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ProficyHMI/SCADA – iFIXA market-leading supervisory monitoring and control solutionthat leverages advanced technologies, Proficy HMI/SCADA - iFIXprovides a window into your total operations cycle—enablingfaster, better business decisions for high performance.Key Technical BenefitsFlexibility of connectingand presenting dataScalability from isolatedsensor to company-wideintegrationReliable informationanalysisProficy HMI/SCADA - iFIX is aflexible, integrated solutionthat provides superior processvisualization, data acquisition,analytics and supervisory control of your operations. It offers arobust SCADA engine, rich set ofconnectivity options, open architecture and highly scalable anddistributed networking model.Used in a variety of applications across diverse indus-tries, iFIX is ideally suited for applications as simple astypical HMI applications suchas manual data entry andvalidation to very complexSCADA applications likebatching, filtration and distributed alarm management.It also complies with industrystandards—making it idealas part of more IT-focusedoperations management andMES systems.Real-time datamanagementAdherence tocompliance standardsFlexible, scalable and powerful visualization for your plant or process.12 Proficy SoftwareOpen, Flexibleand ScalableArchitectureDistributed Client-Server Architecture – Isolatedto Integrated. iFIX canbe configured from themachine and remote I/Olevel to the enterprise andadvanced analytical layer.Its distributed client/server

Multiple Thickand Thin ClientsFlexibleMultiple Thick Servers/Terminal Servers/Citrix ServersScalableiFIX SingleServer/NodeiFIX is known for its robust SCADA engine that enables simple or complex applications to help you precisely monitor, control and visualize every aspect of your process.iFIX also has an extremely flexible architecture that provides the power to meet your current application needs while delivering scalability for future growth.architecture enables you tospread applications acrossyour operations, either geographically or across variousapplication domains.can easily manage your usersand terminal services sessionwith iFIX’s Profile Manager, apowerful configuration andmanagement tool.Thin Client Capability. iFIXleverages Microsoft TerminalServices and/or Citrix-basedservices either through operation on a SCADA node or as aseparate Terminal Server. YouNative and OPC Connectivity.With a rich set of over 500 anda growing list of I/O drivers,iFIX enables you to connectto a wide range of hardware.It also supports differentcommunication standardslike Serial, TCP/IP, leased lines/modems from a single SCADAserver. Its native I/O driversand OPC servers support various performance-enhancingtools and provide support fordriver failover across multiplecommunication channels toensure seamless integration.iFIX can handle largenumbers of I/Os, alarmsand client nodes. Its builtin mathematical and logicprocessing capability canhelp you process largeamounts of data; iFIX’sSCADA servers can servethe data to as many as200 thick clients at thesame time.GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms 13

With Proficy Change Management, you can easily compare current versions with previous versionsto ensure the integrity of your information.iFIX offers an e xtremelyreliable ActiveX container based onSecure C ontainment technology. Its GUI container has been specifically d esignedfor high r eliability and offers t echnology thatcan capture failuresof t hird-party ActiveX controls and scriptingwithout crashing thec ontainer environment.Reliable and SecureAdvanced Failover Database Synchronizationand Alarm Synchronization.iFIX SCADA servers supportreplication and failover ofdatabase and alarms betweenthe primary and backupSCADA servers—ensuring thatyou have high availabilityand continuous control. Everyaspect of the iFIX database isreplicated, including adding/deleting tags, run time modifications, alarm generation, acknowledgement and databasestorage. All of the E-Signatureconfiguration and audit trailscan also be replicated.Secure Networking – NetworkEncryption and ControlledTopology. To protect your dataassets, iFIX offers a high degreeof network security with aproprietary set of communications, a layer of network encryption and the ability to explicitly define communicationswith remote nodes. In additionto enabling communicationswith any requesting node, iFIXoffers a communication tablefor defining nodes that are allowed to communicate.Integrated Change Management. iFIX tightlyintegrates with our ProficyChange Management softwareto provide you with additionalsecurity and disaster recoverycapability. You can report differences between databases,graphics, graphic scripts,dynamos, global variables,security configuration andother important system files;you can also track audit trailsof system changes in real time.Data Analysis, Management andPresentationFlexible Charting and Trending. iFIX provides flexibleoptions with support for realtime, historical, SPC, histogramand logarithmic charts—enabling you to customize thedata. Within each chart type,iFIX provides options for arranging data through severalplotting methods, differentlegend selections, exportingoptions and auto-scaling forbest-fit charts.iFIX’s distributed alarm management allows you to view, acknowledge and notify personnel in their respective f unctional areas, thus reducing alarm clutter.14 Proficy Software

Alarm Queue AlarmAcknowledgement SynchronizationData SynchronizationiClients - Thick ClientsiClient TS - Thin ClientsTerminal ServerAlarm Database SynchronizationiFIX SCADA ServersDatabase SynchronizationiFIX’s failover capability enables you to configure an independent network solely between the primary and backup for replication.Advanced and DistributedAlarm and Event Management.iFIX offers you maximum flex ibility in configuringalarms such as:6Distributed alarmmanagement – You candivide your solution intofunctional areas anddistribute alarms acrossthese areas.Advanced alarmmanagement –You havethe flexibility to define alarmdelays, alarm inhibit factors,alarm suspension factorsand re-alarming time. iFIX’salarm statistics andcounters provide criticalinsights into the alarm andoperator behavior.6 Store and forwardcapabilities – You can store6and forward alarms to arelational database orProficy Historian throughthe OPC Foundation certifiedOPC A&E Server, providingthe ability to access alarmsand events through simpleSQL queries.Whether you’re implementing a single,stand-alone HMI ora highly complex, multi-node, multi-siteSCADA system, iFIX offersthe functionality to helpyou quickly develop anapplication of any typeand size.You can customize and arrange data to view trends and other key information for enhanced decision making.GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms 15

It’s easy to configure e-Signatures while configuring your iFIX database.Discovery and auto- configuration(DAC) tools allowyou to d iscover PLC configurations, whichin turn can be used tocreate the iFIX D atabase, and configure the I/Odriver and the Historian database. DAC also supports OPC drivers andcan be used to discoverOPC data sources.Integrated Historian. WithiFIX, you have two tightly integrated storage options:66Proficy Historian helps youaddress the need for moredemanding node-basedapplications and morecentralized data logging.iFIX supports configurationof Historian through a singleenvironment, which allowsyou to quickly set up yourapplications.Classic Historian managesthe typical data loggingtasks of a small application.Electronic signatures. You caneasily configure e-Signatures,which are part of the iFIXcore, while creating the tagdatabase. E-Signatures worktogether with iFIX’s Alarm &Event engine to record runtimechanges made to the systemand create an audit trail tohelp you meet regulatory16 Proficy Softwarecompliance standards such as21 CFR Part 11 and NERC.Easy Configurationfor DevelopmentProductivityPrebuilt Dynamo Objects, Efficient Dynamo Managementand Dynamo Toolkit. iFIX offersover 500 prebuilt dynamosfrom basic lights and gaugesto ISA symbols and equipmentdynamos. iFIX dynamos areobjects that can be versionedand named, and they followthe master-instance linkage—automatically replicating whenchanges are made to themaster through the DynamoUpdater toolbar. iFIX’s DynamoToolkit enables you to buildcustom dynamos, which canbe stored as Dynamo sets andwill follow the same masterinstance linkage.VisiconX Objects. You canconnect to any relationaldatabase by simple configuration of wizards. You can buildSQL queries using the VisiconXobjects to access simple datafrom a single database orcombine multiple queries toaccess complex data fromvarious sources.Flexibility to CustomizeVBA – Scripting to Match Today’s Demands. iFIX includesa powerful and comprehensivescripting language, Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications(VBA). In addition, the implementation of VBA in iFIX is pervasive in the GUI environment.

When you make changes to the Master dynamo, all instances will be updated across the entire application.Powerful APIs for DataAccess and AutomatedDevelopment. You can easilycustomize iFIX with varioustoolkits that enable systemintegrators and OEMs to applyiFIX to virtually any application:iFIX Integration Toolkit—designed to give you APIsfor programming and datainterfaces6 System Extension Toolkit fornetwork access6 Database Dynamo Toolkit—6enables you to developcustom function blocks6 Biometric Toolkit—to customize the iFIXe-Signature dialogs forbiometric interfaces. l“iFIX drives effectiveutility management andhas proven to be a reliableand innovative solution forprocess v isualization, alarm management, and i ntegrationof SCADA with business systems — empowering users with better analytics.This results in operational excellence for our clients,which aligns with ourbusiness vision.”Bill SerjeantsonVP of SCADA andTelecommunications Services,Westin EngineeringFrom runtime actions to special development tools, VBA enables you to customize iFIX beyond all other products.GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms 17

VBA - Scripting to Match Today's Demands. iFIX includes a powerful and comprehensive scripting language, Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). In addition, the imple-mentation of VBA in iFIX is per-vasive in the GUI environment. Discovery and auto-configuration (DAC) tools allow you to discover PLC configurations, which

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Proficy* HMI/SCADA – iFIX* Proficy HMI/SCADA – iFIX is the leading choice of manufacturing engineers, operators and system integrators because it delivers the best of both worlds: unmatched ease of use and unlimited flexibility. of both worlds: unmatched ease of

4.3. Application Compatibility Script The following information is from the iFix e-books under Installing and Configuring iFIX with Windows Terminal Server. Also as a separate Document, it can be found at C:\Program Files\GE Fanuc\ProficyDoc\1033\iFIX\TM.CHM Before you begin installing and configuring iFIX on a Terminal Server, it is

The iFIX OPC UA (OPC Unified Architecture) Client is a device communications module that can connect to OPC UA Servers to browse and collect data from items in the OPC UA address space. Use the Configuration Hub tool to browse an OPC UA Server and automatically create driver tags in iFIX.

Dec 02, 2015 · 1 - Documentation : Introduction 1.1 Interface Introduction The Hach WIMS Direct Server-Side Interface to GE Fanuc FIX / iFIX HMI imports summarized values into Hach WIMS. The Hach FIX2XML (See Section 5.6) utility queries historical H files (.h04,.h08, or .h24 classic historian files) generated from FIX / FIX32 / iFIX (by

SCADA MSME/SCADA/88 Every Month 96 Hrs. 4Hrs./day 25 10th Pass 8500/- Practical : SCADA design, SCADA design principles , software for generating solutions in SCADA, communicate . Software:PLC (ALLEN BRADLEY), SCADA-Simens, LabView Robotino Practical: Hardware & software Training, working of Robotics,

damages. The user of the information contained in the manual and the software described herein is subject to the GE Intelligent Platforms, Inc. standard license agreement, which must be executed by the buyer or user before the use of such information, equipment or software.

AGI has Experienced Software Team to Design, Develop and Maintain Industrial Grade Software Solutions for Industrial Automation. SCADA/HMI Software Proficy Ifix Wonderware Intouch Pc-based Development C# (.Net) C/C Delphi (Object Pascal) Fortran Labview Matlab Microsoft Excel Python Quickbasic Vision Builder Visual Basic.Net Visual Basic .

APS 240 Interlude Ð Writing Scientific Reports Page 5 subspecies of an organism (e.g. Calopteryx splendens xanthostoma ) then the sub-species name (xanthostoma ) is formatted the same way as the species name. In the passage above you will notice that the name of the damselfly is followed by a name: ÔLinnaeusÕ. This is the authority, the name of the taxonomist responsible for naming the .