Canterbury, New Hampshire Annual Town Report

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The Legacy ofLuther Morrill CodyWere it not for the extensive collection of Cody photographs contained in thetown’s archives, we would not have images of Canterbury people, landscapes orevents dating from the late 19th and early 20th century. Most photography at thattime depended on using a tripod camera, covered in a black cloth under which thephotographer stood to take the picture. With the lense cover removed, the cameraexposed the glass plate inside resulting in the creation of a glass negative, a processtaking skill and patience. We have over 600 Cody glass negatives in our archive, agreat treasure.Family Background and Canterbury ConnectionThe Cody family did not originate in Canterbury, although it did have Canterbury roots. Luther’s maternal grandfather was Joseph Gerrish Patrick, son of Reverend William Patrick, pastor of Canterbury’s Congregational Church. Luther’sgrandmother was Apphia Amanda Morrill, daughter of Ezekiel and Betsey(Stevens) Morrill. They were married in Canterbury in 1832 and relocated to Solon,Ohio where all four of their children were born. Luther’s grandfather, JosephPatrick, died in 1852 leaving Apphia a widow. She later married Seth S. Smith inSolon, Ohio and moved to Lincoln, Nebraska.Joseph and Apphia Patrick’s second daughter, Eliza Ann Patrick (b.1840) married Aldus Cody (b.1842) in 1866. Aldus and Eliza’s first son, Alpheus, was bornin Corinth, Michigan in 1869. Luther, Richard, and Robert followed in 1871, 1872,and 1874 respectively but were all born in Lincoln, Nebraska where the family had(continued on inside back cover)Rose Cottage, childhoodhome of Luther Cody,owned by his Aunt MaryPatrick. The home islocated at the intersectionof Old Tilton Road andLamprey Road. In lateryears, it was expandedand is now a two-storyColonial-style home.(The home was formerlyowned by the Fred Mudgefamily.)Cover photo of Luther Cody in the grape arbor likely taken by his brother.All photographs from the Cody Collection, Canterbury Historical Society.Cover design: Debbie K Graphics, Franklin, NH and Bob Scarponi.Researched and written by Bob Scarponi and Sam Papps.Acknowledgement: CHS Archive notes complied by Virginia Laplante.


TOWNOFC A N T E R B U R Y 2 01 6 A N N U A L R E P O R TDeDicationgGThe 2016 Annual Reportof theTown of Canterbury, NH isdedicated to:Jeff and ClaudiaLeidingerQuietly, effectively and without fanfare, Jeff and Claudia Leidinger have beencontributing their talents, energy, and commitment to Canterbury for over 3decades.Jeff has served in many capacities and roles on a wide variety of committees,initiatives and programs. His approach to each task has been one of collaboration,focus and hard work. Over many years Jeff has served on several Plans for Tomorrow committees, the planning board, recreation committee, economic developmentcommittee, solid waste committee, scouting programs, and on the new town history finance committee, where he worked with diligence and enthusiasm achievinggreat results. Seeing the need for a soccer field at the elementary school, Jeffmarshaled forces, raised money, and led the charge to get the job done!Claudia has served as town librarian, fair worker, library trustee and Scoutleader. In 1979, Claudia established the first children’s program in the ElkinsLibrary and has worked tirelessly over 23 years and contributed to shepherding thetransition from the former library to the construction of the one we know today.Through it all, Claudia has served as a devoted leader in support of libraryresources and programs in Canterbury.Through their efforts Jeff and Claudia have earned the respect and appreciationof all with whom they have worked and served. We congratulate Jeff and Claudiaand thank them for their many contributions to our town of Canterbury.—2—

TOWNOFC A N T E R B U R Y 2 01 6 A N N U A L R E P O R TcontentSgGBudget.11Building Inspector Report. 47Cemetery Trustees Report.59Conservation Commission Report. 57Dedication.2Elkins Library Trustees Report. 51Elkins Library Director’s Report. 52Expenses Chart. 30Fire/Rescue Department Report. 48Highway Department Report. 46Historic District Commission Report. 47Historical Society Report. 56Land Use Change Tax Fund. 34Minutes of Town Meeting March 8, 2016.62Police Department Report.50Planning Board Report. 53Reconciliation — Tax Collector to Treasurer. 35Restoration of Involuntarily Merged Lots Pursuant to RSA 674:39-aa. 47Revenue Statement. 27Sam Lake Trust Fund. 34Schedule of Town Property. 41Selectmen’s Report.44Solid Waste Committee Report.54Statement of Long Term Indebtedness. 31Summary of Taxable Property.40Tax Collector’s Report. 37Tax Rate Breakdown Chart. 29Town Administrator’s Report. 45Town Clerk’s Report.36Town Officers. 5Town Offices General Information. 4Treasurer’s Report. 35Trust Funds. 33Unreserved Fund Balance.28Vital Statistics.86Warrant.9Zoning Board of Adjustment Report.52—3—

TOWNOFC A N T E R B U R Y 2 01 6 A N N U A L R E P O R TtoWn oFFiceS GeneRaLinFoRMationgGWeb Site: canterbury-nh.orgTown Administrator’s Officekfolsom@canterbury-nh.orgSelectmen’s Office & Welfare Administratorjstout@canterbury-nh.orgAssessing Officemirving@canterbury-nh.org783-9955Monday — Wednesday — Friday9:00–1:00Town Clerk/Tax Collectorbbynum@canterbury-nh.org783-0153Monday 9–3 — Tuesday 12–7 — Thursday 3–7Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer783-9033Selectmen’s Meetings1st & 3rd Monday of the monthPlanning Board Meetings2nd & 4th Tuesday of the monthZoning Board of AdjustmentAs neededConservation Commission2nd Monday of the monthSolid Waste Committee4th Thursday of the monthHistoric District CommissionAs needed—4—

TOWNOFC A N T E R B U R Y 2 01 6 A N N U A L R E P O R TtoWn oFFiceRS — eLecteDgGSELECTMEN (3 years)Cheryl A. Gordon, Chairman (2018)George Glines (2017)Arthur Hudson Jr. (2019)TOWN CLERK/TAX COLLECTOR (3 years)Benjamin Bynum (2019)TREASURER (3 year)Albert Edelstein (2019)MODERATOR (2 years)Kenneth Jordan (2019)PLANNING BOARD (3 years)Art Rose, Chair (2017)Jim Snyder, Vice Chair (2017)Kent Ruesswick (2019)Tyson Miller (2018)Joshua Gordon (2019)Hillary Nelson (2018)Alternates:Secretary: Lori GabriellaSelectmen’s Rep: George GlinesCEMETERY TRUSTEES (3 years)Hugh Fifield (2018)Kent Ruesswick (2019)John Goegel (2017)SUPERVISORS OF THE CHECKLIST (6 years)Brenda Murray (2018)Denise Sojka (2020)Mary Ann Winograd (2022)LIBRARY TRUSTEESClaudia Leidinger, Chair (2018)Anne Nute, 3 years (2019)Paul Lepesqueur, 3 years (2019)Florence Woods, 2 years (2018)Linda Riendeau, 2 years (2017)Deborah Snow, 2 years (2018)Mark Stevens, 3 years (2017)TRUSTEE OF THE TRUST FUNDS (3 years)Greg Heath, Chair (2017)Laurie Lockwood (2018)Tiffany Cryans (2019)—5—

TOWNOFC A N T E R B U R Y 2 01 6 A N N U A L R E P O R TtoWn oFFiceRS — aPPointeDgGTOWN ADMINISTRATORKenneth FolsomADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTJanice L. StoutACCOUNTING CLERKMary HauptmanASSESSORMandy IrvingDEPUTY TOWN CLERKLisa CarlsonHIGHWAY DEPARTMENTJames Sawicki, Road AgentDavid HeathDonald O’ConnorRichard NioletTRANSFER STATIONCharles Beckley, ManagerDavid BowlesPOLICE DEPARTMENTChief Michael LabrecqueSergeant Ernest BeaulieuKyle DiFruscio F/T OfficerThomas Bibeau, P/T OfficerMichael Crockwell, P/T OfficerDeborah Nielsen, Admin Asst.FIRE DEPARTMENTPeter Angwin, ChiefJon Camire, Deputy ChiefDon Janelle, Deputy ChiefNick Baker, LieutenantGeoff Hubble, F.F. EMTDavid Nelson, F.F. EMTJeremy Slayton, F.F.Jim Griffin, F.F. EMTTyler Dyment, F.F.John Michno, F.F.Kevin Landry, F.F. EMTPatrick Donohue, F.F.Matt Nelson, F.F.Zackery Powell, F.F.Collin Evans, F.F. EMTBrett Chagnon, F.F.Nick Brien, F.F.Briell Grant, F.F. EMTCraig Simpson, F.F.Evan Hauptman, F.F.Shelby Wheeler, F.F. EMTKatelyn Downs, F.F. EMTAustin Bergeron, (Training)Alexis Ledoux, (Training)Shawn Edmonds, F.F.Paul O’Keefe, F.F.—6—

TOWNOFC A N T E R B U R Y 2 01 6 A N N U A L R E P O R TFIRE WARDEN/EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT DIRECTORPeter AngwinHEALTH OFFICER (PUBLIC HEALTH)Nadine DahlDEPUTY HEALTH OFFICERVacantZONING BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT (3 years)Joseph Halla, Chair (2018)F. Webster Stout (2018)Barbie Tilton (2018)Gary Spaulding (2017)Jim Wieck (2019)Christopher Evans (2017)Lisa Carlson, Secretary & Alternate (2017)CONSERVATION COMMISSIONKelly Short, Chair (2017)Tom Osmer, Vice Chair (2017)Jon Nute, Treasurer (2018)Bob Fife (2019)Jennifer Taylor (2017)Steve Seron (2018)Ken Stern (2019)Alternates:Teresa Wyman (2019)Faith Berry (2018)Linda Fife (2019)Chris Blair (2019)Charles Krautmann (2018)Bob Steenson (2019)LIBRARYSusan LeClair, DirectorDebi Folsom, Circulation ManagerRachel Baker, Children’s LibrarianMary Ann Winograd, Circulation Svcs.Rose Howe, Circulation Svcs.BUILDING INSPECTOR/CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICERJim SnyderHISTORIC DISTRICT COMMISSIONMark Hopkins, Chair (2017)Ted West (2018)Virginia LaPlante (2019)Anne Emerson (2017)Jeffrey Leidinger (2019)Kevin Bragg (2018)Lois Scribner, SecretaryHISTORICAL SOCIETYBob Scarponi, PresidentSandy Scripture, Vice-presidentMary Ann Winograd, TreasurerPam Jackson, Recording SecretaryJan Cote, Corresponding SecretarySam Papps, Curator (ex-officio)Mary Jane BergmanBrian TitilahBrian BraskieHarry KinterPriscilla Lockwood—7—

TOWNOFC A N T E R B U R Y 2 01 6 A N N U A L R E P O R TCANTERBURY CEMETERY HISTORIANMark StevensSOLID WASTE COMMITTEERobert Steenson, Chairman, 3 year (2019)Chris Blair, 2 year (2018)Emily Burr, 3 year (2019)John Dyer, 2 year (2018)Steven Rasche, 3 year (2019)BUDGET COMMITTEERobert SteensonTyson MillerKelly ShortJohn CarrRobert ScarponiArt RoseFrank TupperBriggs LockwoodChris BlairAGRICULTURAL COMMISSIONNaomi Scanlon, ChairDave EmersonJill McCulloughBarbie TiltonLuke Mahoney, AlternateSAM LAKE COMMITTEEKen FolsomNancy RoyMark HopkinsTed WestBob ReedBob SteensonArt Hudson, Selectmen’s RepresentativeJohn Armstrong, Volunteer/Architect—8—

TOWNOFC A N T E R B U R Y 2 01 6 A N N U A L R E P O R T2017 WaRRant FoR tHeannUaL toWn MeetinGState oF neW HaMPSHiRegGThe polls will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.To the inhabitants of the Town of Canterbury in the County of Merrimack in saidState, qualified to vote in Town Affairs.You are hereby notified to meet at the Canterbury Town Hall in said Canterburyon said Tuesday, the fourteenth day of March, 2017 at seven o’clock in the forenoon,to act upon the following subjects.Article 1:To choose all necessary Town Officers for the year ensuing.SeconD SeSSionThe second session will be held at the Canterbury Elementary School on Friday,the seventeenth day of March, 2017, at seven o’clock in the evening to act on the following subjects:Article 2:To see if the town will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of FourHundred Thousand Dollars ( 400,000) for the purpose of renovatingthe Sam Lake House and to authorize the issuance of not more thanTwo Hundred Eighteen Thousand Dollars ( 218,000) of bonds ornotes in accordance with the provisions of the Municipal Finance Act(RSA 33) and to authorize the municipal officials to issue and negotiate and to determine the rate of interest thereon; furthermore, toauthorize the withdrawal of One Hundred Sixty One Thousand Dollars ( 161,000) from the Sam Lake Capital Reserve and Twenty-oneThousand Dollars ( 21,000) from the Sam Lake Trust. Recommendedby the Selectmen. 2/3 ballot vote required.Article 3:To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate Two Million FourHundred Forty Two Thousand Three Hundred Thirty Seven Dollars( 2,442,337) to defray town charges for the ensuing year. Recommended by the Selectmen.Article 4:To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of OneHundred Sixty Eight Thousand Dollars ( 168,000) for the replacement of the bridge located on Randall Road, said amount to beremoved from the Town’s Unreserved Fund Balance. Recommendedby the Selectmen.Article 5:To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of FiftyTwo Thousand Two Hundred Ninety Eight Dollars ( 52,298) to payprincipal ( 40,000) and interest ( 12,298) on the Gold Star bond,—9—

TOWNOFC A N T E R B U R Y 2 01 6 A N N U A L R E P O R Tsaid amount to be removed from the Town’s Unreserved Fund Balance. Recommended by the Selectmen.Article 6:To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of OneHundred eighty thousand seven hundred Dollars ( 180,700) for thepurpose of purchasing SCBA’s. One Hundred Seventy Two thousandninety sixty dollars ( 172,096) to come from an assistance to firefighters grant, and Eight Thousand Six Hundred Four Dollars( 8,604) to come from the Firefighting Equipment Capital ReserveFund. No amount shall be expended unless the grant funds aresecured. Recommended by the Selectmen.Article 7:To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate the sum ofTwenty Six Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty One Dollars ( 26,861)to be withdrawn from the Firefighting Equipment Capital ReserveAccount for the purpose of purchasing hydraulic rescue tools thatinclude: 1 Hydraulic Pump, 1 set of Cutters, 2 Hydraulic SpreaderRams. Recommended by the Selectmen.Article 8:To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of Thirteen Thousand Three Hundred Thirty Eight Dollars and Eighty Fourcents ( 13,338.84) for the purpose of purchasing a security camerasystem for the Municipal Building. Six Thousand Six Hundred SixtyNine Dollars and Forty Two Cents ( 6,669.42) to come from the Unreserved Fund Balance and Six Thousand Six Hundred Sixty Nine dollars and Forty Two Cents ( 6,669.42) to come from the FederalEmergency Management Performance Grant. No amount shall beexpended unless the grant funds are secured. Recommended by theSelectmen.Article 9:To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of SevenThousand Nine Hundred Dollars ( 7,900) to be withdrawn from theCemetery Improvement Account and to be restored to the CemeteryPerpetual Care Accounts to correct an error made in 1975, asinstructed by the Office of the Attorney General, Director of Charitable Trusts; and to discontinue the Cemetery Improvement Account.Recommended by the Selectmen.Article 10: To see if the town will vote, pursuant to RSA 40:14-a, to authorizecoordination of future elections of the Shaker Regional School District with those of the Town of Canterbury. Future elections of theShaker Regional School District shall be held at a time and placedetermined by, and supervised by, the election officials of the Town,as provided by RSA 671:26. Recommended by the Selectmen.To transact any other business that may legally come before this meeting.Given under our hands and seal, this 6th day of February, in the year of ourLord, two thousand sixteen.Cheryl A. Gordon, ChairmanGeorge R. GlinesArthur Hudson, Jr.— 10 —

— 11 0180,060Actual ,2290———0(2,300)0 /(–) ueOffsetOF4135 — INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYExecutive4135-1e Network Server & Installation4135-2e Computers/Hardware4135-3e Software/Licensing4135-4e Offsite Data Backup4130 — EXECUTIVE4130.1Selectmen Salaries4130.10 Office Supplies4130.11 Health Insurance4130.12 Postage4130.21 Admin Wages4130.22 Assessing Wages4130.3Town Administrator Salary4130.4Office Equipment Repairs4130.5Selectmen Seminars4130.6Telephone4130.7Printing4130.25 Misc Other Expense4130.8Office Equipment4130.50 Website Maintenance & Update4150.52 Advertising4130.51 Administrative TrainingTotal 4130 EXECUTIVEEXPENSE BUDGET2016 BUDGet — toWn oF canteRBURygGTOWNC A N T E R B U R Y 2 01 6 A N N U A L R E P O R T

— 12 —8001,8005003,100Fire4135-12F Computers/Hardware4135-13F Software/Licensing4135-14F Computer RepairSub-Total Fire DepartmentConservation Commission4135-15H 9P Computers/Hardware4135-10P Software/Licensing4135-11P Computer RepairSub-Total Police 615,9078,05216,452Actual Expenses201712/31/2016Proposed—(250 )—2500000(300 )(300)200(800)400(200)1000—1008523,176 /(–) OffsetOFHighway4135-15H Computers4135-16H Software/Licensing4135-17H Computer Repair4135-21 Computer Repair — Trans. StationSub-Total Highway Department4005,40615,8077,20013,2762016BudgetTown Clerk/Tax Collector4135-6t Computers/Hardware4135-7t Software/Licensing4135-8t Computer RepairSub-Total Town Clerk/Tax Collector4135-5e IT/Network SupportSub-Total ExecutiveEXPENSE BUDGETTOWNC A N T E R B U R Y 2 01 6 A N N U A L R E P O R T

709,7821,20050051,13225,4379,7824140 — ELECTION, REG & VITAL STATS4140.10 Town Clerk Seminars4140.11 Dog Tags4140.12 Election Wages4140.14 Election Advertising4140.15 Election Misc. Supplies4140.16 Voting Machine4140.7Town Clerk Salary4140.19 Vital Statistic Fees4140.2Marriage License Fees4140.3Deputy Town Clerk Wages4140.31 Deputy Town Clerk Health Ins4140.7Town Clerk Office Supplies4140.8Town Clerk Office EquipmentTotal 4140 ELECTION, REG & VITAL STATS4150 — FINANCIAL ADMINISTRATION4150.1Tax Collector Salary4150.11 Tax Collector Health Insurance11325,1374135-16H Software/Licensing4135-17H Computer RepairSub-Total Conservation CommissionTotal 4135 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY4130-1 — TOWN REPORT4130.1a Printing Town ReportTotal 4130-1 TOWN REPORT2016BudgetEXPENSE BUDGET— 13 ,0301,0020019200———3,026 /(–) ——39,744Actual Expenses201712/31/2016ProposedTOWNC A N T E R B U R Y 2 01 6 A N N U A L R E P O R T

150.954150.964150.98Total 4150— 14 —12,50043,00055,5004155 — PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATION4199.0081 Medicare4199.0082 Social SecurityTotal 4155 PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATION8006,5008,00017,00017,0004153 — LEGAL EXPENSES4153.3General MunicipalTotal 4153 LEGAL EXPENSES4191 — PLANNING/ZONING BOARD4191.1PB Postage4191.2PB Secretary Wages4191.5PB Professional 04,00020,2508003,0001,00084,925Actual 00 )3,026 /(–) ��———1,078RevenueOffsetOF4152 — REVALUATION OF PROPERTYRolling Reval4152.1Property Update/PickupsTotal 4152 REVALUATION OF PROPERTYRegistrar of DeedsOutside AuditingTax Map MaintenanceTax Collector SeminarsTax Collector-LiensTreasurer-SalaryBookkeeper wagesTax Collector Office SuppliesTax Collector PostageTreasurer Mileage ReimbursementFINANCIAL ADMINISTRATION2016BudgetEXPENSE BUDGETTOWNC A N T E R B U R Y 2 01 6 A N N U A L R E P O R T

,0001,00090050067,401EXPENSE BUDGETPB AdvertisingPB PrintingPB SuppliesZBA Secretary WagesZBA PostageZBA AdvertisingZBA SuppliesZBA SeminarPLANNING 54191.16Total 41914194 — GENERAL GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS4194.19 Janitorial Services4194-17 Meeting House Maintenance4194-1Center Electricity4194.12 Historical Society Electricity4194.13 Town Buildings Heat/Oil/Propane4194.14 Municipal Building Electricity4194.16 Municipal Building Security System4194.17 Municipal Bldg Maintenance4194.2Town Hall Maintenance4194.3Town Hall Electricity4194.5Town Building Emergency Fund4194.11· Elkins/Houser Bldg Maintenance4194.xx· Elkins/Houser Security System4194.7Sam Lake Maintenance4194.8Sam Lake Electricity4194.18 Sam Lake Security System4194.21 Transfer Station Security SystemTotal 4194 GENERAL GOVT. �(3,500) /(–) 272—8,735Actual Expenses201712/31/2016ProposedTOWNC A N T E R B U R Y 2 01 6 A N N U A L R E P O R T— 15 —

4305,69240,02228,07868,1004196 — INSURANCE4196.2Worker's Compensation4196.3LiabilityTotal 4196 INSURANCE4197 — ADVERTISING & REGIONAL DEV.4197.1Local Government Center Association 1,9794197.10 Town Clerk Dues404197.11 Tax Collector Dues204197.2Central NH Planning2,5994197.3NH Resource Recovery1204197.4Assoc. of Assessing Dues204197.5Reg/Conc Solid Waste14197.6Upper Merrimack River1004197.8NH Health Association—4197.9Federal DOT Drug Testing7504197.12 NH Local Welfare Admin. Assn.30Total 4197 ADVERTISING & REGIONAL 02,6021202011—1,000305,9191060—3———(99 00500—1,500 /(–) 9756,0133,5001500112,0001,5005008,003Actual 05006,5032016Budget4195 — CEMETERIES4195.1Cemetery Wages4195.2Sub-Contractor4195.3Equipment Repairs4195.4Gas & Oil4195.5Parts & Supplies4195.6Headstone repairs4196.7Tree Removal4196.8Record Keeping & Software upgradesTotal 4195 CEMETERIESEXPENSE BUDGETTOWNC A N T E R B U R Y 2 01 6 A N N U A L R E P O R T— 16 —

——1,4001,4001,20059,4971,200EXPENSE BUDGET4240 — BUILDING INSPECTION4120.10 Code ine4240.1SalaryTotal 4240 BUILDING INSPECTIONTOTAL GENERAL GOVERNMENT4210 — POLICE4210.1Wages4210.1c Police Chief Salary4210.1a Overtime4210.1b Administration4210.10 Sub-Contractor4210.11 Seminars/Dues/Subscriptions4210.12 Prosecutor4210.13 Telephone4210.14 Training4210.16 Retirement4210.17 Disability Insurance4210.2Cruiser Maintenance4210.2a Tahoe4210.2c Expedition4210.2d Interceptor4210.2e F-1504210.3Health Insurance4210.5Radios & ,100(2,138 )———0(1,988)(10,341) /(–) 761,043—4003,5379,406601,687Actual Expenses201712/31/2016ProposedTOWNC A N T E R B U R Y 2 01 6 A N N U A L R E P O R T— 17 —

002,700444,5441Actual 0 )——5000200—50030064,597— /(–) RevenueOffsetOF4220 — FIRE4220.00 Full Time EMT4220.OT EMT Overtime4220.01 EMT Health Insurance4220.02 EMT Retirement4220. 11 Part-Time Fire Chief4220.03 Disability4220.13 Weekend Standby4220.1Reimbursement4220.10 Dry Hydrants4220.2Forest Fire Costs4220.3Vehicle Maintenance4220.3a Fire Engine #14220.3i Fire Engine #24220.3b Fire Engine #34220.3c Rescue Truck4220.3d Forestry Tanker 14220.3e Forestry 14220.3f Utility4220.3g Tanker4220.3h Command Office Supplies2,2004210.81 Office Equipment—4210.9Uniforms4,0004210.91 Supplies/New Equipment2,400Total 4210 POLICE379,9474215 — EMERGENCY MGMT./CIVIL DEFENSE1EXPENSE BUDGETTOWNC A N T E R B U R Y 2 01 6 A N N U A L R E P O R T— 18 —

0631,6451,0524415.2Penacook Rescue30,0004415.3Belmont Rescue5,000TOTAL 4155 RESCUE35,000TOTAL PUBLIC SAFETY Police Fire Rescue 631,3144311-1 — HIGHWAY ADMINISTRATION4311.1Wages4311.1a Road Agent Salary4311.1b Overtime4311.2Sub-Contractor4311.3Equipment Repairs4311.3a Truck 1 2011 International4311.3b Truck 2 2005 Sterling4311.3Truck 3 2014 International— 19 0001,000(200)—400———100—7,829 /(–) 1004,6002,5001,0002,0008,000216,365Training & PreventionDispatchCommunicationsGasoline & OilFire & Rescue EquipmentOffice SuppliesOffice EquipmentMedical TrainingMedical Supplies & EquipmentEquipment MaintenanceForest Fire EquipmentUniformsTurn Out 914220.924220.934220.944220.954220.124220.96Total 4220Actual Expenses201712/31/2016Proposed2016BudgetEXPENSE BUDGETTOWNC A N T E R B U R Y 2 01 6 A N N U A L R E P O R T

1,500EXPENSE BUDGET4311.3c Truck 4 2008 F-3504311.3e Truck 6 Water Truck4311.3fTruck 7 2007 Truck 7 F-5504311.3g Volvo Grader4311.3h Backhoe4311.3j Bob Cat4311.3k Loader4311.4Health Insurance4311.12 Disability lies4311.8Gasoline & Diesel4311.9Tires4311.11 Equipment4311.12 Mowing Town Lands4311.14 TrainingTotal 4311-1 HIGHWAY ADMINISTRATION4312.6Uniforms4312.1Salt4312.3Road Tar4312.4Road Improveme

Web Site: Town Administrator's Office Selectmen's Office & Welfare Administrator Assessing Office 783-9955 Monday — Wednesday — Friday 9:00 -1:00 Town Clerk/Tax Collector 783-0153

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