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The Board of Education's Career and Technical Education Seal The Board of Education's Seal of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math The Board of Education's Seal for Excellence in Civics Education The Board of Education's Seal of Biliteracy The Board of Education's Seal for

Colbert County Colbert County Board of Education 6 Elected 7 Cullman County Cullman County Board of Education 7 Elected 6 Cullman Cullman City Schools Board of Education 5 Elected 6 Decatur Decatur City Board of Education 5 Elect

American Board of Radiology American Board of Surgery American Board of Thoracic Surgery American Board of Urology ABMS and 24 Boards (Consolidated) Cash, Savings and Investments by Board Total Liabilities: Deferred Revenue, Deferre d Compensation and All Other by Board Retirement Plans: Net Assets, Inv Inc and Employer and Employee Contributions by Board ABMS and 24 Boards Board, Related .

Board Member Glen Journeay, M.D. editing Family Practice Board Member Maria E Arizmendez M.D. Physical Medicine Board Member Leanne Burnett M.D. Neurology Board Member Dr. Nicolo Geralde M.D. Neonatology Board Member William LaValley M.D. Internal Medicine Board Member William Pollan D.O Occupational Medicine Board Member Judson Smith M.D.

1. Call to Order and Roll Call (Executive Director Garfinkle 2. Board Officer Elections (Executive Director Garfinkle and Board Counsel Eagan) A) Explanation of rules and customs applicable to Board officer elections. B) Board members to elect a President of the Board. Board action to elect a President of the Board.

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Board Of Certification Of Fee-Based Pastoral Couns Board Of Chiropractic Examiners Board Of Dentistry Board Of Elections 6,205,175.25 Board Of Embalmers And Funeral Home Directors Board Of Examiners Of Psychologists Board Of Examiners Of Social Work Board Of Hairdressers And Cosmetologists Bo

BOARD MEETING/BOARD WORKSHOPS Tuesday, April 19, 2022 - 9:30 a.m.* . · Draft Resolution BOARD WORKSHOP Item 9 will not begin before 1:00 p.m. DIVISION OF WATER QUALITY 9. The State Water Board will hold a Board Workshop on the Proposed . 11.Executive Director's Report. Agenda Item. Draft Resolution. Agenda Item. Notice.

Sep 30, 2019 · Colbert County Board of Education TCOL 928,173 0.326349% Conecuh County Board of Education TCON 568,686 0.199952% Coosa County Board of Education TCSA 307,376 0.108074% Council for Leaders in Alabama Schools TACA 22,671 0.007971% Covington County Board of Education TCOV 925,823 0.325522% Crenshaw

Heartland Area Education Agency 11 Officials Year Ended June 30, 2017 Term/Contract Title Expires Board of Directors: John Kinley President 2019 Sheri Benson Vice President 2019 Margaret Borgen Board Member 2019 Elizabeth Brennan Board Member 2019 Earl Bridgewater Board Member 2017 Bruce Christensen Board Member 2017 Pete Evans Board Member 2017

April 2015 New Board Member Orientation Guide Chapter 3 Page 8 of 22 Therefore, a quorum is six (6) members of the Board. In order for the Board to act, at least six Board members must assent or dissent. B. What You Can Expect Approximately two-weeks prior to a quarterly Board meeting, IFTA, Inc. will provide materials to the Board members .

The Board of Directors' meeting can be held either on site or off site. he quorum necessary for holding board meeting(s) and passing board resolution(s) must exceed half of the total board directors for either on-site or off-site board meetings. Article 25. When convening any Board of Directors' meeting, the Corporate Secretary shall notify all