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InsuranceMarketsThe Life Insurance Need GapSource: 2021 Insurance Barometer

OutlineWelcome – Sean O’Donnell, Senior Vice President, MemberRelations, LL GlobalInsurance Barometer Overview – Faisa Stafford, President &CEO, Life HappensConsumer Mindsets – Jim Scanlon, AVP, InsuranceResearch, LL Global COVID Financial concerns Life insurance ownership profiles Life Insurance Need-Gaps: owners & non-owners Reasons for Not Owning (More) Life Insurance2Source: 2021 Insurance Barometer

Insurance Barometer Overview 3The Insurance Barometer is an annual studysince 2011, which tracks the perceptions,attitudes, and behaviors of adult consumers inthe United States. LIMRA and Life Happens engage an online panelto survey adult consumers who are financialdecision-makers in their households. The study objectives are to measure financialconcern among American consumers and relatethese findings to financial behaviors, with aparticular focus on life insurance.Source: 2021 Insurance Barometer2021 INSURANCE

Consumer Mindsets – Impact of COVID on Purchase Intent31% of consumersare more likely tobuy life insurancedue to COVID4Source: 2021 Insurance BarometerThe impact is higheramong: Millennials [45%] Household incomes of 150K or more [42%] Blacks [38%] &Hispanics [37%] Couples [35%] Males [33%]

Consumer Mindsets - Financial Concern vingsGoalsDisabilityDependentfinancialsecurityDebt /loansEmergencyfundLong-termcareFinalexpensesJob /incomesecurityFunding aneducationMedicalLeaving aninheritanceMonthlybillsInvestment/ lossesMortgage /rentRetirementSource: 2021 Insurance Barometer Consumers saycompeting prioritiesare a reason for notowning (more) lifeinsurance. Tracking concernacross categoriesshows the industrywhere life insuranceranks.

Financial Concern Hierarchy – 2011 to 2021Living ExpensesHealth ExpensesSaving GoalsLife Insurance1.65FINANCIAL CONCERN INDEX1.45Relative concernfor life insurancehas increased, itmoved into 3rdplace in 2020. 2021 Insurance Barometer20142015201620172018201920202021

Life Insurance Ownership by Type 2011 to 2021Life insurance (Any)63%Group/Employer-sponsored life62%59%60%57%57%59%59%Individual 9%39%39%52%39%32%29%29%25%Life insuranceownership volumeequals 134 millionadults.25%LifeInsuranceOwnershipMarket Size(million ource: U.S. Census Bureau, Population Division, 2020 DemographicAnalysis (December 2020 release)20117201220132014Source: 2021 Insurance Barometer2015201620172018201920202021

Insurance Ownership Volume & ProfilesLife Insurance Ownership by Gender & GenerationGenderDemographicprofilingidentifies gapswithin marketsegments.Source: 2021 Insurance BarometerNationalaverage 52%58%55%55%49%47%39%Male8GenerationFemaleBaby BoomersGen XMillennialGen Z

Life Insurance Ownership Profiles - 2021Race/EthnicityHousehold Income63%56%52%Marital Status65%Nationalaverage : 2021 Insurance Barometer 50K33% 50K 99.9K 100 149.9K 150K CouplesDWSSingle

Life Insurance Ownership Gap - 2011 to 2021Need Life Insurance70%65% 65%63%The gap between“I need” and “I“have” equals 18points, or 46millionconsumers This understatesunmet need in themarket.63%Life InsuranceOwnership Gap 18-points57% 57%60% 59% 59%57%54%52%2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 202110 70% 70%69% 70% 68%67%66%62%59%Have Life InsuranceSource: 2021 Insurance Barometer

Life Insurance Need – Owners & Non-Owners11Non-owners 48%“Need” lifeinsurance 59%Un-insuredNeed-Gap 29% ofsample73 millionOwners 52%“Need more”coverage 22%Under-insuredNeed-Gap 11% ofsample29 millionSource: 2021 Insurance BarometerIn all, 40% ofAmericans livewith a lifeinsuranceneed-gap; 102million adultconsumers.

Life Insurance Need by GenderNon-Owners WhoNeed CoverageF E M AL E32%M AL E1210%Source: 2021 Insurance BarometerNo Perceived Needfor Coverage11%24%0%Owners Who NeedMore Coverage57%12%20%30%64%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%

Life Insurance Need by Household IncomeNon-Owners WhoNeed CoverageUNDER 50K45% 5 0 K TO 9 9 . 9 K1328% 1 0 0 K TO 1 4 9 . 9 K18% 150K OR MORE17%Source: 2021 Insurance BarometerOwners Who NeedMore CoverageNo Perceived Needfor Coverage9%46%12%15%9%60%67%73%

Life Insurance Need by Race/EthnicityNon-Owners WhoNeed CoverageAS I AN20%147%B L AC K32%H I S P AN I C33%W H I TESource: 2021 Insurance BarometerOwners Who NeedMore Coverage27%No Perceived Needfor Coverage73%14%55%14%11%53%62%

Life Insurance Need by GenerationNon-Owners WhoNeed CoverageGEN Z43%M I L L E N N I AL S36%GEN XB AB Y B O O M E R S15Source: 2021 Insurance BarometerOwners Who NeedMore Coverage2%55%8%29%18%No Perceived Needfor Coverage56%15%13%56%69%

Reasons for Not Owning (More) Life InsuranceNon-owners whoUn-insuredneed coverageOwners who needUnder-insuredmore coverageIt is too expensive72%Other financial priorities right now64%Not sure how much I need / what type to buy56%Haven't gotten around to it49%51%46%Don't like thinking about deathWould not qualify for coverage1635%No one has approached me34%Not offered by my employer34%Do not trust insurance companies31%Do not trust insurance agents/financial advisors31%Source: 2021 Insurance Barometer43%46%42%43%41%65%62%81%75%

Next Steps17MonthInsurance Barometer ReleasesMarchPress release, Infographic, Social Media,CEO/President’s video (Dave & Faisa)AprilLife Insurance Conference workshop, Press release,Infographic & Primary reportMay/JuneBlack Americans report, Webinar, TechnicalSupplementSource: 2021 Insurance Barometer

Key Take-AwaysConsumer demand or “need” for coverage has increased and remains strong.1. The pandemic has driven an increase in purchase intent.2.3.18The gap between “I need” and “I “have” life insurance has doubled since 2019, furtheremphasizing the need for the industry to respond proportionally to the existing demand. 31% indicated they are more likely to buy life insurance due to COVID. The % of respondents indicating an increased likelihood to buy increases with income.(i.e., 42% of respondents with incomes of 150K indicated they were more likely to buydue to COVID.) Strongest among Millennials, Gen Xers, Black, and Hispanic respondents.Consumer engagement and education will be the keys to meeting this increased demandSource: 2021 Insurance Barometer

Questions & Answers19Source: 2021 Insurance Barometer

Your Trusted Source forIndustry KnowledgeFor more information contact:James T. ScanlonSenior Research

Life Insurance Ownership by Type 2011 to 2021Life Insurance Ownership TrendsLife insurance (Any)Civilian Labor Force Participation RateGroup/Employer-sponsored lifeIndividual life63%62%59%60%57%57%59%59%57%54%41%41%36%36% 36%41%38%34%41%38%32% 31%34%39%39%39%52%39%32%29%29%25% 25%2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 202121Source: 2021 Insurance Barometer

Life Insurance Ownership by Type 2011 to 2021 – Insureds Those with bothcoverage types roseto 22% this year,from a low of 18% in2020. 22Source: 2021 Insurance BarometerThis remains shortof the 28% highpoint in 2011.

Need Life Insurance Have Life Insurance The gap between "I need" and "I "have" equals 18-points, or 46 million consumers This understates unmet need in the market. Life Insurance Ownership Gap - 2011 to 2021 Source: 2021 Insurance Barometer Life Insurance Ownership Gap 18-points

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Insurance Gap Insurance Need -Actual Cover gap: k) Need for insurance Earnings R0.6m Replacement requirement 54% Capitalisation factor 13.8 Insurance need R4.6m Actual insurance Retail R1.5m Group Life R0.8m Government grants R0.0m Total R2.3m R4.6m -R2.3m R2.3m Average death insurance gap for richest 20% of SA .

American General Life Insurance Company AGL U.S. Life Insurance Company AGC Life Insurance Company AGC Life U.S. Life Insurance Company The United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York U.S. Life U.S. Life Insurance Company The Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company VALIC U.S. Life Insurance Company

purchase GAP insurance 6 2.6. Add-on GAP insurance purchasers are not a homogeneous group 6 2.7. The remedies may have provided reassurance, but have not yet helped improve knowledge 6 3. Profile of research participants 8 3.1. Car purchase 8 3.2. Demographics 8 3.3. Awareness of GAP insurance 8 3.4. Purchase of GAP insurance 9 3.5.

Closing the insurance gap A world at risk 07 1. The size of the global insurance gap A world at risk, Lloyd's second underinsurance report, shows there is a global insurance gap of US 162.5 billion in 2018. This shows there is a significant gap between the level of insurance in place to cover

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Traditionally, a skills gap analysis is undertaken using paper-based assessments and supporting interviews; however, technological advancements, such as skill management software, are allowing large companies to administer a skills gap analysis without using a significant proportion of human resources (Antonucci and d’Ovidio, 2012).File Size: 778KBPage Count: 24Explore furtherSkills gap analysis template - Skills for Care - Gap Analysis Templates & Exmaples (Word, Excel, PDF)templatelab.comConducting A Gap Analysis: A Four-Step Gap Analysis - ResearchGatewww.researchgate.net30 FREE Gap Analysis Templates & Examples - TemplateArchivetemplatearchive.comRecommended to you b

Department of Insurance Replacement of Life Insurance and Annuities. Page 3. 04. Existing Life Insurance or Annuity. "Existing Life Insurance or Annuity" means any life insurance or annuity in force, including life insurance under a binding or conditional receipt or a lif e insurance policy or annuity that is within an unconditional refund period.

find more information under "What is excluded under a GAP insurance policy?". 9 These figures apply where the customer is required to pay a motor insurer's excess of 250. Some GAP insurance providers will pay an amount towards this excess. Please check your GAP insurance policy for details. Written off at 6 months Written off at 30 months

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