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Pledge RemindersPLEDGE REMINDER PROCESS -TABLE OF CONTENTSPledge Reminders . 2Pledge Reminders Process . 21.Run the Preliminary Process . 22.Review Pledges to identify being sent a Reminder (This process is completed outside of Cannon) . 53.Mark Reminders Sent . 6Last Revised: November 9th, 20171

Pledge RemindersPLEDGE REMINDERSPledge Reminders ProcessA Pledge is any gift commitment with multiple payments.Pledge Reminders are sent to constituents who have an overdue or outstanding balance on a Pledge. ActiveRecurring Gifts will also be included in the Reminder process with the exclusion of payroll, automatic recurringgifts via Luminate online.It is also with the assumption that both the Pledge and Recurring Gift have the “send reminder” on the gift setto “yes”.Based on departmental processes to “review” pledge reminder lists prior to being sent, the University ofGuelph uses two versions of the Pledge Reminder Process in Cannon to identify and mark the reminders assent. (This is opposed to relying on the output of the Pledge Reminder process itself)They are distinguished as:Preliminary Pledge Reminder ProcessReminders Sent ProcessThis University of Guelph specific process entails three general steps:1. Run Preliminary Process (to generate potential list of pledges to send reminders)2. Review Pledges to identify those being sent a Reminder (manual review outside of Cannon) and processReminders3. Mark records for “actual” Reminders sent.1. Run the Preliminary ProcessThe query to run the Preliminary Process is called:All Pledges and Recurring Gifts with reminder send reminder flag yes AND exclude Payroll (Ad-hoc Query)2Last Revised: November 9th, 2017

Pledge RemindersThis is to be used for retrieve the results based on the following criteria:Here is the process to run the Preliminary Process:1. Navigate to the Revenue Functional Area and go to Reminders under Donor Relations sections2. On the Review Reminders tab, ensure that all past Preliminary Pledge Reminder Process results have beencleared. This will be noted by the red “X” and the status says “results cleared”. (If there are Preliminaryprocesses that are not cleared, you can expand the chevron to clear results)Last Revised: November 9th, 20173

Pledge RemindersNote: If results are not cleared on these processes, the output of the process may not include the appropriate “nextinstallment date”3. Once all previous “Preliminary Pledge Reminder” process results have been cleared, go to the Reminderstab and select the Preliminary Pledge Reminder ProcessClick the chevron to Start the process4. In the Run Reminder Process window, choose the Calculate amounts as of – a specific date to runreminders for.Example: on Mar 1, 2017 – if the intent was is to find Pledges/Recurring Gifts with installments due ON orBEFORE the end of June, 2017, you would select June 30, 2017.Ensure all exclusions are met (if applicable).5. Once the process is started, you will be taken to the status. Once the status says Complete you canDownload output to review all the records4Last Revised: November 9th, 2017

Pledge Reminders2. Review Pledges to identify being sent a Reminder(This process is completed outside of Cannon)** The individual who initiates the Reminder Process in this document will be called the ReminderCoordinator.The output from the Previous Process is reviewed by the Reminder Coordinator to identify Pledges to bereviewed based on “Next Installment Date” (ie. Those overdue, those due next month, those due in 3 months)Table 1.1 for a checklist of what to look for in each record1. Once the output file has been modified and saved, the Reminder Coordinator will review each record andmanually add the Prospect Manager to the output.2. This list will then be disseminated to the wider team (Develop Assistants, Prospect Managers) to allowthem to identify which reminders should be sent.3. Outside of Cannon – the Reminder letters are created and Sent to the constituent(an additional interaction may be filed by an RM or DA on the record of the actual letter and/or method ofcontact of the Reminder but not for all cases)Table 1.1 – Pledge Review Checklist Has the pledge payment been made and not captured by the report due to report and paymenttiming? If so, do not send.Has the pledge payment made been allocated to the wrong designation? If so, needs to becorrected by Finance and a reminder should not be necessary.Has the pledge payment been allocated solely to one spouse and none allocated to the spouse thathas recognition credit? If so needs to be sent to Finance and a reminder should not be necessary.Pledge reminder not to be send if it is not the Current reminder or one the Overdue reminders onthe schedule of 3-6-9-12 months.Is it a credit card or automatic payment? If so needs to go to Finance to correct system flag so itdoes not appear on future reports and a reminder should not be necessary.Should the spouse be combined on the letter due to recognition credit? Is the spouse on thereport? If not why? If combining spouses for letter merging, need to adjust amounts due, amountpaid and total pledge amounts on the letter to take into consideration both of their “parts” of thepledge. However, both spouses need to appear in the SENT selection upload so that both of theirpledge revenue records are stamped properly.Was the pledge already flagged for Finance to correct/investigate? Check investigation spreadsheetfor finance notes.Last Revised: November 9th, 20175

Pledge Reminders3. Mark Reminders SentNote: To stamp the record in a timely manner, this process can be done multiple times over the duration of amonth depending on when Reminders are sent (outside of Cannon).Any method of contact is considered a “reminder sent”. Eg. Phone call, email, hard mail.1. The Reminder Coordinator compiles the list of reminders actually sent, and imports the modified list intoCannon.2. The Reminder Coordinator ensures all the previous Preliminary Pledge Reminder process results arecleared (See the Run Preliminary Process above)3. Once all previous Preliminary Pledge Reminder process results have been cleared, go to the Reminderstab and select Reminders Sent ProcessClick the chevron to Edit the process4. From the Edit Reminder Process window, find and select the recently created Selection for the CustomSelection** In most cases, the Selection should already be selected if named the same from previous months6Last Revised: November 9th, 2017

Pledge Reminders5. Change the calculated amounts as of the date to match the date that was used in the original preliminaryprocess and SaveLast Revised: November 9th, 20177

Pledge RemindersExample: on Mar 1, 2017 – if the intent was is to find Pledges/Recurring Gifts with installments due ON orBEFORE the end of June, 2017, you would select June 30, 2017.8Last Revised: November 9th, 2017

Pledge Reminders6. Go back to the Process that has been edited and Start Process which will then take you to the RunReminder Process confirmation window7. Verify the date is correct for the Pledge reminders and ensure all exclusions are met (if applicable) andStart the process.8. Once the process is started, you will be taken to the status. Once the status says Complete , verify thenumber of records processed matches the expectation9. Click “Mark Sent”. This will now mark on the constituent record under the Communication tab that aReminder was sent and updates the reminder history on the revenue record itself.Last Revised: November 9th, 20179

Pledge RemindersNote: “Reminder Sent Process” should never have results cleared in a regular course of business (as this will remove arecord of a Reminder being sent on the record. Clearing results for these processes would only be used when errorshave occurred from the process.10Last Revised: November 9th, 2017

PLEDGE REMINDERS Pledge Reminders Process A Pledge is any gift commitment with multiple payments. Pledge Reminders are sent to constituents who have an overdue or outstanding balance on a Pledge. Active Recurring Gifts will also be included in the Reminder process with the exclusion o

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