MIL-STD-105E (1989) – Sampling Procedures And Tables For .

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!QL-”SI’D105EDEPA W DEFENSEWashbgmn, DC 20301SAT*LDGP T I!ND’ZABESFOR INSP [email protected] Jqencies1. Ttis tilitarystandad is approvedfor use by all Depsmmmsof of f-”.Cemmm&tiom.additions,Wetions) and any2. Beneficial .tspeeine.ntdatawhi may beef usein this shouldbeaddressedto:CnRInancierDwelopnentAmy AmamE!!!Rem-a,‘ -kingCkmerM-IN: SK?R-BAC-WBM!J . 6Picatinnytisenal,NJ usi.gthe self-a -essed&.andardization Dmmmt(DD Fom 1426) L-hqat the md of this docmmtiiandm orPrepSalletter.

MZL-S’IZ 1C5ZmRE3m*”msprovidessawling proce&res and referwmtables for use inon the pxobabiiis.icrecu. mce 05 e%.ts when a sa ies of-iots or bat sprodu ti a stableenvironmrt.areof anThis publicationshouldbe-used to guide the user in the kpmntinspee.ionStratw that providesa co . eff ive qroach to attainingats. Thete-&%i reqJcm-:idm in pro&t liance wi”thca%racaualuser is warned of the assumedrisks relativeto the *sem sanple size andw-. ifications shouldnot contakn requirements for use of specificQ.z?s, !23Z shxld “.!y provideAQL’s or H?D’s as a - rmem.pkns fc coxinuous, ra’hr than lot inspection,are contmiiiM

.24.4.3SCOPE.1.1-se*liation IxmPEurs-1.1qplicable .1 INITIONS .1Acq.ableQdality Ievel WE) .Average Outgo Quality(lQ) .Averaoe OutqoingQualityWt(AOQIJ.Classificationof eccive. .DefectsPer [email protected] its. . i . aimby Attribxes .w&or Batdl.Im or Batch Size.Major Defect.Major Defective.Minor Defect .Minor Defeaive. .PercentDefective. sAverage.Sanple.Sanple Size COde tt v .Salq?lingPlan.unit of Procalct.22222223333333333444444W. mxm ’nm4. . . . . . . . . . .4455555.Written NmcVnfozmne .Fonmticm and Itificatimof or Cks. .ML use.0.*.Umkation . .choosingAQU . .iv

mL-sm-lo5ECcNTmrsConttiued.-PageParagraph B [email protected] of Sanpling. .4.5.2Double or MQtiple Sampling.4.5.3. .4.6 onP .4.7WitdlirlgP .Normalto Tightened. Normal .0.*.**.**.4.7.3Normalto 4.7.4Rduced to Normal.4.8Disconthtion of on.4.9SanplingPlans.4.9.1 ionWvel . utters .4.9.3 aining [email protected] Plan.4.9.4TYF of sapling Pkns .4.10Determinationof ability.4.lC.1P Defective ion.4.lC.1.A Single [email protected] Plan.4.1(?.1.2Double [email protected] Plan. FhltipleSanpling.Plan. *. forRedu*IrqeCtion.p 4.10.2.DefectsPer ?lundmdt?nit s [email protected] Protection.4.12 s.*.4.12.1 [email protected] merkic .A geSanple Size Comes. .4.12.2 555:5 :6666 “777778888888999995.*.TABES .*.*[email protected] Size Coda Mitters.o.Single [email protected] Plans for Normal imNaster table).Single Smpliq Plms for Tightewd i t le)o.o-oooo oo. .e.Single Sapling Plans for ia([email protected]).Double SamplingPlans for Normal i -a le).oo.o.BOO.Dcxble Sapling Plans for Tight m er e).Double SamplimgP1.ansfor Reduced III-C.v141516171819

MIL-STW105Emt’n’mrs-Conthued.PageTableMltiple [email protected] Plans for NormlInspectim M3ster-le) .M.dtipleSanplingPlans for TightenedIV-B. im(MastertaMe) .Mdtiple SamplingPlans for ReduOedTV-c.Inspection(Mastertable).IAmit F sforV-A.Average Outgoingutylwml on([email protected] Zq).-.o.V-B. geOutgo* QualityLimit Fa ors forTightenedIMpeCtiOn (S le 1 ).:.-.”%3-A.utingQuality (h Perumt Def-iue) forWch a Pa 10% (forNomal Inspemion,S le Saxrpling).-.-.-*o”LimitingQuality (inDefectsper V3-3.Unks) for which the Pa 10% (forNozmalInspection,Single Sanplhg).-.--------------XI-A.Unliziq Quality (inP tmfecti ) fo khid. “thePa 5% ([email protected] ionlSingleSawling).LimitingQuality (fiDefectsper HmdmaVII-B.Units) for which the Pa 5% (f W*.*.Siwle S @@ m, * 1Li,mitNmbersfor Inspection.Auerage SampleSize Cumes for DDuble andIX.FmltipleS.mpliq .-.--.-.-.c ltigpl and cparatirq amicCumes (andData) for:[email protected] Size ktterA.X-A.X-3 .Sanple Size UtterB .x-c.Sanple Size MkterC [email protected] Size Co& LetterD .X-E.Sanple Size UtterE [email protected] Size MletterF .X-F.Sanple Size MUtterG .--.-.”x-G .X-H. leSize @ckletter H .X-J.qksM- J.*.”””””.”.”X-K.Sauple Size MIetterK .----------------X-L. leS M L .x-M.Sanple Size M [email protected] E N. [email protected] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .”.”.x-P. leS Mk Q.*” ”*. .*” ”*. x-Q.X-R. [email protected] Mk R. ”” ””IV-A.vi20222426272829333132 “3334363840424446485052545658606264

mL-sl’wlo5E,CCN’TS- Continued.Pagex-s. esize tt v S .66Paragraph6.*. . . . .use.(keyuofi) tist .”Issw . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . fr P imvIntf2nckci67Subject’I’em67mlmsAL. .6768

F2L-S’ID-105S1. This li timestablisheslot or bat sapling plans and1.2 Pqse.publi tion shallnot & irfterproceduresfor ionby attributes. ‘1’niswordss. mp.retedto superm3e or confli with any amtraCtti tothecontractor’suseofreferonly“a ”,“acceptable”*etc,“awqX”, anddonotinplyana Wthe sanplingpkms Writin thisof aqabilityby the-theGove&mmnt to accept any prcdom. DeterfninationmeSarfplingplansGwen ‘: % shall k as desm in contractual ts.*sdhdinWsstandadmawli-leto U’s of .01pe tor andare‘the.refore not suitablefor lications where quality1-1s in the defemive;az.s per million range m be realiz05.are applicable,items.a. ElrIcb.Cmponentsc. Qerationsd. Materialsin [email protected] storage.f. Maintenance ations.9. Dataorrecords.h. Mmbistrative Theseplans are intendedprimarilyto be used for a continuingseries of lotsThe plans may also be used for the inspectionof isolatedlots or0: batches.Mches, W., in MSlatter ,m K i to t mcharacteristicmrves to find a plan whichwill yieldthe desiredprotectim(see4.11).2.2.1 N&. -liable.3. INITICNS1

FEL-S’IW105E# able QualityLevel (ML) . When a mntinuous seriesof 10Es is3.1 zconsidered,the AQiiis tbe qualitylevelfib, for the rosesof [email protected]@ .ion,is the limitof a satisfactoryprocessaverage (Se 3.19).NOTE: A sanpl plan and an AQL are chosenin accordanm with the risk [email protected] a2rtain&!fector group of &fec5s indicam that thepbdedtheql PMtill acoeptthe -tmajorityof the lots or bataprooess -Xlevel of defectiwe (or&fects per huxlred units) in theseThus,the AQL islots or batchesbe no greaterthan the ignated value of A&a ckignated value of defective (or&facts per hundredunits) for fich rebing used. Thebtswill a m oftktimbythesaqlingpof a liwpl prfi here tit p i tyat the ignat [email protected] ue the sanplesize, Z N Xr:0 1 samples -nfor mall ones, for a givenAQL. The AQL alone does notidelm ify the chanoes of aqingor rejectingindividual10Ls or batches Mm.-yfrun a seriesof lots or batches,dire relates to what might be edtoprm”i- *steps indi ted h -s publi tion aze “taken. lt is sarytherelative oft.teplanto*texmine eYer to the operattigdarad. ”iscicrisks.3.3 Average Qxqoing QualityLimit (ADQL). The M(2L is the maximum ACQ foraML tiues are givm M9L a9L -lWpkn. Factors for @?Tabie V-A for each of “ singlesaqlimg plans for normal irqection and in“on.Table V-3 for each of the singlesmpling plans foz tightened of defectsis t!! enumerationof3.4 ClassifimEion of Defects. A classificationof the unit of pxductclassifiedamrdirq to their seri .pcsstiie defects3.5 Czlti DefS&. A criticaldefect is a fect that j and ri ce mtewould result inhazardousorunsafeconditionsforindividualsUS*, ora fecttbat ti--,or upontheprodwt,of ttE calfun-on of aindicateis likely to prevent perf experimtitle.major *itm SU* as a Ship, aixuaft # tank, nbsile, or 3.6Critidl Defective. A criticalckfectiveis a unit of prockt uhi contti one or mre criti defectsti may also contdn mejor and/or minordefects.3.7 Defect., A defect is any nonconformanm of the unit of product withspecimTEi%@l mts.2

laks’m-lo5E3.8 Def-.ive. A def ive is a unit of productwhich containsone or mredefe.s.Defe.s per HunckedUnits. The nwber of defe s per hundred units of Ygim quantityof units of productis one hundredtimes the mm&r of &fectsbeingpossibleinanyunit of product)con zinedtherein (one or mme *fec&sdiviti by the total nunberof units of product,i.e.:3.5Defectsp“ hundredunitsNunberof &fects xNmbar of units 100 gt3.2C Impaction. Inspectionis the processof imtcr o-.?m.isecmparing the unit of pmdu . with the reqair-nts.testmtT io by Attribtes. Inspectim by attributesis inspectionwhe eizher ‘& unit of productis classifiedsimplyas defectiveor non ef eive, orto a givm he number of defe .sti the unit c courted,with re st :i mor set or requirements.7,1i---or -t&l. The term lot ox katch shall man “inspectionlot” or3.12 tit“i se.ion batcb.”,i.e., a collee.ionof units of product from whi a sanpleis EC be dram and i edmd may dif5erfrm a mll- ion of units designatedas a 10 or bat for 0“ purposes (e.g., production,shipnent,etc.).3.13 bt or Batch Size. The lot or t A a lot‘0:bata.size is the number of units of prtib3.14 M3jor Defect. A major defecL is a -fact, other than criti-, that isliKelyto resultin failure,or to reducemateriallythe usabilityof the unitof productfor its int ajor * f i .A major defectiveis a unit of product whid? containSone0: mre major defects,* may alSO contain rrtiordefecLsbut containsno aitidefect.3.15isnot-yto 3.16Minor Defect. Anbm i.Sa&fti tmateriallythe usabilityof the unit of productfox its intpuzpose m is e WviIgU* @mtkeffeCtiWUSecfran &par&moperatim of the unit.3-17Minor-— . . . Def-i-.—--ox more minor &factsA minor defectiveis a unit of P-aM*no aititi or major *feet.mtamtains3

!!GL-SB105!23.16 Per-mDefective. The percent &femive of any givm quantityof unitsof produe is one hur&4 tires the n of defemive units of prda . contairEdthereindiviti by the total mmber of units of produa, i.e.:?ercentDefective Nmber of &fectives x “of lmits ed100&fective or3.19ProcessAverage. The Drocess average is the average tof productaveragenmber of &fects pez [email protected] units (whichever is li le)szhitted by the [email protected] for originalinspection. Originalinspectionis firstinspectionof a pa.z.zicula.rquantityof produceas [email protected] the ionof productwhi has been resu&nittedafterprior rejection.3.2C Sa le. A sampleconsi .sof one or mre u.irsof productdrawn fran a 10 to theiror &z&, the units of the [email protected] being sele beda randomwithoutrq z:icy. nmtx C: units of product in the sample is the sarplesize.3.22 SampleSize Coae Utter.ElO.ngWitihthe WA fcr l-tinsThe sanple size code letter is a deviceuseda sapling plan cm a table cf semplingplans.3.22A sanplingplan indc!cacesthe nunt?erof units of productSa?’@hg (sanplesize or seriesoffromeat’.io or bat&. which mto be [email protected] sizes)and the criteriafor cke.rmi.%ngthe acceptabilityof the lot orbatch (acceptan02anc rejectionnumbers).?.23 ‘Unitof Prodxz . The unit of produ . is the thing inspectedin o-r to&.emmelts classif mtion as defectiveor non-def-hive or to count the “of .fecbs. It my be a single article,a p&ir, a set, a hmgth, an 8 operation,a volme, a cmpcmmt of an end product,or tlw end prociuaitself.SWPIY,The unit of p GLmay or my not be the same as the unit of ,production,or sh.ipnent.4. QN ALRmJIm mare o ilydavelopedami made4.1. Written P . Written p “Ve’s ,lqmnmquast.-avaalablefor *Govemmm writtenp indime me of this stmdard, they shall amply with mq’111raErltsof this stmdard arxlZefermce appropriate as .ofpro&ct sbaube rP 4.2 Nonconformance. ‘he extent of nonconf titS.eitherin terns Of peroentCkfectiveor in term of ckfectsper

MIPST’D-105E4.3 Fo.mationand Identificationof Uts or Bat&es. Theproductshaukeas-ledinto i-tifiable lots, -lots, batches,or in otkr mannerasmay be paaibed . Ea* lot ox bat shall,as far as is practicable,mnsistof units of prcduct of a singletype, grade, class,size, and composition,.manufacturedunder es-tially the sam renditions,and at ythesamtine . The lots or batshall be itifiedby the contractorand shallbe adequateand suitablestoragespace.4.4AQL.4.4.1 AQL use. The AQL, [email protected] with the SaupleSize b&plans p.mcwherein. the sapling. ln&?LncLetter,is usedfor4.4.2Iimita:ion. The selectionor use of an AQL shallm. inplythat thecwcractor has the right to [email protected] y any defecEivewilt of product.4.4.3 Chmshc [email protected]’&. Diff t Ls IllSybe Chosenfor of &fectscms.ide.redcolle. .ively, or for individual&fee&s. An ML for a groupof &fecmy be tiosen in a cion to AQM for individualdefects,or mkqraps, withinchat group. AQL values of 10.0 or less my be expressedeither in t&fective or *. fects - hunckd units;those over 10.0 ZhaU be qressed ixdefe.s per h!mdmd“units only.4.5 Saxlplinq.4.5.1 Repmsmt ative (Stratified)Satrplinq.When ropriate, the rnzr&r ofunits in the sanple shall & sel ed in proportionto the size of subletsor-bat-,or -sof tM lot or bat , idmtified by qrationalcriteriorwhen represemathHaIcpMngiswad,121e unitsfraneaal Sublet,sub-batch orpart of the lot or batdi shall be select”edat ranch.4.5.2 Time of San’Plhq A samplemay be dram after all the units caprisingthe lot or batch have bi enassembled,or sarrpleunitsmay be drawn duringassakof the lot or bat , in uhi case the size of the lot or M*till k *te*kefore any ample units are dram. If tk sampleunits are drawn duringas l oftklotor batda, mdif tkrejectionnmb2ris m!forethlotisCurpleted,that pomim of Ulot almldy cxmpletedshallbe @ected. maoftkdefective shallbedmermined and ammctive actiontaken,after*.&ichanewl otorbat*shgd.lk4.5.3Double or Mltiple Saup1 WherI&&le or mkiple sauplingis to beused, ea qleshall be selecte&Ovar the entire lot or bat .5

IaL-s’Iwlc5E ionPr .Normal inspectionwink-atthe startofshall continueundwqed forinspection. Normal,tightenedor redu -bionan sumsivelots ox batd7esexq. where theeach class of def s or &fectiws*1givm klwrequire -.mswit P ?p %it oz &2f iveS Y”be -lied to each class of ckfecSs4.64.7%?it-P es.normal inspectionis in effect,[email protected] Normal to Tightened. *mimshallk institutedwhm 2 ouc of 2, 3, 4, or 5 comecutive lots or“tted lotsbatches have been rejetted on originalhspection (i.e.,ignoring 0: btC!!S fOr thiS Fr ).4.?.2 Tig?l:eneeto No.mal. When tightened ionis -b effect,no.mbalinspecuon shailbe instituted* I 5 consecutive10:s or baccbeshave on original 4.7.3 No.mal to [email protected] normal inspectionis in effect,reducedir ionshal1 be -.ituted providedthat all of the followi conditionsare satisfied:(ormre, as indicatedby EYW note tc6. Tne pretig20 lots ox batTa5 e VIII) have bee!!on no.mal ctionaiidall have ben acceptedon originalinspection;and(orbf )fi es b. nurber of ckf-i p.receding 10 lots or batches (orSU* Ot&r mmber as was used for condition“a”-)is equal to or less than the [email protected] given in TableVIII. Ifdable or mikiple smpling is in use, all samplesinspectedshouldbe ti-, lesonly; [email protected] is at a steadyrate; andRE!cked “on is consi&rr&sirable.4.7.4 RedWed to Normal. ionfollcwingomushallbe institutedif any of -is in effect,normal inspectionon originalinq3acEcion:a. A lot or bat is rejected;orb. A le. Or batd) is comi4.10.1.4,oracceptaMe under the procedueS ofc. Productionbecmes - d. Other conditims antor dela ;orthat normal inspectionshallbe instituted.6

MIL-SIW105E4.8Discontinuationof 1 ion. If the cumulative nmber of lots notacce .edin a sequenceof mnsecmive LuLs on originaltightmed inspectionr achesfive,the acceptan prm3dures of this standardshall be discontfiued.Inqlmun - the provisims of *thisstandardshallnot be untilmrrective actionhas takZ7. Tigthened ionshall then be used as if4.7.1had been invoked. .4.9 SanplinqPlans.4.9.1 InspectionM.The inspectionlevel &termines the rela onship the lo: or &t* size and the sanplesize. Thehspemion levelto be used forany pa.mieti [email protected] cwill be as prescribedby the contractor’swrittenThreein.spec.ionlevels:I, II, and 111, are g:van in Table I for-“-es.P- ge-.-eraiuse (see4.1). Normally,hspee ion Level II is us-. Hmmmr,In .ion @vel I my be used whm less dis ”wtionis needed,or Ievel 111my be used for greaterdiscrtition.Four additionalspeciallevels:S-1, S-2, S-3, mti S-4, am gimn in the same tabie and my be used whererelaciveiysmall sanpiesizesace necessaryand large [email protected] risks can or W.& mlerat .In the selectionof ievelsS-1 tc S-4, must be exercisedavoidAQii mm.asistent w“iti.these eionlevels. Lm OLk”words,the inspemionlevels is to keep sanplessmall when saxy.Forof thespecialin.stanae,the code iectersunder S-1 go no funk: than D, equivalentto a siqlsanpleof size 8, but it is cf nc use to choose S-1 if the AQL is 0.10 .fwhich the mhinm ample is 125.N3TE:Sanplesizes are designatedby wck letters.-Table I shal4.9.2Co& used to find t& applicableco& letterfor the icularlot or batch sizeand the p ikedimpectl“on level.4.’3.3retainingSallplillgPlan. TTieAQLandthe m& letter shall be usedto ain tne sanpl.irqplan fran Tables II, III, or IV. Whm no sapling plan isavailablefor a given cabination of AQL and code letter,the tables directtheuser tc a differentletter. [email protected] to beusedisgLvmbythenew co&letter,not by t& originalletter. If this p leads to differentsamplesizes for diff classesof &fects, t& code letter m tothe . [email protected] size derivedmay be used for all Classesof defec s. & analternativeto a sirqle sauplii plan with an ofo,the planw

not measurement sensiuye h mil-stwi05e 10 may 1989 superseding mil-std-105d 29 april 1963 military standard samplingprocedures and tables for inspection by attributes