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3. REQUIRED APPOINTMENTS AS PER THE CONSTRUCTION REGULATIONS Ite m Regulation Appointment Responsible Person 1. 5(1)(k) Principal contractor for each phase or project Client 2. 7(1)(c)(v) Contractor Principal Contractor 3. 7(3) Contractor Contractor 4. 8(1) Construction Manager Contractor 5. 8(2) Assistant Construction Managers Contractor 6.

A Contractor Representative MUST be designated for all contractors working at the University. A key role of the Contractor Representative is to ensure that this contractor safety management program is followed. When the contractor is a prime contractor, the specific responsibilities of the Contractor Representative includes ensuring:

Contractor's (AZ ROC), Contractor Search at or by giving the Agency a call at 1-877-692-9762. What is the Contractor Search? The Contractor Search is a license record search tool available on AZ ROC's website. It allows users to search for a specific contractor or find a certain type of contractor in their area.

Contractor’s Business & Law Electrical Contractor HVAC Contractor Hydronics Contractor Plumbing Contractor Refrigeration Contractor Each examination costs 69.00. Exam Administration Methods Computer-Based Testing

contractor exemption certificate from the prime contractor. Prime Contractor's Exemption Certificate construction services or realty improvement Except for projects for a qualified utility, it is the prime contractor's responsibility to issue prime contractor's exemption certificates to all subcontractors for each project.

4 Tobacco Free Workplace Policy 13 5 Safety Organization & Responsibilities 14 a. Contractor Site Management and Supervision 15 b. Contractor Supervisors and General Staff 15 c. Contractor Workforce 15 d. Vendor/Contractor 15 6 General

Contractor Scope of Work Contractor Scope of Work.docx Page 6 of 9 3.4 The CONTRACTOR shall sequence work as to avoid work interference among the different trades and to expedite the overall duration of the project. 3.5 CONTRACTOR’s operations

Documents Required for Independent Contractor/Consultant Approval: 1. Independent Contractor Prehire Information form Complete Parts 1 through 4 of this form prior to engaging in independent contractor services. All sections of this form must be completed. 2. Independent Contractor/Consultant’s CV/r

conduct general contractor work under a designee who is a licensed general contractor. The term “general contractor business” shall not be construed to mean a city agency that performs general contractor work. General Contractor License

Roofing Contractor exams July 1, 2015 Alabama Contractor/Trades Examinations Updated references for 824 Residential Elec-trician and 701 Master Electrician September 24, 2015 Alabama Contractor/Trades Examinations References updated for 701 Master Electri-cian exam; 764 Roofing Contractor exam paper and pencil notification added

Contractor. Ratings for each factor should be based on how often, how quickly, and to what degree the following criteria were met by the Contractor during the performance of the Work under contract. (Note: For the purpose of this evaluation, Contractor performance includes the Contractor staff, Subcontractors,

"Specialty contractor" is defined in AS 08.18.171(9). The following specialty contractor trades are the trades recognized by the department for the purposes of specialty contractor registration under AS 08.18.021, and are the trade designations that will appear on a specialty contractor certificate of registration issued by the department: