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Maserati MY21: Ghibli, Quattroporte and Levante Arrive in North America Substantial changes to the styling of the entire range: Ghibli, Quattroporte and Levante, now with amore unified identity.A new front grille and new rear light clusters change the look of the two sedans and the SUV.Constantly connected, thanks to the new Maserati Connect* program.New generation MIA (Maserati Intelligent Assistant) multimedia system based on AndroidAutomotive with digital content and an innovative User ExperienceAuburn Hills, MI - 9 December 2020 - Maserati renews the entire range with the Ghibli, Quattroporte andLevante MY21. Elegant, non-invasive restyling refreshes the look of the two sedans (Ghibli and Quattroporte)and the Maserati of SUVs, the Levante, while there is a substantial upgrade to the multimedia system in termsof both appearance and technology. The aim of the MY21 is to give the entire Maserati range a unifiedidentity, by creating a common language for Ghibli, Quattroporte and Levante.The distinctive features of the MY21 versions are the new front grille and the new rear light clusters, whichhave a boomerang shape inspired by that introduced in the late 1990s by Giugiaro's 3200 GT. With theseupdates, the MY21 versions of the two sedans and the Levante will be recognizable at a glance.ExteriorWith MY21, the entire Maserati range is refreshed so that all the Brand's models speak the same stylisticlanguage. Every model will have specific changes, united by the same philosophy.Maserati GhibliGhibli MY21 has an updated new front grille that will make it even more elegant and unmistakable. This newfront grille is characterized by a distinctive feature: the Maserati tuning fork. In fact, the updated front grilleis based on this shape, and comes in chrome in the GranLusso trim and in even more aggressive, sportierPiano Black in the GranSport trim.Like the other cars in the Trident Brand's range, Ghibli also transforms its rear look, with the development ofa new light cluster with a style known as boomerang design, inspired by many historic Maserati models andtypical of the Brand's genetic identity. It is a distinctive feature of all MY21 cars and appears on all GhibliMY21 trims. To emphasize the boomerang shape, the clusters have been produced with a state-of-the-art 3Kinjection moulding technology, thanks to which the unit has been given a three-color lens: black around theedge, red in the middle and clear in the bottom section. The light cluster is produced in 2 versions: black forthe attractive "Black pack" trims and lighter for the more refined GranLusso trims, achieved by just varyingthe color of the internal upper surround.There is no change in the differentiation between GranLusso and GranSport with regard to all other details.Ghibli GranLusso stands out for its enhanced exterior finish. As in previous trims, it is created using exclusivematerials and with special features in the finest tradition of Italian craftsmanship. Externally, alongside theAdaptive Full LED headlights, the trim is distinguished for the chrome inserts on the front bumper, theGranLusso badge at the base of the front wing, the body-color side skirts, the black brake calipers and the19-inch Poseidone alloy wheels. Externally, on the other hand, the GranSport features Adaptive Full LED1

headlights and is also recognizable for the Piano Black inserts on the front bumper, the GranSport badge onthe front wing, body-color side skirts, red brake calipers and, last but not least, the 20-inch Urano polishedalloy wheels.Maserati QuattroporteThe Maserati flagship, the Quattroporte, is also updated with a modified front grille, with the same designingredient as on the Ghibli: the tuning fork. On the Quattroporte, again, the front grille comes in chrome forthe GranLusso trim and Piano Black for GranSport.At the rear, Quattroporte also adopts the new boomerang design light cluster in all trims, with the samecharacteristics as described for Ghibli. The distinguishing features of the GranLusso and GranSport trims areunchanged from the previous models. One of the identifying details of the GranLusso trim is its front lowerfascia design, featuring an elegant floating-bridge element and a very understated splitter, and rounded offwith a chrome bumper finish and body-color bumper profiles.The profile incorporates side skirts, while on the rear the look is even cleaner, characterized by a retroreflector beautifully integrated in the car's line and the body-colored spoiler. The Quattroporte GranSportfeatures center and side air intakes with dedicated design, which improves the cooling function whileshowcasing an aggressive front area. The bumper’s lower fascia is linked to the grille with aerodynamicinspired splits. The back is characterized by a striking composition of the central panel and the two cut outsat the outside edges that focus attention on the exhausts. A Piano Black spoiler completes the rear view.Maserati LevanteThe design concept of the Levante combines coupé lines with interior space for five people and exceptionalaerodynamic efficiency. “The Maserati of SUVs” is instantly recognizable from a distance, thanks to itsimposing grille, which was inspired by the sensational Alfieri concept, but also pays homage to historicMaserati cars like the Tipo 60 Birdcage. With MY21, Levante also updates its front to feature the innovativefront grille with tuning fork design. This front grille comes in chrome for the GranLusso trim and Piano Blackfor the GranSport.Like the sedans, Levante MY21 will also be equipped with the new boomerang design rear light clusters, asdescribed for Ghibli and Quattroporte. A new style that refreshes the Levante's look very effectively.The existing differences between the various trims remain unchanged for MY21. On the GranSport trim theside air intakes in the lower fascia have a more aggressive design, defined by two aerodynamic wings thatgive a sense of further stability, visually “pushing” the weight of the car’s nose towards the massive frontwheels. The side bezel blades and the splitter are styled to improve the airflow distribution. The wider, moremuscular rear end has a sharper horizontal element and a body-color lower extractor embracing the fourexhaust tips.Alongside the sportier bumpers, the GranSport exterior is also discernible for the front and rear Piano Blackinserts, the GranSport badges on the front fenders, the gloss red brake calipers and the 20-inch Nereo wheels.The GranLusso trim is identified on the exterior by a series of elegant chrome inserts in the front fascia, silverfront/rear skid plates, body color rear spoiler, gloss black-painted brake calipers, 19-inch Zefiro alloy wheelsand GranLusso badges on the fenders.2

InteriorThe main changes to the interior of the MY21 are concentrated in the central display and instrument cluster,with major updates introduced. The central screen, enlarged from 8”4 with a ratio of 4:3 to 10”1 with a ratioof 16:10, is now frameless for a more contemporary look, with almost all the surrounding bezel removed.This new high-resolution display with multi-touch function carries a new graphic interface that mixes blackwith a golden color to enhance its elegance. The glass in the top of the display is now curved for a moreelegant, less sharp-edged effect. This feature may be familiar from other sectors, but is used here for the firsttime in automotive design.The same screen has been installed on both Ghibli and Quattroporte, while Levante retains the 8”4 displaybut with improved resolution and graphics and above all with a visual effect that makes it look like a singlecurved screen with the air vents cut into it, enabling vertical reading of the whole display. The name Maseratiis screen-printed on the back of the screen in the bottom of the display, for a three-dimensional effect.On all three cars, there has also been a subtle but very sophisticated change to the instrument cluster, whichnow includes a large rev counter and speedometer (still analog but with updated graphics) on either side ofa 7” TFT display. Much of the plastic from the previous versions has been eliminated, and replaced with realanti-dazzle flat glass covers over the instruments. All these changes give the instrument cluster a more hightech look and generate a richer impression. Effects are achieved by alternating glossy and matte blacks. Theperimeter ring which contains the numbers is reflective glossy black, while the central ring containing theindicator lights is matte black.The resolution and graphics of the display between the rev counter and speedometer have also beenupdated; they now match those of the large central screen, with the introduction of gilded surrounds for amore distinctive, luxurious look.ADAS: introduction of Active Driving AssistAlthough ADAS are valuable assets for ensuring a safer driving experience, Maserati also remains faithful toits core philosophy as a manufacturer of race-bred grand touring cars with superior dynamics capable ofoffering an unparalleled driving experience. In MY21, Active Driving Assist is added to the ADAS alreadyavailable on Ghibli, Quattroporte and Levante.Active Driving Assist: this is an evolution of Highway Assist, introduced with MY18. A “hands-on” function(the driver is required to stay in control of the car at all times), it is intended for use on any kind of wellmaintained road. While previous versions were only usable on highways, today it is available on any wellmaintained road at speeds up to 90 mph (145 km/h) with the Adaptive Cruise Control system activated. Itreduces driver fatigue and consequently enhances active safety by allowing the car to keep itself centered inits lane and to adapt its pre-selected speed in full autonomy.The system employs a radar unit and a forward-looking camera and works with the EPS to control thedirection of the car. The multi-function camera detects horizontal road markings and calculates the distanceand speed of the preceding vehicle. Highway Assist includes a radio that provides road information, and a‘hands on wheel’ detection system. The driver can override the system at any time.New generation Multimedia SystemAll MY21 models are complete with an array of technology upgrades, including also the new generation MIA(Maserati Intelligent Assistant) multimedia system. The heart of MIA is the powerful Android Automotive3

operating system, which offers a completely new, innovative, higher-performing User Experience, with fullpersonalization to the driver's use preferences. The HD screen of the MIA system is enlarged from 8”4 witha ratio of 4:3 to 10”1 with a ratio of 16:10 and is now frameless for a more contemporary look, with almostall the surrounding bezel removed on the sedan models. This new high-resolution display with multi-touchfunction carries a new graphic interface that mixes black with a golden color to enhance its elegance. Theglass in the top of the display is now curved for a more elegant, less sharp-edged effect. This feature may befamiliar from other sectors, but is here used for the first time in automotive design.Always connected with Maserati Connect*With effect from MY21 all Maserati cars are connected thanks to the new Maserati Connect program.Having the Maserati connected at all times enables an eye to be kept on the car's health, and MaseratiConnect will alert the driver when a service is due, improving the customer care experience.Maserati Connect also enhances safety and security, with assistance in emergencies and in case of car theft.With a Smartphone or Smartwatch, drivers can always stay in contact with their Maserati thanks to theMaserati Connect app; this is also possible from home via their virtual personal assistant (Amazon Alexa &Google Assist).Through the MIA (Maserati Intelligent Assistant) multimedia system, the Maserati Connect connectedservices deliver a new experience for the driver and passengers. Thanks to the integrated, connectednavigation system, the driver always has the latest traffic information in real time, as well as constantlyupdated maps. MIA also enables activation of Amazon Alexa services or a Wifi Hotspot inside the Maserati.*Availability may vary from country to country.4

GHIBLI TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSTECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSGHIBLIGHIBLI SGHIBLI S Q4GHIBLI V8 TROFEOEngineEngine layoutPetrol 60 V6, Twin Turbo - direct injection (GDI)Displacement (cc)Petrol 90 V8, twin-turbo –direct injection (GDI)2.9792.9793.799Bore x stroke (mm)86,5 x 84,586,5 x 84,586,5 x 80,8Compression ratio9,7:19,7:19,44:1345 @ 5.500424 @ 5.750580 @ 6.750369 @1750- 4.500428 @ 2,250-4,000538 @ 2.250 – 5.250Max. power output (hp @ rpm)Peak torque (lb-ft @ rpm)Fuel injectionDirect Injection (GDI)Direct Injection (GDI)200200Induction2 Twin scroll turbocharger2 Twin scroll turbochargerCrankshaftHigh resistance nitride steel with 4 main bearingsForged steel (crossplanecrankshaft)LubricationVariable displacement oil pumpVariable displacement oil pumpChain-driven DOHC per bank with double continuouscam phasing.Chain-driven DOHC per bankwith double continuous camphasing.Injection pressure (bar)Timing systemPERFORMANCE0-100 km/h (sec)5,54,94,74,30-62 mph (sec) speed (km/h)267286286326Top speed mph166178178203Braking distance from 100 to 0(m)35,535,035,034,011,2 – 11,811,3 – 11,912,1 – 12,612,3-12,6WLTP combined cycle (g/km)254 - 268254 – 268274 – 283279-285USFuelEconomyhighway/city/combined mpg17/25/2017/25/2016/24/1913/20/16FUEL CONSUMPTION AND CO2 EMISSIONSWLTP combined cycle (l/100 km)5

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSGHIBLIGHIBLI SGHIBLI S Q4GHIBLI V8 TROFEOTRANSMISSIONGearboxGear ratiosTransmissionZF eight-speed automaticFor Ghibli, Ghibli S, Ghibli SQ 4, and V8 Trofeo: 1st: 4,71; 2nd: 3,14; 3rd: 2,11; 4th: 1,67;5th: 1,28; 6th: 1,00; 7th: 0,84; 8th: 0,67; Reverse: 3,32; final: 2,80Q4IntelligentAll-WheelDrive withrearLimited-slipDifferentialRear-wheel drive with rear LimitedSlip DifferentialRear-wheel drive with rearLimited-Slip DifferentialSUSPENSIONFront SuspensionDouble-wishbone, Skyhook shock absorbers, anti-roll barRear suspensionMulti-link, Skyhook shock absorbers, anti-roll barBRAKESFront345 x 28 mmventilated discs,Brembo 4-pistonfixed calipers360 x 32 mm ventilated &drilled discs, Brembo 6-pistonfixed calipers380x34 mm ventilated discs,Brembo 6-piston fixed calipersRear330 x 22 mmventilated discs,single pistonfloating calipers330 x 22 mm ventilated discs,single piston floating calipers345x28 mm ventilated discs,piston fixed BremboR19R19245/40 R20 / 285/35 R20DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHTSFront/rear tiresL x D x H (mm)4.971 x 1.945 (without mirrors) x 1.461L x D x H (inches)195.7 x 76.5 (without mirrors) x 57.5Wheelbase (mm)2.998Wheelbase (inches)118Front/rear track (mm)1.635 / 1.653Front/rear track64 / 65(inches)Luggage capacity (l)500Luggage capacity (gallons)132Fuel tank capacity (l)8080Fuel tank capacity (gallons)2121Medium weight1.952.022.02Homologated weight (kg)1.851.9351.96Homologated weight (pounds)4078426543216

QUATTROPORTE TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSTECHNICAL SS Q4TROFEOENGINEPetrol 60 V6, Twin Turbo - direct injection GDIPetrol 90 V8, twin-turbo – directinjection (GDI)2.9793.799Bore x stroke (mm)86,5 x 84,586,5 x 80,8Compression ratio9,7:19,44:1424 @ 5.750580 @ 6.750428 @ 2.250 - 4.000538 @ 2.250 – 5.250Engine layoutDisplacement (cc)Max. power output (hp @rpm)Peak torque (Nm @ rpm)Fuel injectionDirect injection (GDI)Injection pressure (bar)200InductionCrankshaft2 Twin scroll turbochargerHigh resistance nitride steel with 4 mainbearingsTiming systemForged steel (crossplane crankshaft)Chain-driven DOHC per bank with double continuous cam phasingPERFORMANCE0-100 km/h (sec)5,04,84,50-62 mph (sec) speed (km/h)288288326Top speed mph179179203Braking distance from 100 to 0(m)35,534,0FUEL CONSUMPTION AND CO2 EMISSIONSWLTP combined cycle (l/100km)WLTP combined cycle (g/km)USFuelEconomyhighway/city/combined mpg11,4 – 12,012,2 – 12,612.2-12.5257 – 270274 - 285276-28216/24/1916/24/1913/20/167

LEVANTE TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSTECHNICALSPECIFICATIONSENGINEEngine layoutLEVANTELEVANTE SPetrol 60 V6, Twin Turbo - direct injection (GDI)LEVANTE TROFEOLEVANTE GTSPetrol 90 V8, twin-turbo –direct injection (GDI)Petrol 90 V8, twinturbo – directinjection (GDI)3,7993,7992,9792,979Bore x stroke (mm)86.5 x 84.586.5 x 84.586.5 x 80.886.5 x 80.8Compression ratio9.7:19.7:19.44:19.44:1345 @ 5,750424 @ 5,750580 @ 6,750550 @ 6,250369 @ 1,750– 4,750428 @ 2,000 – 4,750538 @ 2,500 – 5,000538 @ 2,500 – 5,000Direct Fuel InjectionDirect Fuel InjectionTwo twin-scrollturbochargersTwo twin-scrollturbochargersVariable displacement oil pumpVariable displacement oilpumpChain-driven DOHC per bank with doublecontinuous cam phasingChain-driven DOHC per bankwith double continuous camphasingVariable displacementoil pumpChain-driven DOHC perbank with doublecontinuous camphasingDisplacement (cc)Max. power output (hp@ rpm)Peak torque (Lb-ft @rpm)Fuel injectionInductionLubricationTiming systemDirect Fuel InjectionTwo twinscrollturbochargersTwo twin-scroll turbochargersPERFORMANCE0-100 km/h (sec)0-62 mph (sec)Top speed (km/h)5.85.82515.05.0264Top speed (mph)1561643.83.83021874.04.029234.534.534.512,6 – 13,315.9 – 16.015,8 – 16,0283 - 303286 - 301359 - 363357 - 36316/22/1816/22/1813/20/1613/20/16Braking distance from36.0100 to 0 (m)FUEL CONSUMPTION AND CO2 EMISSIONSWLTP combined cycle12,5 – 13,4(l/100 km)WLTP combined cycle(g/kmUS Fuel Economy(city/highway/combined mpg)TRANSMISSIONGearboxGear ratios181ZF eight-speed automatic1st: 4.71; 2nd: 3.14; 3rd: 2.11; 4th: 1.67; 5th: 1.28; 6th: 1.00; 7th: 0.84; 8th: 0.67; Reverse: 3.32; Final: 3.278

TransmissionSUSPENSIONFront SuspensionRear suspensionBRAKESFrontQ4 Intelligent All-Wheel-Drive with rear Limited-slip DifferentialDouble-wishbone, adjustable Air Springs, Skyhook shock absorbersMulti-link, adjustable air springs, Skyhook shock absorbers345 x 32 mmventilateddiscs 2-pistonfloatingcalipers380 x 34 mm ventilated discs,Brembo 6-piston fixed calipers330 x 22 mm ventilated discs (drilled for 424hp)single piston floating MOC caliperRearFront/rear tires265/50 R19DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHTSL x D x H (mm)380 x 34 mm ventilated discs, Brembo 6-piston fixedcalipers345 x 28 mm ventilated discs, Brembo 4-piston fixedcalipers265/50 ZR19 front - 295/45 ZR19rear265/35R22 front 295/30R22 rear5,005 x 1,981 (without mirrors) x 1,696L x D x H (inches)197 x 77.9 (without mirrors) x 66.7Wheelbase (mm)Wheelbase (inches)Front/rear track (mm)Front/reartrack(inches)Luggage capacity (l)3,004118.3Luggage capacity (cubicfeet)Fuel tank(liters)capacityFuel tank(cubic feet)capacityCurb weight (pounds)4,994265/45 R20 front295/40 R20 rear5,020/ 1,981 (withoutmirrors) /1,698197.6 / 77.9 (withoutmirrors) / 66.85,020/ 1,981 (withoutmirrors) /1,698197.6 / 77.9 (withoutmirrors) / 66.81,6371,69964.4 / 65.464.4 / 66.8580 / 1,625580 / 1,625580 / 1,62520.5 / 5720.5 / 5720.5 / 578080802.82.82.85,0705,0704,994-For more information visit:US:

Maserati renews the entire range with the Ghibli, Quattroporte and Levante MY21. Elegant, non -invasive restyling refreshes the look of the two sedans (Ghibli and Quattroporte) and the Maserati of SUVs, the Levante, while there is a substantial upgrade to the multimedia system in terms

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The Quattroporte S comes with Maserati’s awesome 410 HP 3.0 litre, twin-turbo V6 engine, whilst for those seeking the ultimate in traction, there is the Quattroporte S Q4, which features Maserati’s highly acclaimed Q4 all-wheel drive system. However, if truly stupendous

350000247 Front wheel set GIANT TRX 2 27.5 BOOST FW MY21 350000267 Rear wheel set GIANT TRX 2 27.5 BOOST RW MY21 350000246 Front wheel set GIANT TRX 2 29 BOOST FW MY21 350000266 Rear wheel set GIANT TRX 2 29 BOOST RW MY21 350000245 Front wheel set GIANT XCR 2 29 BOOST FW MY21 350000265 Rear wheel set GIANT XCR 2 29 BOOST RW MY21

Maserati Quattroporte. History Over 100 years of defiance and glory. On December 1, 1914, Alfieri, Ernesto and Ettore Maserati set up their own business in Bologna, modifying Isotta Fraschinis for road racing. By 1926, they had produced their own racing car, the Maserati Tipo 26, which promptly won its class in the Targa Florio of that year.

Maserati Ghibli. History 4 Over 100 years of power and glory. On December 1, 1914, Alfieri, Ernesto and Ettore Maserati set up their own business in Bologna, modifying Isotta Fraschinis for road racing. By 1926, they had produced their own racing car, the Maserati Tipo 26, which promptly won its class in the Targa Florio of that year.

supercars including the Mistral, Ghibli, Khamsin and Bora. The charismatic Maserati 3200 GT, styled by Giorgetto Giugiaro’s Italdesign, launched a new era in 1998. The year 2003 witnessed the unveiling of the fifth-generation Quattroporte—the first Maserati in 50 years to be designed by legendary Pininfarina.

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