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TECHNICAL MANUALUndercounter DishwasherRL-30Installation, Operation and Maintenance InstructionsInsinger Machine Company6245 State RoadPhiladelphia, PA 19135-2996800-344-4802Fax

Thank you for purchasing this qualityInsinger product.TABLE OF CONTENTSPart 1Technical InformationCatalog Specification SheetIntroductionWarranty2-7Part 2Installation Instructions8Start-Up Date:When referring to this equipment please have thisinformation available.Part 3Operating Instructions9-11Each piece of equipment at Insinger is carefullytested before shipment for proper operation. If theneed for service should arise please contact yourlocal Authorized Insinger Service Company.Part 4Cleaning/General Maintenance12Part 5Troubleshooting13Part 6Electrical Schematics & Replacement Parts14-41On the space provided below please record themodel, serial number and start-up date of this unit:Model:Serial Number:A Service Network Listing is provided on our website, or call Insinger at800-344-4802 for your local authorized servicer.For proper activation of the Insinger LimitedWarranty a SureFire Start-Up & Check-Out Serviceshould be completed on your machine. Refer to theIntroduction section in this manual for an explanationof Insinger SureFire Start-Up & Check-OutProgram.Please read the Insinger Limited Warranty and allinstallation and operation instructions carefully beforeattempting to install or operate your new Insingerproduct.To register your machine for warranty by phone, faxor the internet or for answers to question concerninginstallation, operation, or service contact ourTechnical Services Department:TECHNICAL SERVICE [email protected] sitewww.insingermachine.comRL-30 Undercounter DOC 6 2010www.insingermachine.com800-344-4802

PART 1 TECHNICAL INFORMATIONProjectItemQuantityCSI - 11400ApprovalDateRL-30Automatic Undercounter Dishwasher Automatic, hot water sanitizing undercounter dishwasher with timed washand rinse cycle. Fully automatic operation with power on/off button. Capacity is 30 racks per hour or 750 dishes per hour. .79 gallons per rack final rinse consumption Energy efficient Only requires a 30 amp circuit TempGuard final rinse temperature control ensures sanitized wareSTANDARD FEATURESSuperior cleaning action with 7 bayonet style washarms with 42 fixed wash jets. 7 bayonet style wash arms with 42 fixed wash jets6 upper rinse jets8 lower revolving rinse jetsFully automatic operationIndependent wash and rinse systemsAutomatic tank fillContinuous wash cycleElectric immersion tank heat: 2.8 kWLow water protection for heaterTempGuard final rinse temperature controlThermostatic controls for the wash tank and final rinse heatersBuilt-in electric booster: 3.5 kW (70 rise)Only requires a 30 amp circuitMotor overload protectionDouble wall construction for noise reduction and thermal insulationDeep drawn side walls, wash tank, door and rack guides for easy cleaningDoor interlock safety switchFlexible water connectionSingle point electrical connection for motor, controls, heater and boosterBuilt-in detergent and rinse-aid pumpsPumped drainFood soil strainer systemPressure reduction valve and line strainer2 plastic 20" x 20" racks (1 plate, 1 silver)OPTIONS Additional plastic 20" x 20" rackDrain quench system6" stand17" stand6245 State Road Philadelphia, PA 19135 PH: 800-344-4802 FX: 215-624-6966 www.insingermachine.comRL-30 Undercounter DOC 6 20102www.insingermachine.com800-344-4802

PART 1 TECHNICAL INFORMATIONRL-30Automatic Undercounter DishwasherNote: For all rough in connections see installation and layout detail drawing.Capacity Per Hour30 racks750 dishes68 mealsSPECIFICATIONSCONSTRUCTION- Machine wash tank, casing and rinse pipes are made of 304stainless steel. The polypropylene wash manifold, arms and jets are heat, alkaliand rust resistant.Tank Capacity7.4 gallonsMotor Size1hp (wash)CONTROLS- Front mounted controls are easy to read with indicator lights forpower heat and drain. Control components mounted in splash-proof box. Box ison slides for easy service.Electric Usage2.8 kW wash tank3.5 kW built-in booster (40 -70 rise)WASH/RINSE SYSTEM- 42 fixed high volume spray nozzles, 14 full coveragerinse nozzles.Water Inlet Temperature110 F to 140 FFinal Rinse Peak Flowat 20 psi min.4.75 gallons/minuteFinal Rinse Consumptionat 20 psi min.23.8 gallons/hour0.79 gallons/rackDRAIN SYSTEM- Separate drain pump lifts up to 24 inches above floor level.INTERNAL HEIGHT- 11 1/2 inches.Exhaust Hood Requirement NoneTime Cycle120 secondsPeak Rate Drain Flow9 gallons/minuteShipping Weight165 lbs.Current Draw AmpsElectric with Built-in Booster208-240/1/6018-20Note: Due to product improvement we reserve the right to change information and specifications without notice.6245 State Road Philadelphia, PA 19135 PH: 800-344-4802 FX: 215-624-6966 www.insingermachine.comRL-30 Undercounter DOC 6 201036 2010www.insingermachine.com800-344-4802

PART 1 TECHNICAL INFORMATION RL-30 Undercounter DOC 6 800-344-4802

PART 1 TECHNICAL INFORMATIONRL-30 UNDERCOUNTER DISHWASHERIntended useThe Insinger RL-30 may only be used for cleaningplates, cups, dishes, cutlery and similar restaurantware and commercial catering.Any change in design or use of the dishwasher carried out without the written permission of Insinger, willlead to warranty nullification.If damage is caused to the dishwasher due to failureto observe the instructions given in this manual, noclaims under the warranty agreement can be submitted to Insinger Machine Company.INTRODUCTIONPurposeThe purpose of this technical manual is to provideinstallation, operation, cleaning and maintenancedirections.A section is provided for replacement parts.ScopeThis manual contains all pertinent information toassist in the proper installation, operation, cleaning,maintenance, and parts ordering for the InsingerRL-30 Undercounter dishwasher. The installationinstructions are intended for qualified equipmentinstallers. The operation and cleaning instructionsare intended for the daily users of the equipment.The maintenance and parts sections are intendedfor qualified service and/or maintenance technicians.Replacement parts may be ordered directly from ourfactory or from your local Insinger Authorized ServiceAgency. You can speak to the Insinger TechnicalServices Department, 800-344-4802, or e-mail usat [email protected] When callingfor warranty information or replacement parts pleaseprovide the model and serial number of your InsingerEquipment. These important numbers should benoted in this manual on the spaces provided on theopening page.Surefire Start-up & Check-out ProgramInsinger is proud to offer our exclusive Surefire Start-up & Check-out Program to our commercialcustomers. This service is included in the purchaseprice of your new Insinger dishwasher. We willprovide an authorized factory service technician forthe initial start-up of your new Insinger dishwasherto ensure it is running at optimum levels from thevery first pass. Please call the factory or your localInsinger Sales Representative to schedule thisservice.NSF 3-2003 requirements for detergent andchemical sanitizer dispensers.This machine must be operated with detergent in theintegral detergent dispensing system to insure properwashing.RL-30 Undercounter DOC 6 2010Safety InstructionsMake sure that you have read and understood theoperating instructions before you start to use thedishwasher. The Insinger customer service department can tell you how to operate the washer and howit works.DefinitionsThroughout this guide you will find the followingterms: WARNING, CAUTION, & NOTE.WARNING indicates potential physical danger.CAUTION indicates potential equipment damage.NOTE indicates helpful operating hints or tips.You will visually be able to identify each as shownbelow:! WARNING:Indicates potential physical danger.CAUTION:Indicates potential equipment damage. 5NOTE:Indicates helpful operating hints or tips.www.insingermachine.com800-344-4802

PART 1 TECHNICAL INFORMATIONINSINGER MACHINE COMPANY LIMITED WARRANTYInsinger Machine Company, Inc. (Insinger) herebywarrants to the original retail purchaser of thisInsinger Machine Company, Inc. product, that ifit is assembled and operated in accordance withthe printed instructions accompanying it, thenfor a period of either 15 months from the dateof shipment from Insinger or 1 year (12 months)from the date of installation or start-up that saidInsinger product shall be free from defects inmaterial and workmanship. Whichever one of thetwo aforestated limited warranty time periods is theshortest shall be the applicable limited warrantycoverage time period.or failure to perform normal and routinemaintenance as set out in the instruction booklet(operating instructions) or for improper operationor failure to follow normal operating instructions(as set out in the instruction booklet). Insingeris not responsible nor liable for any conditionsof erosion or corrosion caused by corrosivedetergents, acids, lye or other chemicals used inthe washing and or cleaning process.Service must be done by either Insinger AppointedService Agencies or agencies receiving priorauthorization from Insinger.All warranty work must be done during normalworking hours, unless purchaser receives priorauthorization from Insinger.Insinger may require reasonable proof of yourdate of purchase; therefore, you should retainyour copy of invoice or shipping document.There are no other express warrants exceptas set forth herein and any applicable impliedwarranties of merchantability and fitness arelimited in duration to the period of coverage ofthis express written limited warranty. This limitedwarranty supersedes all other express warranties,implied warranties of merchant-ability and fitnessor limited warranties as of this date, January 1,1998. Some states do not allow limitation on howlong an implied warranty lasts so this limitationmay not apply to you.This limited warranty shall be limited to the repair orreplacement of parts which prove defective undernormal use and service and which on examinationshall indicate, to Insinger’s satisfaction, theyare defective. Any part that is claimed to bedefective and covered by this limited warrantymust be returned to Insinger. An RMA# must beobtained from the Insinger Warranty Departmentbefore returning any material. Return may bedone through an Authorized Service Agency.Furnish serial number of machine and RMA # withshipment and send to:Insinger is not liable for any special, indirect orconsequential damages. Some states do notallow the exclusion or limitation of incidental orconsequential damages, so this limitation norexclusion may not apply to you.Insinger Machine Company6245 State RoadPhiladelphia, PA 19135-2996Insinger does not authorize any person or companyto assume for it any other obligation or liability inconnection with the sale, installation, use, removal,return or replacement of its equipment: and nosuch representations are binding on Insinger.If Insinger’s inspection confirms the defect andthe claim, Insinger will repair or replace suchpart without charge and return it to you freight orpostage prepaid.This limited warranty does not cover any failure oraccident, abuse, misuse, alteration, misapplication,improper installation, fire, flood, acts of God orimproper maintenance or service,RL-30 Undercounter DOC 6 20106www.insingermachine.com800-344-4802

PART 1 TECHNICAL INFORMATIONINSINGER MACHINE COMPANY LIMITED WARRANTY- COMMERCIAL MARINE USEInsinger Machine Company, Inc. (Insinger) herebywarrants to the original retail purchaser of thisInsinger Machine Company, Inc. product, that if itis assembled and operated in accordance with theprinted instructions accompanying it (installationmanual), then for a period of 15 months fromthe date of installation on board the vessel, thatsaid Insinger product shall be free from defects inmaterial and workmanship.Labor will be billed to the customer at a reducedrate of 40.00 per hour. If sailing with a vessel isrequired, then an eight hour per day minimum willapply.This limited warranty does not cover accident,abuse, misuse, alteration, misapplication, improperinstallation, fire, flood, or improper maintenanceor service, or failure to perform normal and routinemaintenance as set out in the instruction booklet(operating instructions) or for improper operationor failure to follow normal operating instructions(as set out in the instruction booklet).Insinger may require reasonable proof of yourdate of equipment install, therefore, you shouldretain your copy of invoice or shipping document.This limited warranty shall be limited to thereplacement of parts which prove defective undernormal use and service and which on examinationshall indicate, to Insinger’s satisfaction, they aredefective. Any part that is claimed to be defectiveand covered by this limited warranty must bereturned to Insinger. Furnish serial number ofmachine with shipment and send to:Insinger is not responsible nor liable for anyconditions of erosion or corrosion caused bycorrosive detergents, acids, lye or other chemicalsused in the washing, caring and or cleaningprocess.Warranty service must be done by either InsingerAppointed Service Agencies or agencies, customers galley engineers receiving prior authorizationfrom Insinger.Insinger Machine Company, Inc.6245 State RoadPhiladelphia, PA 19135-2996If Insinger’s inspection confirms the defect andthe claim, Insinger will repair or replace suchpart without charge and return it to you freight orpostage prepaid. If part damages are not covered,Insinger will contact the customer and advise.There are no other express warrants except as setforth herein and any applicable implied warrantiesof merchantability and fitness are limited induration to the period of coverage of this expresswritten limited warranty. This limited warrantysupersedes all other express warranties, impliedwarranties of merchantability and fitness or limitedwarranties as the above date.If a factory trained authorized technician isrequired to repair or replace defective parts ormaterial during the 18 month warranty period,the cruise line will be responsible for the paymentof travel expense and a minimum of four hourslabor.Insinger does not authorize any person or companylocally or overseas to assume for it any otherobligation or liability in connection with the sale,installation, use, removal, return or replacementof its equipment; and no such representations arebinding on Insinger.RL-30 Undercounter DOC 6 20107www.insingermachine.com800-344-4802

PART 2 INSTALLATION AND CONNECTIONINSTALLATION AND CONNECTION! Connection to the Water Supply (continued) Connection should provide for a minimum of 24”(600mm) of flexible line at machine so that unitcan be moved for cleaning. Note: Unit is providedwith 37” (940mm) flexible connections.WARNING:Installation and connection of the washerto the customer’s water inlet, waste waterdrainage and electric connections are tobe carried out in accordance with nationaland local criteria by qualified engineers.Connection to the Drain:Unit must be connected to drain capable of handling4.75 gal/min flow and must be provided with a properair gap at connection. Failure to provide air gap willresult in improper or inconsistent draining of unit andpotential overflow condition. The maximum height ofthe drain connection is 24”.Connection to the Power Supply:Before using the washer, check that all electricalprotection systems are working correctly.Attention: The machine should not be regardedas isolated from the power supply unlessswitched off at the customer’s main switch.Check for Completeness:After unpacking the machine, first check the deliveryagainst the packing slip to ensure that it is complete,and inspect for damage that may have occurredduring transportation. Immediately report anydamage to the carrier, the insurance company andthe manufacturer.Setting Up and Alignment:When setting up the machine, remember that themachine gives off steam during operation (when youopen the door). Protect adjacent wooden furniture toprevent it absorbing moisture and swelling. The total amp load is 20 fla. The electrical connection of the washer is to befused by the customer with time-lag fuses orcircuit breaker according to wattage (see themachine rating plate). No other appliances maybe fused with the washer.CAUTION:Protect the washer against frost. Systems that carrywater can be damaged if they freeze.The machine must be completely level when installed. Adjust the machine’s feet to compensate forany unevenness of the floor. Install according to local regulations, this unitrequires a 30 amp circuit breaker in the electricsupply.CAUTION: Connect the power cord to the customers powersystem, make sure the unit is properly grounded.Unit comes equipped with a NEMA L6-30P plug.Note all the information on the enclosed connectiondiagram. For the machine to work correctly, the requiredwater pressure and flow rate must beguaranteed at all times. The power cord comes attached from the factory, if replacement is needed it must be done bycertified personnel only.Final Tasks:The washer must be connected to all services (electricity supply and to the fresh water and waste watersystems), prior to testing the machine & installation.Make sure incoming water line is flushed of debrisbefore connecting to unit.Connection to the Water Supply: Use a ball valve and a pressure reducing valvefor the water supply and drain near the washerand in an easily accessible position. It should notbe located behind the washer. PRV should be set to supply 20 psi flow pressure. The washer is equipped with a drain pump. Themaximum drain pump lift above floor is 24”.RL-30 Undercounter DOC 6 20108www.insingermachine.com800-344-4802

PART 3 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONSOPERATING INSTRUCTIONSTurn on the main power, S1. The machine will fill.the booster tank fills and continues until the washtank of the machine is full.* Once the wash tank isfull the booster tank heater (R1) is turned “on”. Oncethe booster has reached operating temperature185 F (85 C) (set by B1) the wash tank heater (R2)is activated until optimal wash temperature 158 F(70 C) (set by B2) is reached.At any point during the heating cycle of the boosterand/or the wash tank, a cycle may be startedby pressing the cycle switch (S4). If final rinsetemperature has been achieved the unit will runa normal 2 minute cycle and stop. If final rinsetemperature has not been achieved the unit will stayin wash mode until the final rinse reaches presettemperature (TempGuard feature). TempGuard isadjustable by B7, TempGuard thermostat.*The water level in the wash tankshould be within a 1/2” from thetop of the overflow drain pipe.CAUTION:Initial Start-UpPower switch on (Green button)S1Power light illuminatesH1Rinse solenoid opensY1 (Only if door is closed)Do not place anything on theopen door.Rinse booster fillsWash tank fills until pressure switch is closed B3Rinse tank heater turned “ON”R1Rinse temperature reachedB1TempGuard light turns “ON”H5Wash tank heater is turned “ON”R2Wash temperature reachedB2S3Cycle light illuminatesH2Cam timer startsD1The booster heatand wash heatthermostat arelocated behind thefront kick panel.Booster B1Wash B2Turn clockwiseto increase settemperature.TempGuard B7Continuing OperationDepress “Cycle Start” switch NOTE:! WARNING:Rinse shot ( 2 sec)D1 cam 3 (initiates solenoid Y1)Wash cycle ( 101 sec)D1 cam 2 (initiates solenoid KM3)Dwell ( 3 sec)Rinse Cycle ( 11 sec)D1 cam 3 (initiates solenoid Y1)Drain cycle (0-1 min)D1 cam 3 (initiates timer KA5)Do not open thedoor while theprogram is running.There is a risk ofhot water sprayingout of the machine.(The unit isequipped with adoor safety switch,located behind thedoo

Door interlock safety switch Flexible water connection Single point electrical connection for motor, controls, heater and booster Built-in detergent and rinse-aid pumps Pumped drain Food soil strainer system Pressure reduction valve and li