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Paper Links ProjectFor Keyworker Families by The Art Room

NurturingconnectionsMany keyworker families have beenunder strain during the pandemic. Thisproject provides creative ways for childrenof keyworkers, including NHS people tocelebrate, reflect on, and strengthen theirconnections with loved ones. It aims to givethem space to connect with each other andtake stock of what they are grateful for.Stage 1 – InspirationIdeas to get you readyfor your art-making.Stage 2 – ActivitiesTwo fun activities for you to try.Stage 3 – ReflectionA chance to think aboutwhat you’ve created andthe meaning behind it.The first activity exploresour connections with lovedones, and how we can holdthem in mind even when apart.The second activity invites usto share things we are thankfulfor as a way of fosteringpositive thinking. We hopethat the metaphor of makingpaper links in this project cancreatively nurture connectionswithin keyworker families.Share yourcreationsWe’d love to see your artwork!Share photos of your creationswith us on social media:

STAGE 1:InspirationImagineExploreThis page gives you inspirationfor your art-making on thetheme of ‘connection’. Read thestory, ‘The Paper Dolls’ by JuliaDonaldson to begin the project. After reading the story‘The Paper Dolls’, imagineyou are one of the paperpeople. What might it be liketo spend time together? Whatactivities would you enjoy orleast enjoy doing together?It is also on YouTube toread or watch .While you create, you canlisten to our Paper LinksProject for KeyworkerFamilies playlist on Spotify. The paper people areunited in their adventures.What keeps them togethereven when dinosaurs andcrocodiles try to catch them? What connects the girlto the paper people in thestory? What is it like forher to remember them?Share yourcreationsWe’d love to see your artwork!Share photos of your creationswith us on social media:

STAGE 2: ActivityPaper animals& peopleCreateYou will need: Paper/ thin card Coloured pencils/ pens Kitchen/toilet roll tubesImagineWhile you create,you can listen to ourPaper Links Projectfor Keyworker Familiesplaylist on Spotify .Activity aims Make a group of paperanimals or people Create a way toconnect your paperanimals or people Imagine connectionsbetween your group. Glass bottleExplore Scissors & glue String/wool/shoe string Paperclips/pegs Sticks/ twigs/clothes hanger.Creative activity steps:1. Find a plain or colouredpiece of paper and drawan outline of your chosenanimal or person.2. If you would like to makemore than one of any animalor person, fold your papera few times behind theoutline. You could alsocut out your outlineand trace around it.3. Think of how to connectyour paper animals or people.a) To make a paperchain, click here.b) Your animals or people canalso be cut out separatelyand attached to string orstrips of paper using glue,sellotape, or small pegs.Further instructions What connects yourpaper animals or peopletogether? What do theyshare that you can’t see?If they were separated, howmight they keep thinkingabout each other?PromptsFollow the link belowfor other ways to connectyour paper, people oranimals. Here are otherhanging ideas . What protects yourpaper animals or peoplefrom things they mayfeel afraid of? In the story ‘The PaperDolls’ the paper peoplesing and dance when theyneed to feel united as agroup. Create a song ordance routine that yourpaper animals or peoplecan do together.Share yourcreationsWe’d love to see your artwork!Share photos of your creationswith us on social media:

STAGE 2: ActivityThankfulnesspaper chainCreateYou will need: Card or paperImagineWhile you create,you can listen to ourPaper Links Projectfor Keyworker Familiesplaylist on Spotify .Activity aims Think about whatyou are thankful for Create a thankfulnesspaper chain Display your art asa reminder of whatyour thankful for.Explore Scissors Glue String, ribbonor pipe cleaners Coloured pencils or pens Magazines or newspaperCreative Activity Steps:This activity involvesmaking a paper chainshowing things you arethankful for. You cando this together withsomeone and sharewhat you are thankful for.3. Loop the strips aroundeach other and glue themat the tips as explainedhere . You can alsouse ribbon, string orpipe cleaners to makethe chain.1. Cut out strips of paper.4. Choose somewhereto hang your paperchain so you can bereminded of all thethings you are thankfulfor when you see it.2. Think of something youhave been thankful for,and show this on yourstrip by writing, drawingor cutting and pastingimages from magazines. What was it like thinkingof things you are thankfulfor? If you did this activitytogether with someoneelse, what was that like? Sometimes we mayforget about the thingswe are thankful for. Wherecould you hang your artpiece to be reminded aboutthings you are thankful for? What are you lookingforward to doing withyour loved ones in thefuture? Why not createanother paper link orchain to represent thesewishes for the future?PromptsYou can colour code yourchain using colours that cometo mind when you think ofdifferent memories. Will youmake a long chain all at once?Or perhaps you may chooseto add more links from timeto time? Check out this linkfor more ideas .Share yourcreationsWe’d love to see your artwork!Share photos of your creationswith us on social media:

STAGE 3:ReflectionEnd of projectreflectionMore fromThe Art Room Take a look at the artyou have created. Whichpart did you enjoyingmaking the most?If you enjoyed this PaperLinks Project for KeyworkerFamilies, why not visit our‘Art Room Activities’ webpageto see our other projects,including Superheroes,Calm, Colour, Animal Homes,Space and Seasons. If you feel separatedfrom your loved ones,what can you do to feelconnected to them? Imagine thinking of onething that you are gratefulfor each day. How mightthis help us think positively? See more projectsfrom The Art RoomRoyal Patron HRH TheDuchess of CambridgePlace2Be is a nationalcharity working in England,Scotland and Wales.Place2Be, 175 St JohnStreet, Clerkenwell, LondonEC1V 4LW, Telephone:0207 923 5500Registered Charity Number:England and Wales1040756; ScotlandSCO38649: CompanyNumber: 02876150Share yourcreationsWe’d love to see your artwork!Share photos of your creationswith us on social media:

piece of paper and draw an outline of your chosen animal or person. 2. sing and dance when they If you would like to make more than one of any animal or person, fold your paper a few times behind the outline. You could also cut out your outline and trace around it. 3. from things they may Think of how to connect your paper animals or people.

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