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ship with Wagner soured for various reasons. He loved a fascinating girl, Lou Salome, who was younger than him and wanted to remain free. He was close to his sister until she poisoned his friendship with Lou and later married an anti-Semite rabble-rouser. His loyal helper Peter Gast during these years unfortunately was not the missing friend he ...

Title Page
by Friedrich Nietzsche
Based on the Thomas Common Translation
Extensively modified by Bill Chapko
Editor Notes
Introduction to Nietzsche s Life And Writings
First Part
Second Part
Third Part
Fourth Part
A Timeline Biography
B Nietzsche s Comments on his Books
C Eternal Recurrence by B Chapko
List of Zarathustra s Speeches
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
First Part 1 The Three Metamorphoses 2 The Academic Chairs Of Vir
tue 3 On the Believers in an Afterworld 4 The Despisers Of The Body 5
Joys And Passions 6 The Pale Criminal 7 Reading And Writing 8 The
Tree On The Hill 9 The Preachers Of Death 10 War And Warriors 11
The New Idol 12 The Flies In The Market Place 13 Chastity 14 The
Friend 15 The Thousand And One Goals 16 Neighbour Love 17 The
Way Of The Creating One 18 Old And Young Women 19 The Bite Of
The Adder 20 Child And Marriage 21 Voluntary Death 22 The Bestow
ing Virtue
Second Part 1 The Child With The Mirror 2 In The Happy Isles 3 The
Pitiful 4 The Priests 5 The Virtuous 6 The Rabble 7 The Tarantulas 8
The Famous Wise Ones 9 The Night Song 10 The Dance Song 11 The
Grave Song 12 Self Surpassing 13 The Sublime Ones 14 The Land Of
Culture 15 Immaculate Perception 16 Scholars 17 Poets 18 Great
Events 19 The Soothsayer 20 Redemption 21 Manly Prudence 22 The
Stillest Hour
Third Part 1 The Wanderer 2 The Vision And The Enigma 3 Involun
tary Bliss 4 Before Sunrise 5 On Virtue That Makes Small 6 On The
Olive Mount 7 On Passing By 8 The Apostates 9 The Return Home 10
The Three Evil Things 11 The Spirit Of Gravity 12 Old And New Tables
13 The Convalescent 14 The Great Longing 15 The Second Dance Song
16 The Seven Seals
Fourth Part 1 The Honey Sacrifice 2 The Cry Of Distress 3 Talk With
The Kings 4 The Leech 5 The Magician 6 Out Of Service 7 The Ugliest
Man 8 The Voluntary Beggar 9 The Shadow 10 Noontide 11 The Greet
ing 12 The Supper 13 The Higher Man 14 The Song Of Melancholy 15
Science 16 Among Daughters Of The Desert 17 The Awakening 18 The
Ass Festival 19 The Drunken Song 20 The Sign
Editor Notes
Nietzsche Love of Fate Series
Version 4 67 March 1 2010
William A Chapko 2010
Thus Spoke Zarathustra Version 2 85
Note on the Translations
Cover Photos
Note On The Selection Of Books
Eternal Recurrence
Editor Profile
The eight digital books in the Nietzsche Love of Fate Series can be
downloaded singly or as a complete collection 2 1 MB download All
books are unabridged
The contents of these ebooks including the introductions appendices
and hyperlink format may not be used for commercial purposes without
permission from Bill Chapko
Note on the Translations
Based on translations published from 1899 to 1919 these eight books
have been somewhat modified especially Zarathustra Words no longer
commonly used such as fain hitherto thee wouldst therefrom nigh ye and
forsooth have been replaced with their modern English equivalents
The eight books are
The Gay Science Modified digital version based on the translation by
Thomas Common published in 1910
Ecce Homo Modified digital version based on the translation by
Anthony M Ludovici published in 1911
Zarathustra Extensively Modified digital version based on the
translation by Thomas Common published in 1909
The Dawn Modified digital version based on the translation by J
M Kennedy published in 1911
Twilight of the Idols Modified digital version based on the translation by
Thomas Common published in 1899
The Antichrist Modified digital version based on the translation by
H L Mencken published in 1919
Beyond Good and Evil Modified digital version based on the translation
by Helen Zimmern published in 1909
Genealogy of Morals Modified digital version based on the translation
by Horace B Samuel published in 1910
Ebook Cover Photos
The bottom photo on the ebook cover shows Nietzsche joking with his
friends Miss Lou Salom left and Paul Ree center The taking and ar
rangement of the photo were at Nietzsche s suggestion The top photo
was taken at age 31
Note On The Selection Of Books
The Nietzsche Love of Fate Series contains the full texts of Nietzsche s
eight best and most mature works The books written before The Dawn
1880 are not as mature as those written later The Case of Wagner 1888
and Nietzsche Contro Wagner 1888 are too narrow in scope
The famous book The Will to Power 1901 is a collection of tentative
notes edited arranged and published by Nietzsche s sister after his
death It s value is surrounded by a great deal of controversy among
scholars The eminent Nietzsche scholar Mazzino Montinari went so far
as to call it a forgery As Walter Kaufmann said in his introduction to
the book Nietzsche could have included these notes in his published
works but he chose not to and therefore it is possible he was not fully
satisfied with them For these reasons the book is not included among
his best 8
Eternal Recurrence
To the Reader
In his autobiography Nietzsche said that Zarathustra was by far his most
inspired and most important book and that the basic conception of this
work was the idea of eternal recurrence This idea is intimately in
volved with what he calls love of fate that one wants nothing to be
different not forward not backward not in all eternity
The idea of eternal recurrence so strange and yet so simple needs to be

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