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3. For improved load security, which hitch would be the best? a) Single-wrap choker hitch. b) Single-wrap basket hitch. c) Choker hitch with the eye pulled down on the load. d) Double-wrap choker hitch. 4. What is the stress per sling leg when two slings are placed at a 30 degree horizontal sling angle to

Hemp Braid Shark Tooth Choker 24.00dz EH HG ITEM # 14227CH Shark Tooth with Cowrie Shell Choker on Natural Cord 18.00dz HNET HFMT . Leather Bracelets ITEM # BO8512 Leather Bracelets 6pc per card 30.00/dz cards ES EF ITEM #BO8512LW Bracelets in Crate Display Sold as a 24 dz unit.

There is no purpose to forcing the choke by bashing it with anything other than your hand. The little extra grip you think you get with this brutal technique is paid for by extreme damage to the standing part of your sling. If you need more grip use a round turn. Round turns or double w

You will accept appointment to the Fish Restoration and Enhancement Board if selected by the . may attach a resume or work history supplement, if desired. . Choker setter and chaser for logging operations, 1979-1988 Educational

200176 1 Wire rope 50 m /11 mm, including end hook, 6 x 26 IWRC 201210 2 Slider including adjustable plate à kr 3.13 201504 2 Choker chains, 1,5 m à kr 16.28 300735 RECOMMENDED PACKAGE:: ALTERNATIVE: 300736 St

High choking impedance (R) reduces RFI current (I E/R) . 500-1000 ohm choking Z . Super Choker (40-10 Meters) Medium Choking, High Power, Contesting, Continuous modes (RTTY, AM, digital) . and install – do not make

Chest, Side, Shoulder.!WARNING Use of equipment in unintended applications may result in serious injury or death. Maximum 1 attachment per connection point. For all applications: worker weight capacity range (including all clothing, tools, and equipment) is 130-420 lbs. FALL CLEARANCE C

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porous applications (polymer additive, 6%-9% asphalt cement binder). Use fibers and anti-stripping agents in binder to reduce drain-down potential. Aggregate for wearing course is typically 1/4" to 3/8", though larger gradations have been used successfully. Choker course gradation depends on reservoir course

See wire rope sling warnings pageSpecify part number and length in feet when ordering 8-parts Wire Rope Components Dia. Part Number Approx. Body Diameter Rated Capacities in Short Tons BLP-180 BLP-181 Vertical Choker Vertical Basket 1/8" 18075201 18070801 5/8" 1.1 1.0 2.2 3/16" 18075202 18070802 3/4" 2.4 2.1 4.7 1/4" 18075203 18070803 1-1/8 .

If the pinch point is angled relative to the roadway, it is called an angled choker Can be located at any spacing desired May be suitable for a mid-block crosswalk Appropriate for arterials, collectors, or local streets (Source: City of An Arbor, Michigan) (Source: Delaware DOT) ITE/FHWA Traffic Calming EPrimer: https://safety .

LSI Safety Training Packet #1 January 2015 In the Clear Rigging - LSI Training Case 1: On May 5, 2014 at 7:00 a.m. a log rolled off a deck in the chute and struck the chaser. The chaser had one year of experience and mainly worked as a choker setter.