FDA Update On The Nutrition Facts Label And Education Campaign

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FDA Update on the Nutrition Facts Label andEducation CampaignBlakeley Fitzpatrick, MPH, RDMaya Maroto, EdD, MPH, RDCenter for Food Safety and Applied NutritionU.S. Food and Drug AdministrationMarch 30, 2021

Agenda FDA Food ResponsibilitiesThe Updated Nutrition Facts LabelNutrition Facts Label Consumer Education CampaignResources for Health Educators2

FDA Food Responsibilities 20 of every consumer dollar in theUS spent on FDA-regulated products FDA regulates safety & labeling of 75% of all food consumed in theUnited States Ensure that consumers are provided withaccurate and useful information in foodlabelingEncourage food product reformulation tocreate healthier productsClose collaboration with CDC, NIH,USDA and other federal partners3

Dietary Intake Compared to Recommendations4

Conceptual FrameworkFDA & Nutrition5

Implementing the Nutrition Facts Label Compliance Date: Jan 1, 2020 for manufacturerswith annual food sales at or above 10 million. Jan1, 2021 for all others FDA issued many guidance documents on issuessuch as dietary fiber, and serving size declarations tohelp manufacturers comply with the newrequirements Many manufacturers are using the new labels FDA has launched an educational campaignsurrounding the new nutrition informationconsumers will be seeing in the marketplace6

Side-By-Side Comparison7

New Label – What’s Different8

Additional Nutrient Change: Calories from Fat9

Calories and Serving Sizes Updated to focus attention on information that isimportant for addressing current public healthproblems like obesity Increased the type size of “Calories,” “servings percontainer,” and the “Serving size” declaration Reversed the order of “Serving size” and “servingsper container” Bolded the “Calories” and the “Serving size”declaration10

Dietary Fiber Definition for declared dietary fiber in theupdated Nutrition Facts rule: Fiber that is intact and intrinsic to plants isautomatically included in our new fiber definitionIsolated or synthetic fiber must have a beneficialphysiological effect to human health (e.g., improvedlaxation, lower cholesterol levels) The new definition of dietary fiber aligns with the2005 recommendations from the NationalAcademies of Sciences, Engineering andMedicine (formerly known as the Institute ofMedicine)11

Added Sugars Changed “Sugars” to “Total Sugars” Added “Includes” to help clarify that “added sugars” is asubcomponent of “total sugars” Removed part of the hairline between “total sugars” and“added sugars” Added sugars includes sugars that are either added duringprocessing of foods, or are packaged as such, and includes:syrupsbrown sugarhigh fructose corn syrupinvert ltose sugarconcentrated fruit juice**Sugars from concentrated fruit or vegetable juices in excess of what would be expected from 100 percent fruitor vegetable juice. Excludes fruit or vegetable juice concentrated from 100 percent fruit juice that is sold toconsumers (e.g., frozen concentrated orange juice).12

Added Sugars Cont’dLabels on foods/beverages with addedsugars will list: Number of grams of Total Sugars Number of grams of Added Sugars Percent Daily Value for Added SugarsException!Packages and containers of singleingredient sugars and syrups will list: Number of grams of Total Sugars Percent Daily Value for Added Sugars May include footnote with information ongrams and %DV for Added Sugars(Enforcement Discretion Date: July 1, 2021)13

Updated Daily Values Using most recent science Changes in DVs may make the %Daily Value look different Continue to use the population-coverage approach forVitamins and Minerals Total Fat: 65 78 g Total Carbohydrate: 300 275 g Dietary Fiber: 25 28 g Sodium: 2,400 2,300 mg Potassium: 3,500 4,700 mg Calcium: 1,000 1,300 mg Vitamin D: 400 IUs (10 mcg) 20 mcg14

Updated Units of MeasureNutrientOriginal Daily Value /Units ofMeasureUpdated Daily Value/Units ofMeasureFolate400 mcg400 mcg DFENiacin*20 mg16 mg NEVitamin A5000 IU900 mcg RAEVitamin D*400 IU20 mcgVitamin E30 IU15 mg α-tocopherolUnits of Measure Keymg milligramsmcg microgramsmg NE milligrams of niacin equivalentsmcg DFE micrograms of dietary folate equivalentsmcg RAE micrograms of retinol activity equivalentsIU international unitsmg α-tocopherol milligrams of alpha-tocopherol*Daily Value also changed15

Nutrients of Public Health Significance Original Label includes Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, andIron New Label includes Vitamin D, Calcium, Iron, and Potassium Vitamins A and C are no longer mandatory on the label,but can be declared voluntarily Vitamin D and Potassium are now mandatory on the label Calcium and Iron remain on the label In addition to % Daily Value, the label now includes absoluteamounts for nutrients of public health significance16

Updated Footnote Updated footnote better explains the %Daily Value and helps put calories in contextof the daily diet17

Serving Sizes Per the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act, serving sizes are calculatedbased on the Reference Amounts Customarily Consumed (RACCs) and arerequired on the Nutrition Facts label Approximately 30 out of 158 RACCs changed, e.g. Bulk ice cream from 1/2 cup to 2/3 cupCarbonated beverages from 8 ounces to 12 ouncesYogurt from 8 ounces to 6 ouncesApproximately 25 new RACCs Petitions and new foods18

Serving Size Changes19

Labeling Single-Serving PackagesCalories and other nutrients mustbe declared for the entire packagerather than per serving becausepeople typically consume the entirepackage in one sitting.20

Dual Column Labeling Required on packages that can beconsumed in one or multiplesittings Nutrition information presented perserving and per package For packages that contain 200%and up to and including 300% ofthe RACC (Reference AmountCustomarily Consumed) A 3 oz (90 g) bag of chips would belabeled per serving [1oz (30 g)] andper package [90 g]21

Examples of Label Formats22

Nutrition Facts Label Consumer Education Campaign FDA has launched a consumer nutrition education campaign to raiseawareness about the updated Nutrition Facts label Key Audiences: Primary shoppers: Focus on communities at risk for nutrition-related chronicdiseaseHealth educators: physicians and healthcare professionals, dietitians, teachersand community leadersPriority educational topics include: Calories Serving size Percent Daily Value (%DV) Added Sugars, including in the context of the entire label (and theimportance of reading the entire label generally)FDA.gov/NewNutritionFactsLabel23



Fact SheetsFDA.gov/NewNutritionFactsLabel26

Social Media Toolkitwww.fda.govFDA.gov/NewNutritionFactsLabel27

Resources for Health EducatorsFDA.gov/NewNutritionFactsLabel28

Whyville Snack Shack Game Online destination for tweens andteensProvides hands-on experience inunderstanding and using theNutrition Facts labelInteractive games: Label Lingo - Answer challengequestions about the Nutrition Factslabel on different snacksSnack Sort - Use the label to compareand choose foods and drinks from akitchen pantrywww.FDA.gov/NewNutritionFactsLabel29

Read the Label Youth Outreach Materials Shack Game Materials designed for kids (ages 9–13)Resources for: Kids: video, infographic, “cool tips,” wordsearchParents: infographic, tips, family activitiesHealth educators and communityoutreach: outreach manual, leader’sguide, presentation, and talking pointswww.FDA.gov/NewNutritionFactsLabel30

Science and Our Food Supply Linked to several national educationstandards Innovative, interactive supplementarycurricula Middle and high school science classes Students can learn about: Using the Nutrition Facts label Serving size and calories Sugars Sodium in snack foods Meal planning Healthy eating away from homewww.FDA.gov/NewNutritionFactsLabel31

Continuing MedicalEducation Programs- Free! Developed in collaboration with theAmerican Medical Association(AMA) and American Academy ofPediatrics (AAP) to help physiciansand other healthcare professionals: Counsel patients, parents, andcaregivers about using theNutrition Facts label to makehealthy food choices that canpromote healthy dietarypractices and reduce the risk ofdeveloping some 32

Interactive Nutrition Facts Label Online Detailed look at the Nutrition FactslabelEnglish and SpanishIncludes five sections: What’s on the LabelIngredient listNutrition glossaryResourcesFact Sheetswww.FDA.gov/NewNutritionFactsLabel33

The Health Educator’s Nutrition ToolkitThe toolkit includes: An introductory guide Four handouts (includes one walletcard) A PowerPoint presentation,including notes Pre- and post- tests for use withthe presentation An infographic Sample social media messageswww.FDA.gov/NewNutritionFactsLabel34

Using the Nutrition Facts Label: For Older AdultsResource topics include: Understanding the Nutrition FactsLabel Nutrients and Your Needs Use the Nutrition Facts Label toMake Healthy Choices: Three Tipswww.FDA.gov/NewNutritionFactsLabel35


Tips on Good Nutrition and Using the Updated Nutrition FactsLabel During the Coronavirus ion-facts-label-during-coronavirus-pandemic

Calories on the Menu “Calories on the Menu” providesinformation for consumers on optionswhen eating out and provides tips onmaking the best choice for them Resources include: InfographicPresentation slides for consumersSocial media toolkitwww.fda.gov/caloriesonthemenu38

Nutrition Facts Label and Education .gov/NutritionEducation39

Staying Connected with FDA Twitter Pinterest USFDAFacebook @FDA @FDAFood@DrMayneFDAFoodSubscribe to: CFSAN News for Educators eNewsletterwww.fda.gov/nutritioneducationFDA Consumer esFDA Constituent fsan-constituent-updates40

Contact InformationContact CFSAN:1-888-SAFEFOOD (1-888-723-3366) orcfsan.force.com/InquirypageVisit our Website:www.fda.gov/nutritioneducation41

Questions and Discussionwww.fda.gov42

The Updated Nutrition Facts Label: Information for Health Educators Author: Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition Subject: 2019 Nutrition Facts Labeling Keywords: The Updated Nutrition Facts Label: Information for Health Educators,2019 Nutrition Facts Labeling, US FDA Created Date: 4/12/2021 2:26:13 PM

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