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Illy Coffee (16x2.25oz) Dark Roast Decaf Klink Coffee (64x2oz) Medium Roast Dark Roast Lavazza (30x2.25oz) Gran Filtro (Dark Roast) Gran Filtro (Medium Roast) ReSIProcate Coffee (60x2.5oz) Sumatra Fair Trade Organic (Medium Roast) Full City Fair Trade Organic (Dark Roast) Reunion Island (24x2.5oz) Colombian Las Hermosas (Light Roast, Direct

(1) Salt and pepper pot roast, put pot roast in dutch oven or slow cooker. (2) Sprinkle flour over pot roast and brown on'all sides. Turn down to simmer. (3) Pour bottles of chili sauce and can of Coca-Cola over the pot roast. Put top on and cook on low for about four hours. (4) Baste and turn the pot roast occasionally, spooning the gravy over .

buttons to set your desired cook time. NOTE: For best results, let the unit preheat for 3 minutes before adding ingredients. MAX CRISP AIR FRY ROAST MAX CRISP AIR FRY ROAST MAX CRISP AIR FRY ROAST MAX CRISP AIR FRY ROAST 4 Add ingredients to the pan. Insert the pan in the unit. 5 Pr ess START

The z’roa or shankbone has been used to replace the actual roasting and eating of the lamb. As this injunction is biblical, Messianic Jews often choose to roast and eat lamb during Passover. Roast the lamb (easiest to roast lamb chops) on a grill or over a fire. Maror Horseradish is the m

beef supply according to the National Quality Beef Audit – 1998 (Boleman, S.L. et al., 1998). All carcasses were shipped to Texas A&M University for fabrication of the following retail cuts: arm roast, bottom round roast, bottom round steak, brisket – flat half, eye of round roast, flank

Wedding Packages Choose One of Our Featured Entrées* Ontario Tenderloin of Beef 42 with Mushroom-Peppercorn Cream Sauce Roast Supreme of Free-Range Chicken 38 Dressed with Asiago, Sundried Tomato, Basil, and Lemon Cream Sauce Ontario Prime Rib Roast 40 with Yorkshire Puddi

33. barbecue roast 34. barbecue turkey legs 35. barbecue turkey & vegetables 36. barley - pecan chicken 37. basic white bread 38. bavarian dinner 39. bavarian pot roast 40. bbq beans 41. bean, barley & sausage soup 42. beans & ham 43. bean & sausage casserole 44. beef-barley bake 45. beef & bean burritos 46. beef & beer stew 47. beef boogie .

Caprese. Rodajas de tomate y mozarella fresca espolvoreados con albahaca fresca. Tomatoe and fresh mozzarella slices topped with fresh basil . Roast beef y queso mozzarella en baguette acompañado de ensalada César. Roast beef with mozzarella on a baguette. Pavo al pesto Pechuga de pavo

ANIMAL PROTEIN SERVING SIZE: 4 OUNCES MEAT OR 6 OUNCES FISH Beef—all lean cuts, lean ground meat, rump roast Buffalo Calamari Caviar Chicken Clams Corned beef Crabmeat Cured lean meats—prosciutto, black forest ham, smoked ham (only if nitrate free) Deli meats—turkey, chicken, roast beef (only if nitrate free) Eggs, whole, any size (2 eggs .

Roaster Chicken 139 USDA Choice Boneless Beef English Roast 3 19 Fresh, Natural Bone-In Pork Loin End Roast 119 Tropical Mangos each10 / 10 Pepsi-Cola Products 2 liter (plus deposit)5/ 5 Seedless Navel Oranges 8 lb. bag 5 49 Blackberries 6 oz. pkg.2/ 4 lb. lb. lb. lb. lb. lb. 237 WHEN YOU BUY ANY COMBINATION OF 5 PARTICIPATING ITEMS 2.97-.60 .

Transfer the rack to the Turbo XP CookCenter, insert the rack in the machine, close the lid and press the Roast button set to 390 F. The time should automati-cally be set to 30 minutes. Press the start/stop button to begin cooking. Once the timer has nished, lift the lid, and using the

served on a toasted bun with a side of au jus. The Philly 7.95 Grilled Roast Beef , green peppers, onions and Cheddar cheese. Served on a toasted bun with ranch dressing. Italian Delight 7.95 Salami, pepperoni, ham and mozzarella cheese , your choice Served hot or cold. S