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IMMACULATE CONCEPTION HIGH SCHOOLBOOK LIST FOR 2020 -2021 SCHOOL YEARGRADE 11TEXT BOOKS AVAILABLE FOR RENTAL (From Grade 10)(Rental Fee paid by Ministry)1. English for All (R. Narinesingh & Seetahal-Maraj)2. Carlong English A for CSEC (Keith Noel et al.)3. Oxford Mathematics for the Caribbean 5th Edition (Bentt)4. Macmillan Human and Social Biology for CSEC5. Biology for CSEC (Nelson Thornes)6. Chemistry for CSEC (Nelson Thornes)7. Physics for CSEC (Nelson Thornes)8. The Caribbean Environment – New Edition (Mark Wilson) (Geography)9. New Caribbean Geography (Rahil)10. Principles of Geography (Morrel A. London)11. CSEC New Integrated Geography (S E Bleasdel et al)12. Caribbean Story (W. Claypole and J Robotham)13. Caribbean Story (W. Claypole and J Robotham)14. The People Who Came (Kamau Brathwaite, Anthony Phillips)15. Development and Decolonization (Greenwood and Hamber)16. Principles of Business for CXC By Hamil17. Principles of Business for CSEC (Peter Stimpson)18. Principles of Accounts for the Caribbean 5th Edition (Frank Wood)19. Principles of Accounts for CSEC (David Austen et al)20. Oxford Information Technology CSEC New Edition (Gay and Blades)21. Technical Drawing for GCE & CSE22. Technical Drawing – Building Drawing (C,. Marchand) et al23. Home Economics for Caribbean Schools:CXC Food & Nutrition24. Food & Nutrition by Anita Tull25. Longman Visual Arts for Secondary Schools (Allan Sieupersad)26. Art, Craft, Design27. Viva!(S. Moodie et al)28. Encore Tricolore (S. Honnor & Mascie-Taylor)29. Longman Economics for CXC (Hosein & Stanlake)30. Modules in Social Studies (Ramsawak & Umraw)Book 4Book 4Book 1Book 2Book 3Book 4Book 4TO BE PURCHASED (Almost all texts were on Grade 10 booklist last year)On line learning is now an integral part of the learning environment. In this context an electronicdevice, tablet or laptop, will be a necessity for all students from grades 7 to 13. A device with thefollowing minimum specifications is what has been recommended:Tablet 1.6 GHz processor, 3 GB ram, Wifi/Bluetooth enabled, SIM card slot, 32 GB storage, built inspeaker.Laptop: i3 dual core processor, 4 GB ram, 500 GB storage, Ethernet/Wifi, Bluetooth enabled withHDMI, USB ports.

* Available at the ICHS book store** Available at CXC WebsiteADDITIONAL MATHEMATICS1. Additional Mathematics: A Complete Course for CSEC by Raymond Toolsie2. **Additional Mathematics CSEC SyllabusART1. Water colour paint set or tubes – red, yellow, blue black & white2. Water colour (soft bristled) brushes (size 0-4), size 6-8, size 103. Pencil Crayons, Ponal Glue, Masking Tape, 1 Small Stapler4. Wax Pastels or Chalk Pastels5. Clips for Drawing Board6. Drawing Pencils – 2b, 4b, & 6b7. Sketch Pad – not exceeding cartridge size paper8. Drawing Board – lightweight ply board cut to size (cartridge size 2”)9. Art Books on techniques or areas of particular interest to the student are recommended10. A large envelope or portfolio to store art work – approx. 2” larger than cartridge paper size11. An ‘X’ Acto knife/Stanley knife12. Students doing Craft should purchase a Glue GunOther craft material may be required as the year progressesBIOLOGY1. **CXC CSEC Biology Syllabus2. SBA Hardcover Book for labs3. Past Paper Booklet4. Lan Coat, lab cloth, goggles5. Recommended: Biology for CSEC – A Caribbean Examinations Council Study Guide. NelsonThornes PublisherORCollins Concise Revision Course – CSEC Biology by Anne TindaleCHEMISTRY1**Chemistry CSEC Syllabus1. S.B.A Hardcover Notebook for labs2. Past Paper Booklet3. Calculator4. Lab cloth, lab coat, goggles5. Recommended: Chemistry for CSEC – A Caribbean Examinations Council Study Guide.Nelson Thornes PublisherORCollins Concise Revision Course – CSEC Chemistry by Anne TindaleECONOMICS1. Economics for CSEC Examinations by Patricia Gopie (recommended)2. Carlong Economics for CSEC by Karlene Robinson & Novelette Cooke (reference, notcompulsory, copies in the library)

3. **CSEC Economics SyllabusENGLISH LITERATURE1. A World of Poetry for CXC by Ed McWatt & Simmons-McDonald2. A World of Prose for CXC (new edition)3. Breath, Eyes, Memory by Edwidge Danticat4. Plays for Today Edited by Errol Hill (Ti Jean and His Brothers)ENGLISH LANGUAGE1. Oxford DictionaryFOOD & NUTRITION1. Food and Nutrition by Rita Dyer and Norma Maynard (Required)2. 1 Yard Tulle (net) White3. Lab coat, Chef’s hat OR Apron and head cover4. Cover Cloth5. 4 Kitchen Towels6. 2 Oven MittsFRENCH1. Comprehensive French for CXC by Simmonds and Simmonds2. French DictionaryGEOGRAPHY1. The Longman Atlas for Caribbean Examinations 2nd Edition2. 1 Pack Pencil Crayons3. **CXC Syllabus for Geography4. Introducing Caribbean Weather Maps by MacPherson5. CXC Study Guide Geography for CSEC 2nd Edition Oxford Press6. CXC Past Papers (most recent)Additional text – Available in the school’s library for use in the library1. Longman Geography for CSEC by Jeanette Ottley & Marolyn GentlesHISTORYRequired1. **CXC History Syllabus2. Lest You Forget Series by Don Williea. US in the Caribbeanb. Adjustments to Emancipationc. Caribbean Economy and Slavery OR Resistance and Revolt – Do not purchase untilSeptember when teacher indicates which one.3. **Past Questions BooksAdditional Recommended Texts (copies in the library):4. Pre & Post-Emancipation History of the West Indies by Isaac Dookham5. Caribbean History for CSEC by K. Baldeoosingh & R MahaseHUMAN & SOCIAL BIOLOGY1. **CSEC Human and Social Biology syllabus

2. A Hardcover Notebook3. Lab Coat, lab cloth, gogglesINFORMATION TECHNOLOGY1. **CXC (CSEC) I.T. Syllabus2. 1 Hardcover Note Book3. 1 USB Drive (Jump Drive/Thumb Drive)MATHEMATICS1. Calculator (Scientific) – Non-programmable2. Geometry Set3. Graph Paper4. 30cm RulerPHYSICS1. SBA Hardcover Book for labs2. **CXC CSEC Physics Syllabus3. **Past Paper Booklet4. Calculator5. Recommended: Physics for CSEC – A Caribbean Examinations Council Study Guide. NelsonThornes PublisherORCollins Concise Revision Course – CSEC Physics by Peter DefreitasPRINCIPLES OF BUSINESS1. 2 Hard Cover Note Books2. **CSEC POB Syllabus 20173. A pocket paper folder (to be used as SBA portfolio)PRINCIPLES OF ACCOUNTS1. 2 Hard Cover Note Books2. 30 cm Ruler3. Calculator4. **CSEC POA Syllabus 20175. A pocket paper folder (to be used as SBA portfolio)RELIGIOUS EDUCATION1. Good News Bible2. 1 Hard Cover NotebookSOCIAL STUDIESSOCIAL STUDIES1. Social Studies for CSEC by Lena Buckle-Scott et al2. Social Studies for CSEC A Caribbean Examination Study Guide by Lena Buckle-Scott3. **CSEC Social Studies Syllabus.SPANISH1. Cuál Es? Multiple Choice Spanish for CXC Exams (New Edition) by Charran & Maharaj

2. Spanish Dictionary3. Viva 4 Practice Book4. 1 Vocabulary Notebook/1 exercise book

5. CXC Study Guide Geography for CSEC 2nd Edition Oxford Press 6. CXC Past Papers (most recent) Additional text – Available in the school’s library for use in the library 1. Longman Geography for CSEC by Jeanette Ottley & Marolyn Gentles HISTORY Required 1. **CXC History Syllabus 2. Lest You Forget Series by Don Willie a. US in the Caribbean b.

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