th centurySources. DocumentsExhibitions (Reports, etc.)General works20th centuryGeneral works1933-1945Sources. DocumentsExhibitions (Reports, etc.)General works1945-1990Including Germany 990-2000Sources. DocumentsExhibitions (Reports, etc.)General works21st centuryGeneral works. Present situation, etc.General special723.A2723.A4Primary and elementary education (Schools)HistorySources and documentsExhibitions (Reports, etc.)e.g. Student activities31LA

LA723.A5-Z724724.7HISTORY OF EDUCATIONLABy region or countryEuropeGermanyPrimary and elementary education (Schools)History -- ContinuedGeneral worksGeneral works. Present situationGeneral speciale.g. Student activities725.A2725.A4725.A5-Z726726.7Secondary education (Schools)HistorySources and documentsExhibitions (Reports, etc.)General worksGeneral works. Present situationGeneral special727.A2727.A4727.A5-Z728728.7Higher or university education (Colleges and universities)HistorySources and documentsExhibitions (Reports, etc.)General worksGeneral works. Present situationGeneral specialFor student life see LA729.A1 For student life see LA729.A1 729.A1-.A29729.A3729.A4729.A5-Z729.2Student life. Deutsche BurschenschaftPeriodicals. CollectionsGeneral worksEarly1870-19901990Individual schools and colleges730-739740-749750-759760-769770.A-ZPrussia (Table L1)Saxony (Table L1)Ba

United States . General . 111.A3-.A8 Office of Education (to 1961) Formerly Bureau of Education. Cf. LB2807 Establishment, organization, history, relations, etc. of the Office. 112 Department of Education . Class here monographs and new serials published after. 1960. Formerly Office of Education. 113.A-Z By region, A-Z . By state

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GOV. MSG. NO. boo BRIGADIER GENERAL KENNETH S. HARA Deputy Adjutant General State of Hawaii, Department of Defense Brigadier General Kenneth S. Hara assumed his duties as the Assistant Adjutant General - Army, on January 1, 201 8, He is also the commander of the Hawaii National Guard; dual-hatted, Febr

Biological Sciences OSU BI 201 General Botany BOT 1404 Biological Sciences OSU-OKC BI 201 General Botany BIOL 1404 1 Biological Sciences OSUIT-OKM BI 201 General Botany BIOL 1404 Biological Sciences OU BI 201 General Botany PBIO 1114 5 Biological Sciences RCC BI 201 General Botany BOT 1114 1 Biological Sciences RSC BI 201 General Botany BIOL 1215 1

posting from a general journal to a general ledger Prepare a chart of accounts for a service business organized as a proprietorship Post amounts from a general journal to a general ledger Prove cash Analyze and journ

Aug 25, 2020 · Chapter 1: Setting Up General Ledger Use General Ledger Setup screens to set up accounts, options, and security authorizations that determine how General Ledger processes transactions and interacts with other Sage 300 modules. About Setting Up General Ledger After installation, you take the following general

What is general practice? 1 General Practitioner—an important role in the community 2 A career in general practice 2 Specialising in general practice 2 Testimonials for a life in general practice 2 GP Training in Australia 3 Overseas trained doctors 3 GP Fellowship training 3 The pathways to GP Fellowship 3 Pathways to Becoming a Fellowed GP 4

A Islamic Education, Arabic, English, Maths, Integrated Science, Social Studies B Moral Education, Business Studies, Arts (Visual / Musical), Physical and Health Education 10 General A Islamic Education, Arabic, English, Maths, Physics, Biology, Social Studies B Moral Education, Computer Sciences, Business Studies, Arts (Visual / Musical) 3rd Language, Physical and Health Education, 11 General .

Pearson Education LTD. Pearson Education Australia PTY, Limited. Pearson Education Singapore, Pte. Ltd. Pearson Education North Asia, Ltd. Pearson Education Canada, Ltd. Pearson Educatión de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. Pearson Education—Japan Pearson Education Malaysia, Pte. Ltd. Library of Co

Prepared by the Office of General Education Assessment on 9/26/16 1 . General Education Assessment of Social & Behavioral Sciences and Cultural Diversity (2016) History of the Assessment Program Assessment of student learning outcomes is a national expectation in higher education, and the expectation calls for increased accountability.

13 - General English (Marking Scheme) (Old) l G.C.E. (A/L) Examination 2019 l Amendments to be included. 1 General Certificate of Education (Adv. Level) Examination, August, 2019 General English (13) - (Old Syllabus) Marking Scheme Distribution of marks Paper I Part A - 40 Part B - 20 Part C - 10 Part D - 30 Total - 100

OL/O-Level Gr-12 International General Certificate of Secondary Education / General . Certificate Ordinary Level Grade 12 IGCSE/GCSE/NSSC OL/O-Level Gr-11 International General Certificate of Secondary Education / General . with a subminimum of 550 for Critical Reading and 500 for Mathematics

36 FICTION / Family Life Cutting for Stone Verghese, Abraham General Adult 37 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Personal Memoirs Going Rogue : An American Life. Palin, Sarah General Adult. 38 FICTION / Romance / Contemporary. Deep Dish Andrews, Mary Kay . General Adult 39. FICTION / Contemporary Women; FICTION / Humorous Hissy Fit Andrews, Mary Kay . General Adult 40. FICTION / General; FICTION .

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