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OUR 2013 GLOBAL GIVINGEVERY HEARTBEAT MATTERSA LETTER FROM MIKEFrom Irvine, California, to Shanghai, China, and everywhere inbetween, philanthropy is at the heart of who we are and is asource of pride for our 8,500 employees around the world.IN THE SPAN OFONE HEARTBEAT.In 2013, we granted approximately 5.5 million through TheEdwards Lifesciences Fund to more non-profit organizationsthan ever. We also matched hundreds of employee gifts totheir favorite charities, and more than 70 percent of ouremployees participated in charitable activities.In 2014, we celebrate the 10th anniversary of our fund bylaunching a new initiative – Every Heartbeat Matters – with agoal that, by 2020, our philanthropy will impact the globalburden of heart valve disease by supporting the education,screening and treatment of one million underserved people.By focusing our philanthropy on a problem we know well, weexpect to drive a meaningful change for underserved patients.We plan to commit at least half of ourcharitable giving through 2020 to EveryHeartbeat Matters, and continue to helpfund other health- and communityfocused initiatives, particularly thosethat help critically ill patients andstrengthen the communities where ouremployees live and work.We are energized by thepromise of thisnew initiativeand we lookf orw a r dtohearing storiesabout the lives touched bythe non-profit organizationsthat we support.All the best,Michael A. MussallemChairman and CEOYou fall in love.A child is born.An innovation changes the world.With every heartbeat, new possibilities await.But for six million people in the U.S., and millions more aroundthe world, heart valve disease could end their livesprematurely and take away millions of heartbeats.That’s why we launched Every Heartbeat Matters, a newcharitable initiative with one bold goal:

OUR 2013 GLOBAL GIVINGEVERY HEARTBEAT MATTERSSOME MAGICFOR AJWHAT YOU KNOWCAN SAVE OTHERSAJ is an inspiring boy who atfi v e years ol d h as alreadyund erg o n e15medicalprocedures, three of whichwere open-heart surgery, andhe is also legally blind and deaf. But AJ isa happy child who loves music, swinging and MickeyMouse. Because of his medicalcondition, AJ cannot often beexposed to germs f o u n d a tpublic parks, so he wished for aplay ground at ho me – a n dEdwards’ employee volunteersbuilt him one!The first pillar of Every Heartbeat Matters is education for boththe public and healthcare community. Over the next six years,we will increase our support of non-profit organizationsaround the world that specifically educate underservedpeople about heart valve disease.*A second surprise wish wasgranted to AJ at our holidayparty when he and his familyreceived annual passes toDisneyland.We love you, AJ!We will look for the most creative, effective and measurableways to educate people worldwide about the signs andsymptoms of this devastating disease.Do you know of a way to reach people in remote locations?Can you explain what heart valve disease is to people ofdifferent cultures? Have an idea about how to inform peoplethat is unique? Then let us know and let’s educate people allaround the world together.We’re especially interested inways to educate underservedpeople who might not otherwiseget information about heartvalve disease.AN A FOR CAREA few years ago, Edwards employees in Puerto Rico createda “Back-to-School” program for the community near ouroperations in Haiña. Employees nominate local familieswith school-age children who have special needs that areparticularly deserving of support. This year,we received 19 nominations andhelped each family with schoolsupplies, gift cards andmore.* We define underserved people as those who have a healthdisparity as defined by the Centers for Disease Control andPrevention as those who lackawar en es s of , or accessto, medically appropriateheart valve-relatedhealthcare.

OUR 2013 GLOBAL GIVINGEVERY HEARTBEAT MATTERSWEAHAThroughout 2013, we partneredwith American Heart Association(AHA) to educate the public andour employees about heartdisease – the No.1 killer in theworld. Employees sportedred, and two of ourexecutives, Aimee Weisnerand Christine McCauley,served as the chair andchair-elect of the 2013Go Red for Women campaign inOrange County. Add in our support ofseveral Heart Balls and Heart Walks, plusparticipation in National Eating Healthy Day, and it’seasy to see how much wethe AHA.HEARTFELTTHANKSIn November, Edwards received an award for “OutstandingLarge Business” at the National Philanthropy Day luncheon inIrvine, California, for our support of the non-profit communityin Orange County and ouremployees’ enthusiasmfor volunteerism. Wewere humbled to berecognized in front ofmore than 900 of ourcommunity friendswho share our deepcommitment to givingback.HEARTS CORAZONESCŒURS MIOYO心中CEPДЦANo matter what language doctors speak,it’s important that they knowabout heart valve disease –while it impacts millions oflives, it is largely treatable.U nfo r t u n ately, th er e isinsufficient knowledge ofhe a r t valve dis eas earound the world, evenwithin the healthcarecommunity. This meanspeople suffering fromthis disease may neverfind out they are at risk,even when they dosee a healthcare professional.Well-trained clinicians play a significant role inreducing the global burden of this disease. So, in addition toeducating the general population, we will support theeducation and training of clinicians who care for underservedpatients on the best practices to diagnose and treat heartvalve disease.The more doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals whoare aware of the disease, its symptoms and treatmentoptions, the more lives around the world can be improved oreven saved.Do you know how to reach the healthcare community inunderserved areas? Are there conferences or symposia thatcould inform healthcare communities about screening andtreatment? If so, we invite you to apply for a grant.To review the grant application details, pleasescan this QR code or visitEveryHeartbeatMatters.com.

OUR 2013 GLOBAL GIVINGEVERY HEARTBEAT MATTERS“I WILL NOT LEAVETHIS PATIENT BEHIND”LET’S MAKE SURETHE BEATS GO ONThose were the words of Dr. David Adams when he met ayoung mother in the Dominican Republic while on aMitral Foundation mission.Through our support ofthe Mitral Foundation,she and many othersreceived life-saving carefo r t hei r di s eas edhearts and can enjoylife with their childrenand families.The second pillar of our EveryHeartbeat Matters initiative is toincrease heart screenings ofunderserved people todetect heart valve diseasebefore it’s too late.WE PUT THEART IN HEARTArt came to life in Japan when Edwards employees joinedwith Hands On Tokyo and provided art appreciation for thevisually impaired. They met at the Museum of ContemporaryArt T o ky o , a n d t h evolunteers sharedwith the ir g u e s t show exhibits canbe appr e c ia t e dthrough hearing,touch and smell.We want to focus on thosewho are most at risk – peopleover the age of 50, those with ahistory of rheumatic heart disease,or a genetic predisposition.There are many different screeningtechniques, from listening to yourheart with a stethoscope, toechocardiography, where amoving image of yourheart is created usingsound waves.W e b elieve th e mor ehearts screened, the moreheartbeats can be saved.Echocardiography is a simple procedurethat uses sound waves to take “pictures”of your heart. It’s also called an echo testor heart ultrasound.Visit Heart.org/heartvalves or scan thisQR code to download the American HeartAssociation’s Valve Disease Symptom Tracker!

OUR 2013 GLOBAL GIVINGEVERY HEARTBEAT MATTERSHEARTSIN MOTIONSAVING LIVES ONEHEARTBEAT AT A TIMESince 2001, Free Wheelchair Mission has transformed thelives of over 734,000 individuals in 91 countries by givingthem free wheelchairs. In 2013, 10 Edwards employeesjourneyed from Shanghai to Anyang, China, to assemble anddistribute 550 wheelchairs to underserved people.The third pillar of Every Heartbeat Matters is treatment ofunderserved heart valve patients.Hui-an, a 65-year-old woman whosuffered a stroke, depended on herhusband to carry her any placeshe needed to go. With her newwheelchair, Hui-an can nowventure out by herself to visither neighbors, shop, or dowhatever she lik e s . Sh ehas regained her sense o findependence, hope anddignity. Thank you FreeWheelchair Mission!THEY’RELOVIN’EDWARDSOur employees in Sydney,Australia, brought holidayc h eer t o th e Ron a ldMc Do nal d Hou s e atWestmead Hospital. Whilethe kids were at the hospitalreceiving their treatments,employees put up a holiday tree,decorated the house from room to room, then fired-up thebarbecue, or “barbie” as they say, and cooked a feast. Nowthat’s a happy meal!Around the world, many peoplehave limited or no access totreatment for heart valvedisease. Treatment can rangefrom medical management tovalve replacement or othersurgical options.Together with our partnersaround the world, we willc o m mit r es ou r ces tohe l p impr ove acces st o t r e a tmen t, pr ovidem e d i c al equ ipmen t,support global medicalmissions, and providet r a nspor tation f orpatients to receive care.From young children to seniors, in all parts of the world,every heartbeat we save is a gift.Thanks to the American Heart Association, youcan learn more about heart valve disease, itssymptoms and treatment options by visitingHeart.org/heartvalves or scan this QR code.

OUR 2013 GLOBAL GIVINGEVERY HEARTBEAT MATTERSHOME IS WHERETHE HEART ISThe Illumination Foundation works toend the cycle of homelessness inOrange County, California. TheFoundation’s Children’s ResourceCenter provides a place wherehomeless youth can go for tutoring,therapy, mentoring, classes and meals.Nearly 100 Edwards employees helped build picnic tables, aplayhouse and play kitchen, a mirrored cabinet and awardrobe for career role-playing. Soccer equipment was alsodonated by Edwards. The employees even helped the youthwith their homework! The kids still talk about wanting the“Edwards people” back for more crafts and activities.SEND US YOURHEART-HAND PHOTOSIf you’re involved in an Every Heartbeat Matters program,whether it’s education, screening or treatment, anywhere inthe world, we want to hear your story and see your ownheart-hand photos!Here is how to make your own heart-hand photo:1. Face the palms of your hands toward each other.2. Point your thumbs down and touch the tips together.3. Curl your fingers down towards each other until yourfingernails touch. Adjust until you have a heart shape!4. Have someone take a picture and send it to:EveryHeartbeatMatters@Edwards.com.WE HAVE THE WILL,THEY HAVE THE WAYThe 2013-2014 United Way Giving Campaign was our mostsuccessful campaign ever! More than 1,100 Edwardsemployees pledged funds and held events to help those inour neighborhoods who are facing challenging situations.A sumo wrestling match turned ourchief scientific officer, StanRowe, into our chief bodyslammer! The end result?Together with the dollarfor-dollar match from TheEdwards Lifesciences Fund,we contributed more than 450,000 to support UnitedWay’s important work in theU.S. and Puerto Rico.SOMETIMES SEEINGIS BELIEVINGWe invite you to watch the Every Heartbeat Mattersvideo at EveryHeartbeatMatters.com.

OUR 2013 GLOBAL GIVINGEVERY HEARTBEAT MATTERSHEARTSMART TVHow do you get more peopleto learn about heart valvedisease? Turn a powerfulbook into a TV show! OurFund supported PBS’sdevelopment of a one-hoursegment highlighting lessonsfrom the book “Heart 41 1 ” byDr. Marc Gillinov and Dr. Steven Nissen of the ClevelandClinic. When the show aired, Edwards employees mannedphones and took pledges to support PBS SoCaL!MAKINGSTEM BLOSSOMScience, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)are critical fields of education. To inspire more young minds topursue these education paths, Edwards supports scholarshipprograms for high school seniors pursuing STEM collegedegrees who also demonstrate a financial need.Each year, we issue four-year scholarships of 2,500 per year( 10,000 total) to 10 high-achieving students from OrangeCounty, California, and Salt Lake County, Utah.One recipient, Kathy Tran of West Jordan, Utah, received thisscholarship in 2013 and is now majoring in mechanicalengineering at the University of Utah. Tran and the otherscholarship recipients toured our facilities in Irvine and Utah tolearn about careers in medical technology.“There are so many career paths I couldtake to meet my interests,” Tran said atthe event at Edwards. “It’s nice beingaround other people who also enjoydesigning and producing the nextgeneration of technology.”We couldn’t agree more!IT FEELS GREATTO GIVEHere is some information about how to become part of EveryHeartbeat Matters through our annual grant cycle: We will consider grant applications for programs up to 250,000; however, we expect that in 2014, most grantswill be funded at 100,000 or less. If you have a big idea,though, submit it. We want to hear it! U.S. recipient organizations must demonstrate 501(c)(3)or 509(a)(1), (2) or (3) tax status. Organizations outside theU.S. must be a public charity that is similar. At least 10 percent of the content provided byeducational programs must be focused on heart valvedisease. Preference will be given to those with greaterpercentages. The 2014 grant cycle will beopen for applications fromApril 28 to June 30, withfundingrecommendationsannounced by September30. Future grant cycles willhave a similar timeline.We look forward to yourp a r ticipation in th isimportant initiative and toc e l ebr atin g th e on emillionth underservedperson who we havehelped together becauseEvery Heartbeat Matters!IMAGINE HOW ITFEELS TO RECEIVEFor all the details about Every Heartbeat Matters,please visit EveryHeartbeatMatters.com or scanthe QR code here.

Questions about Edwards Lifesciences' corporate giving?Contact us at Edwards Fund@Edwards.com or call 949-250-5176.Certain clinicians and hospitals named in this report have consulting or other fee-for-servicerelationships with Edwards Lifesciences. Such relationships are unrelated to and separatefrom the philanthropic initiatives described in this report.Edwards, Edwards Lifesciences, the stylized E logo and Every Heartbeat Matters are trademarks ofEdwards Lifesciences Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 2014 Edwards Lifesciences Corporation. All rights reserved.Edwards Lifesciences edwards.comOne Edwards Way Irvine, California 92614 USASwitzerland Japan China Brazil Australia India

You fall in love. A child is born. An innovation changes the world. . a happy child who loves music, swinging and Mickey Mouse. Because of his medical condition, AJ cannot often be . Thank you Free Wheelchair Mission! Thank