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Dea/erIVEWSLETTERCctober 7, 1983ТНЕINTRODUCINGТИБPIED PIPER PROFESSIONALSOLUTION DEALERS HAVE ASKED FORThe PIED PIPER Professiona1 isаP1us . A second F10ppy Disk Driveof storage оп linePIED PIPER 1 System . . .[отаtotal of 1.6 million bytesP1us . Seria1 Board With:1 RS232C interface апа а 300 baudAuto Dia1/Auto Answer direct connect МосеmP1us . One free hourопCompuserveP1us . Supporting SoftwareP1us . CBasic Language PackageР1из. Monitor (NEC 1260)"SPECIAL"Азаintroductory offer (valid оп orders placed Ьу October 31, 1983)PIED PIPER Professiona1 will include а сатту case va1ued at 49.95ТЬеThisСсщ: 1еtеPackaae is Pricedа1.:?or уоит existing PIED PIF R customersOn1y 1,999STM offersrc.'Ir the PIED ?IPER , at 5699.'Yni.sкi tСО:ltaiлs:2ncl Disk L::-i ,78 (1 М9gаЬytе)Se::-ial 3 c.rd v:ith МociетC3 .si::1 Ноиr iree оп Соrnpизе . Communications Softwareапupgrade kit

, **'1'ЕС,Суооп- ISТНЕPIEDSlIOW ТНЕМ ТIIЕ REVIE }'ГНЕ8EST-- BUY?"."'*SELL 'I'IIE PIEO PIPER****CUSTOf-.1IШS ЛВotJТИIIIСН"1.6 tv1b 2 DL" i vesРТЕОPIPER"2 Drives111 nc1l1dedMonitor1.6"2 OrivesSt rageМЬ720/КOiskEa9le IIE-3Гrоfеssiопа1A vantageQ?il.Q tarЕрзопN.C01!1putcr Mode eNo Serial/No Paral.le.lPortsSpell2 Serial2 Para11e1Vl\Llm**1 SerialSof t,war( /Ot i11 Para11e1'ities/Basic1 ModemCornplls erve Осто Д\l to ДпswеrсР/н / PerfectAuto D1.a1CaJ.c/ 11c r / F'i .lerСОП\П\ШJ ica 't iопCa1c/CBasicBincЗer/UltraСР/МCP/M/CP /Valdocs2 Seria1/ТРМ JI/MBasic1 Paralle1Choice оЕ 2from 10 Pkg5.Choice оЕ 0 / 5РIГIШРRОFЕssrDNЛLCOMPARE THISPIED PIPER 1,999 2,995 2,995 2,999Pricc

YOUR CUSTOМERS AREREADING ALL ABOUT US!НAVEYOU READ ALL THESE TEMBERSEPTEMBERCREATIVE COMPUTINGОСТОВЕНPOPULAR COMPUTINGTUES-AUGUST 30thNEWand from England,reviewed.featuredопУОНКTIMESthe front cover andSEPTEMBERуетуwellPERSONAL COMPUTER WORLDSome key phrased have been extracted from each review andcopied for уоиг convenience.агеНеге'Е:аtaste"The PIED P!PER is easier to use than any other computer "SALES TIP Display the PIED PIPER and PIED PIPER PROFESSIONAL with аprinter.Мапу dealers have found it easier to compare twoPIED PIPERS rather than the РIЕО PIPER and another computer.It will also allow уоиг customer to make the right decisionto Ьuу the PIED PIPER.

АТТАСН REGISTRATION LABELAS SHOWN IN PICTUREON ВАСК SIDE OF PIED PIPER[F)Orno [F)D[F)rn "PIED PIPER serial-71 L&'1REGISTRATION CAR,DТоreceive full �you must геtuгп thisгеgistгаtiоп dосumепt withiп10 days аНег the date �е РhопеTelephone #Date ,-()Work Рhопе)(SаlеsрегsопStateEND USER AGREEMENT ACKNOWLEDGMENTSTM SOFTWARE2.2STM UtilitiesPerfect SoftwareDiskDiskDiskСР/МSERIAL NUMBER.EXTENDED WARRANTYServiceW/NIndependent Service W/N .Date of purchaseХегох1. о MaieThe uпdегsigпеd Епd User 01 STM products hereby acknowledges that he ог she has read апd fully uпdегstапds the terms 01 theЕпd User Аgгееmепt iпсludеd iп dосumепtаtiоп package, the termsапd сопditiопs 01 which аге hereby iпсогрогаtеd iп this dосumепt апdасkпоwlеdgеd Ьу this геfегепсе.The uпdегsigпеd hereby agrees that Ьу sigпiпg this document heог she becomes а party to said Епd User Аgгееmепt апd agrees to ЬеЬоuпd Ьу а" terms, сопditiопs, апd оЫigаtiопs сопtаiпеd thегеiп.Епd2. Oeeupation:DateD 0-18о 36-45О 15К-25КООО 25К-З5КD 26-353. Ineome: О less thanО FemaleUser's Signature15К4. Age:19-2546-55Junior CollegeD CollegeО 35К-45КО 45КD High SehoolО О 565. Education Completed D Graduate Sehool7. What аге the two most likely applications for youг PIED PIPER?6. Where will you use the PIED PIPER?О word proeessingD edueationО small businessО data managementlfilingD personal applicationОD finaneial planningОО communieationsD other - - - - - - - - -О edueationО serviee organizationD personalhome. work related D otherО large сотрапуО8. Of these PIED PIPER features. whieh three interest you most?program developmentaecounting9. How did you hear about the PIED PIPER?О lowpricesО portabilityО easeofuseО radio/televisionD verbalD softwareО performaneeО doeu mentationО magazineО reeommendationО designО сотрапу reputationОD newspaperО dealerарреагапсеDealer Сору far RecardsО other


0б/ З/841st incoming call from 8il1 8hakal at Polk's locationLa'Jghterто:ОК.ЭВ:didWhat have уоц installed оп the hard disk? What I put the hard disk уоц put the operating system оп.ТО:УеБ:вв:Wh ich oYle?ТО:НООВ.Hard Oisk FPeratin g Bystem.Э8:Yeah,whichто:Oh,эв:01 .то:And the reason i51эв:ОК.ТО:аnууоц might want to get .2 for your machine.1 don't know if it will mal .edifference. 1 Y'lI::,ticed the install i5 diffet ent ОУ'. re.опi5оnе.the"I:,lder "machiY'lE' is 2.0ТВВ/С опWhere are 1 can't loadit'ssаУ5 . ,the the newer machine is .опЬеtop of it to.incompatible operating system'.то:Incompatible operating system? Let's Бее. If уоц ореn let'strying to remember the instruction end of 10ading Т8В/С.It dropsВ8:\\It says "lc'ading TSBiC" and shows the firstТО:УеБвв:TheY'1 i t quits.ТО:What's the B:TBB(unintelligible).патеof the firstТО: Take а 100k.TBBiC might Ьеthat directory . you right there.ВВ:1 can'tТО:ОК.ВВ:1 don'tТО:Yeal,.црwithknow re.load directory if 1 can't getBoot it .1 opened the other fir5t.certainly should'СаЦБе2. ?2.2 orНDО8.1 think 1 loaded TSBiC.опLook atер/м.and ask forаdirectory.could do that or HD08 oh,sureуоцcould.

Octoberтосе···FROH:17,19838ТНDI8TRIBUTERs and DEALERs8ТНHANUFACTURER's REPRE8ENTATIVEs8ТНELECTRONIC8Enclos@d is your n@w r@leas@ of th@ СР/М op@rating system for thePIED PIPER (V@rsion 2.00).We hav@ included 2 copies of th@pr@liminary manuals and оn@ disk@tte.W@ invite you to make thisoperatin9 8yst@m and Utilities availabI@ for your customers.Additional s@ts ау@ availabI@ for S10.00/pk9 (partРРС-025) forа D@al@r оу Distributor Only (W@ cannot sell to th@ @nd-us@r).This N@w Op@ratin9 8yst@m is Load@d with features, her@ is аsampl@:*-Directory Listing Utility/File Transfer UtilityАI lows PIED PIPER to read these formats:NEC РС-80018in91& 8ided/DoubIe DensityOsborn&9in91@ 8ided/DoubIe DensityХеуох 8208ingle 8ided/DoubIe Density-8yst&m Con1iguration UtilityAI lows the PIED PIPER to emulate these t@rminals:АDМЗА-Haz.ltin*Change Number 01 Disk DrivesConfigure Expansion Card S@rialоуModem-Communications Software is includ@d-Руерауе/СоруPleas checkUtilities work with two drivesthe manuals for compJete details оп these Systems.1

Dea/er IVEWSLETTER Cctober 7, 1983 INTRODUCING ТНЕ PIED PIPER PROFESSIONAL ТИБ SOLUTION DEALERS HAVE ASKED FOR The PIED PIPER Professiona1 is а PIED PIPER 1 System. . P1us.A second F10ppy Disk Drive [от а total of 1.6 million bytes of storage оп line P1us.Seria1 Board With: 1 RS232C interface апа а 300 baud Auto Dia1/Auto Answer direct connect Мосеm .

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A parti dr e cette descriptio dne la collectivit aveé c tou s se s défauts l'aventur, solitaire e . «Je fus surpris pa r sa légèreté c,e n'étai pat s un pied de métal mai, s bie n u n pied de chair, u n pied embaumé u, n pied de momie» (Le Pied de Momie, p . 104) . 2. Les entrées.

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