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This handbook supplement applies to students entering the fourth year of their degree in Computer Science, Mathematics & Computer Science or Computer Science . Undergraduate Course Handbook 1.2 Mathematics & Computer Science The Department of Computer Science offers the following joint degrees with the Department of Mathematics: BA .

Trends in the State of Computer Science in U.S. K-12 Schools 2016 Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Introduction 5 Value of Computer Science in Schools 6 Opportunities to Learn Computer Science 9 Perceptions of Computer Science 14 Challenges and Opportunities for Computer Science in K-12

Introduction to Computer Science I Course Overview Computer Science 111 Boston University Welcome to CS 111! Computer science is not so much the science of computers as it is the science of solving pro

Computer Science Teachers Association, Cyber Innovation Center, and National Math and Science Initiative have answered the call by organizing states, districts, and the computer science education community to develop conceptual guidelines for computer science education. The K-12 Computer Science Framework was developed for -12 Computer Science

Computer Science as a discipline 8.1 The role and sub-disciplines of computer science 8.2 Artificial intelligence, data science and computer science 8.3 Ethical aspects of computer science 8.4 The ACM Code of

Science Color & Light Delta Science Module (DSM) 4 Science Mixtures & Solutions Kit Full Option Science System (FOSS) 5 Science Landforms Kit Full Option Science System (FOSS) 5 Science Variables Kit Full Option Science System (FOSS) 5 Science Environments Full Option Science System (FOSS) 5 Science Oceans Delta Science Module (DSM) 5

Introduction to Science Section 2 The Branches of Science, continued The branches of science work together. -biological science: the science of living things botany, ecology -physical science: the science of matter and energy chemistry: the science of matter and its changes physics: the science of forces and energy -earth science: the science of the Earth, the

Computer Engineering Capstone Projects in the Computer Science Department Abstract As with many computer science and engineering programs, stude nts of the computer engineering area of specialization in the computer science program at Utah Valley University (UVU) conclude their degree programs with a semester capstone des ign experience.

A Proposal for a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science: Computer Game Design June 12, 2006 Introduction The Computer Science Department proposes the establishment of a new interdisciplinary degree program focusing on the technical, artistic, and narrative underpinnings of interactive computer games. Assistant

Computer Science Department, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, USA (e-mail: MIKE RAINEY Department of Computer Science, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA (e-mail: JOHN REPPY Department of Computer Science, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA (e-mail: ADAM SHAW Department of Computer Science, University of .

Intensive Introduction to Computer Science Course Overview Programming in Scratch Computer Science S-111 Harvard University David G. Sullivan, Ph.D. Unit 1, Part I Welcome to CS S-111! Computer science is not so much the science of computers as it is the

Table of Contents Page 1. Introduction 5 2. Background 6 2.1 Computer Science, Information Technology, and Fluency 6 2.2 Computer Science at the College/University Level 7 2.3 The Current Status of K–12 Computer Science 9 3. A Comprehensive Model Curriculum 10 3.1 Level I—Foundations of Computer Science 11 3.1.a. Topics and Goals 12 3.1.b.