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Aum Amriteshwaryai NamahAMRITA NURSERYSYLLABUS FOR THE MONTHS OF APRIL & MAY - 2019CLASS : UKGDT: 03/04/2019 Welcoming the students. Introducing students to the class and the teachers.DT: 04/04/2019 Shape Recognition activity Taking the children to the school garden. Developing motor skill of the little ones. Making them identify colours and shapes to develop their cognitive abilities.DT: 05/04/2019 School Excursion- Taking our little kids on the school trip. Visiting each area of our school and making them aware of the schoolinfrastructure.DT: 08/04/19 to 12/04/19WRITTER/DETAILSORALCursive small patternWRITTENCursive small letter : c, a-SR. --DT: 15/04/19 to 19/04/19WRITTER/DETAILSORALWRITTENCursive small letter : d, g, q, oSR. VITY-Rhymes : 1 - PrarthanaPlay Station

DT: 22/04/19 to 26/04/19WRITTER/DETAILSORALWRITTENCursive small letter : e, l, b, i, u, t, yOralRhymes : 1 – To MarketWrittenRevision : 1 to 100SR. -Balancing ActivityDT: 29/04/19 to 03/05/19WRITTER/DETAILSORALWRITTENCursive small letter : n, mSR. n & Answer from first termsyllabus (No.1 to 10)-5ACTIVITY--PLEASE NOTE :1. The Subject-wise Text-Book, Work-book & Note-book [schoolcopies] of your ward will be sent to home after correctionsthe very next day for your reference from June onwards.This will help you to know what is going on in the schooland for your home practice.2. You are requested to refer the syllabus along with the workdone in the school on daily basis for more clarity & send theBooks back the very next day.3. Fill pg. 5, 6. (personal record) & 7 (Transport record) inschool diary.THANK YOU.

Aum Amriteshwaryai NamahAMRITA NURSERYFIRST TERM SYLLABUS FOR U.K.G - 2O19—20EnglishLessons:1. Let’s Revise2. Blends3. Short Vowel sounds ‘a’, ‘e’, ‘ i ’, ‘o’ , ‘u’Orals:Rhymes To Market. ( ENGLISH text book Pg No.116) I hop, I jump (EVS text book pg No. 31) Little seed (EVS text book Pg No. 85) Shapes (MATHS text book pg No. 39)Story A Merchant and His Donkey.(ENGLISH text book 114 and 160)Written: Cursive capital & small letters. a, e, i, o, u sound words.‘a’ soundwordsjambatfanbagcaptap Blendsblpldrtrst‘ i ’ �o’ soundwordspotmoptopfoxboxdogglcrprspsk‘e’ soundwordsjethenbedpegwebpen‘u’ soundwordstubsunbunhutcupgum

Circle the correct blend.Ex.MathematicsLessons:1. Revision2. Numbers up to 103. Number 1to 104. Shapes Around Us5. Numbers 11 to 206. Number Names 11 to 207. Ordering by Size and Weight8. Numbers 21 to 5014. Addition up to 10Orals: Counting 1 to 100 Number Names 1 to 50Written: Revision of (1 to 100)Reverse counting (50 to 0)Number names (1 to 50)Count and write (1 to 100)Ex.15 After, Before and Between number (1 to50) Write After NumberEx. a) 19b) 422043 Write Before NumberEx.a)1415b)3031

Write Between NumberEx. a) 111312b) 3940 41 Comparison (Smaller & Bigger) Circle the Smaller Number (1 to 50)Ex. a)b)18453120 Circle the Bigger Number (1 to 50)Ex. a)b)3443 Addition (0 to 10)Ex.(a)T O3 25Compare the length and weight of objects. Tick the heavier animal:Hindi 299

E.V.SLessons:1. Me and My Family2. My Body3. My House4. I Love My School5. I Love to Dress Up!6. I Take Care of Myself7. I Love My Food8. Seasons10. I Love to Play!11. I Love to Travel17. Our Animal Wealth!Written:Body tliontigermonkeysummerwinterrainyMeans oftransportbustrainboatshipaeroplanebicycle

Orals:E.V.S Questions & answers from Syllabus. E.V.S Questions & Answers (Oral exam)Q.1 How many members are there in your family?A.1 There are members in my family.Q.2 What do we do with our eyes?A.2 We see with our eyes.Q.3 What do we do with our ears?A.3 We hear with our ears.Q.4 What do we do with our nose?A.4 We smell with our nose.Q.5 Where does your mother cook food?A.5 My mother cooks food in the kitchen.Q.6 Where do we bath?A.6 We bath in the bathroom.Q.7 Where do we sleep?A.7 We sleep in the bedroom.Q.8 What is the name of your school?A.8 The name of my school is Amrita Vidyalayam.Q.9 Name the things, which you can see in your classroom.A.9 Table, benches, chalk, smart board, duster, chair, fans, dustbin etc.Q.10 Name three main seasons of India?A.10 Summer, Winter, Rainy.Q.11 When do we wear woollen clothes?A.11 We wear woollen clothes in the winter season.Q.12 When do we wear cotton clothes?A.12 We wear cotton clothes in the summer season.

Q.13 How many times should we brush our teeth?A.13 We should brush our teeth twice a day.Q.14 What should we do before and after eating food?A.14 We should wash our hands before and after eating food.Q.15 Is it a good habit to bite our nails?A.15 No, it is not a good habit to bite our nails.Q.16 Name the food, which we get from plants.A.16 Fruits, vegetables, nuts etc.Q.17 Name the food, which we get from animals.A.17 Milk, eggs, honey etc.Q18. Which animal guards our house?A.18 Dog guards our house.Q.19 Name three colours of the traffic signal.A.19 Red, yellow and greenQ.20 Name any two indoor games.A.20 (1)(2)Q.21 Name any two outdoor games.A.21 (1)(2)Q.22 Name any two land transport.A.22 (1)(2)Q.23 Name any two water transport.A.23 (1)(2)Q.24 Name two leafy vegetables.A.24 (1)(2)Q.25 Name two vegetables that grow under the ground.A.25 (1)(2)

Aum Amriteshwaryai NamahAMRITA NURSERYSECOND TERM SYLLABUS FOR U.K.G - 2019—20EnglishLessons:4. Where are you?5. How many?7. Opposites8. Long Vowel Sounds ‘ee’ and ‘oo’9. ‘ch’, ‘sh’ , ‘th’, ‘wh’ Sound Words11. Action Words13. Grammar He and SheOrals:Rhymes Rainbow. ( ENGLISH text book Pg No.145) Simple Simon (ENGLISH text book pg No. 158) Water (EVS text book Pg No. 109) Have you seen? (MATHS text book pg No. 79) Hickory Dickory Dock (MATHS text book pg. No.156)Reading Lessons :My Little Ladder English Dan, the Cat ( Pg No.32) Mili ( Pg No.46) A dog and a fox ( Pg No.61) Bela on the Bed ( Pg No.75) A Big Cub and a Little Bug ( Pg No.89)Written: ‘oo’, ‘ee’, ‘ch’, ‘sh’, ‘th’, ‘wh’ sound words.‘oo’ sound‘ee’ dmoonsweetpoolJeep One - ManyEx. 1. cup- cups2. ball – balls‘ch’ soundwordscheesechairchickbenchlunchbranch‘sh’ soundwordsshopshipsharkfishbrushdish‘th’ soundwordsthumbthornthinktoothbathpath‘wh’ soundwordswheelwhitewheatwhalewhatwhen

This /ThatEx.1. This is a ball.2. That is a hut. He and SheEx. 1.This is Gita.She is a teacher.2. This is Ram.He is a boy. On, in, underEx. 1.The man is in the van.2. The cat is under the chair.3. The ball is on the chair. Action wordsSingDrinkRunSleep dancecookreadeatOpposites:happy x sadhot x coldopen x closeup x downfat x thinday x nighthard x softbig x small

MathematicsLessons:9. Counting in Tens till 10010. Numbers 51 to 10011. Ordinal numbers and Ordering12. Number Chart and Skip Counting16. Subtraction up to 1017. Patterns and Thinking SkillOrals: Reverse Counting (100 to 0) Number Names (51 to 100)Written: Number names 51 to 100. After, Before and Between number (51 to100) Write after number.Ex a) 51b) 725273 Write before number.Ex a)5758b)9091 Write between number.Ex a) 818283b) 697071 Comparison (Smaller & Bigger) Circle the smaller Number (51 to 100)Ex. a)544b)877870 Circle the Bigger Number (51 to 100)Ex. a)b)62815950

Equal to, Greater than, Smaller than ( , , )Exa)1414591414b) Subtraction:a) 14TO9-36 20143314

E.V.SLessons:9. Calender Activity12. Safety13. Good Citizen14. The Green World Around Us15. Living and Non- living Things16. Birds and Insects18. Community Helpers19. Air Around Us20. Water21. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle22. Our Country and minemarigoldDays of namchristmasnavratriholiOrals:E.V.S Questions & Answers from Syllabus E.V.S Question & Answer (Oral exam)Q.1 Where should we cross the road?A.1 We should cross the road at the zebra crossing.Q.2 What do we get from plants?A.2 Paper, wood, cotton, medicines etc.Q.3 Give two examples of living things.A.3 (1) berfireman

Q.4 Give two examples of non-living things.A.4 (1) (2)Q.5 Which is our National bird?A.5 Peacock is our national bird.Q.6 How many legs do insects have?A.6 Insects have six legs.Q.7 Which is the most colourful insect?A.7 Butterfly is the most colourful insect.Q.8 Which insect makes honey?A.8 Honeybee makes honey.Q.9 How many days are there in a week?A.9 There are seven days in a week.Q.10 How many months are there in a year?A.10 There are twelve months in a year.Q.11 Which is our National animal?A.11 Tiger is our National animal.Q.12 Who fights for our country?A.12 Soldier fights for our country.Q.13 Who grows grain for us?A.13 Farmer grows grain for us.Q.14 How can we keep the air clean?A.14 We can keep the air clean by growing more trees.Q.15 Should we waste water?A.15 No, we should not waste water.Q.16 Which is the main source of water?A.16 Rain is the main source of water.Q.17 Where should we throw dry waste?A.17 We should throw dry waste in the Blue dustbin.

Q.18 Where should we throw wet waste?A.18 We should throw wet waste in the Green dustbin.Q.19 How many colours are there in our National Flag?A.19 There are three colours in our National Flag.Q.20 Which is our National flower?A.20 Lotus is our National flower.Q.21 Name two fruits that have many seeds.A.21 (1)(2)Q.22 Name any two National festivals.A.22 (1) (2)Q.23 Which festival is called the festival of light?A.23 Diwali is called the festival of light.Q. 24 Who celebrates Eid?A.24 Muslims Celebrate Eid.Q.25 When is christmas celebrated?A.25 Christmas is celebrated in December."We should not hesitate to rely on God's power."—Amma

CLASS:UKG 12/7/2019 6/12/2019 UNIT TEST 2019-20 DATE DAY SUBJECT 28/6/2019 FRIDAY MATHS 5/7/2019 FRIDAY ENGLISH FRIDAY HINDI 19/7/2019 FRIDAY EVS 26/7/2019 FRIDAY MATHS 2/8/2019 FRIDAY ENGLISH 9/8/2019 FRIDAY HINDI . Books back the very next day. 3. Fill pg. 5, 6. (persona

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