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Here are the assemblies of the JTB World License Manager: 1. JTB World License apps: License V4.dll and License Server, License Server Dashboard License For Apps.exe: this is for VBA and other non .NET apps to use License V4.dll License 4 AutoLisp 2013.dll, License 4 BricsCAD.dll: these are for CAD Plugin Lisp apps. 2.

Contractor's (AZ ROC), Contractor Search at or by giving the Agency a call at 1-877-692-9762. What is the Contractor Search? The Contractor Search is a license record search tool available on AZ ROC's website. It allows users to search for a specific contractor or find a certain type of contractor in their area.

Contractor Licensing 201 W Colfax Ave, Dept 205 Denver, CO 80202 p: 720-865-2770 Rev.3/3/2014 RIGHT-OF-WAY CONTRACTOR LICENSE APPLICATION PROCESS AND FEES Type of License Type of Fee Fees ROW Excavator License Fee 50.00 ROW Cement Sidewalk License Fee 50.00 ROW Paving License Fee 125.00 ROW Special License Fee 50.00

NASA Open Source Agreement 1.3 NTP License Naumen Public License Nethack General Public License Nokia Open Source License Non-Profit Open Software License 3.0 (Non-Profit OSL 3.0) OCLC Research Public License 2.0 Open Group Test Suite License Open Software License 3.0 (OSL 3.0) PHP License

3. REQUIRED APPOINTMENTS AS PER THE CONSTRUCTION REGULATIONS Ite m Regulation Appointment Responsible Person 1. 5(1)(k) Principal contractor for each phase or project Client 2. 7(1)(c)(v) Contractor Principal Contractor 3. 7(3) Contractor Contractor 4. 8(1) Construction Manager Contractor 5. 8(2) Assistant Construction Managers Contractor 6.

A Contractor Representative MUST be designated for all contractors working at the University. A key role of the Contractor Representative is to ensure that this contractor safety management program is followed. When the contractor is a prime contractor, the specific responsibilities of the Contractor Representative includes ensuring:

h) The Contractor will not use Contractor Agents to perform the Services who are not employees of the Contractor without the Exchange's prior written consent and, upon receipt of such consent, prior to use of such Contractor Agent, the Contractor shall secure an assignment to the Exchange of any work product produced by such Contractor Agent. 8. Apply Online for a Contractor's License This resource is for using the "Online Licensing Services" to complete the online Contractor's Initial Application for projects 25,000 and up. If you currently have a license with ownership changes or it has expired more than 12 months, you may also use this resource to apply .

The contractor-applicant (Qualifying Individual) shall disclose any current or previous contractor license(s) held in Kansas or any other state and any disciplinary actions taken against such contractor-applicant or company. Attach documentation. Qualifying Party is the individual who meets the experience and examination requirements for a license.

Enterprise License Bundles -Continued To make it easier to license all three components listed above in a single license, Microsoft created the Microsoft 365 License. This license comes in two variations, the Microsoft 365 E3 and Microsoft 365 E5. The Microsoft 365 E3 license combines the E3 license, with the EM S E3 license and the Windows 10

license code(s) that you r eceive. If you alr eady closed the License Authorization W izar d, r estart it and select Authorized user license. On the Enter Codes panel, add the license code that you r eceived and click Next to complete the pr ocess. V iewing your license Y ou can view the license by r elaunching the License Authorization W izar d.

Master License Advantage The use of a Master License means that there is one license for the ThinManager Server. You only need to activate and transfer one master license if you need to decommission an old ThinManager Server and build a new one. New license components get added to the master license and the master license is re-activated and re-