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Key terms: Portrait: A portrait is a representation of a particular person. A self-portrait is a portrait of the artist by the artist Sitter: A sitter is a person who sits, especially for a portrait. Gaze: Gaze describes where a person is looking, what they are looking at and how they are looking. Contemporary art: The term contemporary art is loosely used to refer to

A portrait is a painting, drawing, or photograph of a person. Usually, a portrait reveals someone’s physical appearance. It is a true likeness of that person. When you look in a mirror, you see a likeness of yourself. In a sense that’s a portrait. Jesus’ portrait does not reveal His physical appearance. Instead,

Explain how a professional photography can brand a photography business endeavor and how effective branding can help the photography business Explain the different components of a marketing plan for a photography business Explain common ways that a professional photographer can use social media to advance a photography business .

Photography II Course: Photography II Course Description: Photography II provides the advanced photography student with practical knowledge and highly advanced skills for a comprehensive career in photography. Students will explore advanced lighting and editing techniques and the commercial distribution of photographic works.

local college photography program) about the tilt of the head. They insist that the head of a woman must be tilted in toward the higher 8 POSING FOR PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY Ideas about posing both men and women have changed since the era that inspired the “rules” of posing. In the era that inspired much of our posing theories of today,

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Le portrait au fil du temps Un regard sur le portrait comme témoin de l’Histoire (la représentation d’une époque à travers les costumes et les décors). Expression(s) Le portrait comme support des expressions intimes et physiques (sentiments, émotions, expressions, caractères ). / Les Modalités pratiques

comprendre. Balzac fait un portrait, au sens large du terme, de chacun de ses personnages : portrait physique, portrait moral. Même les descriptions de leur environnement (costumes, décor, mobilier) font partie de leur portrait. Il s’agit pour Balzac de définir socialement ses personnages.

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Portrait: Distribute portrait worksheets and art materials and allow time for portrait work to begin! If you have access to a mirror, encourage students to practice their fanciest facial expressions in it and draw what they see. A self-portrait is a representa-tion of an artist that is dra

Instructor: sue Bryce Track: shoot What You love your Passion is a Full-Time Job Instructor: Kyle Johnson Track: Portrait & Commercial The Documentary Portrait Instructor: dan Milnor Track: Portrait & Commercial Defining your Style Instructor: John Keatley Track: Portrait & Commercial The 9