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Savitribai Phule Pune UniversityRevised SyllabusMaster of Business Administration(MBA)Choice Based Credit System and Grading SystemTwo Year Full Time Four SemesterPOST GRADUATE PROGRAMMEMBA I Year Curriculum Applicable w.e.f. AY 2016-17MBA II Year Curriculum Applicable w.e.f. AY 2017-18Savitribai Phule Pune University – MBA Revised Syllabus 2016 – 17Page 1

Annexure I - Detailed Programme StructureTable IV – A: Generic Core CoursesGeneric Core Courses3I303I302050100103Accounting for BusinessDecisionsEconomic Analysis forBusiness DecisionsLegal Aspects of BusinessOnlineUniversity TotalEvaluation Evaluation Marks(Subjective)20501003I302050100104Business Research Methods3I302050100105Organizational Behaviour3I302050100106Basics of Marketing3I302050100201Marketing Management3II302050100202Financial Management3II302050100203Human ResourceManagementDecision Science3II3020501003II302050100Operations & Supply ChainManagementManagement InformationSystemsStrategic I3020501003III302050100304Enterprise PerformanceManagementStartup and New VentureManagementSummer Internship Project4III500050100401Managing for 100101102204205206301302303Credits Semester ConcurrentEvaluationNote: Each Generic Core Course is a Full Credit course of 45 hours. Out of 45 hours 35 hours shall bedevoted to teaching – learning sessions and 10 hours for evaluation/projects.30 marks shall be reserved for concurrent evaluation to be carried out by the Institute, 20 marks for online midterm evaluation to be conducted by the University and 50 marks shall be term end written examination to beconducted by the University.Course 304 - SIP shall have 4 Credits and 100 marks. (50 Marks for Concurrent Evaluation & 50 Marks forUniversity Evaluation)Course 402 – Dissertation shall have 4 Credits and 100 marks. (50 Marks for Concurrent Evaluation & 50Marks for University Evaluation)Savitribai Phule Pune University – MBA Revised Syllabus 2016 – 17Page 27

Table IV – B: Generic Elective CoursesGeneric Elective arks50107Management Fundamentals2I108Business Communication Lab2I5050109MS Excel & Advanced Excel Lab2I5050110Selling & Negotiation Skills Lab2I5050111Business, Government & Society2I5050112Leadership Lab2I5050113Personality Development Lab2I5050114Foreign Language - I Lab2I5050115Enterprise Analysis - Desk ectiveness LabStatistical Software Lab2II5050209MS Project Lab2II5050210Life Skills Lab2II5050211Geopolitics & the World Economic System2II5050212Business Systems & Procedures2II5050213Computer Aided Personal Productivity Tools Lab2II5050214Foreign Language - II Lab2II5050215Industry Analysis - Desk Research2II5050andManagerial2Note: Each Generic Elective Course is a Half Credit course of 30 hours. Out of 30 hours 25 hours shall bedevoted to teaching – learning sessions and 5 hours for evaluation/projects.50 marks shall be devoted for concurrent evaluation to be carried out by the Institute.There shall not be any evaluation by the University (online / subjective) for all Half Credit Courses.Savitribai Phule Pune University – MBA Revised Syllabus 2016 – 17Page 28

Table IV – C: Subject Core CoursesSubject Core Courses Credits(Marketing)Semester ConcurrentOnlineUniversity TotalEvaluation Evaluation Evaluation Marks(Subjective)III302050100305MKT ContemporaryMarketing Research306MKT Consumer Behaviour33III302050100403MKT Services Marketing3IV302050100IV302050100404MKT Sales and Distribution3ManagementSubject Core Courses Credits(Finance)Semester ConcurrentOnlineUniversity TotalEvaluation Evaluation Evaluation Marks(Subjective)III302050100305 FIN Direct Taxation3306 FIN Financial System ofIndia , Markets andServices403 FIN Indirect Taxation3III3020501003IV302050100404 FIN International Finance3IV302050100Subject Core Courses Credits(InformationTechnology)305 IT I T Management and3Cyber Laws306 IT E-Business and3Business Intelligence403 IT Software Project3Management404 IT Enterprise Resource3Planning (ERP)Subject Core Courses Credits(OperationsManagement)305 OPE Planning & Control of3Operations306 OPE Inventory Management3403 OPE Operations Strategy3and Research404 OPE Total Quality3ManagementSubject Core Courses Credits(Human ResourcesManagement)305 HR Labour & Social3Security Laws306 HR Human Resource3Accounting &CompensationManagementSemester ConcurrentOnlineUniversity TotalEvaluation Evaluation Evaluation 00IV302050100Semester ConcurrentOnlineUniversity TotalEvaluation Evaluation Evaluation 00IV302050100Semester ConcurrentOnlineUniversity TotalEvaluation Evaluation Evaluation Marks(Subjective)III302050100III30Savitribai Phule Pune University – MBA Revised Syllabus 2016 – 172050100Page 29

403 HR Employment Relations3IV302050100404 HR Strategic HumanResource Management3IV302050100Subject Core Courses Credits(InternationalBusinessManagement)305 IB International Business3Economics306 IB Export Documentation3and Procedures403 IB International Business3Environment404 IB Indian Economy and3Trade DependenciesSubject Core Courses Credits(Supply ChainManagement)305 SCM Essentials of Supply3Chain Management306 SCM Logistics Management3403 SCM Strategic Supply Chain3Management404 SCM Knowledge3Management in SupplyChainsSubject Core Courses Credits(Rural & AgribusinessManagement)305RABM Agriculture and Indian3Economy306RABM Rural Marketing I3403RABM Rural Credit andFinance404RABM Rural Marketing IISemester ConcurrentOnlineUniversity TotalEvaluation Evaluation Evaluation 00IV302050100Semester ConcurrentOnlineUniversity TotalEvaluation Evaluation Evaluation 00IV302050100Semester ConcurrentOnlineUniversity TotalEvaluation Evaluation Evaluation 1003IV302050100Subject Core Courses Credits(Family BusinessManagement)305FBM Essentials of Family3Business Management–I306 FBM Managing Innovation - I3403 FBM Essentials of Family3Business Management– II404 FBM Managing Innovation –3IISubject Core Courses Credits(TechnologySemester ConcurrentOnlineUniversity TotalEvaluation Evaluation Evaluation 00IV302050100Semester ConcurrentOnlineUniversity TotalEvaluation Evaluation Evaluation MarksSavitribai Phule Pune University – MBA Revised Syllabus 2016 – 17Page 30

04BIM305HM306HM403HM404HM305 ED(Subjective)Fundamentals of3TechnologyManagementManaging Innovation –3ITechnology3Competition andStrategyManaging Innovation –3IISubject Core Courses Credits(Banking andInsuranceManagement)Banking Concepts and3OperationsPrinciples and3Practices of InsuranceBanking Regulations3and Legal AspectsTrends in Insurance3ManagementSubject Core Courses Credits(HealthcareManagement)Introduction to3HealthcareManagementInformation Technology3in HealthcareIntroduction to Medical3/ HealthcareTerminologyStrategic Planning and3HealthcareManagementSubject Core ity,Innovationand 0IV302050100Semester ConcurrentOnlineUniversity TotalEvaluation Evaluation Evaluation 00IV302050100Semester ConcurrentOnlineUniversity TotalEvaluation Evaluation Evaluation 00IV302050100Credits3Semester Concurrent OnlineUniversity TotalEvaluation Evaluation Evaluation Marks(Subjective)III302050100306 EDFinance for Entrepreneurs3III302050100403 EDSocial Entrepreneurship3IV302050100404 EDInvesting in Science &Technology3IV302050100Subject Core ntEvaluationSavitribai Phule Pune University – MBA Revised Syllabus 2016 – 17OnlineEvaluationUniversity TotalEvaluation Marks(Subjective)Page 31

305SER Services BusinessManagement306SER Services PerformanceManagement403SER Strategic ServicesMarketing404SER Sectoral ServicesManagementSubject Core Courses(Retail C305THM306THM403THM404THMIntroduction toRetailingRetail Stores &OperationManagementE- commerece andDigital marketing inRetailInternational 50100University TotalEvaluation Marks(Subjective)50100Subject Core Courses(Digital MediaCommunicationMarketing)Integrated MarketingCommunicationInternet Marketing on3III3020501003III302050100Strategic BrandManagementInternet Marketing II3IV3020501003IV302050100University TotalEvaluation Marks(Subjective)Subject CoreCourses(Tourism andHospitalityManagement)Fundamentalsof ive)TotalMarks3III302050100Tourism ourismPlanning 0Savitribai Phule Pune University – MBA Revised Syllabus 2016 – 17Page 32

Subject CoreCourses (DefenseManagement 5DFMEvolution ofStrategic Thoughtof Defence3III302050100306DFMStrategic cs3III302050100404DFMNational Powerand DefencePolicy3III302050100Note: Each Subject Core Course is a Full Credit course of 45 hours. Out of 45 hours 35 hours shall bedevoted to teaching – learning sessions and 10 hours for evaluation/projects.30 marks shall be reserved for concurrent evaluation to be carried out by the Institute, 20 marks for online midterm evaluation to be conducted by the University and 50 marks shall be term end written examination to beconducted by the University.Savitribai Phule Pune University – MBA Revised Syllabus 2016 – 17Page 33

Table IV – D: Subject Elective CoursesSubject Elective Courses (MarketingManagement)307MKT Integrated Marketing CommunicationsCredits2Semester Concurrent TotalEvaluation MarksIII5050308MKT Product Management2III5050309MKT Strategic Brand Management2III5050310MKT Personal Selling Lab2III5050311MKT Qualitative Marketing Research2III5050312MKT Customer Relationship Management2III5050313MKT Marketing and the Law2III5050314MKT Finance for Marketing Professionals2III5050315MKT Marketing of Financial Services - I2III5050316MKT Tourism Marketing2IV5050317MKT Agricultural Marketing2IV5050318MKT Business to Business Marketing2IV5050405MKT Retail Marketing2IV5050406MKT Rural Marketing2IV5050407MKT Service Operations Management2IV5050408MKT International Marketing2IV5050409MKT Export Documentation & Procedures2IV5050410MKT Marketing Strategy2IV5050411MKT Marketing Decision Models2IV5050412MKT Marketing of High Technology Products2IV5050413MKT E-Marketing and analytics2IV5050414MKT Marketing to Emerging Markets &Bottom ofthe Pyramid415MKT Marketing of Financial Services - II2IV50502IV5050416MKT Cross Cultural Relationship Marketing2IV5050307 FINSubject Elective Courses (FinancialManagement)Strategic Cost ManagementCredits308 FINCorporate & International Financial Reporting2III5050309 FINCorporate Finance2III5050310 FINCorporate Financial Restructuring2III5050311 FINEquity Research, Credit Analysis & Appraisal.2III5050312 FINRural Financial Institutions2III5050313 FINBanking Operations - I2III5050314 FINTreasury Management2III50502Savitribai Phule Pune University – MBA Revised Syllabus 2016 – 17Semester ConcurrentEvaluationIII50TotalMarks50Page 34

315 FINFutures and Options2III5050316 FINFinancial Instruments & Derivatives2III5050405 FINBehavioral Finance2IV5050406 FINFinancial Modeling Using Excel2IV5050407 FINFinancial Risk Management2IV5050408 FINOnline Trading of Financial Assets2IV5050409 FINBanking Operations – II2IV5050410 FINWealth & Portfolio Management2IV5050411 FINFixed Income Securities & Technical Analysis2IV5050412 FINCommodity Markets2IV5050413 FINFinancing Rural Development2IV5050414 FINPrinciples of Insurance2IV5050307 ITSubject Elective Courses (InformationTechnology Management)Software Engineering308 IT2IIIConcurrentEvaluation50Mobile Computing with Android2III5050309 ITRDBMS with Oracle2III5050310 ITSoftware Quality Assurance2III5050311 ITE-Learning2III5050312 ITSoftware Marketing2III5050313 ITIT for Retailing2III5050314 ITTechnical Writing2III5050405 ITWeb Designing and Multimedia2IV5050406 ITNetwork Technologies and Security2IV5050407 ITDatabase Administration2IV5050408 ITSoftware Testing2IV5050409 ITInformation Security and Audit2IV5050410 ITData Warehousing and Data Mining2IV5050411 ITGeographical Information System2IV5050412 ITE-Governance2IV5050413 ITInternet Marketing2IV5050414 ITMicrosoft Office 2010 Lab2IV5050Subject Elective Courses (OperationsManagement)307 OPE Productivity ManagementCreditsSemesterCredits2Savitribai Phule Pune University – MBA Revised Syllabus 2016 – 17TotalMarks50Semester Concurrent TotalEvaluation MarksIII5050Page 35

308 OPE Maintenance Management2III5050309 OPE Facilities Planning2III5050310 OPE Manufacturing Resource Planning2III5050311 OPE Technology Management2III5050312 OPE Six Sigma2III5050313 OPE Designing Operations Systems2III5050314 OPE Toyota Production System2III5050315 OPE Project Management2III5050316OPETheory of Constraints2III5050405 OPE Quality Management Standards2IV5050406 OPE World Class Manufacturing2IV5050407 OPE Business Process reengineering2IV5050408 OPE Enterprise Resource Planning2IV5050409 OPE Financial Perspectives in OperationsManagement410 OPE Service Operations Management2IV50502IV5050411 OPE Business Process Management2IV5050412 OPE Challenges and Opportunities in OperationsManagement413 OPE Lean Manufacturing2IV50502IV5050307 HRSubject Elective Courses (HumanResources Management)Employee Health, Safety& WelfareCredits308 HRCompensation Management2III5050309 HRHR Audit2III5050310 HRHuman Resource Information System2III5050311 HROutsourcing of HR2III5050312 HRPublic Relations & Corporate Communication2III5050313 HRQuality Management System2III5050314 HRLab in Recruitment and Selection2III5050315 HRLab in Job Design and Analysis2III5050316 HRLab in Training2III5050317 HRLab in Labour Laws – I2III5050318 HR2III5050405 HRLab in Personnel Administration & ApplnProceduresOrganizational Design and Development2IV5050406 HRGlobal HRl2IV5050407 HREmployee Reward Management2IV5050408 HRChange Management2IV50502Savitribai Phule Pune University – MBA Revised Syllabus 2016 – 17Semester Concurrent TotalEvaluation MarksIII5050Page 36

409 HRConflict & Negotiation Management2IV5050410 HRLab in CSR2IV5050411 HRLab in Industrial Relations2IV5050412 HRLab in Legal Compliances2IV5050413HRLab in Mentoring and Coaching2IV5050414 HREmerging Trends in HR2IV5050415 HRDesigning HR Policies2IV5050416 HRCompetency Mapping2IV5050307 IBSubject Elective Courses (InternationalBusiness Management)International Management308 IBInternational Marketing2III5050309 IBInternational Marketing Research2III5050310 IBInternational Financial Management2III5050311 IBGlobal IT Management2III5050312 IBGlobal Logistics & Supply Chains2III5050313 IB2III5050314 IBDesigning Organizations for UncertainEnvironmentLegal Dimensions of International Business2III5050315 IBGlobal Strategic Management2III5050316 IBInternational Relations & Management2III5050317 IBForeign Language for International Business –IEnvironment & Global Competitiveness2III50502IV50502IV5050407 IBMarketing to Emerging Markets & Bottom ofthe PyramidCross-Cultural Relationship Marketing2IV5050408 IBForeign Exchange Management2IV5050409 IBE Commerce2IV5050410 IBEnterprise Resource Planning2IV5050411 IBGlobal HR2IV5050412 IBWTO and Intellectual Property Rights2IV5050413 IBGlobal Competitiveness and StrategicAlliancesInternational Diversity Management2IV50502IV5050Foreign Language for International Business –II2IV5050Subject Elective Courses (Supply ChainManagement)Managing Material Flow in Supply ChainsCredits405 IB406 IB414 IB415 IB307 SCMCredits22Savitribai Phule Pune University – MBA Revised Syllabus 2016 – 17Semester Concurrent TotalEvaluation MarksIII5050Semester Concurrent TotalEvaluation MarksIII5050Page 37

308 SCMInventory Management2III5050309 SCM310 SCMPurchasing&Management – ISix Sigma2III50502III5050311 SCMSupply Chain Planning2III5050312 SCMSupply Chain Coordination2III5050313 SCMDecision Modeling for Supply Chains2III5050314 SCMTheory of Constraints2III5050315 SCMSupply Chain Practices – I2III5050405 SCMGreen Logistics & Supply Chains2IV5050406 SCMEnterprise Resource Planning2IV5050407 SCM2IV5050408 SCMPurchasing&SupplierRelationshipManagement – IISupply Chain Risk Management2IV5050409 SCMProject Management2IV5050410 SCMSupply Chain Performance Measurement2IV5050411 SCM2IV5050412 SCMSupply Chain ManagementPerspectivesGlobal Logistics2IV5050413 SCMSupply Chain Practices– II2IV5050SupplierRelationship-FinancialSubject Elective Courses (Rural &Agribusiness Management)CreditsSemester ConcurrentEvaluationIII50TotalMarks50307RABM Rural Development I2308RABM Special Areas in Rural Marketing2III5050309RABM Commodity Markets – I2III5050310RABM Agricultural Marketing & Price Analysis – I2III5050311RABM Microfinance2III5050312RABM Agricultural Marketing2III5050313RABM Rural Research Methods2III5050314RABM Rural Banking2III5050315RABM AgriSupply Chains Management2III5050316RABM ICT for Agriculture Management2III5050317RABM Tourism Marketing – I2III5050318RABM Millennium Development Goals405RABM Rural Development II2III50502IV5050406RABM Special Areas in Agro produce Management2IV5050407RABM Commodity Markets – II2IV5050408RABM Agricultural Marketing and Price Analysis – II409RABM Agricultural Finance and Project Management2IV50502IV5050410RABM Management of Agricultural Input Marketing2IV5050Savitribai Phule Pune University – MBA Revised Syllabus 2016 – 17Page 38

411RABM Intellectual Property Management2IV5050412RABM Food Retail Management2IV5050413RABM Agri-Entreprenuership2IV5050414RABM Management of Agribusiness Cooperatives2IV5050415RABM Tourism Marketing – II2IV5050416RABM Agriculture & WTO2IV5050Subject Elective Courses (Family BusinessManagement)CreditsSemester ConcurrentEvaluationIII50TotalMarks50307 FBM Business Plan308 FBM Private Equity22III5050309 FBM Franchising310 FBM Social Entrepreneurship2III50502III5050311 FBM Intraprenuership312 FBM Trends in Entrepreneurship2III50502III5050313 FBM Small Scale Industries Management314 FBM Entrepreneurial Case Study2III50502III5050405 FBM Creativity and Change in Organizations406 FBM Accounting for Small Business2IV50502IV5050407 FBM Management of Intellectual Property Rights408 FBM Managing , Growing and Exiting the newVenture409 FBM Project Management2IV50502IV50502IV5050410 FBM Environment and Laws411 FBM Information, Disaster and Health Management2IV50502IV5050412 FBM Business TM314TM315TM405TMSubject Elective Courses (TechnologyManagement)Technology ForecastingStrategies for information goods and networkeconomies – IAdvanced Manufacturing TechnologyProduct Strategies for High TechnologyCompanies – IFoundations of Knowledge ManagementBusiness Intelligence and AnalyticsDesigning Organizations for UncertainEnvironmentTechnology Transfer and CommercializationDigital MarketingInnovation, Product Development andCommercializationCredits22Semester Concurrent TotalEvaluation 050505050222IIIIIIIV505050505050Savitribai Phule Pune University – MBA Revised Syllabus 2016 – 17Page 39

406TM407TM408TM409TM410TM411TM412TM413TMStrategies for information goods and networkeconomies – IITechnology Use and AssessmentProduct Strategies for High TechnologyCompanies – IISystems & Technologies for KnowledgeManagementStrategic Management of Intellectual PropertyRightsChange , Creativity & InnovationSeminar on Managing Emerging technologiesMarketing of High Technology ProductsSubject Elective Courses (Banking andInsurance Management)307BIM Treasury IVIV505050505050Credits2Semester Concurrent TotalEvaluation MarksIII5050308BIM Practice of Life Insurance2III5050309BIM Retail & Universal Banking2III5050310BIM Practice of General Insurance2III5050311BIM E- Banking2III5050312BIM Financial Inclusion2III5050313BIM Corporate Insurance Management2III5050314BIM Marketing of Financial Services2III5050315BIM Marketing of Insurance Services2III5050316BIM Rural Banking and Micro-finance2III5050317BIM Personal Financial Planning2III5050318BIM Property Insurance2III5050405BIM Advance Technology in Banking & Insurance2IV5050406BIM Practice of Marine Insurance2IV5050407BIM Fire and Consequential Loss Insurance2IV5050408BIM Health Insurance & Medi-claim Insurance2IV5050409BIM Agricultural Insurance2IV5050410BIM Agency Management2IV5050411BIM International Banking2IV5050412BIM Vehicle Insurance2IV5050413BIM Life Insurance Products2IV5050414BIM Commercial Banking and Cooperative Banking2IV5050415BIM Central Banking2IV5050416BIM Innovations in Banking and Insurance Industry2IV5050Subject Elective Courses(Healthcare Management)CreditsSavitribai Phule Pune University – MBA Revised Syllabus 2016 – 17Semester Concurrent TotalEvaluation MarksPage 40

307HM Healthcare System in India – Public andPrivate308HM Healthcare System in the US / UK2III50502III5050309HM Healthcare Data Analytics Part - I2III5050310HM Healthcare Operations Part - I2III5050311HM Health Insurance Industry2III5050312HM Healthcare clinical and Non clinical services2III5050405HM Healthcare Organizational Behavior2IV5050406HM Healthcare Organizational Leadership2IV5050407HM Healthcare Operations Part - II2IV5050408HM Healthcare Data Analytics Part - II2IV5050409HM2IV50502IV5050Healthcare Services410HM Indian Health Statistics and Information ofHealth in India307ED308EDSubject Elective Courses(Entrepreneurship Development)Women EntrepreneurshipManaging Inventory309EDCredits22Semester Concurrent TotalEvaluation Marks5050III5050IIIPlanning for Operational Efficiency2III5050310EDManufacturing Resource Planning2III5050311EDLegal Compliances for Entrepreneurs2III5050312EDManaging Entrepreneurial Profile2III5050313EDQuality Management System2III5050314EDMicrofinance2III5050315EDIT for Entrepreneurs2III5050316EDSupply Chain Management2III5050317EDUsingExcel for Business Intelligence2III5050318EDLeadership Skills for Entrepreneurs2III5050405EDDigital ing Logistics for InternationalBusinessLegal Issues inInternationalBusiness2IV5050408EDInternational Marketing2IV5050409EDAvenues for Entrepreneurs2IV5050Savitribai Phule Pune University – MBA Revised Syllabus 2016 – 17Page 41

410EDIPR Strategies2IV5050411EDManaging for DDocumentation for International Business2IV5050414ED2IV5050415EDMarketing to Emerging Markets & Bottom ofthe PyramidProject Management & Feasibility Analysis2IV5050416EDCorporate Entrepreneurship2IV5050Subject Elective Courses (ServicesManagement)307SER Project Management in ServicesCredits308SER Relationship Management in Services2III5050309SER Information Technology Enabled ServicesManagement310SER Sevice Value Chain Management Lab2III50502III5050311SER Service Technology Lab2III5050312SER Service Leadership Lab2III5050405SER Global Scenario of Services2IV5050406SER Corporate Governance & Legal Framework inServices407SER Computer Application in Service Management2IV50502IV5050408SER Services 0perations Management2IV5050409SER Service Excellence2IV5050410SER Documentation Management in services2IV5050Subject Elective Courses(Retail Management)307RM Retail Merchandise Management2Credits2Semester Concurrent TotalEvaluation MarksIII5050Semester Concurrent TotalEvaluation MarksIII5050308RM Warehouse Management2III5050309RM Retail selling skill2III5050310RM IT for Retailing2III5050311RM Food Retail Management2III5050312RM Managing retail store2III5050405RM Retail Logistics Management2IV5050406RM Retail Customer Service2IV5050407RM Retail Pricing2IV5050408RM Retail customer buying behavior and CRM2IV5050Savitribai Phule Pune University – MBA Revised Syllabus 2016 – 17Page 42

409RM Retail promotion2IV5050410RM Retailing StrategySubject Elective Courses(Digital Media Communication Marketing)307MC Mass Communication Media and Culture - I2IV5050Credits2Semester Concurrent TotalEvaluation MarksIII5050308MCPublic Relations – I2III5050309MCEvent Management2III5050310MC Communications Theory – I2III5050311MC Media Planning & Buying2III50502III50502III5050Email Marketing2III5050315MC Mobile Marketing2III5050312MCDigital Consumer and Digital Branding313MC Social Media Marketing314MC405 MCMass Communication Media and Culture – II2IV5050406 MCPublic Relations – II2IV5050407 MCGlobal Marketing Communications2IV5050408 MCCommunications Theory – II2IV5050409 MCMedia and the Laws2IV5050410 MCDigital Analytics for Marketers2IV5050411 MCData Mining for Marketing Insights2IV5050412 MCAffiliate Marketing2IV5050413 MCMeasuring Brand Equity2IV5050TotalMarksCourseCodeSubject Elective Courses(Tourism andHospitality ManagementCreditsSemester307THMHospitality and Tourism Laws2IIIConcurrentEvaluation50308 THMFinancial Management for HospitalityManagementAccounting for Hospitality Management2III50502III5050309 THMSavitribai Phule Pune University – MBA Revised Syllabus 2016 – 1750Page 43

310 THMInformation and CommunicationTechnology for Hospitality2III5050311 THM312 THM313 THM314 THM405 THM406 THM407 THM408 THM409 THM410 THM411 THM412 THMServices ManagementAccommodation ManagementFacilities and Securities ManagementCulture and Ethics ManagementHotel Administration ManagementData Analytics LabEconomic Analysis for servicesEvent ManagementLogistics and Supply Chain ManagementFood and Beverages ManagementProfessional Skills Development LabStatistics for Hospitality and 050505050505050505050505050505050505050505050307 DFM308 DFM309 DFM310 DFM311 DFM312 DFM313 DFM314 DFM315 DFM316 DFM317 DFM405 DFM406 DFM407 DFM408 DFM409 DFM410 DFM411 DFM412 DFM413 DFM414 DFM415 DFMSubject Elective Courses (DefenseManagement sLegal aspects of Security & DefenceManagementDefence–Marketing Management IDefence Acquisition Planning ProcedureDefence Manpower Management IDefence Information SystemManagementDefence Operation ManagementDefence Supply Chain Management –INegotiating in Business & OrganisationInternational Business Economics - IExport Documentation & ProcedureDefence mechanism of IndiaDefence – Marketing Management IIEconomics of Organisations & StrategyDefence - Manpower Management IIDefence –Enterprise Resource PlanningCyber LawsDefence Quality ManagementStandardsDefence Supply Chain Management -IIDefence Procurement ProcedureManaging Strategic Innovations Defence ManagementInternational BusinessEconomics – IIInternational 50502IV50502IV5050Note: Each Subject Elective Course is a Half Credit course of 30 hours. Out of 30 hours 25 hours shall bedevoted to teaching – learning sessions and 5 hours for evaluation/projects. 50 marks shall be devoted forconcurrent evaluation to be carried out by the Institute.Savitribai Phule Pune University – MBA Revised Syllabus 2016 – 17Page 44

Savitribai Phule Pune University – MBA Revised Syllabus 2016 – 17 Page 1 Savitribai Phule Pune University . 101 Accounting for Business Decisions 3 I 30 20 50 100 102 Economic Analysis for . 202 Financial M

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Pune First class (74 %) June, 1981 M.Sc. (Physics) Department of Physics, Savitribai Phule University of Pune, Pune First class (76%) June, 1983 Ph.D. (Physics) Department of Physics, Savitribai Phule University of Pune, Pune - September, 1988 Qualified National Eligibility Test (NET) for Junior Research Fellow (JRF)

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