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Don Bosco’s “Memoirs of the Oratory”and Bonetti’s “Storia dell’Ora-torio” 127 I. Don Bosco’s “Memoirs of the Oratory of Saint Francis de Sales” 128 Origin and Publication of the “Memoirs” and Related Questions 128 Don Bosco’s Agenda in the “Memoirs” and their Historical Character 140

Memoirs This diagram shows a basic organization for a memoir, but other arrangements of these sections will work, too. You should alter this organization to fit the features of your topic, angle, purpose, readers, and context. a t– a – g lance Using rich detail, memoirs tell a personal story in which an event or series of events

The Memoirs of Theodor Cordua THE PIONEER OF NEW MECKLENBURG IN THE SACRAMENTO VALLEY Edited and Translated by Erwin G. Gudde INTRODUCTION W IIILE there is no dearth of diaries and memoirs written in the hectic years following the discovery of gold, we have only few contemporary sources which give us a glimpse of the history of California during the

personal memoir (biography). We provide the memoirs of 20 black entomologists currently working, or retired after working, in North America. Many others are active in this profession on a global scale; unfortunately, due to time and logistical constraints, memoirs from black entomologists currently working in

Beach Memoirs Neil Simon (b. 1927) Was born on July 4, 1927, in New York Worked as a television Won numerous awards for his plays Is the only playwright to have had four productions running at the same time Based the trilogy Brighton Beach Memoirs (1983), Biloxi Blues (1985), and Broadway Bound (1986) on his own life

In the compilation of The Biographical Memoirs of St. John Bosco, Father Lemoyne's primary sources were the Memorie dell'Oratorio dal 1835 al 1855 (Memoirs of the Oratory from 1835 to 1855) written by Don Bosco himself, the diaries and chronicles of various Salesians who daily recorded what Don Bosco said or did, numerous letters of the Saint,

Ḥasan al-Bannā's memoirs and the internal crisis of 1947 Ḥasan al-Bannā's autobiography, Memoirs about the Call and the Preacher, can be divided in two parts. The first part recounts his early life and the early years of the movement in Ismailiya until his transfer to Cairo in 1932.10 This part comprises the actual autobiography.

name these memoirs Finding something decent to do'. In the process of writing a forthcoming book about Joyces life, the editor obtained Joyces hand-written memoirs. They cover the period from the time she first opened her own home to Aboriginal people (1956) to the time that she resigned as matron from the Opal Joyce Wilding Hostel (1971). It

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Bosco, Giovanni, Saint, 1815-1888. [Memorie dell'Oratorio di S. Francesco di Sales dal 1815 al 1855. English] Memoirs of the Oratory of Saint Francis de Sales from 1815 to 1855: the autobiography of Saint John Bosco / translated by Daniel Lyons; with notes and commentary by Eugenio Ceria, Lawrence Castelvecchi, and Michael Mendl. Includes .

For the publication of The Biographical Memoirs of Saint John Bosco we owe a debt of gratitude to the Very Reverend Augustus Bosio, S.D.B., Provincial of the Salesians in the .eastern United States, who sponsored this project. In the preparation of this volume we are indebted to Genevieve M. Camera, Ph.D., John Chapin, Rev. Paul Aronica, S.D.B., and Rev. Joseph Bajorek. S.D.B., for editorial .

Bosco's visit to France in this volume or some of his letters to Claire Louvet in Volume XV. For the publication of The Biographical Memoirs of Saint John Bosco we owe a debt of gratitude to Fathers August Bosio, S.D.B., John J. Malloy, S.D.B., Salvatore Isgro, S.D.B. (deceased), Dominic DeBlase, S.D.B., Richard J.

memoirs, found among his papers, I would have welcomed the opportunity of analyzing the reasons for this curious neg-lect of one of the most original thinkers of our time in the field xiii This “Introduction” by F.A. Hayek was written for the German-language edition of Mises’s Notes and Recollections(Erinnerungen von