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A Structurational Perspective on Leadership in Virtual Teams

(1) leadership in self-managing teams and shared leadership, informed by functional behavioral leadership theory, and (2) the emerging literature on leadership in virtual teams. These views of leadership depart from much of “traditional” leadership theory (e.g., trait theory, contingency and situational leadership theories, social exchange


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The Development of Visionary Leadership Administrators in .

Visionary leadership behavior goes beyond vision development and communication and varies across leadership theories. Visionary leadership is said to have positive effects on follower outcomes, resulting in high trust in the ... broad, covering charismatic leadership, visionary leadership, and cultural leadership (Temeeyasuwan, 2007).

Servant Leadership as A Leadership Model

by studying the application of the various theories and approaches to leadership. She offered an example regarding transformational leadership. Servant leadership recognizes awareness as a key mechanism for leadership development. Considering the development of servant leaders, Greenleaf (1970) suggested that “awareness . . .

SHARE Leadership to Solve Global Problems

Leadership is relational in nature and various new genre approaches to leadership, like emotional intelligence, LMX theory, and transformational leadership, are overtly so. Friedrich, Griffith, and Mumford (2016) explain that a “network of relationships can be viewed as collective leadership itself” (p. 315). Shared leadership is also ...

The 5 Levels of Leadership - Lead with Grace

The 5 Levels of Leadership: Proven Steps to Maximize Your Potential John C. Maxwell Leadership is a process, not a position. Leadership deals with people and their dynamics, which are constantly changing. The challenge of leadership is to create change and facilitate growth. The 5 levels of leadership are principles that provide

12 Leadership - Ohio University

leadership often calls for the ability to manage, and effective management often requires leadership. 12.2 The Leadership Process 2. What are the processes associated with people coming to leadership positions? Leadership is a process, a complex and dynamic

Successful Instructional Leadership Styles in Education

Keyword: leadership style, transformational leadership, situational leadership, postsecondary education, online instruction INTRODUCTION There are many leadership styles represented LQ KLJKHU HGXFDWLRQ 6SHFL¿FDOO\ WKHUH DUH D variety of leadership styles used by online college instructors. This study is an exploration of the


leadership philosophies and some principles for success. It examines how and why leadership training is an important part of the leadership development process. We make some recommendations on how to structure the leadership training process, beginning with needs assessment and ending with evaluation of results. The leadership-

H11LT Leadership Theory and Practice Syllabus

The Leadership Theory and Practice course aims to ... real-life leadership issues. The course is divided into eight modules. Having explored what we mean by leadership in the first module, the course then considers key developments in leadership theories and how they apply to modern ... Relate critical thinking in ethics and leadership in ...

Estimating the Impact of Leadership Styles on Knowledge .

2. Management theories of leadership : these theories are concerned primarily with organizational or group performance. This type of theory (transactional leadership, transformational leadership, democratic leadership, LMX, the Four Is, path-goal, etc.) tends to dominate leadership thought, and discussions of "different"

The Relationships Between Leadership Style, Safety Climate .

leadership, executive leadership and strategic leadership, have been interchangeably used in literature for describing leadership. Irrespective of these titles and delegations, leadership has a critical role towards enhancing safety. In putting clear these assertions, refiner