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Columbia ArchivesEphemera-Memorabilia-Artifacts CollectionJames W. Rouse's "PhotoShoot" Eyeglasses, n.d.James W. Rouse's FishingPole, n.d.James W. Rouse's Ice Skates,n.d.Desk Pen Set Presented toJames W. Rouse from theYoung Columbians, 1975Shovel for Cherry Hill MallExpansion Ground Breaking,1976Shovel for The RouseCompany HeadquartersGround Breaking, 1972Whistle Nancy Allison Usedto Summon James W. Rouseto Meetings, n.d.Cross Keys Inn Ashtray, n.d.Waterside RestaurantAshtray, n.d.Columbia Bank and TrustCompany Ashtray, 1968People Tree Ashtray, 1968Clyde's Restaurant Ashtray,n.d.Columbia All Star SwimMeet Badge, n.d.Head Ski and SportswearCompany Badge, n.d.Columbia Volksmarch ClubBadge for Columbia's 20thBirthday, 1987Columbia Volksmarch ClubBadge, 1986Town Center 25thAnniversary Products, 1999Columbia Bank and TrustCompany Moneybag, n.d.The Mall in Columbia 40thAnniversary Shopping Bag,2011Produce Galore Bag forCoffee Beans, 2008Kings Contrivance VillageCenter Shopping Bag, n.d.Wilde Lake Village GreenHoliday Shopping Bag, n.d.Columbia AquaticsAssociation Swim Bag, n.d.Owen Brown InterfaithCenter Token Noting SurplusBudget, ca. 1984Hickory Ridge VillageCenter Ball, n.d.Columbia 20th BirthdayBalloon, 1987Rotary Club of ColumbiaTown Center Banner, n.d.Rotary Club of ColumbiaBanner, n.d.Sewell's Orchards FruitBasket, n.d.Sewell's Orchards FruitBasket, n.d.www.ColumbiaArchives.orgPage 1

Columbia ArchivesEphemera-Memorabilia-Artifacts Collection"Columbia: The NextAmerica Game", 1982Columbia Voyage WineBottle, 1992Columbia 20th BirthdayChateau Columbia WineBottle, 1986Columbia 20th BirthdayChampagne Bottle, 1987Santa Remembers Me Bracelet from the Mallin Columbia, 2007Merriweather Park atSymphony Woods Bracelet,2015Anne Dodd for HowardCounty School BoardBumper Sticker, n.d.Columbia Gardeners BumperSticker, 1974Columbia Business CardCase, n.d.Mike Marshall for ColumbiaCouncil Rep from Harper'sChoice Button, ca. 1976Columbia Maryland,Chesapeake Bay CountryButton, n.d.Village of Oakland Mills20th Anniversary Button, 1988Just Say No Button, ca. 1982Lloyd Knowles for HowardCounty Council Button, n.d.Columbia Volksmarch ClubButton, n.d.Liz Bobo for HowardCounty Council Button, n.d.Howard Community CollegeButton, n.d.Ruth Keeton CampaignButton, n.d.Howard County Arts CouncilButton, n.d.Columbia Festival of theArts Button, n.d.Columbia Festival of theArts Button, 2007Vote Wilde Lake VillageGreen Button, n.d.Michael's Pub Cinco deMayo Button, 1990Better Homes and Gardensand MASCO Show HomeButton, 1995Columbia Archives Button,n.d.Vantage Place Button, n.d.Howard County, MarylandButton, n.d.Clyde's Restaurant IrishPower Button, 2011Ken Ulman for HowardCounty Executive Button, 2006Howard County GeneralHospital Button, n.d.www.ColumbiaArchives.orgPage 2

Columbia ArchivesEphemera-Memorabilia-Artifacts CollectionHoward County, MD Button,n.d.Howard County, MarylandButton, n.d.Columbia 20th BirthdayButton, 1987Baltimore Symphony atSymphony Woods Button, n.d.Village of Long ReachButton, n.d.Columbia Gardeners Button,1974The Columbia FoundationFundraiser Button, 1991Capital Homes Sponsor ofColumbia Classic Grand PrixButton, 1988The Columbia LibraryRestaurant Button, ca. 1982International Peace Walk,Columbia, Maryland Button,1988Richard Anderson forHoward County CouncilButton, n.d.Columbia 20th Birthday"Hail Columbia" ConcertButton, 1987Village of Wilde LakeElections Button, n.d.The Rusty ScupperRestaurant Button, n.d.No Union Button, n.d.Bryant Woods ElementarySchool 25th AnniversaryButton, n.d.Longfellow Friends of the4th Button, n.d.Howard County PublicSchools Button, n.d.I Love Soccer Button, n.d.Harper's Choice MiddleSchool TV (HCTV) Button,ca. 1991Barbara Rudlin for SchoolBoard Button, n.d.Wilde Lake Village GreenButton, n.d.Howard County [PublicSchools] Button, n.d.Columbia AssociationButton, n.d.Village of Wilde Lake 30thAnniversary Button, 1997Maryland Mania Pro SoccerButton, ca. 1999Friends of OEO 25thAnniversary Button, n.d.Columbia Loves Me Button,n.d.Columbia AssociationButton, 1993Children's Care Center,Howard County GeneralHospital Button, n.d.www.ColumbiaArchives.orgPage 3

Columbia ArchivesEphemera-Memorabilia-Artifacts CollectionVillage of Wilde Lake 40thAnniversary Button, 2007Merrill Lynch - ColumbiaButton, n.d.Columbia 25th BirthdayButton, 1992Columbia 25th BirthdayButton, 1992Columbia Association'sCelebrate 2000 Button, 1999Columbia 40th BirthdayButton, 2007Lake-Front Live, ColumbiaFestival of the Arts Button, n.d.Columbia 22nd BirthdayButton, 1989I Love Columbia Button, n.d.Historic Oakland 185thAnniversary Button, 1996Wine in the Woods Buttonwith Sponsor Ribbon, 1994Columbia Festival of theArts Button with VolunteerRibbon, 1989Columbia MarylandCalendar, 1980Columbia Calendar, 1996Howard CountySesquicentennial CelebrationCalendar, 2000-2001Columbia 30th BirthdayPepsi Can, 1998Columbia Bank & TrustCompany Checkbook, n.d.Columbia Town Center 25thAnniversary Coaster Set, 1999Ridings Village LiquorsCoaster/Business CardHolder, n.d.Columbia AquaticsAssociation RecipeCollection, ca. 1978Huntington Corkscrew, 1979Columbia Gardeners Decal,ca. 1990Columbia Inn Desk Clock, n.d.People Tree Tie Tack Die,1983Waterside Restaurant Plate,n.d.Dorsey's Search VillageCenter Opening Mug, 1989Village of Wilde Lake 20thAnniversary Mug, 1987People Tree Glass, n.d.Columbia, Md. Glass, n.d.Howard County MarylandSesquicentennial Glass, 2001www.ColumbiaArchives.orgPage 4

Columbia ArchivesEphemera-Memorabilia-Artifacts CollectionThe Columbia LibraryRestaurant Mug, ca. 1982Oakland Mills Village CenterInternational Festival Mug, n.d.Toby's Dinner Theatre Glass,n.d.Last Chance SaloonAnniversary Mug, n.d.Last Chance Saloon 1stAnniversary Mug, 1982Plata Grande - MargaritaMaggies Mug, n.d.Village of Long Reach 20thAnniversary ChampagneFlute, 1991The Mall in Columbia 40thAnniversary ChampagneFlute, 2011Columbia 20th BirthdayChampagne Glass, 1987Village of River Hill Mug, n.d.River Hill Village CenterOpening Mug, ca. 1997Town Center Columbia Mug,n.d.Dorsey's Search VillageAssociation Mug, n.d.Columbia AssociationAquatics Staff Mug, 1984Columbia Memorial ParkCup, n.d.The Rouse Company 35thAnniversary Mug, 1974Kahler Hall 20thAnniversary Mug, 1991Sushi Sono Tea Cup, n.d.Village of Oakland MillsMug, n.d."We're On The Move InColumbia" Mug, n.d.Howard Community CollegeMug, n.d.ColumbiaTelecommunicationsCorporation Mug, n.d.Kings Contrivance VillageCenter Opening Mug, 1986Wilde Lake 25thAnniversary Mug, 1992Village of Long Reach Mug,n.d.Columbia, Md. Mug, n.d.DiversiTia ColumbiaMaryland Mug, n.d.Villages of Columbia, MDMug, n.d.Harper's Choice VillageCenter Re-Opening Mug, 1987Hickory Ridge VillageCenter Opening Mug, 1992www.ColumbiaArchives.orgPage 5

Columbia ArchivesEphemera-Memorabilia-Artifacts CollectionFamily Life Center Mug, n.d.Monday MorningNewspaper Mug, n.d.Hobbit's Glen Golf ClubMug, n.d.Ladies 9-Hole League,Hobbit's Glen Golf ClubMug, n.d.Columbia Loves Me Mug,1981Hobbit's Glen Golf Club Setof Glasses, n.d.Columbia 25th BirthdayCommemorative Postmarkon Envelope, 1992Columbia 25th Birthday andCity Fair CommemorativeEnvelope and Postmark, 1992Columbia 20th BirthdayCommemorative Envelopeand Postmark, 1987Columbia First DayPostmark CommemorativeEnvelope, 1966The Village Hardware,Oakland Mills Village CenterFly Swatter, n.d.Columbia 13th BirthdayFrisbee from WLMD Radio,1980Columbia 20th BirthdayFrisbee from O'Conor Piper& Flynn Realtors, 1987Garden Trowel andCertificate of Appreciationfrom Inner Arbor Trust, 2015Hank Majewski - Range GolfBall, n.d.Columbia Forum VoyageVisor, 1992Columbia East Phelps LuckSwim Team Cap, 1982Winter Growth Hat, n.d.Marchand Room, KahlerHall Commemorative Hat forRuss Gobbel, ca. 1980Macgill's Common ModelHome Park Hat, n.d.Columbia Inn Jar, n.d.Village of Harper's ChoiceKey Ring, n.d.Equitable - Columbia Bankand Trust Company KeyRing, n.d.Longfellow [Swim Team]Key Ring, 1975Columbia 20th Birthday Kite,1987United Way Lapel Pin, n.d.Woodsy Lapel Pin, n.d.Columbia Volksmarch ClubOriole Lapel Pin, 1988First State WebfootersVolksmarch Lapel Pin, 1982Columbia Volksmarch ClubWorld War I Victory MedalLapel Pin, 1986www.ColumbiaArchives.orgPage 6

Columbia ArchivesEphemera-Memorabilia-Artifacts CollectionColumbia Volksmarch ClubSavage Mill Lapel Pin, 1986Columbia Volksmarch ClubOakland Mills Village LapelPin, 1988Columbia Volksmarch ClubThe People Tree Lapel Pin,1985United Way Lapel Pin, n.d.10 Kilometers Lapel Pin, n.d.Paul Farragut HowardCounty Council Lapel Pin, n.d.People Tree Lapel Pin, n.d.Hiker / Walker Lapel Pin, n.d.American VolkssportAssociation Lapel Pin, n.d.CAJA Cergy-PontoiseFrance Lapel Pin, n.d.Tres Cantos Spain Lapel Pin,n.d.Historic Oakland Lapel Pin,n.d.Delaware State Flag LapelPin, n.d.Howard County MarylandSesquicentennial Lapel Pin,2001Maryland VolkssportAssociation Lapel Pin, 1988Volksmarchers Lapel Pin, n.d.International VolksmarchLapel Pin, 1985Columbia Volksmarch ClubSavage Maryland Lapel Pin,1985Cross Keys Inn Lapel Pin, n.d.The Magic Pan CrêperieMatchbook, n.d.The Rotary Club ofColumbia Town CenterMedallion, 1985Ryland Group's PotomacModel Wall Hanging, 1980Model of Amherst House inKings Contrivance VillageCenter, ca. 1988People Tree MountedPhotograph, n.d.Clyde's Bow Tie, n.d.People Tree Necktie, n.d.Columbia Volksmarch ClubCedar Lane Park Ornament,1986Columbia Volksmarch ClubColumbia 25th BirthdayOrnament, 1992ABUS Padlock, n.d.Columbia Inn Paperweightand Pen Desk Set, n.d.www.ColumbiaArchives.orgPage 7

Columbia ArchivesEphemera-Memorabilia-Artifacts CollectionThe Rollins-LuetkemeyerScholars, McDonoghPaperweight, n.d.Ryland Homes Paperweight,n.d.The Mall in ColumbiaOpening Paperweight, 1971Columbia Invitational SoccerTournament Paperweight, 1992Columbia Invitational SoccerTournament Paperweight, 1991Columbia Inn Paperweightand Note Holder, n.d.Columbia Inn Paperweightand Post-It Holder, n.d.St. Matthew House GroundBreaking Paperweight, 1998Cross Keys Inn Paperweight,n.d.Columbia Inn PencilSharpener, n.d.Commemorative Pie Tin toMickey Dunham fromVillage of Oakland Mills, 1977Dollar from The Mall inColumbia Opening,Columbia Bank & Trust, 1971Merriweather Post PavilionPermanent Admission Cardfor James Rouse, 1967Salute to James Rouse fromHoward County Coalition forBlack History, 1987James Rouse Inducted intothe Hospitality Hall of Fame,1984Building Research AdvisoryBoard, Quarter CenturyCitation, James Rouse, 1977Columbia Residents HonorJames Rouse on Columbia's10th Anniversary, 1977National MedicalAssociation's Presents Scrollof Merit to James Rouse, 1971Freedom Heritage Award toJames Rouse forDistinguished Service, 1979Home Builders Associationof Maryland LifetimeMembership for Rouse, n.d.James Rouse Award fromBoston Club of ColumbiaBusiness School, 1976Columbia Bank & TrustCompany 10th BirthdayPlaque, n.d.Junior Achievement Awardto Kilnco Counselled byJ.W. Rouse & Co. 1962Long Reach Arts & CraftsPlaque, 1972Columbia AssociationChildren's Zoo Sponsorshipof Junior Oriole Program, 1977Maryland Press Club's Man ofthe Year - James W. Rouse,1980K/M Development DedicateBuilding to Columbia Bank& Trust Employees, 1982Junior AchievementPresented to James W.Rouse & Co. by Kilnco, 1962Young Men's ChristianAssociation Appreciation ofJames Rouse, 1974Land Use Foundation ofNew Hampshire Membershipfor The Rouse Company, n.d.www.ColumbiaArchives.orgPage 8

Columbia ArchivesEphemera-Memorabilia-Artifacts CollectionRiver Hill Village CenterAnimal Novelty, n.d.The Columbia FoundationLogo Printing Plate, n.d.Executive Proclamation toWilliam S. Jefferson from J.Hugh Nichols, 1979Program for a New YearsConcert by Saxony-AnhaltBrass, 2011Puzzle Invitation toVolunteer Party atStonehouse, n.d.Columbia 10th Birthday GalaFrançaise Evening Stamp,1977Columbia, Maryland PlayingCards, n.d.Columbia, MD Pet WasteScooper, n.d.Door Plate for James Rouse,Chairman of the Board, TheRouse Company, 1982Stress Reliever from HowardCounty Youth AwarenessCommittee, n.d.National Symphony SummerFestival Charter Season Pass,1967Columbia 20th Birthday"Hail Columbia" EventTicket, 1987Ticket Stubs to Van CliburnConcert at Merriweather PostPavilion, Columbia, 1968ColumBus Fare Box, n.d.The Columbia Cup Trophy[Bucket] 1980-1987Columbia Villages SoftballTournament Trophy, 1981Owen Brown Canoe CupTrophy Won by SouthwickAssociation, 1985Columbia Festival of theArts Water Bottle, 1999BikeAbout Water Bottle, 2003Pen Used to Sign Bills forDowntown ColumbiaRevitalization Plan, 2009Equitable Pen, n.d.Howard Cable TelevisionPencil, n.d.American Café ColumbiaClassic Grand Prix Pencil,1993Cross Keys Inn Pencil, n.d.Columbia Bank And TrustCompany Pen, n.d.Hickory Ridge VillageCenter Yo-yo, n.d.Mute Swan (Cygnus olor)Egg Shell Collected by theRouse Family, 1987Turtle Shell Collected by theRouse Family, n.d.Turtle Shell Collected by theRouse Family, n.d.www.ColumbiaArchives.orgPage 9

Columbia 25th Birthday Button, 1992 Columbia 25th Birthday Button, 1992 Columbia Association's Celebrate 2000 Button, 1999 Columbia 40th Birthday Button, 2007 Lake-Front Live, Columbia Festival of the Arts Button, n.d. Columbia 22nd Birthday Button, 1989 I Love Columbia Button, n.d. Histor

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